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Thread: BW- The Spy Who Changed/Saved Me (PG15)

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    Default BW- The Spy Who Changed/Saved Me (PG15)

    Recently, a number of odd occurences have made a widespread reach throughout the Unova region, such as Pokemon swarms, inconclusive crimes, as well as mysterious pokemon appearances. Due to this a special investigation squad has been called forth to investigate and extinguish these mysteries for the sake of Unova.

    " Today- I get my first job! This is it! The day!" a young man with combed back brown hair and brown eyes said as he assorted his tie in the right position to make sure he looked professional enough. *Adonis, why are these *****es in my room?* Adonis's phone read after his cousin texted him. *I dont know, why?* Adonis asked as he was still trying to focus on preparation for the interview in the waiting room. *BIANCA IS A RASICT ****!!* his cousin texted back in bold letters. *Cool. Can this wait? Please?* Adonis texted back. Suddenly the secetary waves him into the room. "Alright, I can do this..." Adonis said going into the room.

    "Well, well... when Ms. Susan said you'd be short and skrawny she wasnt kidding!" the boss said who was a tad bit overweight with dark blue hair and a cigar in his mouth. "How do you do.. My name is Adonis-" Adonis began before being cutoff as his phone rang furiously. "Go ahead, family, friends, all that is important at Poke-Mart. "Thank you, sir!" Adonis said as he read the text. *THIS **** JUST MESSED UP MY ROOM!!!* his cousin texted obviously talking about their friend Bianca. *Not now, doing something important* Adonis texted back looking up at the boss smoking his cigar and staring at the clock. "Now, why do you think you should be in the Poke-Mart bussiness?" the boss asked curiously as he stared intensely at Adonis. "Um... Well, I am very known in my hometown of Nuvema for being kind, honest, respectful, courageous-" Adonis began before his phone rang this time as a call with his ringtone playing. "... I think you should leave, sir." the boss said turning back in his chair. "Yes... sir..." Darien said getting up from his chair and leaving out the door with his head down.

    "DAMN YOU AKIRA!!" Adonis shouted at the sky in frustration with tears falling down his face. "I really got my first job interview and the boss showed interest in me! And then- "sigh". Forget it..." Adonis said looking up at the sky then back at the ground. "Hey kid, come here a second!" a voice said from within a alleyway. "Huh? No way! No hobos gonna mug me!" Adonis said as he began to walk on. "You want a job, yes?" the voice said from within the alleyway. "Yeah, so? I'm not interested in selling anything, thank you.." Adonis said rolling his eyes. "Its nothing like that, Its more of a- journalist job." the voice said with a hint of deception in his voice. "Journalist? Me? And why would you give a random stranger a job?" Adonis asked looking into the alleyway intensely. "That Poke-Mart man was going to give you a job, and he was a stranger, yes?" the voice said speaking the truth. "... Fine, whats this job?" Adonis asked knowing he could run away if he needed to. "Recently- Unova has become victim to many "odd" occurences. Such as, crime, swarms of Pokemon, as well sightings of mysterious Pokemon." the voice started to explain. "And what does this have to do with me?" Adonis asked the voice sarcasticly. "I was getting there... So, to combat these oddities the NPMC has put together a group of individuals to investigate these things occuring in our beloved country. The head of the NPMC has titled this group, "Whiteout"." the voice said growing in voice more and more. "..." Adonis began to blink in apparent disbelief. "Please believe the Unova region needs-" the voice began to say before being interuptted. " SO- COOL!! Of course I'll join your team!" Adonis said jumping up and down. "Alright, if thats the case... meet me in Accumala Town with a starter Pokemon and I will give you your mission assignments." the voice said now fading out as it apparently ran off. "Starter Pokemon? Accumala Town?" Adonis asked himself before he heard a familiar voice creep up on him. "Adonis, I want you ..." Akira said coming up from behind him and rubbing his chest. "Akira! What are you doing out of Nuvema Town!" Darien said brushing her off and turning around. "*******, unlike you, I got my starter Pokemon from Prof. Juniper and headed off on a journey to fill the records of Pokemon in this Pokedex to give her information on how to conqeuor the world- of nerds who have accounts on forums and roleplay ." Akira said to fast to even understand. "... What? I only heard starter, Juniper, and forums." Adonis said questioning her speech. "You know I'm bad, at the English." Akira said turning around looking at the sky. "So, what do you want? What brings you to Hoppe Hoppe Town?" Adonis asked her with a smile. "Is it true.. your a spy?.." Akira asked still not looking at him. "You heard?.. Man, that needs to stay a secret or I don't know what might happen.." Adonis said rubbing his head. " So, you are? LAME" Akira said rolling her eyes and taking a few steps toward the street. "Whatever, Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't even call myself, Adonis- Yeah, too risky! I know! How about Darien? Like that movie star?" Adonis asked Akira who was half paying attention. "Arent we suppose to never keep secrets from eachother?" Akira asked almost to seriously. "Y-yeah, I guess.." Adonis said confused on the question. "Whatever, I have my own secrets.. Theyre not perverted like you might think." Akira said walking ahead of Adonis. "Anyway, how about my name? Darien's cool isnt it?" Adonis asked her with a gleam in her eyes. "It's super dorky but whatever..." Akira said trying to change the subject. "Well, how about your starter? Which one did you pick? Snivy, Tepig, or-" Darien began before Akira sank her head down. "Uh!... Whats wrong?" Darien asked confused at her distain. "It died." Akira mumbled hoping he wouldnt hear her. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN IT DIED?!!" Darien shouted in disbelief someone could be so retarted. "I chose Snivy, I named it Beauty... but it died. A swarm of Patrat came up and killed it." Akira said holding the Poke-ball out. "... Just take it to the center- Hoppe Hoope Town may not have one cause of the Okama Revolution or whatever but Accumala does." Darien said trying to calm the situation. "No Darien, she's dead. I saw the gleam in her eyes go out." Akira said walking onward.

    "Come one! Come all! The Poke-deal of a lifetime is a upon us!" a man shouted as he began to wave a flyer around. "Your selling Pokemon for FREE?" Darien asked with his eyebrow high up. "Yes, Yes, you see... a crazy woman gave me these Pokemon as she was running away from the Police for some sort of pokemon mutation crime. Turns out the mutations were the Pokemon, but my new bussiness is too much to raise three Pokemon, so here we are today." the man said as he repeatedly snorted and scratched his nose. " Hmm... You want a new Snivy Akira?" Darien asked her hoping she would agree. "No thanks, If Prof. Juniper gave these things up I dont want them." Akira said walking away before seeing one of the Pokemon. "What the hell is that?!" Akira said pointing to Oshawott. "Oh.. yes.. him.. he has the saddest past of the trio, being created from the souls of the worlds most ugliest people from Quzimodo to a girl named Ursala from Sinnoh who helped in the research." the man said wiping his eyes. " That thing- is the most heinous crime Prof. Juniper has ever commited! Its even worse than when she gave those homeless people houses to turn around and turn them into "Hobo Soup". Darien looking at Oshawott. "Yeah, I had that at Quiznos once, anyway- You can do better than one of that crazy **** rejects." Akira said pushing Darien along.

    " Man, this sucks.. When will I get my starter?" Darien said sighing and holding his face. "Tell me about it..." Akira said mocking him. "YOUR POKEMON DIED! THERE'S A DIFFRENCE!" Darien shouted her for trying to sympathize with him. Suddenly, Darien feels a slight tug on his shirt only to reveal a Tepig stealing his phone and wallet. "The heck?!" Akira said almost falling in shock. "Thats it! He's the one!" Darien said reaching for his ball. "Your gonna lose to a Pokemon? Can't stop you but.." Akira began before Darien shut her up. "I mean he's the one! He's my starter!" Darien said grabbing his Poke-ball and throwing it the Tepig. And after a little struggle catching it. "Weird... wonder why that Tepig was trying to steal from me- And that black nose... What does it mean?" Darien said staring at the ball. "Who cares? Lets go to Accumala Town." Akira said walking on. "I'm not traveling with you- go at your own pace, have your story, okay, okay." Darien said begining to walk into the route as well.

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    Author Note: This is actually my first fanfic on Pokemon and the one I've been working on for a couple of years now. Its a joint project between me and my sister, Darien (Changed) and Akira (Saved). Hope you like it, and please review.

    /Changed-2"So- Cool!!" Darien said runing up to the entrance to a city full of tall buildings and slopes. "This must be the Accumala Town the voice told me to come to, and since I have a starter-" Darien began to review all the events of the previous day before a voice came from behind him. " DARIEN!! Its me- Bianca'!" Bianca shouted into Darien's ear making him want to punch her in the face but remembering she's a lady (probrably). "Hi Bianca, I see your on a journey now as well." Darien slowly walking up the path. "Yup', my daddy' dont know where I' is though'. So keep it on the down low' okay'?" Bianca asked Darien smiling a horribly uncute smile. "Why the hell not? I have some secrets you dont need to know too." Darien said now walking faster to avoid Bianca. "How many Pokemon do you have? Me and Cheren got 2!" Bianca began to rant before she realized they reached Accumala Town. "Cheren has two, huh?.." Darien said looking back at the route. "Huh? Something wrong?" Bianca asked Darien before shrugging and runing into the town. " Hmm.. Maybe 2 wont hurt. Yeah! That person shouldnt mind how many I got!" Darien said running back into the route and almost immideatly being attacked a Pokemon. "Its a... Patrat... nevermind, Tepig- kill it with fire!" Darien ordered his Tepig before realizing Tepig ran up to a woman and tried to mug her. "Tepig! No stealing from lonely women without any Pokemon!" Darien shouted to Tepig as Tepig huffed a few flames, glared at the woman and ran back. "Good Tepig, we'll steal from lonely women in Accumala. That city looks full of'em." Darien said as Tepig quickly defeated the Patrat with a Tackle. "Oh man, I love my Tepig!" Darien said hugging his Tepig before he uses Ember on his face.

    " Accumala Town looks ghetto, I mean look all these alleyways.. Just another number." Darien said quickly trying to run to the "good" part of Accumala Town. " I wonder where Accumala Town got the idea to make these generic looking houses, probrably a not- so- campy architect. Crap, I sound like Akira." Darien said before hitting a wall that was hidden by a huge slope. "What the heck? This is a safety hazard! I'm gonna have a word with the owners!" Darien said as he ran up into the house and knocked on the door. "Come in." said a excited voice. "I'll show these people, having safety hazards that can kill ME." Darien said going into the house. "Welcome, My name-" a woman at a piano began before being cutoff by a man at the drums. "Gotta talk to every man that comes in the house, woman?" the man said turning to the girl then back to Darien. "Welcome, My name is Drew and that filthy trash over there is my girlfriend Suzette. "... Excuse me, do you know the exit to Accumala Town?" Darien asked after regaining his voice back after the shock. " Yes, its just-" Suzette began before Drew cut her off. " Woman, men are talking. Yes, its just east of here can't miss it." Drew said with a smile. ".. Thank you." Darien said forgetting the reason he went into the house. "Oh yes, would you like to hear my drum beat?" Drew asked Darien with wide eyes. ".. Not in your lifetime, you wife beater." Darien said leaving the house and heading toward the exit to Accumala Town.

    "There it is! Man, he wasnt kidding... that things HUGE!" Darien said runnning to it before running into a person. "Sorry sir, but please wait a little more." one figure said with a stern look. "Please, have paitnece." the other siad looking down at him. "What? Excuse me but- I need to meet somebody in that building for something important." Darien pleaded witht the two mysterious figures but only getting the same ansewer. "What?... Darn, now I gotta wait until whatever is happening is over." Darien said walking away from the gates. Suddenly he see's smoke rings close to him and turns. "Hello, do you remember me? Or maybe my voice." said a short, silver haired man smoking a ciggarette. "That guy from the hotline? No! Its you! The voice!" Darien said pointing and jumping up and down in excitement. "Haha, yes... Its that youthfulness that we need from our group of investagators." the man said with a chuckle. "I got my starter, see?" Darien said taking out Tepig's Poke-ball. "Good, good... Well, I guess its time to give you your first mission objective." the silver haired man said throwing out his ciggarette. "I guess so!" Darien said with a gleam in his eyes. "First off, my codename is Jack, and do not forget it because we are not allowed to repeat information just in case we are followed." Jack said in a stern voice. "Yes sir!" Darien said now taking notes. "Here it is, you as well as several other young trainers from around Unova have been asked to go on a journey to investigate the odd occurences in Unova. But- We will need a cover." Jack said as slowly as his accent could go. "..Alright." Darien said kind of worried but a little amused. "We say we are sponsoring a group of young trainers to go around Unova and see who can make it to the Pokemon League faster. In that case, you must challenge 8 gyms in Unova and collect gym badges. Is that clear?" Jack asked raising a brow as he said it. "Understood.. I think." Darien said putting his notepad away. "Good, then I will go on to the next assigned location- your first mission is to go to Striaton's Dreamyard to investigate suspcious behavior there, understood?" Jack asked as he began to leave. "Leave it to me!" Darien replied.

    "Darien, why are you here?" Cheren asked with a smug look on his face. "Cause- I wanna be!" Darien said having to stop himself before telling his secret. "Oh? Well, nice to see you doing something productive! The Unova region is in desperate of trainers- Even those with no talent." Cheren said laughing a bit. "Ah, shut it. So, who's your starter?" Darien asked him trying to chnage the subject. "See for yourself, GO TEPIG!" Cheren said as he let go of his Pokeball and his Tepig came out with a squeal. "Huh?! You got one too?!" Darien asked in a panic. "You have a Tepig? Show me." Cheren said in disbelief. "Alright- Go! Heaty!" Darien said releasing Tepig from the ball. Suddenly Darien's Tepig runs over to Cheren's and tries to flirt with it. "Hey!! Stop!!" Cheren said pulling his Tepig away from Darien's. "Your Tepig must be a girl then, heh.." Darien said with a little laugh. "I swear to god, Darien! If your Tepig ever touches MY Tepig again! Your dead!" Cheren putting a fist up as a warning/ "Whatever, Tepig doesnt want your old and stale Tepig anyway!" Darien said sticking out his tounge. "****!!" Akira said as she exited the Pokemon Center seemingly not seeing Cheren and Darien. "What? Oh well..." Darien said rolling his eyes and turning to a paltform that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

    "ATTENTION! ACCUMALA TOWN RESIDENTS! MAY WE PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?!" a person on the intercom shouted. "What is it?" Darien asked Cheren confused. "Like I know, looks like a rally but lets go check it out." Cheren said as he ran into the crowd of people followed by Darien. "This outfits... I know those people! They were blocking the exit to Accumala Town!" Darien shouted in frustration. "Calm down, this may be an important message for our safety or something. "Fine, but they better hurry up." Darien mumbled defeated.

    "My name is Ghetsis. I am here representing the Pokemon Liberation and Segeration Movement Association. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would to talk about the rare topic of Pokemon liberation." a man named Ghetsis said slowly moving across the stage in rhythmical passion. "Pokemon liberation?!" an older man said. "What does that mean?" said a younger man. "What in the world is he spouting on about?" Cheren asked puzzled. "I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokemon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need eachother. However... is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that we humans... only assume this is the truth? To make us look more pure in the eyes of the world?" Ghetsis said in a fury of passion in his voice. "What? Is he for real?" a woman said confused. "Maybe?.." a young man said. "Hmm..." Cheren thought puzzled by the man's accusation. "Pokemon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers... They get pushed around when they are our "partners" at work... Can anyone say in confidence that there is no truth in what I am saying? Do you think what i am saying is all a complete lie?" Ghetsis asked the crowd like he knew theyre ansewers already. "He has a point..." a young woman said looking down at her Patrat. "This guy..." Darien said looking at Ghetsis sternly. "Now ladies and gentlemen, Pokemon are diffrent from humans. They are living beings that contain unknown potential.A potential us humans can never come close to obtaining. They are living beings from whom we humans beings have much to learn. But have sadly neglected their teachings and caught them to be our slaves. Tell me, what is our responsibility towards these wonderful beings called Pokemon?" Ghetsis asked the crowd with a roar in his voice. "Should we do what he says?.." a man asked. "Maybe... I dont know" a young woman said gulity. "Hmm.." Darien thought as he looked at the crowd of people considering the man's speech's motive. "Thats right! We must liberate the Pokemon! Then, and only then, will humans and Pokemon truly be equals. Without Pokemon being released us humans will live in the sin of slavery, is that what you want? Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokemon... and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention." Ghetsis said before he and the other mysterious figures left the stage and proceed elsewhere.

    "Weird guy." a woman said. "Im not releasing my Pokemon!" a man said. "Neither am I!" a younger man said as the crowd started to walk off. "That guy was really weird. Going off on a stupid rant about us releasing our Pokemon? Thats just... ridicolous!" Darien said as he put his hat back on. "But- What if its true?" Akira said beside him starling both him and Cheren. "Akira! You scared me! I didnt see you there." Darien said holding his chest in shock. "And what do you mean- "If its true"." Cheren said looking at her sternly. "Ghetsis makes some really incredible points. Theyre just too powerful to ignore." Akira said with her head down and talking in a serious tone. ""Makes" have you met this Ghetsis guy before?" Darien asked looking at his cousin worried. "What? No... I gotta go! Adventure awaits or some ********." Akira said as she began to walk off. "Your Pokemon... Just now, it was saying..." a mysterious young man as he walked toward the three trainers. Suddenly Akira stops and her eyes widen. "Slow down, you talk to fast... and what do you mean Pokemon talking?" Cheren asked stepping in front of Akira along with Darien. "Yes, theyre talking. Oh. Then you two can't hear it, either... how sad.My name is N." the mysterious young man named N said softly. "I'm Darien, and this is Cheren and Akira. Theyre on a journey to fill up the Pokedex or something and I'm on a journey to enter the Pokemon League." Darien said quickly to match N's speed. "The Pokedex, eh? So... You're going to confine many, many Pokemon in Poke-balls for that, then. I'm a Trainer, too, but I can't help wondering... Are Pokemon really happy that way?" N said staring at Akira the whole time he said this. "Well, Darien, is it? Let me hear your Pokemon's voice again!" N said releasing his Purrloin out as he said it. "Me?... I guess... Okay, go! Tepig!" Darien said releasing Tepig. "Purrloin use Scratch!" N said as his Purrloin sharpended its nails and attacked Tepig head on. "T-Tepig use Tackle!" Darien said as Tepig thought for awhile and decided to obey. Unleashing a powerful Tackle and sending Purrloin back a little. "More! Let me hear your Pokemon's voice!" N shouted a Darien as his Purrloin prepeared to attack with Scratch again. This time damaging Tepig alot with its attack. "Oh man, Tepig wont be able to handle this alone. Gotta use the newbie, well theyre both newbies but..." Darien said recalling Tepig and sending out his newly caught Pokemon, Lillipup. "This is Milk, he's new but strong!' Darien said as he ordred Milk to use a Tackle, this time Purrloin is knocked out by the attack. "I never expected Pokemon to say such things..." N said softly almost sad confusing Darien and Cheren but not Akira who also wore the expression. "What do you mean?" Darien asked as he returned his Lillipup back into its Pokeball. "As long as Pokemon are confined in Pokeballs... Pokemon will never become perfect beings. I have to change the world for Pokemon, because they are my friends." N said as he looked up at the sky then turning and walking away."Well- That was werid... I gotta go though! Being the Champion is gonna be alot of work but the first thing I can do is go to Striaton City.See ya, Darien, Akira." Cheren said walking away as well toward the exit. "Husband~! Wait for me~!" Akira said running toward Cheren in a hurry forgetting about Darien. "Darn, Cheren's doing gyms too? Oh well, time to head to Striaton too I guess..." Darien said remembering his first mission and his cover.
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    Author's Note- This is the first chapter to not feature Akira so the comedy is a bit toned down, but there's more view on Darien's job and his relationship with his Pokemon. Enjoy!


