So I figured I'd get to everyone's reviews some time before 2013... :P

Air Dragon:

'He doesn't smile enough", hunh? Ooh, someone likey likeys! Wonder why she thinks Dalton likes Whit at all... after that final note, jealous, much?

So, Dalton and Fox are travelling together. Guess that's kinda legit for the journeyfic genre. Journeys are more fun in company, after all... :P

I must have forgotten my Grammar Nazi lenses. Either that, or it's been a while because I not only don't feel like correcting errors, but I found none to boot. Up high!

Well, I think I've been lazy enough... gotta run!
Does she think Dalton likes Whit, or is she just giving him grief for Whit being so much younger (the would-be game trio are all in the 14-15 range in this story, while Dalton's 17 going on 18 and Fox is a year younger). I'll never tell.

Let's be honest, though, about Dalton. For obvious reasons, he actually needs traveling companions more than would your average journeyfic protagonist. (Read: He wouldn't last very long trying to travel on his own if he didn't have some help.)


To answer your first question: Yes. O.O

To answer your second question: Not sure. I can tell you this much, though: I won't be running Maverick Heart and this story simultaneously, so as long as this one's getting updates, Maverick Heart's on hiatus. But if I update Maverick Heart, that likely means I've made the decision to put Age of Harmony on hiatus for a while. In all honesty, I've already got this fic, Maverick Heart on hold for the time being, and a Harry Potter fanfiction that I've put a lot of my time and effort into in the last couple of months. For as much as I write, running two fics at once in different locations is ambitious. Three would be a teensy bit much.

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