    "Striaton City, the city of the three stars." Darien said reading a brochure as he walked around the city clueless. "No gym insight in the brochure or in person. Only this restraunt with the gym logo on it." Darien begining to become annoyed with his luck. "There is a gym in Striaton, sure your looking hard enough?" asked a small child as Darien looked down to see them. "Oh? You know the gym leader or something?" Darien asked the child. "He teaches at our school sometimes." the child said pointing to a tall buliding in the distance. "Pokemon Trainer School? Whats that?" Darien asked the kid as he chuckled. "Its a school where people learn about Pokemon, I'm late, but the leader may still be there." the child said begining to run over to the bulding. "Cool! Guess, I'll go meet the leader." Darien said walking slowly behind him. "Or maybe- Yeah, maybe the mission with the Dreamyard should come first. That is my TRUE mission, with the gyms just a mere front." Darien thought aloud as he walked behind the child not realizing they made it to the school. "INTRUDER!! INTRUDER ALERT!!" several children shouted as they threw pencils and lunches at Darien. "Hey! Hey! Stop that!" the apparent teacher of the school said running up to them. "But he was after us!" said the girl rubbing her body as she said it. "My boyfriends still in the hostpital from the last time- But! Its not nice to attack strangers, right?" the teacher said as the kids apologized. "Its okay, I just came here to see if the gym leader was here." Darien said with a slightly annoyed smile. "Gym leader? Oh, you mean Chilli- No, but we had another volunteer who stayed behind.

    "Hey Darien, looks like were all in Striaton City now, huh?" Cheren asked tied to a chair still trying to break free. "What the heck happend?" Darien asked Cheren untanggling the rope to the chair. "Akira happend! She beat us both here, and when I arrived at the school challenged me to a battle to teach the kids. But it was just an opportunity to teach the kids inappropriate life lessons."Cheren said cleaning himself off as Darien stared at him confused. "You said Akira, my cousin Akira.. Beat us here?" Darien said puzzled and shocked by this. "That girl is out of her mind! I was gonna show the kids more of my Pokemon but I gotta go." Cheren said leaving out of the school in a fit. "Well, no leader equals that its time to investigate." Darien said as he said goodbye to the kids and headed out of the school.

    "Huh? The leader just got his dry cleaning from you?" Darien asked the laundromat owner trying to find the leader, almost to eager for a gym battle. "Yes, you see... He got horribly wet from the training he did with his Pokemon." the laundromat owner said with a little of an attitude. "Alright, then he's a water type trainer, do you know where he is now?" Darien asked the man impatient for an ansewer. "Sorry, I have no clue." the laundromat man said shaking his head. "Man, now what do I do?" Darien said as he thanked the man and went off to the market. "The gym leader just bought all your rarest spices?" Darien asked the old woman as she nodded. "You see, the gym leader likes to keep things hot on occasion." the woman said minding her tomatoes. "Hot? Then Fire! Do you know where he is?" Darien asked the woman as she shook her head. "Darn! Now where?" Darien thought as he thanked the woman and went on to the restraunt he repeatdly saw hoping for a ansewer there.

    "Hello? Sir?" Darien asked a young man folding clothes outside of the restraunt. "Oh? Yes? Can I help you?" the young man asked putting the basket of clothes down. "Yes, do you know where the Striaton gym is?" Darien asked the leader waiting for a reply. "Yes, yes I do. Now why not come in? The leader just loves our world famous "salads"." the young man said with a grin as he picked up the clothes and headed inside. "Salad? Grass types?!" Darien said walking into the restraunt. Suddenly a sweet aroma feels the air as he turns to see tables centered around a battlefeild. "Huh? Whats with the tables- And the huge battlefield?" Darien asked pointing to the two odd things in his view. "Well, it just so happens.." the young man began as the waiters and waitresses began to spin and perform tricks with plates and sliverware. "Nice! Really cool!" Darien applauded them as the bowed. "I am Cilan, gym leader of Striaton City. I train and care for Grass types. It is my speciality!" Cilan said turning away from Darien mid-sentence. "But he is not the only leader-" a more energetic voice said with firey passion. "Yes, there are other leaders.." another voice said much calm than Cilan's and the others. "I am Chilli! Leader of Striaton City! I train fire type Pokemon! Theyre my speciality!" Chilli said appearing from behind Cilan. "I am Cress. Water is my speciality." Cress said following Chilli from behind Cilan. "And we are the 3 Pim- We mean Brothers of Striaton City! Leaders of the Trio gym!" all three said simultaneously. "Well, 3 leaders hit hareder than one. Wait, thats not right. Oh well, I'm Darien and I challenge- Wait, how do I do this?" Darien asked the leaders confused. "Tell me, Darien who was your starter?" Cilan asked Darien with a kind smile. "Um... Tepig..." Darien said puzzled by his question. "Well, then to test your strength against your disadvantage- Cress!" Cilan said pointing and snapping to his brother. "Yes, I will be your opponennt." Cress said slowly taking out his Pokemon then realeasing a Lillipup. "Lillipup?! You have one too?!" Darien began to ponder how he should fight before sending out Tepig first. "Heaty, use Ember!" Darien said as Tepig had to consider it and decided to obey. "Lillipup, evade and use Roar." Cress ordered as his Lillipup quickly obeyed and sent Tepig back to the Poke-ball sending Lillipup out. "Milk?.. So thats how Roar works..." Darien thought as he commaded Milk to use Tackle. Suddenly Cress's Lillipup unleashes a powerful Tackle of it own while invading Milk's Tackle knocking Milk out in a blow. "Milk! No, dont be useless now!" Darien said flinching then returning the fainted Pokemon. "Then Tepig! Its up to you! Use Tail Whip!' Darien ordered as Tepig gladly obeyed with nothing happening. "Tail Whip lowers a opponennts defense but does no Physical damage against the Pokemon you are battling. Now, Lillipup use Bite." Cress said ordering his Lillipup as it bit Tepig with sharp force. Tepig then faints and Darien returns it. "Please, come back again when you have better knowledge of Pokemon type." Cress said walking away along with Cilan and Chilli.

    "Oh what do they know? I know about Pokemon. So what if my Tepig doesnt obey me so much? He's a theif turned Trainer's Pokemon how else should he react?" Darien said walking through the streets. Suddenly he notices a sign leading to a forest path. "Dreamyard?... Thats where my mission coordinates state I must investigate. ... This path shows no signs of the Dreamyard in sight but maybe its to small to notice." Darien said walking into the forest path as he stumbles upon a liscense plate. "DREAM4E- What does that mean? Is it a label for an experiment or some kind of weapon?" Darien asked looking over the liscence plate and deciding to hold onto it. "Hey! Pansage come back!" said a young girl running from what appears to be a factory. "Pansage?! Whats th-" Darien began before the Pansage got by his crotch area. "Oh no!! Pansage, bad boy!" the young girl said as Pansage ran back to her. "Boy? Thats a boy Pansage?" Darien asked the girl confused. "Yup, My name is Julia and I run a Elemental Monkey camp. And just so happens I have a shiny Pansage.Jula said with a quirky smile. "What?..." Darien asked with a shocked look on his face. "Yup, he came here after being abondened by his Trainer." Jula said rubbing Pansage's cheeks. "Thats not something you see everyday.So tell me Julia, why are you out here by the Dreamyard?" Darien asked secretly wanting information on the Dreamyard. "Well, I'm also a psychic as well as Elemental Monkey Trainer. So I stay here to harness my powers. Though- I would like all my Pokemon to see the world since I'm stuck here."Julia said laughing. "Why dont I take Pansage off your hands?He seems to like me a bit." Darien said patting Pansage on the head. "Really?! That would help!" Julia said handing Pansage to Darien and smiling. "You wanna see all my adventures, Pansage?" Darien said with a smile. Pansage smiles and says goodbye to Julia and Darien goes on to the Dreamyard.

    "It is said that the Dreamyard was once home to experiments on the power of dreams. Referred to in notes as, Dream Energy. The fatal experiment that destroyed this labatory was said to have created some sort of portal to another world, but the reasearch here ceased after that incident. So, all in all I see no suspicious things in its history." Darien said as he excavated the ruins of the labatory. "I guess I should return when some of these people are gone to further my investigation." Darien said putting his camera away. "This place appears to be a place of interest in the eyes of NPMC for some reason..., "I guess, Striaton Gym deserves a new go around." Darien said walking off out of the path.

    "Oh? Back so soon?" Cilan asked awed by Darien's determination. "I guess you can say in the last 3 hours i've grown some. Now, please accept my challenge again." Darien said as he bowed polietly. Suddenly Cress appears and sends out Lillipup. "If you can beat two of my Pokemon this Trio badge is yours." Cress said with a stern and determinded look. "Alright then, I'll try... Tepig!" Darien said sending out Tepig who was licking his gentilia at the time. "I see same old batch... Alright! Use Bite Lillipup!" Cress said as Lillipup obeyed and attacked Tepig. Tepig then attacks Lillipup without commands and beats Lillipup. "Not so fond of his bite, huh?" Darien chuckled at his Tepig, as Tepig snorts in anger and annoyance. "My, my... you have improved. But, are you a match for- Panpour?!" Cress said sending Panpour out. "I think I am... now..." Darien said returning Tepig and sending out Pansage. "Pansage?! How do you?!" Cress exclaimed in shock as he ordered Panpour to use Water gun. Pansage is hit but brushes it off. "Use a full fledge Vine Whip!" Darien orders Pansage as it relases a powerful vine and whacks Panpour with it, knocking it out. "Well, I must say... that was impressive, now by Pokemon League rules- I give you the Trio badge!" Cress said as he handed Darien got the badge. "Hmm... For a front, this makes me happy..." Darien said looking at his frist gym badge and also thinking of the Dreamyard mission at the same time.

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    You might want to do separate lines for the dialogue since I have a very hard time reading it. I also want to say that chapter two is verrry similar to the games and even in dialogue to the point where it's word for word. Only difference is that you added extras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothitelle K View Post
    You might want to do separate lines for the dialogue since I have a very hard time reading it. I also want to say that chapter two is verrry similar to the games and even in dialogue to the point where it's word for word. Only difference is that you added extras.
    Thanks for reading it And I will seperate them next time so thats its easier to read, and yeah, I know Chapter 2 was really similar to the games, I tried to change up the dialouge and add a few diffrent scenes but that didnt help, I think the Ghetsis and N parst were very hard in that instance, thanks for pointing it out though And I'll make sure that every other chapter is as original as it can be. And once again, thank you for reading.

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    Authors Note- Like what was requested I seperated the dialouge to the best of my ability and made it easier to read. Darien begins to focus on his job more starting this chapter, Akira's past that not even Darien knows begins to come out, and Bianca makes some comments some may be offended by but please dont, Bianca is an idiot and raised prejudice in this fan fic. Readers discretion advised.

    "Gym badges make me feel like I've really done alot, even if it is just one..." Darien said looking at the badge in a little regret of not just being a normal trainer, but soon remebering how cool it is to be a spy.

    "This rocks, I get to battle in gyms and be a spy-" Darien began before noticing their was a woman in front of him exhaling like a vent.

    "Can, I help you?" Darien asked the woman as she falls to her knees.

    "Please, I need another trainers help, i dont believe two will be enough." the woman said regaining herself and grabbing Darien's arm.

    "Wait- Trainers for what? Who are you?" Darien asked the woman, even she was hot she had no right to rip off his arm without explaination.

    "I'm so sorry.. My name is Prof. Fennel and I study dream energy here in Striaton City." Prof. Funnel said as she bowed politely.

    "But you see recently my research has been affected by strange activity in the Dreamyard." Prof. Funnel replied trying to apoligize for her rude behavior and expalining the suituation.

    "Dream energy? That sounds like something I may have to be involved with." Darien thought to himself and nodding in agreement to help Prof. Funnel.

    "This is my bacholerette pad/ labatory." Funnel said showing Darien a room that seemed to be more for a pre-teen girl than a grown woman.

    "Do you have that Bianca diesease?" Darien asked studying her room more and more.

    "Thats the same thing I asked her, but I said that stupid **** diesease." Akira said coming out of her closet.

    "Akira?! Why were you in her closet?!" Darien asked confused at his cousins actions. "Its a long story that involves Amanita, and you dont wanna know after that." Akira said waving dismissevly.

    "I'm sure I dont, and who's Amanita.. Wait more important, why are you here?" Darien asked Akira looking at her in annoyance.

    "This creeper kidnapped me and was about to do horrible things to me, I thought I was in "Little House On The Left"." Akira said shaking as she rubbed her shoulders in fear, of course being cynical and sarcastic.

    "Its "The House on the left", and didnt she tell you we need to investagate the Dreamyard or something.." Darien said staring at her like the idiot she was to him.

    "Well, thats not what I sent the first one out for..." Funnel said regretfully staring at her pictures the whole time.

    "The first one?! Was it Cheren?!~ or Bianca.." Akira said almost shaking her until she said Bianca's name.

    "Bianca, huh? Why would you send someone with an IQ of a Acme prop to the Dreamyard alone?" Darien asked Funnel as she began to think about it.

    "She rufesed to let me down and stormed off to get the Dream Mist. But she hasnt been back for hours..." Funnel said holding her chest in dread.

    "Dont worry, knowing Bianca she forgot where she was going again and went to ask someone if they knew." Darien said not noticing Akira trying to sneak away from the room until he caught her from the corner of his eye.

    "Oh heck no! If I'm helping this nerd so are you! We all gotta do some things in life we will not want to do, but will appreciate it in the long run." Darien said realizing that his cousin is not buying it one bit.

    "********! I wanna help people? The only person I care about is me, myself, and Cheren. And even he can get the boot if I meet someone else- Like Cress~..." Akira said totally fangirling in front of Darien making him want to punch her face.

    "Ok, Akira- This is the first time in your life that I- CHAIN OURSELVES TOGETHER! BAM!" Darien said putting the handcuffs on her and him in an instant.

    "Wow, those are them ninja skills, did you do some super secret spy training or something?" Akira asked looking at the cuffs and discretly trying to break them off.

    "Wont work, these are wootz steel. Hahaha!" Darien said triumphant and proud at his "ingenious" plan.

    "Like I know what the hell that means!" Akira said biting the handcuffs and smashing the ground.

    "We'll be back in no time at all, along with Bianca." Darien said waving goodbye to Funnel and dashing off.

    "I love how you let her boss you around like your her-" Akira began before she saw the buildings of the Dreamyard.

    "What? Is something wrong?" Darien asked Akira who wore a blank stare.

    "Darien, what are dreams to you?" Akira asked once again talking in the serious tone that Darien hated.

    "Dreams are my ambitions and what I want in the world. Why" Darien asked in a "now is not the right time" type of voice.

    "Dreams are ambitions,huh? Well, what if you had a dream that nobody else wanted? Does that make it a nightmare?" Akira asked Darien now looking at the ground with her head sunken down.

    "... There's no such thing as a bad dream or ambition, its the way a person tries to acheive ones dream that it could become someone elses nightmare." Darien said almost sounding a wise prophet.

    "... Your a douchebag." Akira said looking at Darien in awe for his wise words but still trying to keep her original nature.

    "Shut up, you!" Darien said urging Akira along deeper into the Dreamyard before they hear a Pokemon's cry.

    "Give us the dream energy you useless vermin!" a man wearing a knight like suit with orange hair said as he kicked a Munna that floated next to him.

    "You better comply to us or we will have to really get serious!" another man in the same attire and with the same hairstyle snickered.

    "Hey' That' pink fairy didnt do nothing to you, and even if did- Humans should never harm a Pokemon! Except when my daddy be slaughterin' them' Tepig's at the "Meat Factory, they be' the bee's knees.' " Bianca at them shouting up in down in a hissy fit and then drooling all at the same time.

    "Oh great, we found her. Here I thought the Straiton City killer got to her, man." Akira said dissapointed at Bianca being alive and well.

    "If we be quite those goons will beat up her and Munna and we can escape." Akira said trying to sneak away before being tugged on by Darien.

    "I may hate Bianca a little less than you do, but we have to work together to beat those guys." Darien said literally dragging Akira with him to Bianca.

    "Guys'! You all came for' me'!" Bianca yelled in glee but still remembering the two goons who she is faced with.

    "This girl so rudely interupted our interagation of this Pokemon! We have every right to be mad!" one of the knight looking men said to Akira and Darien almost like they felt they would punish them.

    "Do you two have any idea who were are?! We are members of Team Plasma!" the other knight said trying to intinmidate the two.

    ".. Continue, please." Akira said waving her hand.

    "No! Listen up! You cant hurt Pokemon no matter the reason, got it?!" Darien shouted at the two members releasing Tepig as he said it.

    "Fine. Yeah, hurting Pokemon is against the rules, even I cant stand for that!" Akira said releasing Snivy.

    "You got a new one?" Darien turned to her confused. "Yeah, this one doesnt die as easily. Its actually really experinced." Akira said snuggling her Snivy.

    "I'll' help' too'!" Bianca said releasing her Oshawott to battle with them.

    "It fits you nicely, Bianca." Akira said with Darien nodding in agreeance.

    "You brats! How dare challenge Team Plasma! Prepear yourself! And make it double trouble! You two will be crying home to your mommies when were done with you babies." the two Team Plasma members screamed releasing their Patrats at the same time.

    "First off my mom and dad are dead, and my auntie treats me like the red-headed-stepchild, so she wouldnt care if I ran home crying." Akira said in the most annoyed tone she has ever made.

    "Second,why do I get the feeling you two are the rejects of Team Plasma?" Akira said rolling her eyes and taking out her Snivy as Darien did the same with Tepig.

    "Leave this to us Bianca. Tepig! Use Ember!" Darien commanded Tepig as he defeated the Patrat in one attack.

    "Yeah, your useless. Watch out. Snivy, use Vine Whip!" Akira ordered Snivy who damaged the other Patrat.

    "Who are these brats?! Theyre taking out our strongest Pokemon!" the two men said in shock.

    "Go' ya'll! Go! And remember to sirloin those two Patrat, oh yeah, and dont forget to cut off the anus first, its not edibealbe" Bianca and Oshawott cheered and commented in sync.

    "What? Thank you for the Pokemon cooking lesson Bianca, now we know why you smell like a truckers ***-crack. " Akira said blinking to get the image out of her head.

    Also, Why didnt Snivy's move beat it like Tepig?! Oh well, use Tackle to finish it off!" Akira ordered Snivy who immediately obeyed defeating the final Patrat.

    "You think thats the end of us?! Team Plasma?!" one of the men hissed before seeing a man who made both men shake with fear and Akira looked blankly at the figure.

    "Ghe- Ghetsis-sama?! This is worse than when we bought that Magikarp from the Latino vendor" the two men said running around in fear and crying.

    "My daddy' always' told' me to neva buy something from a gypsy.. Like' the one' on that Hunchback' movie' '' " Bianca said not even knowing what she was saying.

    "Bianca, shut up. And you two, stop being lame side gags!" Darien shouted at the two as the stopped running in fear of him.

    "Now what brings you here?.." Akira asked Ghetsis who ignored her question.

    "You two! Leave this place at once! We have far more important bussiness to deal with than these brats!" Ghetsis barked at the two men as they matched off with him.

    Though, Akira still wore a blank stare which Darien noticed instantly. "Akira?.. Are you okay?" Darien asked worried about her.

    "I'm fine. Its nothing.." Akira said regaining herself.

    "I wonder why that Ghetsis guy showed up?.." Darien inquired before shrugging and then seeing a bright light and haze of smoke and seeing a Musharna appear.

    "I think it was Musharna who did it! Look! They' look like my' step-mama' and my daddy' when they making little Bianca's, 'sep I neva see them being' born...' Bianca said happy that the Munna and Musharna went back home together but also rambling about her home life making Akira push her out of the way.

    "Thank you, Musharana, we appreciate it." Darien smiled and finally unhooking him and Akira from eachother.

    "LAME. I'm going back to Funnel. She owes me something for all this crap." Akira said starting to walk off.

    "Whats this? Ah, here Bianca I believe its the Dream Mist." Darien said actually politely to Bianca as she accepted it and ran off along with Akira.

    "Its nice to have happy endings... I still wonder, though. Why has Akira being acting so strangely?" Darien said looking at his hat that fell to the ground.

    "So it appears the Dreamyard mysterious occurence was this Team Plasma doing something here.. Could they be the cause of the other problems?" Darien said investagating the rest of the ruins he hadnt checked.

    "No, more investagation is needed I will head to the next checkpoint and relay the information to Jack. 'Til then, I have to leave Striaton City unoticed.. This is gonna be one big mystery- I can feel it..." Darien said picking up his stuff and leaving the Dreamyard.
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    Authors Note- This is where the chapters begin to be longer and more jam packed full of things, more of Tepig's past is mentioned, please enjoy!

    "The checkpoint is at a daycare?" Darien asked confused after looking up the assigned coordinates.

    "Yes, it is essential that we keep our security top-notch or we could risk all of the orginazations true intentions being revealed." Jack responded through the X-transeiver.

    "And you think a daycare is the best place to be hidden? Instead of somewhere logical like a Pokemon center or an alley?.." Darien said annoyed at Jack's judgement.

    "Did I mention you get your first paycheck at the checkpoint?" Jack said blowing out smoke from his ciggarette.

    "Daycare it is then, see you there." Darien said logging off his X-transeiver and dashing off to the meeting spot.

    "Man, Jack is late! I've been out here for hours.. and the pre-schoolers have recess soon..." Darien said sitting on a slide and waiting for Jack to appear.

    Suddenly sirens begin to ring and he see's a mob of teachers run out the school.

    "How dare you?!" one female teacher said swigging her broom at the Darien as he narrowly dodges it.

    "You horrible little man!" a bigger female teacher said throwing untensils at him as a he is hit in the face by the blows.

    "You should be ashamed!" a even bigger female teacher said sitting on Darien.

    "What are you women talking about?!" Darien said not only struggling for air but also for an ansewer.

    "Alder was enough as it is, coming in here trying to kidnap kids.. now we got the Striaton City killer." the smallest teacher said sternly.

    "I'm not here to kidnap kids- I'm here on bussiness!" Darien said as he struggled to be released from the biggest womans weight.

    "Thats what they all say." all three teachers said at once.

    "I swear I am! I swear!" Darien said kicking and screaming.

    "He's a big baby- THere's no way he's the Striaton City killer, teachers." a very small boy in glasses said as he and a young girl with small pigtails came up to Darien.

    "Yeah, the killer was said to be charming and only attacked beautiful women and handsome men. This guys... a wimp." they both said so in sync it was scary, as they both began to send out their Pokemon.

    "So he isnt the killer? Man, so much for that bounty.." the second biggest woman said sighing in dissapointment.

    "That girl Akira told us that the guy sitting on the slide was the killer, look like she was wrong. Our bad.." the biggest woman said rubbing her head.

    "Wait- Akira?! My cousin, Akira?!" Darien began to huff and puff looking around for her but seeing nothing but two Pokemon.

    "You gotta battle us before you go anywhere." the two kids said smirking evily and revealing their Pokemon. A Pansear and Pansage.

    "Um, no thanks.. Battling isnt my thing, unless its a gym battle.." Darien said trying to crawl away slyly.

    "You dont wanna dissappoint these two adorable kids do you, Darien?" Cheren asked Darien as he jumped onto the hill the daycare sat on

    . "Cheren?! Crud, I need to stay inconspcious or i'll be found out when Jack shows up." Darien thought to himself but eventually getting up and dusting off and staring stern at Cheren.

    "Lets make it a tag battle and you got a deal!" Darien said releasing his Pansage.

    "Fine by me, Go! Purrloin! Lets start off with Assist!" Cheren ordered his Purrloin who obeyed immedeatly and used a powerful Ember on the young boy's Pansage.

    "Wasabi! use Vine Whip!" Darien ordered his Wasabi who used a powerful Vine Whip that knocked Pansage out.

    "Now, use Fury Swipes on Pansear!" Cheren ordered Purrloin who immdeatly knocked out the Pansear with a barrage of swipes.

    "Looks like you got better.." Darien smiled at Cheren.

    "So did you, lets go now Purrloin, we have a gym to beat." Cheren said returning Purrloin and begining to walk off.

    "Oh, is your name Cheren?" the smallest teacher asked Cheren curiously.

    "Yes maam, can I help you?" Cheren asked her politely turning back around.

    "A girl named Bianca has a ransom on a little girl and a girl named Akira until you bring her "The soul of a Blitzle that has blue eletricity, no more no less"." the second to biggest teacher said reading a note Akira left.

    "You see a Blitzle?" Darien said combing the woods for the ransom Pokemon to save Akira.

    . "You know whats bugging me about this whole thing?" Cheren asked also looking for a Blitzle but only seeing Pidove and Patrat.

    "Is it the fact Bianca is holding someone hostage?.." Darien asked still looking for the Blitzle.

    "No, its that Bianca knows how to write..." Cheren said before spotting a Blitzle.

    "There's two of them! One for me and one for Bianca!" Darien said throwing a Poke-ball at them but having it just bounce off.

    "Someone already owns that one, but who?" Cheren said as he looked at the Blitzle.

    "Never mind that, that one cant have a trainer too!" Darien said throwing the Poke-ball and almost catching it, but instead a Pidove flew by and he caught it instead.

    "Haha." Cheren remarked walking over to retreive Darien's newly caught Pidove.

    "Shut it, at least now I got more Pokemon than you!' Darien said sticking out his tounge at Cheren.

    "But who's Blitzle is this?" Cheren asked still confused before seeing Akira come up from a bush.

    "Cut! Cut! Cut! Your suppose to be more concerned about me and this little **** than catching a little lame Pi-freakin'-dove." Akira said angry at the two boys and shaking a little girl.

    "Why the hell were hiding in the bushes,Akira?" Cheren asked her pushing up his glasses as he said it.

    "Well~ Cheren~ Me, and Miranda here have been outrunning Bianca for a day now and got bored- So I thought, why not get Darien arrested?" Akira replied to Cheren with a big smile.

    "Why you!" Darien said almost about to strangle Akira.

    "Then I thought, no.. How about I frame Bianca by saying she is holding us hostage, get her arrested and get a Blitzle to boot. Me and Sasha thought it was great plan." Akira said standing triumphantly because her plan was so cunning.

    "No, its Ami... And no, I didnt say it was a good plan I said "Please help me find my Minncino." Ami said frustrated with Akira.

    "Whatever, Molly... So anyway, you guys took too long so I caught my own Blitzle and lost Bianca in the forest or some ****." Akira said to them not caring about Bianca at all.

    "... Ignoring that Bianca may be in mortal danger, where's you Mincinno at little one?" Darien asked Ami in a nice tone.

    "Um, so really mean men, well, not as mean Akira, but still really mean showed up and tricked me into handing them my Mincinno and ran off." Ami said almost in tears.

    "Understood, we'll get it back." Cheren said nodding to confirm with Darien agreeing.

    "Good luck, I tried for like 2 minuetes.. it grew tiresome so I quit." Akira said walking off before Darien grabs her.

    "Oh no, you dont! By "we" we mean you too." Darien said dragging Akira over by him and Cheren.

    "But who'll stay here with Jasmine?" Akira asked trying to get her name wrong on purpose now.

    "Its Ami, and I dont know-" Cheren began before Bianca came darting in.

    "Oh' golly' gee', is this where ya'll ended up?" Bianca said sweating from running to them.

    "Oh god, where is the Striaton killer when you need him..." Akira said sighing in disbelief of Bianca still being alive.

    "Didnt you push her off down into a hole and then lit it on fire?" Ami asked Akira confused on how Bianca was still alive.

    "They' say' us' country' folk' got a life for each baby we gonna produce'." Bianca said smiling and still not knowing what she is talking about.

    "So, Bianca stays, lets go troops." Cheren said dashing of along with Akira fangirling over how cool he is and Darien not caring.

    "Hey, thats Officer Jenny lets ask her for some help." Darien said walking up to her and tapping her shoulder.

    "I told you Paul, your wife might find- Oh, who are you?" Officer Jenny asked Darien looking him up and down.

    "I'm Darien, and me and my friends were wondering you saw any suspicous characters around." Darien asked as Akira and Cheren finally caught up and stood beside him.

    "Suspcious characters?.. Oh, you must be talking about "Black-nose Tepig" who was just spotted in Striaton City.

    "Black nose? Like mine?" Darien asked Officer Jenny showing her Heaty's Poke-ball.

    "Oh my, its been awhile since I've seen this little ****." Officer Jenny said taking Darien's Poke-ball and examaining it.

    "Is Darien's Tepig famous?" Akira asked Officer Jenny still darting her eyes on her breast in jealousy.

    "Famous? Try world renowned Poke-thief.. He's been on the street since he hatched from his egg, running the streets of west Unova like a boss,man. I got some serious street-credit for this little Porky." Officer Jenny said smiling at the Poke-ball.

    "Running the streets? What?" Darien asked Officer Jenny totally confused.

    "Nothing, nothing. So your coning these suckers now Tepig? Tsk.Tsk. Tsk. They look so nice. Except for the dude with the black hair he looks like a demon." Officer Jenny said as she said goodbye to Tepig and handed Darien back his Poke-ball.

    "Wait, do you know about Tepig's past? Hey!" Darien asked as Jenny ansewered her squad phone.

    "Yeah, wazzup?" Jenny asked totally unproffesionally and doing the tounge motion as well.

    "What three Papa John's Pizza? I'm there! Sorry kids, I got police stuff to do." Jenny said riding away on her bike.

    "Liar! Why did we even start talking to her anyway?" Cheren asked Akira and Darien.

    "Um... oh yeah, the stolen Pokemon!" Darien said resuming running for nowhere.

    "Hurry up, before that cop comes back!" a Team Plasma member said to another as they ran for a nearby cave, with a cage of missing Pokemon in hand.

    "Hey, wasnt that?.." Cheren began before Akira interupted him.

    "Team ****?..." Akira said as they began to chase them into the cave.

    "Hey! Team Plasma! We know your here, come out here!" Darien shouted as a Woobat began to attack them out of nowhere.

    "Go! Zoey! Use Spark!" Akira ordered her Blitzle with it damaging the Woobat.

    "You too! Fraiche! Use Gust!" Darien ordered his Pidove as he defeated the Woobat.

    "Who sent that Woobat here?" Cheren asked before hearing snickering and banter.

    "Oh great, evil laughter equals super lame enemies with no personality but being idiots who suck at everything they do are about to appear." Akira said rolling her eyes in complete annoyance.

    "Haha! So you all followed us into this cave not knowing of our formidable power- how was my Woo-" a Team Plasma member began before realizing that his Woobat was defeated.

    "Crap! They beat it already?! Were doomed! Plaaaasmaaaa!" another Team Plasma member cried out which caught the attention of Akira.

    "You- say that again!" Akira said totally intrigued now.

    "No! I dont take request! Go, Patrat!" the other Team Plasma member said releasing the Pokemon.

    "You all use weak Pokemon, so we still beat you. Tepig, use Ember!" Cheren said as Tepig's Ember beat the members Patrat.

    "Darn it! We lost! Plasmaaaaa!" the Team Plasma member cried even louder, but this time Akira records it on her X-transeiver.

    "Guess, who just got a new ringtone?" Akira said gleefully and playing it repeatdly.

    "Stop that, it gets annoying! And you give us that cage!" Darien screamed at Akira and the Team Plasma members as they threw the cage and ran.

    "You all bring this back to Bianca,okay? I have some bussiness to take care of." Darien told Cheren and Akira as they both agreed and left to bring back the stolen Pokemon.

    "Jack, where are you?!' Darien barked at his handler who was laughing at his anger.

    "So sorry my boy, my son had a baseball game and I lost track of time. How was your day?" Jack said still laughing but trying to gain composure.

    "It was long, thought I was gonna get paid but whatever..' Darien said annoyed with Jack and his forgetful nature.

    "Well, just report the information in this cave. No one can intercept this call from there." Jack said seriously now smoking his ciggarette once again.

    "Alright, so in Striaton City I investagated the Dreamyard like I was ordered to. On the first excavation I found no disturbances whatsoever and only found out some history from the walk-in muesem. There were too many people so I decided to call of the search. Prompted by a reasearcher named Funnel I re-investagated the Dreamyard like I planned to originally- but this time I was confronted by a group of strange individuals." Darien began to relay the investigation to Jack in his "proffesional" tone of voice.

    "Group? What group?" Jack asked Darien confused by his mentioning of a group.

    "They were a group called "Team Plasma" who were trying to extract "Dream Energy" from a Pokemon named Munna, when me and two others confronted them we got into imediate confrintation, which was resolved by a Musharna creating an illusion of their boss to lure them away. Their boss was seen at Accumala Town at a rally before I came to Striaton City. His name is Ghetsis-sama and he is very twisted in his views on the relationship of Pokemon and Humans. I had another confrintation with Team Plasma not too long ago in this cave. They abducted a young girls Pokemon. I cannot make a clear hypothesis if they are the cause of the incidents in Unova or not, but trust me I shall investagate further." Darien finished the relaying of the report to Jack.

    "... Understood, Ghetsis, Team Plasma, "Dream Energy", and twisted views on Humans and Pokemon. All of our accounts will be recorded to be reported to the NPMC's president. Understood?" Jack said very seriously and sternly.

    "Of course. I will now send the pictures of the Dreamyard over." Darien said as he uploaded them from his camera to his X-transeiver sending them to Jack.

    "Thank you for all your assistance Darien. And your next mission is to investagate the Nacrene Muesem as mysterious and suspicious behavior has been reported. Jack ordered Darien as well as sending his check over to him.

    "THANKS! I mean, thank you, sir." Darien said bowing to thank Jack for his pay check.

    "No problem, Darien. Oh yes, and good luck Darien." Jack said laughing and logging off.

    "Nacrene Museum... Wonder if there's a gym in Nacrene..." Darien pondered as he left the cave, his mission fresh in his mind.
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    Authors Note- N appears and reveals some of Unova's history to a clueless and uneducated Darien, Tepig's past is fully revealed, and Akira does Akira things. Enjoy!

    "Nacrene City, home to the world famous Pokemon Historical Center.. From up here, I dont see any suspicous things or characters.." Darien said studying the enviorment that surronded the museum before going for an external investigation.

    "There sure alot of tourist though, even for the autumn season. This could be both a disadvantage and an advantage in the investigation.. And when I researched all of the event history there was never anything odd that happend during one of them.. And the police station records that I hacked into mentioned nothing of a crime being commited in the museum either." Darien said standing up and putting his binoculars back into his bag.

    "I also see no trace of a gym in this city, but the brochure says otherwise.. That appears to be the only "odd" thing in this quaint little city.."Darien said looking down at the brochure and then deciding its best to head for the museum first instead.

    "Im suprised I havent run into Akira, I would think she would be the first to be here again.. then again, Cheren or Bianca would be my second guess. Wait, not Bianca, she's most likely lost... Or dead.. Or lost and dead.. Yeah, I would like that best." Darien said heading up the museum steps remembeing the events that transpired the other day on Route 3.

    "The ideals of a perfect Pokemon, the truth of a Pokemon.. Have you ever asked yourself why Pokemon feel the way they do? Or why the have the nature they do? Or did you ignore them?" a famaliar voice said leaving the museum and repeating what he read inside.

    "No, I dont ignore anything my Pokemon say, how they feel is important to me. Theyre not just slaves like you seem to believe-N..." Darien said looking up N as he had a smirk on his face.

    "Good, then maybe you do... have what it takes to be a hero..." N said taking a Poke-ball from Darien's belt.

    "Hello, Tepig- Can you tell me more about yourself?" N asked Heaty in the same language that Tepig's speaks.

    "What the what? You can speak Pokemon? Are you like the Little Ceasers guy?" Darien asked N confused and startled by the revalation.

    " Who? No, I am a descendant of the Warlord of Dragnor and the Empress of Aurora- so thus, I was given an ability passed down to many known as the "Will Of Ransei". Nobunaga, the Warlord of Dragnor had the ability to tame a dragon in the command of his voice- and make them hear his ideals through it. Emmaka, the Empress of Aurora and eventually the entire Ransei region, had the ability to ability to understand a Pokemon's heart and communicate with it. Because of their mixing of genetics my ancestors and I were given both abilities, mixed." N said looking at Darien the entire time without blinking, creeping Darien out.

    "... "Will Of Ransei",huh? Whats Ransei? Another region somewhere?" Darien asked N actually interested in it.

    "Ransei.. is Unova of old..." N said concentrating on the ground at the moment.

    "Unova- of old?" Darien asked puzzled beyond belief.

    "Now, Tepig- Tell me about your struggles and pains..." N said to Tepig in his language with a smile.

    Tepig appears out of the Poke-ball and begins to talk to N for about a half hour.

    "So, what did he say?"Darien asked after the half a hour, sure now that the session was over.

    "Tepig... Has had a very hard life... Starting from birth from his deformity, the black nose that Tepig posseses is missing the yellow mark all other Tepig possess,you see... This made his herd exile him to the outskirts of the valley they lived in, even Tepig's own mother didnt recongnize him as him as her child, so on occasion after birth she tried to eat him. Soon enough, what Tepig describes as a term similar to karma, his home was destroyed by a wild fire.. So Tepig had to flee the valley and arrived in the surburban cities. Tepig was caught by many trainers but released do to his subpar battling skills." N said almost in tears at what he had to desribe per Darien's request.

    "... Tepig?..."Darien said looking blankly at his Tepig who seemed obviously the most hurt by the story.

    "He then learned that he could understand human language and made a living in West Unova on the streets. It was all fine he said, until a poacher caught him and sent him to Accumala to be sold. Tepig escaped and he said that he was imprisoned again. With you..." N said getting up as he said it.

    "Tepig, is this true? Did all this really happen to you? Do you really feel imprisoned? Please, pal... tell me.." Darien said not knowing how to communicate with a troubled Pokemon.

    Tepig just looked into Darien's eyes and looked away, then to N. And then returned himself to his Poke-ball.

    "Right now, My friends and I are no match for what the world will throw at us... We need to grow stronger, so that I can save all Pokemon from humans,like the ones who have tormented poor Tepig. I now know what power I need, it is of the Pokemon- Reshiram, who seeks the same truth of the world I do. Carrying, the will of my ancestor- Nobunaga! I will become the hero and save ALL POKEMON!" N said before walking down the stairs and out of Dariens view.

    "Tepig... What are we gonna do?.. How can I help you?" Darien said looking at his Poke-ball in dismay after not getting a ansewer.

    "WELCOME! To Nacrene City Museum- I am Hawes, Nacrene Historical Center's assisant director." Hawes said greeting Darien at the door with a handshake.

    "Oh.. Hello?.." Darien replied to the handshake confused.

    "Todays exhibit is a skeleton of a rare Dragon type Pokemon given to us by the Mayor of Opelucid city. Its quite fascinating of I do say so myself!" Hawes said pushing up his glasses.

    "Uh, thank you, sir. But i'm just gonna have a look around the museum if thats okay." Darien said with an annoyed smile.

    "Oh, okay... Well, if you wanna see something else interesting, please, let me show you to this exhibit." Hawes said pushing Darien along. much to his annoyance.

    "This, is a metorite all the way from space! Incredible, isnt it?" Hawes asked Darien with a twinkle in his eye.

    "Cool?... Hey, what about this rock?" Darien asked turning to the next exhibit.

    "Oh, this? Just an ordinary rock. Boy, was my wife mad when she brought this in- of course, the love making- But your a kid, so I better not tell you that stuff." Hawes said rubbing his head and turning his head to a giant door.

    "Whats behind, here?" Darien asked almost scared by its size.

    "That? Oh, it leads to my wifes hobby room. You cant be interested in that." Hawes said waving his hands dismissevly.

    "Alright- May I ask you if anything suspicous has happend here lately? Other than you of course.." Darien said with a arched eyebrow.

    "I knew it! You must be a journalist doing a report on our museum! Oh, Lenora gonna be ecstatic when she hears about this!" Hawes said in complete bliss.

    "Uh, yeah, Im a journalist for the NPMC and we are very interested in this establishment." Darien said changing his voice and persona beautifully.

    "HORRAY! You know what, I'll keep this as a secret for Lenora's birthday! It is coming up soon! Oh my goodness! I cant believe our little museum will be known all over Unova! Take that Clay!" Hawes said in a frenzy of excitement.

    "Yes, yes! Now tell me, who's come out of that bathroom? Who's come into the museum today? Who's left? And who is still here?!" Darien said with a roar in his voice causing a scene.

    "I'll tell you! I'll tell you! Just let me get the security cameras! And the files!-" Hawes said running into the door as he ran for his office.

    The door suddenly burst open from the impact revealing a library.

    "Nothing but a hobby room,huh?" Darien said from the revelation of the room behind the door.

    "Well, heh, my wife does love books.." Hawes said rubbing his head in embarrasment.

    As people began to crowd around before hearing an explosion and screech from the room's basement begining to panic and shout.

    "That Lenora's gym room!" Hawes said running for to the room worried as Darien followed confused on who Lenora was the whole time.

    "Damn, you must be feeling hella drove, You know what, because were both sistas of color I'll be nice to you!." Akira said taking Lenora's badge for herself and flicking her off as she left the room without noticing Darien and Hawes running down the stairs.

    "Dear! Are you okay?!" Hawes asked his wife as she dusted herself off from the exlposion.

    "That Akira girl is a massive ****!" Lenora said angry and annoyed but shrugging it off.

    "Akira? Like my cousin? Man, she just lost against you? That sucks..." Darien said to Lenora who was about to burst out laughing.

    "Hahaha, no, no.. Akira just beat me and on her first try! It was something I havent seen in a while." Lenora said with a smile happy from the battle.

    "Really? Well- Wait- HUUH?!! Your the Nacrene City gym leader?! Your gym is a museum?! What?!" Darien said totally confused and shocked.

    As Hawes realized what his wife was thinking the whole time and returned to his duties upstairs.

    "Tell me, Darien. You wanna battle me- Dont you?" Lenora said taking off her apron and throwing out her Herdier.

    "Aw, look at the dog that looks like a perverted old man." Darien said rubbing his head.

    "Send out your Pokemon, Darien. I want to test your skills!" Lenora ordered Darien as he threw out his Lillipup, Milk.

    "A Lillipup against a Herdier? Should be fun- Herdier use Bite!" Lenora ordered her Herider as it bit down on Lillipup with its harsh teeth.

    Milk cringes but is ready to attack.

    "Use Tackle! Milk!' Darien said ordering his Milk to attack head on, as he attacked is dodged and he is atatcked by Herdiers Take Down.

    "Milk! Return! Good job! Go! Fraiche!" Darien said returning Milk and sending out his Pidove, Fraiche.

    "Use Gust!" Darien ordered as Herdier is hit and beaten down.

    "Herdier use Retaliate!" Lenora said as Herdier used the powerful move, almost defeating Pidove.

    "Use Gust,again!' Darien ordered this gust even stronger beating the Herdier.

    'I see, you do have some strong Pokemon! Go! Watchog!" Lenora said sending out her Watchog.

    "I cant use Tepig, I have to bond with him first... I shouldnt have rushed into this battle... Oh well, Fraiche! Use Quick Attack!" Darien ordered Pidove but was dodged by Watchog who put it to sleep with Hypnosis and used Retaliate beating Pidove.

    "Darien, send out your next Pokemon, come on! My fiery passion is just now increasing!" Lenora begged Darien as he sunk into his hat, depressed.

    "I cant, my other Pokemon.. hates me.. He wont battle with me anymore, I learned something about him today as well.. So i wont force him to battle." Darien said about to leave her gym, defeated and knowing he should just give up when suddenly.

    Tepig comes out of his ball and blows fire in Dariens face.

    "What Tepig?! I know you dont wanna battle so I'm leaving Lenora's gym! You got something to say?!" Darien said not meaning to yell at Tepig but very emotional at the moment from learning of Tepig's past and his recent loss.

    Tepig begins to oink in a passionate fury and Darien, somehow understands his plea and begins to cry but catches himself.

    "You- wanna battle? You wanna battle Lenora with me?' Darien asked gazing into Tepig's eyes and understanding.

    "Alright, lets go prove to Lenora why were the best! When it comes to fiery passion!" Darien said with Tepig nodding in mixed emotions, as they turned around to her battlefield and Darien ordering Tepig to use Ember on Watchog.

    "Use Retaliate!" Lenora ordered after her Watchog was hurt by the burn.

    Tepig is hit but still decided to fight, but this time not listening to Darien's orders and using Flame Charge.

    "Tepig?! Hey! I thought we were gonna be a team!" Darien said bickering with Tepig as Watchog recovers from the damage and Lenora orders it to use Hypnosis.

    "Wait,what?" Darien asked himself as Tepig is hit and put to sleep, as Watchog begins a barrage of Crunches and Retaliate's.

    " I see.. So you two werent what I was looking for in an aspiring trainer...Tepig, wont last much longer... I would forfeit now- Darien-kun." Lenora said in a worried but still passionate voice.

    Suddenly, Tepig wakes up from hearing those words and is ready to battle even with its injuries.

    "Tepig... He would never forfeit! Because he believes he is the strongest- and he is! All his other trainers were fools! My, Tepig is above all others! Why? Because.. HE HAS A BLACK NOSE!!" Darien said getting even more passionate than Lenora and Tepig as his soul began to flicker like a igniting torch.

    "Well, well, the flame in you has been lit.. Show me! The fiery passion that makes your voice roar like it does now!" Lenora said ordering Watchog to finish it with Retaliate.

    "Tepig, use Flame Charge! Full Power! Show your true power!" Darien ordered Tepig as he obeyed and released a blast of fire on Watchog, beating him completely.

    "We did it! Horray! Yahoo!" Darien cheered and danced trying to get Tepig to smile, but only got a forced smirk.

    "Good enough, heh... Now- Lenora, may I please have a badge?" Darien asked as he bowed in politeness but was still really pumped from the battle.

    "Your nothing like you cousin Akira, she came and here and messed up my battlefeild and ripped the decoration badge off my wall.. But your, polite and kind.. Are you sure you two are cousins? "Lenora said shaking her head but handing Darien the badge, as he gazed at it.

    "Im not sure about that, but all I know is that she better not be causing anything upstairs." Darien grunted and complained.

    They then hear a noise that sounded like something huge being dragged and stare at eachother and run upstairs to the museum.
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    Authors Note- This chapter is the smallest of the Nacrene City>Castelia City arcs, but I still tried my best to entertain. Please enjoy and review!

    "What in the world is going on here?! Who are you?!" Lenora and Darien shouted in sync as they confronted the mystery individuals.

    "Well, well, so the brat from the Dreamyard and Wellspring cave has followed us here to Nacrene too! What are you a cop?!" The mystery men shouted taking off their cloaks and revealing they are non other than members of Team Plasma.

    "Team Plasma?! What is this gonna be a daily thing with you? If so before the running gags begin, are you filled with helium?" Darien asked in a very rare cynical and sarcastic voice.

    "That is the most irrelevant question ever!" both Team Plasma members said in sync frustrated and annoyed by the question.

    "Its more of a common illness than you would believe.. Whatever, Go! Wasabi!-" Darien began to send out his Pokemon before Lenora put a hand in front of him.

    "What the devil brings you here? Why have you targeted my sanctuary?! What is your plan?! Ansewer me you freaks!" Lenora said in almost complete rage as the two members shook in fear before the reinforcements arrived.

    "What are you two doing here? Didnt Ghetsis fire you?" a tall Team Plasma member shouted at the two bungling members.

    "Gorm himself ordered us to come here,sir!" the two grunts said as they looked at the giant Dragon skeleton they had wrapped in chains.

    "Looks like most of the operation was succesful, even with you two idiots invovled... The Pokemon that fought with the hero of Aurora, Adel! The mighty Dragonite who stopped the raging Rayquaza from destroying the Ransei region aka Unova of old." the tall Team Plasma member said holding his arms up in passion of it all.

    "Skeletons... are lame..." Akira said speaking within licks of her ice cream cone.

    "... AND WHO THE **** ARE YOU?!" Every Team Plasma member present shouted in anger at her comment.

    "Im Akira, just came back here because I realized this cheating **** gave me a fake badge!" Akira said poinitng to Lenora in rage.

    "Didnt you rip my obvious decoration badge off of my wall? Not my fault.." Lenora said rolling her eyes at her annoying Akira was being.

    "Whateva, you promised me a honest to goodness badge so I came back for it!" Akira said rolling her eyes and then turning toward Team Plasma along with Lenora and Darien.

    "Quietly now, I had no idea she was Nacrene gym leader... And we already have that flamboyant one after us!" the tall Team Plasma member ordered quitely as the rest of them loaded the skeleton a wagon and pushed it outside the museum.

    "... WAIT! Did they just?!-" Darien began to say before Hawes interupted him.

    "PUSH OUR PRIZE EXHIBIT OUT OF OUR CENTER?!" Hawes shouted in complete sorrow and anger all mixed together.

    "Team Plasma,huh? They sure have made my Hawes one depressed man.." Lenora said looking over at her husband shaking in a ball from shock.

    "Team Plasma appears to be a threat to Unova, I'm wondering if I should investigate this matter personally..." Darien said not knowing Lenora heard him loud and clear.

    "So your a spy, Darien-kun?" Lenora whispered to Darien with a wink.

    "Ah.. N- Yeah... You caught me... But please dont tell anyone, Our orginazations motto is "Mystery", at least in this instance.." Darien began to beg of Lenora not to tell as she slowly began to giggle.

    "Your secrets safe with me, no need to worry. What we need to worry about is the damage that has been done to the Historical Center because of the skeletons forced getaway." Lenora said rubbing her chin trying to think and evaluate the suituation.

    "Is the museum all that we need to worry about? Team Plasma seem to want that skeleton for nefarious means, if necessary, I will give chase to them right now." Darien said as he took pictures of what transpired there and wrote it down in his notepad.

    "Thank you, Darien, your a big help!" Lenora said with a smile before she smelled a special cologne and ran outside.

    "And... where do you like it at?" Akira asked a mystery man outside the museum trying to get something out of him.

    "Akira, stop bothering this guy.." Darien said coming down the museum stairs as the mystery man let out a huge smile after seeing him.

    "You! You are Darien,yes?" the man asked still smiling but getting closer.

    "Y- Yes..."Darien said stepping back inch by inch.

    "Your cousin told me all about you, how you love to pose in the nude for aspiring artist is that true?" the mystery man asked Darien now only inches away from him.

    "Akira, said what now?!" Darien said annoyed looking over at Akira who winked at him.

    "Im sorry, my cousin gave you mis-information.. I dont know a single thing about nude posing, and I dont have the type of body." Darien said regaining himself and laughing nervously.

    Just as the mystery man was about to say something he received a hug from Lenora.

    "Burgh! Your as scrawny as ever! What brings you here?" Lenora said almost completely forgetting the Team Plasma incident.

    "Well, I was falling some mysterious people from Castelia city who appeared to be knights.. I always wanted to make a medieval painting but they attacked me when I called out to them. Thus, I followed them here and met Akira who told me all about her cousins modeling days.

    "Your a model, Darien-kun?" Lenora asked Darien confused.

    "What? No! Im a spy!" Darien shouted to Lenora and huffing at Akira afterward.

    "Loser, now Burgh, isnt my cousin the type of model you like? Young but muscular, innocent yet not..." Akira began to rant pratically describing a shonen-ai character in the process.

    "Shut up Akira, Burgh, sir.. Do you happen to know where Team Plasma is now?" Darien asked Burgh trying to find out where to investigate first.

    "I saw some of them run in diffrent directions when I entered the city through Pinwheel Forest, I tried to corner some.. But I was not enough to handle all of them at once." Burgh said depressed by his loss.

    "Thats fine, at least now we know where to head to first. As Gym Leader of Castelia City it must be your duty to protect your territory. You should return to your city immediatetly me and these kids have it covered." Lenora said to Burgh in her motherly tone.

    "Hey, now! When did I say I was gonna help you guys?! Akira dont do her services for free peeps! Thats either cash, gr-" Akira began before she saw a horrific sight.

    "Hey' ya'll, did ya' know' it was a town right hur? I was wondering around Route 3 for days.. My stomach' looks' like' one of'em third world country chillen'..." Bianca said obviously on the brink of death from starvation.

    "Is this what you call divine intervention? Bianca's dying... finally..." Akira said in all truth hoping that it was true.

    "Oh my, I must help this poor starving girl!" Burgh said about to take out a apple to give to her with Akira kicking him in his groin to stop him as he fell to the ground in pain.

    "Oh no you dont! I've been waiting for this moment since I was 8! Its Bianca's time, let her die!" Akira said stepping on the apple repeatedly.

    "... Here you go, Bianca." Darien said giving her a Lum Berry revaitilizing her.

    "Thank' you' Darien. And thank' ya' Akira! My daddy said to never eat' food' from one of his kind'..." Bianca said pointing to Burgh on the ground still throbbing in pain.

    "So, you noticed it too? How unbelievably *** he is?" Akira asked Bianca who was now just frozen standing up.

    "... Whats wrong with her?.. Is she dead?" Lenora asked worried about her.

    "No, her "Bianca" diesease causes minor strokes sometimes.. This is one of them." Darien said sitting down on the museum stairs.

    "... So' what' ya'll doing hur? Just' chillin'?" Bianca resumed speaking as if nothing had happend.

    "Oh yeah, we have to stop Team Plasma from bringing the Dragonite fossil to their assigned location! Quickly!" Lenora said finally helping Burgh up who was crying from Akira's assualt.

    "R- Right... Team Plasma couldnt have gotten... Far... If we corner them in Pinwheel Forest we can stop whatever it is theyre planning!" Burgh said sobbing in between words.

    "Bianca, what did I tell you about leaving me behind to beat a wild Pokemon? The next time I'll let them eat you." Cheren said walking up to the others as he realized the museum had a accident.

    "If your wondering about the huge hole in the entrance, it was Team Plasma again.." Darien said as Akira began to fangirl over her precious Cheren's presence.

    "Cheren~ We can split up into a pair to look for them~!' Akira said to him rubbing his shoulders.

    "Ah... No thanks, so Where is Team Plasma now?" Cheren asked Lenora concerned.

    "They escaped into the Pinwheel forest, were all gonna split up and give chase to them, will you help?" Lenora asked Cheren who agreed that he would help.

    "Alright then, Bianca and Cheren keep the museum under survillance! Akira, Burgh, and Darien go after them in Pinwheel Forest! I- will go this way." Lenora said dashing off to the east of Nacrene City.

    "So we have a game plan. Lets go-" Darien began before realizing Akira was gone.

    "Now, where did that little mean girl go?'" Burgh said recovered from the blow and back to "normal" self.

    "Hopefully she already went to the forest..." Darien said not even believing himself when he said it.

    "Good' luck' Darien' remember to lynch them'!" Bianca said waving as Darien and Burgh ran to the forest together.

    "Make sure they pay for dishonoring history!" Cheren shouted as Darien agreed and kept on running to Pinwheel Forest.

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    Authors Note- Ending the Nacrene City arc and going into the 3 part Castelia City arc, Akira- Who is she? Darien- Who does he want to be? Please enjoy and review!

    "Pinwheel Forest.. Once said to have been the gathering place of Unovian protesters and hippies.." Darien said photographing the forest to make sure he recorded the search for Team Plasma.

    "The Dragon Skull theives, where could they be? I'll go along this straight path! You head in that direction, I get a odd feeling." Burgh said seriously and in the most stern voice his lysp could make out.

    "... What kind of odd feeling?.. Anyway, alright.. understood." Darien said dashing away in extreme speed, knowing he would have to find Team Plasma and report to Jack quickly.

    "God speed Darien, This Team Plasma has something terrible planned.. But what could it be?" Burgh thought to himself before running off as well down the straight path.

    "Listen you brats! I dont have time to play cops and robbers with you!" Akira shouted at two girls who she tied up on a tree.

    "We never said we wanted to!" one of the girls cried in misery.

    "You just suddenly threw our Poke-balls and stomped on their Pokemon and tied us up!" the other girl cried.

    "Stop being little ****es, Bianca never cried when I tied her up and I did it the moe way!" Akira said tightning the rope and taking theyre Poke-balls as Darien walks-in on all of this.

    "Akira, what are you doing?.." Darien asked her pre-cautiously.

    "Oh, I'm on right now... and I got you a gift! Here!" Akira said throwing a Poke-ball to Darien.

    "What is it?.." Darien said opening it up and revealing a Venipede.

    "Haha! You got the ugly one!" Akira said rubbing the other Poke-ball to her face.

    "I cant afford to have this in my group! Take it back!" Darien said throwing it back to her.

    "No! You keep it!" Akira replied throwing it back to him, starting a hot potato war fest.

    "Fine! I'll him! But you can't protest if I release or trade him got it?" Darien asked her giving up after a whole 20 minuetes of hot potato.

    "Fine with me, as long as I dont get that thing!" Akira said walking away as Darien follows behind her.

    "Any leads on Team Plasma?" Darien asked her taking out his notepad.

    "Yeah, I kicked one of their ***** not so long ago.." Akira said walking over to a tree and kicking it, knocking out a Team Plasma member.

    "Plasmaaa! That hurt like a ****!" the Team Plasma member cried out in sheer agony.

    "Oh, its the only one of you I like. Whats the deal with hiding in a tree you trying to become the next Hokage or something?" Akira asked as the Team Plasma member was still curled up in pain.

    "Thats not what we want to know.. Tell us, where is the Dragon Skull?" Darien asked the Team Plasma member in his most intimdating voice.

    "Why would I tell you something like that? You insolent fool?!" the member said still crouching on the ground but trying to act dignified.

    "Oh, we have our ways of making you talk.." Darien said with a evil grin and maniacal laughter. "And its the reason Bianca's retarted, and Cheren's so emo..." Akira added to Darien's comment with a even eviler look on her face.

    "At the end of the forest! Gorm has it!" The Team Plasma member said as he bowed politley in fear and ran off.

    "Gorm?... Who's that?.. Oh well, I'm gonna go anyway. Lenora's counting on me, and Jack will need a full report so-" Darien began before Akira kicked him in his groin with a full amount of force knocking him out from the shock as she mouthed something as he lost conciousness.

    "... Where?.. Huh?.. Oh yeah! Akira! She knocked me out! But why?.. How long have I been asleep?" Darien asked looking around for his watch.

    "Only 10 minuetes?.. Man, I' a quick recover.." Darien said rubbing his head in modesty.

    "But where did she go?.. Why did she knock me out?.. And she whispered something after hitting me.. What was it?.. "Go-" Go where?" Darien pondered as he ran into a woman who appeared to be a Pokemon Ranger.

    "Excuse me sir, but do you have a permit to be in this part of Pinwheel Forest?" the tall, dark skinned woman asked Darien as she scanned his X-Transeiver after he handed it to her.

    "As you can see, I'm a Pokemon Trainer.. I didnt know I was prohibited from this aware without permission.. Please, forgive me." Darien bowed to her politely, but the Ranger didnt buy it and sends out her Pansage.

    "You'll have to clear this up through battle!" the Ranger shouted as her Pansage began a Vine Whip attack.

    "Why?! How does make logical sense?! Even a villian could defeat you!" Darien shouted but deciding to just go with it and sends out his Fraiche, the Vine Whip hits Fraiche but does almost no damage.

    "Use Scratch then Pansage!" the Ranger persisted as Pansage unleashed a powerful Scratch on Pidove.

    "Fraiche! Use Air Cutter!" Darien ordered his Fraiche as it unleashed powerful rings of air on Pansage knocking him out.

    "I guess I was wrong.. Sorry, for troubling you.." the Ranger apoligized then walked away.

    "What... Even just happend?.." Darien asked himself confused by everything thats been happening in the forest so far.

    "... Whats this?.. Talking?.." Darien asked himself running up to the end of the grassy area and spotting the straight road that Burgh took.

    "Why?... Why does that woman hurt me so?.." Burgh said crying tears of agony.

    "Burgh! Whats wrong?! Did Team Plasma do this to you?!" Darien asked Burgh crawling over to him as he lay crouching in pain by the bushes next to the path.

    "Akira... Came by me.. And assualted me again! And ran off to talk to some guy at the end of the forest path.." Burgh said crying and sobbing.

    "Oh, poor you.. And what guy?! At end of the forest?! How does she know him?!" Darien asked Burgh worried about Akira before hearing a distant conversation.

    "I just wanted to tell you- Because you are important to all of us.. Even though Ghetsis may ignore your existence sometimes.. Death is not what he wants of you." a very elderly man dressed in a green garnished robe told Akira almost on a personal level.

    "Your words have been heard, thank you, Gorm-sama." Akira said in a very unusually stern voice to the elderly man.

    "Ghetsis is the man who liberate Pokemon with his words alone, though, the remainder of the Sages have been ordered their compatriots to seize Pokemon from humans without any hesitation! We will not cease this until our lord gives us word! To secure the liberation we still from trainers! And a gym leader like that man Burgh, who uses Bug types and the woman Lenora who uses Normal types are completely contradictary to our ideals! Just like the Warlord of Dragnor- WE WE WILL PROVE OUR IDEALS TO BE SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS!!" Gorm said in passion for an unknown reason, but Akira seemed to understand clearly.

    "I still havent found out why trainers Pokemon must be stolen.. And why we must hate Trainers, when the bond they have with their Pokemon is so strong. I also dont know why- You captured the gym leader Lenora.. With that hidden Swadloon of yours.." Akira said the scene now showing Lenora dangling from a tree by thread calling for help.

    "Dont misjudge.. I no longer have a taste for women.. I merely captured her to lure out the gym leader Burgh so that I could kill two birds with one stone, but sadly, your appearance ruined that." Gorm said in a softer toned voice as his Swadloon appeared from behind him.

    "Let her go- She isnt the one who should fear right now.. The one who should fear right now is the descendant of the hero of Aurora, Adel. He is someone I consider a threat to the king.. He must be stopped before he does something to harm him or mislead him."Akira said almost sounding insane and sociopathic (well, diffrently than usual).

    "Understood, I believe I know the boy who you speak of.. He has encountered our members on numerous occasions? Yes?" Gorm asked Akira with his wrinkled eyebrow arched.

    "Yes, sir. But dont act before he does, its best that way-" Akira began before a ball of heat destroyed the thread Lenora was attached to freeing her.

    "Who the hell?!" Gorm shouted in shock that the fire hit the thread perfectly.

    "Hey, Akira.. There was alot of talking and not enough butt kicking, so I thought I'd intervene.." Darien said now wearing sniper goggles for no apparent reason.

    "I was gonna free her! Great you *** prick! You just ruined my hero moment!" Akira shouted at Darien in retaliation.

    "You ruined your own "hero" moment when you kept talking to this guy for like a half an hour!" Darien argued back but then turning his attention to Lenora.

    "How dare you! Do you have any idea who I AM?!" Lenora shouted in complete rage, sending out Watchog to attack Gorm, before Gorm stopped it with a whisk of his finger.

    "What the hell?.." Lenora asked in complete shock of her Pokemon's sudden halting.

    "Will Of Ranse, descendant of Terumoto and Kitsuno. Terumoto's ability to control a Pokemon using theyre scent and Kitsuno's ability to control a Pokemon's thoughts and feelings. Theyre genes combined gave me the ability of "Manipulation" though it can broken easily.. How? I shalt no say." Gorm said releasing Watchog from his powers but still staring sternly at all of them.

    "Just like N... You have a ability.. How many people can do this?!" Darien asked also in shock but a bit intrigued.

    "According to our research, this is not the legendary Pokemon that we want to acquire, it is just another legend within the legend that we seek... Our goals may be outsourced now.

    . But we will overcome all obstacles! As long as our lord holds the crown of his ancestors!" Gorm shouted in overwhelming passion.

    "No matter what power you have... No matter what goal you have... For hurting my best friend Lenora- I will end you!" Burgh suddenly said as he appeared out of nowhere outraged by what Gorm did.

    "Even though you are gym leaders, I will not except anymore obstruction out of you. In any case, I hope when you two have grown stronger, we can settle this like kinghts in a chivalry duel. And Akira, dont forget what we discussed. Please." Gorm said walking away his Sewaddle behind him, as the 4 stood speechless in shock.

    "So it turns out that man didnt have the Dragon skeleton.." Burgh commented trying to change the mood a bit but failing.

    "Where is the next city?" Akira asked the two gym leaders, not caring at what just happend. "Castelia City, my gym's location. I wait for your arrival, you two.. 'Til then, I must be off." Burgh said walking out of the forest casually.

    "I guess I must wait for the law to find Team Plasma.. Thank you anyway, Darien, Akira.." Lenora said walking off back to Nacrene.

    "So were both going to Castelia then,huh?" Darien asked Akira obviously asking her if he could go with her.

    "Nope, remember what you said.. Go at your pace, have your own journey.." Akira said mocking Darien's voice and leaving out the forest.

    "Pssh. Knew she would bring that up.." Darien sighed and took a few more pictures of the forest, the thread her burned saving Lenora, and recording what transpired.

    "Akira... If only you knew... That I have to protect you now.."Darien said to himself as he entered the Skyarrow Bridge.

    "Its... AMAZING!.." Darien shouted as he looked at the beauty that lay before him.

    He gawked at it for over 5 minuetes and resumed walking, enjoying every intersection.

    "So this is what we need to protect.. This is the beauty of Unova that the NPMC wants to protect. I understand now, its all clear. And will protect it! And you two- Akira!" Darien yelled to the sky in passion.

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    Authors Note- Geoff is introduced, heads up, he's important (kinda). Castelia City arc part I! Please enjoy and if you can review because I need some tips for the next chapters! Thanks


    "Our headquaters is in Castelia City? Since when?" Darien asked Jack using his X-transeiver outside the city's limits.

    "Since forever, I thought you at least read our newspapers and watched our television programs. Not even our magazines? Goodness." Jack said smoking his ciggarette but suprised at Darien.

    "Wait- The NPMC is a media company?!" Darien asked in complete shock of the revalation.

    "What did you think we were?... NPMC stands for- National Pokemon Media Company." Jack replied to Darien's shock utterly confused.

    "... I thought it meant, National Picnic Maker Coorparation." Darien said sounding ridicolously stupid.

    "Just- Get to the Castelia City. The assigned location is 223 Baker Street. You will see a misleading name at the location but dont get misguided, that is the place you need to be." Jack said logging of of his X-Transeiver with a annoyed smile.

    "Castelia City, 223 Baker Street. Why does this seem like its gonna be a long day?.. Oh well, better prepear for the worse." Darien said picking up his bag and putting his things away and heading into the city.

    "Come on baby', just a little somethin' somethin'!" a tall man said trying to harass what appeared to be a teenage girl just outside the city gate.

    "I told you no, Im not out here selling myself (right now) Im waiting for someone!" the teenage girl snapped looking impatiently for whoever it was she was waiting for.

    "Come on' now'! Dont be so stingy'!" the tall guy said as he was about to grab her arm.

    "Use Poison Sting! Barb!" Darien ordered his Venipede who poisoned the tall man knocking him out.

    "Thank... You... sir.." the teenage girl replied confused why Darien helped her and a bit worried.

    "No problem, I just wanna help everyone I can. A hero in a training! Thats what I am!" Darien said to the girl in a not so charming way.

    "Thats cool. Okay. Well, I gotta wait for someone here but it was nice meeting you-"the teenage girl asked Darien trying to find out her saviors name.

    "Darien- And who are you waiting for?" Darien asked her wanting to know if he could help.

    "Darien, huh? Real name- Adonis?" the girl asked him taking out what appeared to be a high-tech notepad.

    "Yeah- But how'd you know-" Darien began to ask before being interupted.

    "My name is Julia. I am a member of the NPMC and I have been asked to inform you of a competition that our company is sponsoring.. Known as the Pokemon Company Grand-Prix. Where a Trainer challenges the assigned levels of the company and wins a prized "Evolutionary Stone" if all said floors are beaten." Julia said showing Darien the building and its location on her notepad.

    "And you were waiting out here just to tell me that?" Darien asked completely sarcasticly.

    "I also run the streets on occasion, Lil' Timmy need new shoes today. And the child support is invalid after Reggie got death row for murdering them Purrloins in that cult.. Shaking my head, You wouldnt believe the **** that be going on in this city.We all going to hell..." Julia said shutting her notepad and resuming standing by the street light.

    " 223 Baker Street and the Battle Company competition,huh? Alright. I can fit that in along with Burgh's gym.. I guess." Darien said as he was being watched by a man with a flute.

    "Gil Stevens, the head of the NPMC has reportedly passed today, due to be caught with his lover in bed and killed by a shotgun from his wife- Paula Stevens." a anchorman said on the television alerting Darien.

    "What?! Dead?! Why didnt Jack tell me?! Or is he going to tell me once I get to Bakers Street?.. Oh great, my first job ruined because some closet case couldnt keep it in his pants!" Darien said in reaction to the news causing a scene and then casually walking on to avoid attention.

    "After getting so far, my life will be ruined because my boss died.. Man.. And here I thought this was a blessing not a curse!" Darien screamed at the sky as he saw 3 men dancing in the distance as his cousin Akira sat a bench watching.

    "Akira, who are these guys?.." Darien asked her confused on why she was watching their dance.

    "Oh three OG's who I got back together because they got in a fight because Tyrone slept with Mike's girl Keisha and Marvin knew about it the whole time. Anyway, short story long, they became friends again because the reconciled that Keisha was a dirty ****." Akira replied to Darien's question but still watched their dance.

    "You mean long story short- and what?' Darien asked totally confused by Akira's actions.

    "Aye, Akira, straight up gurl, you a real gee'! Neva give up yo dreams cause you hella fine! So hur, take this Water Stone. That Panpour of you got will evolve with it." Tyrone said handing her the stone and then going back to dancing.

    "So this is what you do, go and help people and watch them dance all day. Man, you are a nice person deep down.. Of course, WAY deep down." Darien said teasing his cousin as she got up from her seat. "Shut up Darien, dont you have lame spy stuff do? Or at least some crime to do? This is Castelia City- Sin City. Live a little." Akira said rolling her eyes and heading up the street.

    "Man, she was gloomy and more of a Akira than usual.. But now, where should I go? Go ahead and get fired or go and battle before it to ease my mind?.. Hmm... Battle it is!" Darien said running towards the Battle Company building.

    "Hello, and welcome, to the Battle Company. I am Yolanda, and I will be your guide today." Yolanda told Darien as he reached the elevator, she wore a very frozen smile on her face.

    "I um... Oh yeah, is the Pokemon Battle Grand Prix still going on?" Darien asked her worried it was over.

    "Oh yes, but sadly, your own 77th visitor today, so were down to 3 battlers.. I hope thats okay." Yolanda said still wearing the worlds most frozen smile.

    "Its fine.. Thank you.." Darien said as he headed for the elevator along with Yolanda.

    "The two remaining floors is the Marketing floor and the Executive floor where our boss resides." Yolanda said twitching at the mentioning of her boss.

    "Um, okay, thanks.." Darien said as the elevator came to a stop when they made it to the Marketing floor.

    "I'll stay in here, the men dont like it when I go into the office.." Yolanda said still with a frozen smile on her face as Darien left the elevator with a look of akwardness on his face.

    "I told you the boss was missing!" a man with a black suit and tie yelled at a shorter man with the same attire.

    "Well, instead of yelling at me- WHY DONT YOU FIND HIM?!" the shorter man yelled as the other workers began to scramble around the office, trying to find him.

    "... I guess, no battles here.. Huh?.." Darien said looking around at the herd of men falling over eachother and panicking.

    "They look like a dumpling.. piled up on eachother like that." a Janitor said cleaning the floor nearby Darien.

    "A dumpling, huh? I was gonna say a toliet full of puke, but yeah, guess your right.." Darien said turning to the Janitor who began to laugh at his remark.

    "Hahaha! And here I thought young people loss their sense of humor. Hahahaha! Hello, my name is Geoff. And I may not look it at the moment, but I'm this companies CEO. Hahaha!" Geoff said to Darien in a whisper as low as his loud voice could go.

    "So your who all these guys are looking for.. So whats with the Janitor get up?" Darien asked Geoff confused at his choice in clothing.

    "For a disguise, I want to see how my workers work without me.. And well, here we go, look at them. Hahahaha! Also, to ward off Venipede!' Geoff replied in passion but still being loud and laughing the whole time.

    "Ward off Venipede? Why would you want to do that?.." Darien asked Geoff confused at his choices but chuckling a bit.

    "Venipede poison- Makes you immortal! And who doesnt want to be immortal?!" Geoff said to Darien as he showed him the sprinkles on the ceiling.

    "What are those?.. Theyre not like the other sprinklers.." Darien asked worried and ready to run if needed to.

    "Pheromone.." Geoff said actually quietly so much that Darien hardly made it out.

    "Pheromone?.. Excuse me sir.. but what does that have to do with Venipede?" Darien asked Geoff as he sent out his Trubbish.

    "Its Venipede pheromone, one whiff of this stuff and millions will come running! And its activated by a large amount of toxins.. Which Trubbish is for!" Geoff said as his Trubbish prepeared to use an attack the Venipede pheromone.

    "Oh no you dont! Go! Milk! Use Bite!" Darien said releasing his Lillipup who beat the Trubbish in a single bite attack.

    "Wow, thats what I get for throwing those frat parties instead of training my Pokemon.. So much for the pheromone.." Geoff sighed as did his Trubbish which let out a huge amount of toxic gas.

    "WAIT NO!-" Darien began before the sprinklers went off all around the building.

    The scene then shows a mountain full of Venipede rushing out of Pinwheel Forest to the city.

    "Look at all that poison! Everyone in the world will be immortal now!" Geoff said as he took off his disguise and ordered his workers to bring him every Poke-ball they own.

    "You moron! This is dangerous! There's no way we can capture all those Venipede!" Darien said releasing all his Pokemon worried about the suituation, even his Venipede began to run around the office like it was intoxicated.

    "You didnt tell me you had a Venipede, meanie- And dont you know? Where there's a will, there's a way! Now lets go troops!" Geoff ordered the workers as the Venipede started to invade the city terrorizig the citizens.

    "You are a real pain old man! Alright guys, we gotta stop this army of Venipede! Okay?" Darien asked his Pokemon who all agreed and headed outside along with Geoff and the workers.

    "Throw the balls men! Now!" Geoff ordered his workers as they all threw the balls catching every Venipede that the balls hit. Some soon turned hostile and tried to attack Geoff.

    "Use Air Cutter Fraiche! And you use Tackle! Milk!' Darien ordered the two as the sent powerful moves at the several Pokemon defeating them on impact.

    "More are coming General Geoff!" a worker announced as more began to head to the building.

    "As General of this army, I will not forfeit- This Pokemon are attacking us for no reason! So- WE MUST FIGHT BACK!" Geoff ordered his workers as they continued to battle and throw Poke-ball's at the invading Pokemon.

    "Wait, your a General now? And since when is this an army?! And this is all YOUR FAULT! You sent out the Venipede pheromone and attracted them here so you could become immortal!" Darien shouted at Geoff in rage as his workers heard it.

    "WHAT?!" all the workers said as they ganged up on him and threw Geoff into the crowd of Venipede to die.

    "... Darn it concious, why can't I let jerks like him die?.." Darien said as he ordered his Fraiche and Milk to attack the Venipede, freeing Geoff from them.

    Suddenly, his Pokemon begin to glow, and they evolve on cue.

    "Good for you, Darien you now have a Herdier and Tranquil!" Geoff said as a Venipede was about to attack him but he narrowly escapes.

    "I believe we have more pressing matters!" Darien shouted at him in frustration.

    As he and the others continued to fight them unitl everyone there heard a flute that seemed to entrance the Venipede leading them somewhere.

    "Where did they go?.. What just happend?.." Darien asked himself as Geoff got up from the attack and bowed politely to his employees and began to run.

    "GET BACK HERE YOU JERK!" all the employees shouted chasing after him as he fled Castelia City.

    "... So its a happy ending?.. And I got a Tranquil and Herdier.." Darien said returning his Pokemon to their Poke-balls.

    "And this actually did the job of taking my mind off of being fired.. Somehow." Darien said dusting himself off from the battle and turning towards a alleyway, not noticing a figure behind him.

    "So someone else had the same plan as us.. To send Venipede into the city.. Heh.. But it already served its purpose.. And they were being confined into Poke-balls so had to send them away, for their own safety." the mysterious man said as he looked at Darien trying to find Bakers Street.

    "Now where could it be?.." Darien asked himself as he spotted Burgh who turned around and greeted Darien.

    "Hello again, Darien, yes? You must be here for a gym battle.. Sorry, but I was just given word Team Plasma is up to something!" Burgh said quickly as Darien realized he was outside Castelia Gym now and looked back at Burgh.

    "Team Plasma, huh? Alright, I'll help!" Darien said to Burgh as they began to run to the scene of the crime as the figure vanished into the alley.

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    Authors Note- A very general chapter but still please enjoy! Its full of comedy and drama like always

    "Before its too late, we must kill Bianca.." Akira said to both Bianca and another girl in a very serious tone.

    "If' my' death' is the causes' of all this stuff'- i' will' gladly die'!" Bianca shouted in resolve, releasing all her Pokemon (that were not stolen) and about to plunge into the water.

    "Are you two serious?.. This is a crisis and you think one sacrifice will solve all of it?" the other girl asked shaking her head as Bianca was almost aten by a horde of Basculin but quickly got back on the harbor.

    "Did' you' know' you' could die' in there'?" Bianca asked Akira and Iris who both looked at her with expressions of annoyance.

    "That was the point.. I knew we should have added bricks on her legs to make her sink." Akira said in defeat until noticing that Darien and Burgh had arrived.

    "As I predicted, Darien was right outside my gym, so I picked him up.. I hope thats okay." Burgh said to the girls as everyone but Akira began to get tense.

    "So, it kinda took you a long time- Why is that?.." Akira said poking Darien in the cheek with a finger.

    "Innuendo not needed.. Bianca, why are you here? I thought you'd be too stupid to not leave the museum for like a month at least.." Darien said dissappointed Bianca made it to the city same as them.

    "Believe me I was! But' then'! Team Plasma came and stole my Pokemon!" Bianca began to whine as Iris slapped her to make her stop crying.

    "In a operatives recent report, Team Plasma was said to have caused trouble on 2 occasions.. I have been sent here from Opelucid to investigate these felons." the other girl said to the group very competent for someone her age.

    "Ah yes, Akira, Darien- This is Iris, she is an assistant of the Dragon Master Drayden. She was sent here to aid us in our search." Burgh said to them both as they watched Bianca's mouth open wide.

    "I' aint' know' you' was''-" Bianca began before Darien covered her mouth with his spare tape to make her be quiet.

    "We have no time for your un-needed prejudice comments Bianca!" Darien barked at her as she removed the tape and nodded.

    "Team Plasma have been up to something ever since they stole the Dragon's Skull from Nacrene City. I've been investigating the city daily since then but I have had no luck in finding their base of operations.." Burgh explained the others as he grew worried of the suituation.

    "Team Plasma and their **** is really starting to make me mad- There's gonna be alot of bloody noses when I'm done and not from all the foreign bussinessmen!" Akira said as she began to walk off toward the city.

    "You sure you care?.." Darien asked Akira sternly remembering the other day with Gorm.

    "DUH! ****ANCA WONT LEAVE ME ALONE! I gotta do this.. So I can get this monkey off my back- or in this case.. a retard.." Akira began to walk again before Iris stopped her with her next comment.

    "Are we aware of Team Plasma's location? If not my experience traveling have told me to wait until the enemy comes into sight- Then aim for the horn!" Iris said to Akira trying to sound intelligent but failing like a boss.

    ".. Anyway, Iris is right.. We should wait until Team Plasma shows themselves.." Darien said to the others trying to understand the suituation himself.

    "Team Plasma stole a Dragons Skull and a Trainers Pokemon.. What possible connection do these two things share?" Burgh asked Bianca as she thought for about 20 minuetes.

    "... Oh yeah'! My' Pokemon was' a Munna'! Just' like the one' they' tried to steal' at the Dreamyard'!" Bianca replied to Burgh's question finally with him smiling in confusion.

    "Okay.. Then that means that they must really need it for some reason.." Darien said as they noticed a Team Plasma member suddenly walk down the stairs to the harbor.

    "This should be a good place to smoke.." the Team Plasma member said before seeing Burgh and then gawking.

    "... Speak of the devil.." Akira said as they all began to bum rush the grunt.

    "AAAH! NOOO! GOTTA GO FIND THE BOSS!" the Team Plasma member said as she pushed them all of her and running towards the stairs and dashing off somewhere.

    "Its like the wise person said- "Run **** run.." Never saw it in real life though.." Akira said dumnfounded by the grunts speed.

    "Akira! Darien! Come with me! Iris stay here and gurad Bianca!" Burgh said as Iris agreed and Darien and him started to dash off.

    "... SUPER LAME!" Akira said walking behind them at her own pace.

    "Good' luck' ya'll! I'm' countin' on ya'll!" Bianca shouted to the three as Burgh gave a thumbs up and Darien and Akira flicked her off.

    "Man... You have so mean friends.." Iris said resting on the harbor stairs.

    "Nah, they' only' friends' so' they' gotta' love me!" Bianca said with a actually cute smile.

    "You have no idea what friendship is do you?.." Iris asked Bianca as she shook her head.

    "Course' I' do', its' when' you' make fun of someone' and' talk' about' them' behind' they' back, like how asian Akira is'!" Bianca replied to Iris's comment giggling.

    ".. Your a lost cause.." Iris said looking up at the sky.

    "Achoo! Great! That **** is talking about me again!" Akira shouted after he sneeze.

    "Team Plasma is heading towards "Gym Street"! Were really close! Dont slow down!" Burgh said cutting the corner and running onto the street.

    "Gym Street?.. Isnt that where your gym is?.. Why would they be so dumb to go by your gym?.." Darien asked Burgh as all three continued to run after the grunt.

    "Stupid knows what stupid do.. And Team Plasma is the definition of stupid." Akira said as they reached the building the grunt ran into.

    "The gym- is right there.. How was I so blind?!" Burgh said before three Team Plasma members went to guard the door.

    "Sorry.. But there are no Team Plasma members nor Seven Sages here, this is just where we store all of our luggage after a big move!.." one of the Team Plasma members rushed with an excuse as Akira rolled her eyes.

    "No more lies! Let us pass!" Burgh ordered the three men as they looked at eachother and began to panic but calmed down.

    "If you think were lying how about a Pokemon battle?.." another Team Plasma member said as she took out her Sandile.

    The other two send out their Woobat's and Darien and Akira send out their Snivy and Herdier's.

    "I'll handle this one!" Burgh said as he began to take out his Pokemon and fought one of the grunts.

    "Charmly use Leaf Tornado on that ugly *** alligator!" Akira ordered her Charmly as it released its attack, defeating the Sandile.

    "Its a crocodile... And Milk use Bite on that Woobat!" Darien ordered his Herdier as it took a bite on Woobat but still biting it after it fainted.

    "Milk! You can't kill it! Remember that Pidove?!" Darien said returning his now carnivorious Herdier.

    "I'd put it down.. They have a famous back alley Nurse Joy who does it without Poke-Care.. It did wonders with my Jay, even had it to evolve." Akira said rubbing her Swoobat's Poke-ball.

    "I didnt know you had a Swoobat! And I thought all the Joy's hated you.. After the Accumala Town thing.." Darien whispered to Akira trying to keep it discret.

    "That **** didnt care, dont you know Castelia City's motto?- "When it comes to your hustle you can't think about the bustle"!" Akira said reading from a blimp flying over the city.

    "Truer words have never been spoken! Now! Your all defeated! Tell us where your boss is!" Burgh shouted at the 3 Team Plasma members as they began to shake in complete fear.

    "This is worse than Superbad! This is Plasbad!" one of the Team Plasma members said as they panicked.

    "We must report to the Seven Sages! They will know how to handle these ruffians!" another Team Plasma member said as they all ran into the building screaming for help.

    "Akira, Darien! Hurry behind them!" Burgh shouted as he began to dash into the building.

    "Right!" Darien replied as Akira and him also dashed into the building, as Akira wore a concerned look with Darien noticing.

    "Guys! Wait up! The X-Transeiver wasnt working so we couldnt contact you guys!" Iris shouted as Bianca and her also ran into the building.

    "Were' gonna' fight' too!" Bianca said fist pumping the air in excitement.

    "Yeah right.. You two wont do ****.." Akira said to them sarcasticly but still thinking about something.

    "My word- If isnt the Gym Leader, Burgh. And what appears to be a adoslecent quartet." Ghetsis said as the group entered the room wher Team Plasma set up base, looking coldy at Akira and Darien the whole time.

    "So, what would you say is your purpose? Is it to be criminals?!" Burgh shouted at Ghetsis in retaliation for what has happend to him the last couple of days.

    "Yeah! Why has Team Plasma been bothering us?! What do they want with Unova?!" Darien shouted at Ghetsis as Akira put a hand over his mouth, confusing Darien.

    ".. Let him speak.." Akira said as she mumbled in respect of Ghetsis for an unknown reason.

    "This is Bronius-sama he is blessed with the ability of foresight." Ghetsis said introducing the man who stood on the right of him.

    "I thought it would be hilarious if we put the hideout in front of the gym- Irony is the work of the devil, obviously.." Bronius said turning to Ghetsis pratically apoligizing for his stupidity.

    "For a psychic- He's kinda dumb.." Iris said as the others even the grunts nodded in agreement.

    " Gah! Its not my knowledge, even how great and endless it is that made me psychic- It was that I am the descendant of Hana of Illusio who had the ability to read a person's thoughts and Bokuzen, Warlord of Spectra who had the ability to predict his opponents movements. These two genes combined gave me "Foresight". Thats all..." Bronius said ending his sentence in a rude manner for no reason.

    "More Will Of freakin' Ranse?.." Darien sighed knowing that he might have to get used to it.

    "This is Rood, he plays the Picolo." Ghetsis finally introduced the man on his left who bowed politley.

    "Thats' all'?.. Seems' kinda' lame' compared' to' that' dude.." Bianca replied to the introduction confused (of course) on his power.

    ".. Everyone! Hold your Poke-balls tightly! That man can release your Pokemon using that Picolo of his!" Iris shouted after reading the signs of what his power could be.

    "Very wise, Iris..Thank you.." Burgh said as he held his Poke-balls tightly and Akira shot her a gaze of annoyance.

    "No matter we already have an expectional base of operations. Anyway, does everyone know the Legend of Unova?" Ghetsis asked the group as they all thought about it and Iris finally replied.

    "I do! Its about the two Dragon Pokemon,right?!" Iris replied to Ghetsis's question in eagerness.

    "The truth of the legend is... The Black Dragon appeared before the hero to find a way to knit together a world of warring nations. The Black Dragon shared its knowledge and unleashed a great power on the world, dominating these warring nations for the aid of the hero. Together, its power defeated all who dared to challenged the hero's ideals of a the true ideal nation. And thus, Unova began to form." Ghetsis said to the group in a flare of passion as he walked across the room like it was a stage.

    "A hero, like what N was babbling about?!" Darien asked Ghetsis as he simply grinned and Akira looked worried.

    "We shall bring that hero, and bring him and the Black Dragon together again! To use the power of their ideals to touch the hearts and minds of the people! If we use this power I- I mean, Team Plasma-desires!" Ghetsis shouted in passion and stigma as the others looked at him in confusion and somewhat disgust.

    "Here in Castelia City, we have all kinds of diverse people, from Black to White and every color in between. Each person hold their own ideals and thoughts in their hearts because they each have diffrent lifestyles. Honestly, there's something thats bugging me about what your saying." Burgh replied to Ghetsis's speech seeming to somewhat understand it.

    "Yes? What is it?" the two Sages asked eachother confused on Burgh's confusion.

    "One thing that we all have in common is that we all care about Pokemon. Any person meeting for the first time, even if they speak another language can relate to someone about Pokemon." Burgh said as he began to get closer to Ghetsis and the Sages.

    "I'd' back' away' some' ya'll.. Just in case'.." Bianca whispered to the grunts as they obeyed her even not knowing what she was talking about.

    "Remember your speech at Accumala Town? I sure do." Darien said taking out his sniper goggles and putting them on subsequently.

    "You were really the one responsible for making me re-thinking my relationship with my Pokemon.." Iris said releasing her Axew from its Poke-ball.

    "For that, I thank you." Akira said taking out a Poke-ball slowly but still showig signs of worry. "For that I made a promise..." Burgh said as he took out a Poke-ball from his belt.

    "That I would devote myself to my Pokemon, each and everyday!" Everyone but Akira shouted at Team Plasma and the Sages.

    "Because all your doing, is making the bond between us and our Pokemon stronger!" Darien said as he released his Tepig who fired a Ember at the Team Plasma flag behind Ghetsis.

    "Mya-hahahaha! You all have quiet the valor, dont you?! Hahahaha! Your all quite hard to read, yes indeed! Haha!" Ghetsis laughed as the flag behind him burned a crimson hue.

    "Ghetsis-sama enjoys brave and knowlegeble people, you see." Rood said as he took out his Picolo, as he played it Tepig returned to his Poke-ball startling Darien.

    "I went to every corner of the world, finding knowlegble people who were also descendants of the Nations of old, all for our King's benefit." Ghetsis said holding his hands high in the air as he looked down at Akira with a grin.

    "You may call us, the Seven Sages. We are all blessed with the genes of our ansectors and are now far beyond normal human like yourselves capabilities." Bronious said as Ghetsis ordered one of the Team Plasma members to return Bianca's Pokemon.

    "Oh' thank' you', next' time' it wont be' so easy' to steal'!" Bianca replied to them as they gave her back her Munna.

    "DONT GET IT STOLEN AT ALL!" the others all shouted at her for being so stupid.

    "The friendship between Pokemon and humans can be very touching yes, but in order to liberate Pokemon from the Trainers who foolishly use them we must use the White Dragon's power. Til then, farewell." Ghetsis said as he and the Sages as well as the grunts left the building in a sort of march.

    "What are you doing Burgh?! Why are we letting those horrible criminals get away?!" Iris asked Burgh in retaliation of his being a pacifist.

    "Gah! What if they had stolen yet another Pokemon?! Then we would have to lynch Bianca!" Burgh replied to Iris as they all laughed, even Bianca (because she doesnt know what the word meant).

    "Thats the spirit!" Akira said as she began to leave the building.

    "I'll train you Bianca! So no one takes your Pokemon ever again!" Iris said to Bianca with Bianca nodding and leaving with her.

    "Iris is a skilled trainer, give-and-take. Now, I'll see you two at my gym! Okay?" Burgh said leaving the building as Akira rolled her eyes.

    "You going to the gym? Cause I'm not.. Im hungry as hell.." Akira said rubbing her stomach.

    "Castelia Cone has the region's most delicious-" Darien read the brochure before noticing she was gone.

    "Thats seriously getting old.. Oh well, guess I better head to the Castelia gym then. Get that out the way before I'm fired.." Darien said slouched down depressed walking out of the building.

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    Authors Note- This is the final part in the Castelia City arc, its also very full and puts closure to Darien's depression, please enjoy!

    "Burgh's gym, then 223 Baker Street, after that.. Back home?.." Darien said sitting on a bench in the central plaza.

    "Alot's happend on my adventures.. Mainly Akira's rude jokes, Team Plasma stuff, investigation, gyms, and Pokemon captures.." Darien said reviewing all of the adventures he had previously and finally smiled.

    "Well, if he does fire me- then at least I made the best out of this suituation." Darien said looking at the sign that pointed to 223 Baker Street and the sign that pointed to Gym Street, deciding to go to the gym first.

    "The Spoiled Banana is in view.. I will continue the investigation.." a mysterious figure said hiding behind a tree.

    "Well, well.. If it isnt Akira's cousin! Darien, right?" asked a man outside the gym asked Darien as he handed him a bottle of water.

    "You know my cousin?.. How?.." Darien asked making sure to ask before drinking the water.

    "Akira's a legend when it comes to battle, as her cousin you must have seen her in action!.. Right?" the man asked Darien as he thought about his cousin as a legend.

    "No, I've never seen her as a legend.. Well, in that way- a legendary jerk, yes. A legendary epic fail at everything? Yes. Battling? No." Darien said pouring the water over himself to wake himself up more.

    "Akira, she's going to die a happy person! I can feel it!.." the man said as Darien began to comemnt.

    "Akira can die?! Man, I always thought she was some evil witch with immortality- you've opened up my eyes!.." Darien said sarcasticly for once and went into Burgh's gym.

    Suddenly streamers and confetti fly through the air.

    "Darien, Darien, Darien.. You've come at quiet the time! I am proud to say that today is "Share Your feelings Day" at Castelia gym! And today! I feel like celebrating!" Burgh said blowing a horn in Darien's face.

    "... You have "days" at your gym?.." Darien asked Burgh as all of his gym trainers began to laugh and giggle.

    "Of course, this a gym where kindness, trust, and love are all cherished!" Burgh shouted into a megaphone at the top of his gym.

    "Wow, and here I thought this was a normal gym.. Silly me.." Darien said annoyed as all the gym trainers danced and cheered in celebration.

    "Tell me, Darien, how do you feel today?!" Burgh asked still on the megaphone.

    "I cant say.. It will kill your mood." Darien replied as he climbed up the honey walls of Burgh's gym to reach him.

    "Oh come on, you have to feel- soemthing." Burgh said this time not on the megaphone as Darien reached him.

    "... Can we just battle?.." Darien asked annoyed at all the cheers and music.

    "Of course, Go! Whirlipede! Assist in the celebration!" Burgh shouted to his Whirlipede who was even more happy than him, making Darien's eye twitch.

    "Alright then, go! Fraiche! Begin with Air Cutter!" Darien said as he sent out his Tranquil and it obeyed orders, damaging Whirlipede critically.

    "Now, now Darien.. No need to be so tense!" Burgh said as he ordered his Whirlipede to release a Poison Sting.

    Tranquil is damaged and poisoned but is ready to battle.

    "That was close, lets keep on toes.." Darien told his Fraiche who agreed and attacked with a Gust.

    "Oh no, my poor Whirlipede.. You are truly a powerful battler!" Burgh said as he returned his Whirlipede and smiled at Darien, then sent out his Dwebble.

    "You ready, Tranquil? It uses Rock type moves too!" Darien told his Tranquil who was just about to agree before being defeated by a single Rock Slide attack.

    "Darien, its rude to not pay attention to your opponent.. and trust me, its gonna get tougher throughout this battle!" Burgh said seriously for once as he ordered his Dwebble to stand-by.

    "Go! Tepig! Use Ember!" Darien ordered his Tepig as he defeated Dwebble with one attack.

    "Now, I see how it feels.. I feel like Britney when she made fun of Lindsay and-" Burgh said as he began to rant about popstars as Darien grew ignored.

    "You wanna know how I feel?!.." Darien asked begining to get unimaginably annoyed.

    "Yes! Of course! Tell me!" Burgh pleaded as he began to send out his next and final Pokemon.

    "I feel like I'm gonna choke you to death! Your annoying! And loud! And its too early in the freaking day for normal people to be dancing and cheering all the time!You all are feakin' insane!" Darien shouted at Burgh and his gym trainers as they all stood silently and started to laugh and cheer.

    "You did it! How do you feel? Good, I suppose." Burgh said laughing at Darien's outburst.

    "I.. Actually do.. Even if I do get fired today, I feel happy!" Darien laughed as Burgh sent out his Leavanny.

    "This is my prize Pokemon, I've raised it since my youth when I was a struggling artist in Nacrene City, it gives me great honor to present her to you- Please, show her some action." Burgh said as his Leavanny began to fire an attack.

    "Oh I know how to give her some action! Tepig! Use Flame Charge!" Darien ordered his Tepig as it hit Leavanny head on. Leavanny is burned but uses her Bug Opposition.

    "Tepig dodge! And fire a Ember!' Darien ordered his Tepig as he obeyed and defeated Leavanny this time as Darien and him jumped up in excitement.

    "Your truly a great trainer, never think otherwise!" Burgh said giving Darien the Insect Badge with a smile.

    "Thanks, Burgh-san.. I'm sorry for my attitude earlier.." Darien said as he bowed politely as Burgh began to spin around in glee.

    "You could always pose for those nude-" Burgh said as he got out his art supplies.

    "Tempting.. But no.." Darien said as he waved goodbye and left the gym with a smile.

    "223 Baker Street, known for its infamous informative shops and cafe's.. Hmm.. I wonder where the place Jack mentioned is- He said I wouldnt be able to tell until I saw it.." Darien said as he began to look into the shops not noticing anything to clue him in.

    "The Rotten Grape.. No, Banana.. You have been requested to come to the Analysis Center, yes?" the mysterious figure asked Darien from behind him eating a apple.

    "Who are you?!.." Darien asked as he tripped over a banana peel on the street.

    "Hahaha, that was funny." the mysterious man said as he laughed a very dull laugh.

    "Thats a creepy laugh.. And that was not funny! Who are you?!" Darien asked getting up and about to send out one of his Pokemon.

    "Listen kid, you are indeed a worthy member of our group.. I'm here to say that "Blackout" appreciates your hardwork in acheiving our goal." the mysterious man said taking off his sunglasses and revealing his very normal eyes.

    "So your from the NPMC? I see, Jack didnt have the heart to fire me himself.." Darien said sighing and bowing politely as he began to leave.

    "Fire you? Oh no, on the contrary. Our boss requested that you be sent to 223 Baker Street to get a promotion. By the way, my name is Christopher." Christopher said to Darien putting back on his sunglasses and combing back his hair.

    "Nice to meet you, Christopher-san.. And the boss wants to promote me? I thought he died, cause he's with caught him creeping and shot him." Darien asked Christopher confused on the matter as Christopher laughed his dull laugh and showed Darien a map.

    "No need to worry, Gil was a mere cover for our real company President, who is safe and sound. He is here. Opelucid City, he wants to contact you immediatley in Nimbasa City. You are to be promoted to "Advance Agent" status. Which means you will still be handled by Jack but will be told assignments from the boss himself." Christopher said handing Darien the map to use in the future.

    "So, Nimbasa City is the next location? And do I relay the investigation to Jack or the boss?" Darien asked taking notes on his notepad.

    "You may relay to me, I work directly under the boss and will report it to him." Christopher said taking out a recorder as Darien began to relay the events that occured.

    "Team Plasma has been more constant in their attacks, and have been shown to be more of a threat. Once again in Nacrene City, they stole a famous fossil and attempted to do "something" to it. They escaped into the Pinwheel Forest where I and others went to retrieve it.The gym leader, Lenora was captured by one of their officers known as "Seven Sage" named Gorm. Gorm told me almost the same exact speech Ghetsis had the previous encounter in Accumala Town. We were no match for him because of his odd powers known as the "Will Of Ransei" which I soon found out in Castelia City is a power each Sage posseses." Darien began to relay the events sounding "professional" the whole time.

    "Is that all? Or did more occur?" Christopher asked because Darien stopped mid-way through the relaying of the investigation. "... Umm.. Yeah. I cant support my next mission as fact so- thats all." Darien said as Christopher shut off the recorder and looked confused at Darien.

    "I dont understand. You cant support the next mission as fact? What does that mean?" Christopher asked Darien confused and wanting to know what he meant.

    "Its nothing.. and- i gotta go- The boss is waiting for me to go to Nimbasa City! Please send that in for me! Goodbye!" Darien replied to Christopher worried that the part about Akira might come out of him if he talked anymore as he ran off to the end of Castelia City.

    "Bianca, its not a hand-out if theyre not minorities!" Akira said to Bianca arguing with her for no reason (since she's blatantly stupid) as Darien entered the gate.

    "That' Obama-care' be' hurting' my daddy' slaughterhouse' bussiness', without anybody suing him for' "Mad Cow" diesease he cant file his taxes' like he usually do'.." Bianca said as she started to a half paying attention Akira who was looking at her like she was an idiot.

    "How is it a "bad" thing he isnt being sued?" Darien asked Bianca as he came up next to Akira.

    "Because' he' can't carry' my Auntie Mama's' chillin' no more! She' say' unless he go to jail' for his crimes' he' aint' gettin' none of her money'! And he cant go to jail if he' not' being sued'!" Bianca replied Darien's comment as he began to lose fate in humanity and Akira quickly commented.

    "Your "Auntie Mama" sounds like she knows what she's talking about- your dad is a murder Bianca,and not because he kills animals, insects,people,ect. and sells them as fast food! Its because he actually plans on killing people when they eat his food! And I'm pretty sure he's the Striaton City killer." Akira said actually not sounding like a total jerk and making a good point.

    ".. THATS' SO' MEAN'!" Bianca said as she cried as her Pokemon came out to comfort her. "I know- How about a battle Bianca? I havent kicked your butt in a battle yet.." Darien said sending out his Tepig as Bianca stopped crying and told her Dewott to battle. "Wanna battle Akira? It should be fun!" Darien asked his cousin as she rolled her eyes and sat down.

    "Battling against Bianca isnt worth my time.. Its not like she helps my Pokemon gain experience. Her weak sauce *** Pokemon couldnt hold a candle to my bad*** ones." Akira said sending out her Snivy and snuggling him.

    "Freak- Alright! Tepig! Use Take Down!" Darien ordered his Tepig as it unleashed the powerful move on Dewott making him tremble in pain.

    "Use Water Gun! Dewie!" Bianca ordered her Dewott as it fired a lackluster Water Gun not even hurting Tepig. "Its okay Bianca, by now, we expect your to fail, because you yourself are an dumb *** and we dont expect you to be anything else." Akira said massaging her Charmly as Bianca looked blankly at Akira then smiled.

    "Thank' you' Akira! I know I can' win' now'!" Bianca replied to Akira's comment, not knowing a thing that just happend as she ordered her Dewott to use Aqua Jet full power.

    "Darn it! Akira! You know that Bianca's reverse psychology retarted! She thinks that insult was a compliment!" Darien said as he Tepig was hurt by a powerful Aqua Jet.

    "Hey now! Watch the bulletin board! It can eletrocute us!" the woman at the front desk of the gate warned them as they both agreed.

    "Wait... Eletrocute?.. Thats it! Its time to Mary sue or way out of this battle! Ready, Tepig?! Break the bulletin board and let the eletricity flow!" Darien ordered his Tepig as Tepig (who was actually born with common sense) refused.

    "Oh hell no! Did you just say break that bulletin board?! Boy, dont you know I will kick yo' ***?!" the woman at the counter shouted as Tepig took it as a challenge and destroyed it, releasing the eletricity.

    "... I' dont' know' they' plan- But' use' Water Gun'! Dewott!'" Bianca ordered her Dewott as the eletricity imbued with it and aimed for Tepig.

    "Wait, oh troll master, Darien. Doesnt water conduct eletricity?" Akira asked Darien now looking at Water Gun that was going through the air in slow motion for no apparent reason.

    "Oooooh nooooo..." Darien said in slow motion as Tepig is hit by the blast.

    "****! He just got knocked the **** out!" Akira said as she laughed as Tepig began to spit out fire in anger now about to attack Dewott head on.

    "Tepig... Alright! Use Flame Charge!" Darien ordered his Tepig as Bianca ordered her Dewott to use Aqua Jet.

    The two attacks collide and when the smoke clears Tepig is victorious, it then starts to glow and it evolves into Pignite.

    "Oh yeah! I got a Emboar!" Darien shouted jumping up and down in excitement.

    "Um... Thats' a Pignite'." Bianca corrected him but Darien not caring and hugging his Pignite who threw him off.

    "Even the retard corrected you, congradulations. I'm leaving now, my daily dose of Bianca ***kickings have been served ten-fold." Akira said as she began to walk out along with Bianca and Darien behind her.

    "Aye' who's going to pay for this board?!" the woman at the desk asked as Darien and Akira ran outside the gate leaving Bianca alone there.

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    Authors Note- This is the shortest chapter in the Nimbasa City arc, but the next chapters will make up for it plenty. Its the N confrintation chapter so- Please enjoy!


    "I... Cant see.. Man, this Route should be closed.. This is a hazard." Darien said trying to find his way around the Route as he stepped on something on the ground that felt plushy.

    ".. What was that? A cloud?.. On the ground?.." Darien asked himself as he poked whatever it was on the ground as it Headbutted him with a large amount of force sending him back a little.

    "Hey now! What are you?!" Darien said taking out his Herdier, Milk.

    "Milk! Use Crunch!" Darien ordered Milk who bit the the thing in the ground with alot of force before being Headbutted off of it.

    Suddenly the Pokemon reveals itself to be a Scraggy by jumping out of the sand and prepearing to attack from the sky.

    "It can fly?!" Darien asked himself shocked by the Scraggy's skill, until it fell on its face, knocking itself out.

    "Fail... Oh well, He seems like a reasonable capture.. But he looks kinda fuuny looking.. And whats with that white thing on the top of his head.." Darien said as he threw the Pokemon, catching him in one go.

    "Now, onto the next assigned location, Nimbasa City.." Darien said as he reviewed the conversation he had previously in Castelia City.

    "Darien, so you made it to the gate like I knew you would!" Juniper said to Darien who tried to act like he didnt see her.

    "Run Darien! She's trying to make us bring a bomb to Nimbasa City!" Akira warned Darien as people started to dart their eyes at the Professer.

    "Akira, now you know thats isnt true.. I was gonna cause an epidemic using this Solosis pheromone I found." Juniper said in a strangely calm (obviously homicidal) voice.

    "Solosis pheromone? What would that do?.." Darien asked Prof. Juniper actually intrigued and worried because of what happend with Geoff in Castelia City.

    "Solosis are the Single Cell Pokemon, they can construct formations that make all new beings.. Using that knowledge i can create bio-chemical masses using the cells of the Solosis I call it- "SOS" or "Solosis Obliteration Synchronization". Its a weapon I tried to tell my colleagues about back in Unova University, but of course they ignored me and took away mi lisence-" Prof Juniper said as she began to sound more and more insane as she spoke.

    "Wait' so' you' not' a rul' Professer'?" Bianca asked worried and scared that she has her Pokemon illegally.

    "Dont worry Bianca, As long as you have a labcoat anyone can be a Pokemon Researcher, hell, even you can be one and your as dumb as a turd in a outhouse." Juniper replied to Bianca's question in the most smart sounding way she could think of.

    "Oh' okay' if' thats' the' case' then its all good'." Bianca said rubbing her Dewott's Poke-ball in glee.

    "Prof. Juniper, I believe pheromone is the cause of all the Pokemon outbreaks and swarms, if you are indeed the person who is the manufacture of that tonic than I no choice as a citizen than to report you to the law!" Darien said to Prof. Juniper as she rolled her eyes in disbelief.

    "You dont have the balls.. Every person who's ever tried to turn her in has been killed by the "Juniper Curse".." Cheren said as Darien finally saw him reading a book on a bench.

    "Isnt the "Juniper Curse" just a nasty *** diesease each Juniper contracts somehow?" Akira asked Cheren actually not fangirling for once and being complete serious.

    "Some say its a terminal form of the common cold, others say something worse. Either way, to me its just a folk tale. Also, thanks for the Poke-dex upgrade Prof.Juniper, but I gotta refuse to assist in your scheme." Cheren said getting up from his seat and waving them goodbye and leaving onto Nimbasa.

    "Yeah, you can tell you got something with that rash at the bottom of your lip. That looks like a cold sore but then again it looks like straight up herpes.." Akira said commenting on Prof. Juniper's appearance as she took out her pheromone.

    "Here Darien, so you have some evidence.. I at least like for my accusers to have something against me- makes it more fun." Prof. Juniper said handing him the pheromone as he threw it on the floor and threw her bag out the window.

    "If you have more, I'll destroy it.. But for now, I just need to get to Nimbasa City, I dont have time to play with some grown woman he will never grow up. Akira is enough for me..." Darien said as he and Akira walked on into Nimbasa City, while Prof. Juniper stood there dumbfounded.

    "Wow, a water city! This is so freakin' beautiful! I wonder how many celebrities I can stalk here.." Akira said running around the city's entrance looking at the spouting water and the bridge along the stream.

    "Says here, this city is known as "Battle Central", because no matter what you can always find a good battle here! It is also home to alot of entertainment-" Darien said as he read off the brochure, realizing Akira was gone by then and not caring.

    "I wonder where I should go first, this place has a Gym by the Ferris Wheel, a Musical Hall where a person and a Pokemon can perform before a live audience. And then there's the two sports arena's where national champions pratice their games everyday. Wow! So many choices how can I ever decide?!" Darien asked himself giddy from all the exciting features in Nimbasa City.

    "Flip a coin. Thats the best way. At least for a gambler." a famaliar voice said from behind Darien making him jump then gulp.

    "H- Hey.. Jack.. I was so gonna meet you next.." Darien turned to see Jack standing by a streetlight smoking a cigarette.

    "No need to worry, you had no idea where I was so you couldnt have reached me yourself." Jack said putting out his cigarette and shaking Darien's hand.

    "We havent met one on one since Accumala Town, its very nice to see you, sir." Darien said to Jack as he laughed very loudly at Darien's show of repsect.

    "Whats with the attitude shift? Its the same as when we spoke over the X-Transeiver,okay?" Jack said to Darien as he continued to laugh but started coughing.

    "Are you sure we should do the relaying here?.. With all these people?.." Darien asked Jack worried that someone might over hear them.

    "Dont worry, I dont live in Nimbasa City for no reason, the people here arent as noisy as some people in smaller towns." Jack said to Darien reassuring him that the location was fine.

    "Wait, you live in Nimbasa City Jack?!" Darien asked shocked by the revelation.

    "Ah yes, I've lived here since I was a wee lad, making my life's dream as a photographer in the runway, photographing beautiful models.. Ah yes, the old life.." Jack said as he sighed but began to smile and laugh.

    "Alright, I'll relay the investigation- starting with Nacrene Museum.." Darien said as he relayed all of the events that happend to him and the others previously, while Jack recorded all of it.

    "Understood, then Team Plasma has a plan to revive the legendary Black Dragon that helped to found Unova using the power of ideals. And the mastermind behind Team Plasma appears to be this Ghetsis person, and this "hero" or "lord" is also in high regard in their organization. If they are truly the people who are causing the most trouble in Unova we must report this to the boss and await his orders. Speaking of, my son Jack Jr. told me to tell you to report to the boss on Route 5, not here in Nimbasa because it is too risky due to the calls being able to be bugged. Understood? Mr. Advance Agent?" Jack asked Darien laughing at saying his title, as Darien nodded and waved goodbye to Jack while Jack laughed and dissappeared into the crowd of people.

    "Then I should get done with the gym before I go to the other cool stuff. I just wonder where it is.. There's the Ferris Wheel.. But-" Darien said searching aorund the Ferris Wheel for the gym.

    "Find and you may be found. To hide you will be seeked." a famaliar voice said as they walked closer to him from behind.

    "N.. How may I help you?" Darien asked N as he turned to him and N smiled a intruged smile.

    "I was looking for a group of people- who needed my assistance. I am the only one who can help them." N said to Darien in a very slow paced tone for Darien to understanding all that he says.

    "... Only you can help them? What is that you can do? Poke-Whisper to their Pokemon?.." Darien asked N confused on his statement.

    ".. Come with me. I have to show you something I discovered while in this amusement park." N said as he earged Darien along right in front of the Ferris Wheel.

    "The Ferris Wheel?.. Sorry, N. But I have a Gym battle to get to." Darien said about to walk away before N said something.

    "Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel, because my father always would tell me of the fun he had there as a child. He would talk on and on about it. Soon enough, it was all me and my siblings desired- one day- we snuck away from his home.. We had heard of a carnival in the town we lived by. It was my idea to go to the carnival and my siblings had to go to make sure I would be okay, but- my father learned of our departure from home and knew where to find us. I heard that, when children leave the home its either through aging, marrying, or death. We were none of that, so we knew our father had a right to bring us back if needed. But when he saw us having fun at the carnival..." N said as he began to rant to Darien who was becoming less and less interested by the second.

    "Yeah, okay, well.. see you-" Darien replied to N's rant as he began to leave but was stopped by N's voice for some reason.

    "Nobunaga, the hero of Ideals.. My father is said to hold the same strength as he who bonded with Zekrom, the Pokemon of Divine Intervention. When my father arrived at the carnival, and saw us having fun.. He merely said the words- "Harmonia" and suddenly a storm occured with lightning shooting the ground every other second. No one was harmed, miracously, but.. When the carnival was destroyed, one of my siblings ran.. Fearing the power that the hero's will gave to my father that day, to show us our wrong doing. So, 'til today, I always have considered my father my rock, and by his order, I have considered this place taboo. But- I really want to ride the Ferris Wheel! I never got to as a child and- I dont want to go at it alone.. Will you go with me,Darien?" N said as he reached out his hand to Darien as Darien took it, and they boarded the Ferris Wheel car.

    "WOW! You can see all of Unova from here!" Darien shouted in complete awe of what he was seeing.

    "Beautiful, isnt it? I saw this today when I was on the arena's roof. It just goes to show you- What we must do save our friends from bad people." N said looking out of the window as Darien nodded.

    "Yeah, our friends are the most important thing to us! We gotta make sure their safe- then all is at peace, right?" Darien said as he smiled to N expressing his love for his friends.

    "I mean Pokemon, when I say friends. I dont have any other friends... Even Team Plasma is not my friend." N said to Darien looking down at him making sure not make eye contact.

    "T-Team Plasma?! What connection do you have with them, N?!" Darien said about to take out his Pokemon but still in shock.

    "... I am the King of Team Plasma, dont fear, I am not hostile at the moment.. i consider you a friend so I would never want to harm you." N said now looking at Darien with eyes of a child.

    "Grow up N! I can't be friends with you! Your my enemy!" Darien shouted at N in both pity and confusion, as the Ferris Wheel reached the ground for a third time going up one last time.

    "... I wonder how many Pokemon there are in the world.. And how I can save them from the tyranny of humans." N said as the Ferris Wheel finally came to a stop.

    "N- Let me off this Ferris Wheel. I'll only tell you this once.." Darien said completely seriously as N let him out then walking out himself.

    "Lord N! Are you okay, sire?!" two Team Plasma shouted as they ran to him and Darien out of breath.

    "All is fine. I just had to tell my friend something. So he could further his investigation on Team Plasma." N said looking at Darien with a smirk.

    "How- do you know that?! You know about the NPMC?! And worse- me?!" Darien said releasing his Pignite just in case N attacked him.

    "Team Plasma is under my protection, I shall protect them from you. So thus, I will buy them time until all of them have retreated out of Nimbasa City, Darien, do you follow my logic?" N asked Darien as the two Team Plasma members went to tell the others to run out of town.

    "... Why not. I havent decided if you are truly mentally unstable or just misguided- so lets do this!" Darien replied to N's question as he sent out his Sigilyph.

    "Use Air Cutter! Sigilyph! Show him the future that I envision- The future where Pokemon and humans live in a black and white society! Where Pokemon are treated as equals instead of inferior!" N shouted to his Sigilyph in passion as it released a powerful Air Cutter on Pignite, critically damaging him.

    "Crud, Heaty's a half fightning type now! I gotta switch out! Return Heaty! Go! Fraiche!" Darien ordered his Tranquil as it was released.

    "You cannot see the future that I envision.. Because this world has fed you its lies! Use Psychic! Sigilyph!" N shouted to his Sigilyph who knocked out Fraiche with a single attack.

    "Man! Alright, go! Sirloin! Need you to handle this!" Darien said as he sent out his newly captured Scraggy who fell on his face when he came out of his Poke-ball.

    "A Dark type will not ease the battle.. Dont use foolish tatics on me and Sigilyph- Use Air Cutter!" N shouted to Sigilyph as it attacked Scraggy head on. Scraggy barely dodges it and uses Brick Break as Darien ordered.

    "What?!" N said as his Sigilyph began to faint from the attack while N felt pity.

    "Now use Bite! Quickly!" Darien ordered his Scraggy as he ignored him and used Brick Break again instead, defeating Sigilyph.

    "... You can't reach a Pokemon's heart still I see." N said returning his Sigilyph and looking up at the Ferris Wheel as he remembered something from his childhood.

    "Oh no! I just bought those creeps more time! Darn! Dang it, N-" Darien said as he was ready to punch N before his next remark.

    "I have another dream... I will become Unova's greatest Champion- then! I will be the strongest and I will be unbeatable! Then I will become a true hero!" N proclaimed to Darien as Darien looked at N in disbelief.

    "Your Team Plasma's King.. I cant let you go.. It would be an insult to my orginazation.." Darien said grabbing his arm as he began to leave.

    "Continue to collect badges, journey on to the Pokemon League.. There you and I will confront one another and see whose conviction is stronger. You show qualities of- another hero, at least to me." N said pulling Darien off of him and walking away slowly.

    "... Mission failed... I just let the King of Team Plasma get away.. I'm so fired. Darn it!" Darien said looking down and starting to shake in anger at himself.

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    Authors Note- For any Lady Gaga fans, do not take any of the jokes personally, I guess. Also, part 2 of the Nimbasa City arc! And its extra long this time around, enjoy and please review!


    "And what does that mean for me?..." Darien asked someone over his X-transeiver with an eyebrow arched.

    "It means that you will need a new team.. If Team Plasma is as much as threat as you have presented to us, you must begin a new, more powerful team to take them down." a young woman said to Darien over her X-transeiver as she sent over 5 Poke-balls.

    "The boss sure is pushy... I mean, why do I have to change my team when I just got it?" Darien asked the woman but still prepearing to send his Pokemon over.

    "Notice how I sent you 5 Poke-balls one of them may stay.. But the others must go. This is not only to insure our company's safety it is also the make sure you are safe as well, Darien-kun." the young woman said as Darien sent his Tranquil over to her and then his Herdier.

    "I still have a gym to do.. So can I send the rest later today?.." Darien asked her before he sent over his Pansage.

    "Hurry up, it must be done today! And dont dawdle, the boss needs confirmation of your new team by midnight, understood?" the young woman asked Darien as he nodded and logged off of his X-transeiver.

    "Nimbasa Gym is open until 6:00.. I should head over there first.." Darien said to himslef as he headed for Nimbasa City again for the gym battle.

    "Pokemon-Musical?.. Whats that?" Darien asked himself looking at the buildings exterior and making a stupid revelation.

    "That must be Nimbasa gym! But its not by the Ferris Wheel like the brochure said... Oh well!" Darien said heading into the building as a thousands of people blocked his way in.

    "Man, this Gym is really famous it seems!.." Darien said as he pushed himself into the building.

    "Excuse me, miss. Can I please have a Gym battle?" Darien asked the woman at the desk as she giggled and handed Darien a registration list.

    "Huh?.. Thank you?.." Darien said as he sat in a corner to fill it out.

    "One Pokemon, huh? This place looks really girly.. And it gives a feel of Normal types, so I'll use- Scraggy! He may be new to the team but he has more fighting type moves than Pignite." Darien said filling out the rest of the list and turning it back in to the front desk.

    "Please wait until your group is called, sir." the woman at the front desk said as Darien nodded and sat back in the corner.

    "Why havent you been smoking, Charmly? You know thats how Broadway actors become so cool!" Akira shouted at her Servine in dissappointment, as Darien tried to avoid her view.

    "And what happens when Darien's ugly *** Scraggy beats you, mama wont love you then! I wont!" Akira said as her Servine rolled its eyes and returned itself.

    "... So much for hiding.. Well, Akira. You challenging the Gym to?" Darien asked Akira as she turned and stuck her tounge out at him.

    "Yeah, but what does that have to do with this? You been getting into the Nimbasa life, Darien?" Akira asked Darien barely speaking English as she said it.

    "The Nimbasa life? If you mean drugs, no." Darien replied to her comment as she started to laugh.

    "Of course I havent either, but I want my Servine to.. Or else she'll lose this." Akira said taking a needle out of her bag.

    "This isnt a "Extra Special Episode" or a "After-school special" so put those away!" Darien shouted as he snatched them and everyone started to stare and he put them in his bag.

    "Aw, Darien.. Live a little! That was completely legal, its a Poke-steroid called "Zinc". It gives your Pokemon higher stats." Akira showed Darien the catalog she bought it in.

    "Who in their right mind would use Poke-drugs on their Pokemon?" Darien asked Akira quietly so nobody could hear him.

    "Ever heard of IV training? EV's? Or even "Certain Nature ratio"? Its all the rage in Sinnoh." Akira replied to Dariena she showed him a list of stuff he didnt know about.

    "You see Pokemon can grow stronger from things other than experience, which I hate doing because its utter bull****.. They can grow stronger depending on what nature they are and what theyre parents genetic make up is." Akira began to explain the terms that she was using as Darien became annoyed.

    "That all sounds like nonsense, I dont capture my Pokemon just to make them stronger for battle, Gosh, how winning obsessed must a person be to not catch a Pokemon or release them because of their parents nature or stats?! Thats just plain evil!" Darien shouted so loudly the whole room began to look guilty and regretful.

    "All of them did it, its like the wise person said- "If one person starts to kick someone's ***, why can't you?" Akira asked Darien as he began to think of ways of not hitting his cousin at the moment.

    "I'm pretty sure thats not a saying. It sounds like something some thug you hung around with said in Castelia." Darien said as all of the contestants were called in for whatever was happening.

    "So we all do this Gym Battle challenge?.. The Gym leader must be really tough to take us all on." Darien said looking at the 16 other contestants.

    "What the hell are you talking about? The Gym leader's name is Lady Gaga, she doesnt have time to battle us. She's off wearing ***** outfits and posing for men. Basically what women in this region do everyday." Akira said as she dressed up her Servine to look like a gentleman.

    "Shut up Akira. Lady Gaga is too overrated to be a Gym Leader. And she doesnt wear those types of clothes, she wears glamorous and monsterific outfits, DUH." Darien said dressing up Scraggy who looked at himself in the mirror and headbutted Darien.

    "HAHA! Also, glamorous and monsterific? Burgh must have gotten to you... And fine dont believe me, but she isnt at this Musical Hall. She's most likely at Ceinderei Galleria right now. Being a total **** and getting gifts for it- AKA the worse type of woman." Akira said making no sense and rolling her eyes at the same time as the other contestants finished dressing their Pokemon.

    "This is not a Musical Hall! Its a Gym! Gosh." Darien said putting the finishing touches on his Scraggy who looked like a disco nightmare.

    "A Gym?... What the hell? You know what, whatever. Just prepear yourself to be dissappointed." Akira said as all of the constestants walked on to the stage.

    "Um... There's 3 Gym Leaders I guess... And they judge our Pokemon to give us the Badge?" Darien asked Akira who shook her head as music started to play and the all the contestants but Darien's Scraggy began to dance.

    "Uh... Oh! Scraggy, this is a special type of Gym where you dance to win it! Got it?!" Darien asked his Scraggy who nodded and began to dance like a nerd and everyone laughed at it making it angry and attacking the other Pokemon.

    "Oh no! Scraggy! Stop!" Darien said holding down his Scraggy as everyone began to ran out of the Musical afraid Scraggy was rabid.

    "... Tsk.Tsk. Tsk... Couldnt even have a normal Pokemon Musical without your ******* Scraggy going all Bubbles on us, huh?" Akira asked Darien as Charmly began to attack Scraggy making him cry.

    "Its okay, Scraggy.. All those people and Akira are just bullies. Its okay, little fella." Darien said to his Scraggy as Akira watched him caring for his Pokemon, soon she comes back to reality and hits Darien herself.

    "I could have been discovered today you *** toy! Listen! You owe me big-time! I want tickets to a runway show, tickets to the amusement park, a whole month of you being my slave, ect." Akira said shaking Darien to the extent he was about to barf.

    "I can only give you the first two... Money's no problem but I have other things to do than be your slave." Darien said regaining himself and remebering what happend the other day.

    "... Fine. Then get me those tickets and all will be fine." Akira said releasing Darien from her grip and smiling as she returned Serivne and began to leave the now abondened Musical Hall.

    "I wonder why everyone left... Couldnt have been just my fault.." Darien said as he bumped into a crowd of people watching some family fued. Darien was about to leave before he noticed it was Bianca and her dad arguing.

    "But' Daddy'! I' dont wanna' go home'! I'm having lots' of' fun' on my' journey'! Just' yesterday' this stranger' asked me to join' a cult'! Everybody hur' is so' friendly'!" Bianca shouted at her dad who for once in his life had a face of worry and fear.

    "But Bianca, your too young to go on a journey... Your mentally retarted, thats a legally confirmed statement. You have no idea what "die" means. If someone shot you right now, you would think you were making red Kool-Aid to feed to your un-born viriginal baby because you would thought you were Mary's second cousin." Bianca's dad read off of a paper he wrote when he would confront her.

    "Daddy'! That' was' one' time! And I'm' not retarted'! Remeber' that spelling class in 4th Grade' where I was the' one with the highest' marks'?!" Bianca asked her dad desperate to stay on her journey.

    "No, you were suppose to be in the 4th Grade! You were held back in Kindergarten still and the class only taught you two words that whole year- "Black and White". And you barely were able to spell them! You spelled "white" "Whayte"! Do you not see how stupid are?!" Bianca's dad shouted at her as someone from the crowd began to laugh and clap, it was of course non other than Akira who stayed behind to watch it.

    "You' know' that' weird looking "Q" at the end always gets' me'! Why' are' you' being' so mean?!" Bianca began to cry as she said it while the crowd began to whisper and point when a famous figure appeared before them. "Little monster, you go on do your adventure." a young woman said as she walked up on their conversation.

    "Lady Gaga?!" the crowd screamed as they stood shocked by her appearance.

    "No, no. Remember what I said on my "Poke-Fab" magazine interview? I'm now the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City, Lady- I mean Elesa." Elesa said as she helped Bianca up from the ground after falling while crying.

    "But Lady Gaga- I mean Elesa, my daughter is too mentally challenged to live on her own.. Can't you tell by looking at her?.. Its my fault.. I shouldnt have let her mom drink herself to death while Bianca was still her womb, or had let Bianca try to the Pine-Sol in the cleaning pantry to show her it was gross.. And when she started huffing paint with Akira-" Bianca's said as he began to list the reasons it was his fault Bianca is the way she is as Darien and the others stared at her in shame.

    "... What? Trust me I never invited her to do it with me, she just followed me all the **** time and tried it a couple of times. I mean whats the worse drug out there, love right? Its not like I care or love her like this poser! All I did was ruin more of brain cells, goodness." Akira replied to their stares of shame as she was about to leave before Elesa began to talk again.

    "Anyway, you know sir, there are many people in this big monster-filled world of ours. Some may have diffrent ideals and junk then you- sometimes this may mean that the combating ideals and stuff could make you get hurt. But thats okay, because to get stronger a little monster needs to know hurt. They must learn of others diffrences, and learn that the world is not always black and white." Elesa said as the crowd just stared at her body instead of listening to her speech itself.

    "What the hell is she saying?.." Akira asked Darien who shrugged not knowing either.

    "And you dont need to worry, this little monster has friends at her side who will always aid her in her troubles. Whether their Pokemon or humans, your daughter is never alone because their always there for her." Elesa said as she continued to give a really irrelevant speech to Bianca's dad.

    "... I see... You have friends that will help. And if going on a journey is selfishness on your part, then stopping you is selfish on my end too. I'm suprised you've actually managed to catch Pokemon for one, and something else is that you have actually been acting your age throughout our conversation! To think I'm the one being childish right now, well, this superstar/model/ambassador of Monsterville/ Gym Leader has woke me up! Bianca, I'm sure this journey is what you need to grow! I can only hope the journey will be fun, Bon Voyage, Akira, Darien. Take care of my little girl okay?" Bianca's dad said walking off as the crowd began to disperse.

    "Oh hell no, I hate Bianca! Why couldnt you have just gone home?! Damn it!" Akira said stomping away somewhere as Bianca giggled and waved her goodbye.

    "So little monsters, was my interference necessary? Or were you two able to handle it?" Elesa asked both Bianca and Darien as they both shrugged.

    "I guess we could have, but your hot and a celebrity so Bianca's dad had to listen to you. I'm almost positive the only reason he left was because you made him wanna go home to his wife (Bianca's step-mom), and-" Darien said before Elesa told him to not finish that sentence.

    "Anyway, if you two really are Trainers, I'll be waiting at Nimbasa City Gym, I'll show you how hard a journey can really get." Elesa said walking away from them and waving goodbye at the same time.

    "Elesa' is' so' cool', one' day' I'm' gonna' be a model, you' think' I can' do it' Darien?" Bianca asked Darien as he thought about it and smirked.

    "Well, your dumb enough to be one. And if you can make up stupid and off topic speeches like what Lady Gaga- I mean, Elesa just did.. go ahead." Darien said as he looked over at the stadium and ran over to them in excitement.

    "Wow! You can go inside the stadium! So cool!" Darien said looking at all of the players praticing and battling and totally fanboying over all of it.

    "Lesson 101 of Pokemon Baccer newbies, when the manager tells you do something, you do it. The teams new motto is- "No matter how weird the order, we will obey our manager." a familiar voice said through a micro-phone as the Baccers saluted him in respect.

    "That voice... It cant be.." Darien said turning to see Geoff standing on a Baccer's back to make himself as tall as the others.

    When he notices Darien he flinches and tries to run.

    "Oh no you dont!" Darien said releasing Pansage who ties him up in a vine.

    "Oh come now Darien, do you still have harsh feelings over that whole "Venipede Pheromone" Saga? Dont you know how to let things go?" Geoff said discretly trying to untie himself from the vines.

    "Why would I forget that?! You almost destroyed a whole city! And what do you mean saga?!" Darien shouted at Geoff as he managed to un-bind himself from the vines and took out a blueprint.

    "You see, after the "Venipede Pheromone" Saga, I decided to go on with my Plan B. Known as the "Hypnosis Slave" Saga!" Geoff said showing Darien the blueprints to his plan.

    "I dont get it... All I see are Gothita, what do they have to do with slavery?.." Darien said pointing to the Gothita depicted on the blueprints.

    "Their the main ingredient, of course!" Geoff said as he snapped and the Baccers rolled out a bigger chart showing Geoff's plan.

    "Whats all this?... A antenna and a tank?.." Darien said studying the chart but just as confused as before.

    "Now, now. Let me explain. As you know, Nimbasa City is known as entertainment central. From the Musical Hall to the stadiums to the famous amusement parks, these are places where people gather millions to to be excact. Knowing this, I came up with the plan to use Gothita, depicted here, to use her Hypnosis attack on the city's central antenna. With that, Gothita's Hypnosis will travel throughout the city to all of the main attractions of Nimbasa. Thus, hypnotizing the people and Pokemon there! Giving me a army of brainwashed slaves!" Geoff shouted in passion as he sent out his Gothita and prepeared the antenna on the stadium.

    "What?! Thats worse than your first plan! Your a evil jerk!" Darien said as his Pansage was ready to battle to defend Nimbasa.

    "But you dont even know the best part!... Now, this tank will be used to destroy Unova's National Dam, thus causing a flood- here. The flood will continue down into the rest of Unova, as I use this UFO here, powered by my Elegyem to escape the flood along with my hypnotized army. With all of the people in need of a hero, I will come and remove the water using my Psychic types powers. Then, the goverment will make me honorary ruler of Unova- The end." Geoff said as the Baccers rolled his chart off of the court.

    "That will never happen you sick little man! Wasabi! Use Bite on Gothita!" Darien ordered his Pansage as he beat Gothita with one attack.

    "... Good thing I have more!" Geoff said as he ordered the Baccers to bring his barrel full of Gothita Poke-ball's.

    "Those dont scare me! Wasabi! Use Seed Bomb!" Darien ordered his Pansage as it destroyed the barrel and he collected the Poke-balls with Vine Whip.

    "Oh phooey, your such a pest these days, Darien! Baccers! Request 1- Defend your manager!" Geoff ordered the Baccers as they sent out their fully evolved Conkeldurr's, Galvantuala, and Heatmor.

    "Uh... Wait! In that plan of yours, would the Baccers sacred stadiums last? I dont think so!" Darien said with his quick-wit as the Baccers re-thought their plan and turned to Geoff.

    "Yeah, Geoff, what would happen to our stadiums?!" the Baccers all asked him at once as he began to sweat nervously in fear.

    "Well... Uh... You could- Bye!" Geoff replied to their question by running away from Nimbasa City just like before.

    "Phew, that was close. And the day is saved from that jerk Geoff again... He better not show up again in the next town or I will swear he's stalking me.." Darien said as he began to leave the stadium as all the Baccers and Tennis Players ran after Geoff.

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    Authors Note- I kinda realized from here on out that the Chapters will be diffrent than they have been before. Anyway, this is the final part of the Nimbasa City arc! Please enjoy! And if any question PM/VM me


    "Let this be known, I really enjoyed using my Tranquil and Herdier.. And if it werent for the fact that I'm being forced into giving them up I wouldnt have dont it." Darien said as he wrote in his notepad on how he feels about his Tranquil and Herdier.

    "My Pokemon are too weak to protect me anymore? Pssh. I've won a ton of battles with them.. Sure, I lost a few but that was just because of poor thinking on my part-" Darien said as he continued to write in his notepad until a young man appeared before him.

    "Your here for a gym battle, no?" a young camera-man asked Darien as he finally noticed he was sitting outside the Gym the whole time and starting to think he was an idiot.

    "Lady Gaga- I mean, Elesa is in there right? She's really tough, right?.." Darien began to ponder as the camera-man opened the door for him, suddenly he felt a slight zap and fell to his feet.

    "Oh no, Madame Elesa still hasnt payed the darn eletric bill.. So all of the coasters are shut down.." the camera-man said examaining the coasters and trying to turn them on, Darien pulled out his flashlight and found the light switch but it didnt turn on the lights.

    "Man, this must be one ghetto Gym... You dont even have lights." Darien said about to leave to find a better Gym to win a badge at.

    " Now, now. Dont tell me your afraid of the dark, Darien-kun?" a familiar voice asked Darien as the lights started to turn on one by one presenting a stage and activating the coasters.

    "What?! I thought you guys didnt pay the bill!" Darien exclaimed in shock as Elesa was finally shown by a spotlight.

    "Now, Little Monster- Do you think I wouldnt pay me bills? Do I look like a welfare woman to you?" Elesa said as the coasters scooped Darien and the camera-man up, bringing them to Elesa.

    "Welfare's not so bad.. Unless your a Replublican then that and Obama Care will bring you down some." Darien said getting out of the coaster and getting on the battlefield.

    "Obama Care should be called Hussain Care! Helping those illegal monsters get into our precious Unova region? Thats not why this region was founded." Elesa said sending out her Emolga as she spoke on the topic.

    "Let me guess... Your a Replublican.. Great, this Gym battle just turned into a political debate.." Darien said releasing his Scraggy on accident not thinking at the moment.

    "My husband is, me? I'm neutral.. But as long as I keep up appearances with him I have to make his points known." Elesa said winking at something behind Darien for some reason.

    "What the heck are winking at?.." Darien said turning and seeing a camera crew behind him.

    "This is my reality show called "Shocking Beauty" about how I, Elesa a famous model also live my days out as Nimbasa Gym Leader! Speaking of Nimbasa City, the Musical Hall is trying to find you and your cousin.. Apparently you all have destroyed the foundation of Pokemon Musical's everywhere." Elesa said as her Emolga flew up into the sky and was about to release an attack.

    "... Its not my fault! Those rich, snooty, jerks thought my Scraggy was rabid! He may look like a butt ugly martian but he's not rabid!" Darien said as he ordered his Scraggy to attack but was attacked by it himself.

    "This is becoming a pool of hate, little monster.. Emolga use Aerial Ace! Finish this battle so I can go make others feel better about themselves!" Elesa ordered her Emolga as it flew in to hit Scraggy and hit it with incredible force.

    "Dont give me that! Why do others matter to you?! Your sexy, rich, and Italian! You got it good, dont you?! Why do you help others? Scraggy, use Brick Break!" Darien ordered his Scraggy to impale Emolga but to no avail as Emolga dodged it and Elesa began to twitch.

    "Have you ever grown up with blonde hair and you were Italian? Do you know how it felt to be ignored by all of the other Italian kids and having to make friends with the Germans? Thats why I wanna help people! So they can fit in!" Elesa shouted loudly so that the camera could hear her as her Emolga used Quick Attack to finish off Scraggy.

    "Ever heard of dye?! And you wanna help people because you couldnt hangout with the racist Italian kids? Boo-hoo, go write a book! Now- Scraggy use Retaliate!" Darien ordered Scraggy the move he thought him after their encounter with N, as Scraggy beat Emolga in one attack.

    "Whats wrong with helping people? Is it wrong to help people's self esteem?" Elesa said sending out another Emolga who began to attack with Pursuit.

    "Its not that your helping people, its the reason why you do it! You think that your suppose to help people because you were teased as kid, instead of just helping them! And if you dont like your hair, change it." Darien said as his Scraggy was beaten by Pursuit and had to be returned, with him sending out Pignite.

    "... Your a mean little monster.. But thats okay- what your saying has some truth to it!" Elesa shouted as her Emolga used Quick Attack on Pignite.

    "I have a story about why I wanna help people too, you know.." Darien replied to Elesa as she became intrigued by his comment.

    "You do? What is it, little monster?" Elesa asked Darien as her Emolga came to a stop because it was curious too.

    "I... Always wanted to be a mobster- It was my dream ever since my dad went off to become a detective when I was a kid- We had never realy been close before anyway but- I knew that I could meet him again if I did something to make a name for myself.. One day, a gang of mobsters came into my town and we became quick friends.. I wanted to join their gang but they told me- they told me- Unless I watched Hetalia I couldnt be in their gang! And as man, of course I refused!" Darien said as began to remember his "sad" past of growing up in Nuvema Town.

    "Your a ****ed up guy, Darien-kun. In no way was that just as selfish as a motive to help people as me. Your trying to help people so your dad can notice you, just as I am trying to help people to be more Italian." Elesa said as Emolga began to battle again.

    "Oh my gosh, your right! You should be a therapist Elesa! Now I know why I have the sudden urge to defeat evil." Darien said in complete sarcasm as he ordered his Pignite to use Rollout on Emolga, defeating it.

    "Using others to meet our own ends, makes us the evil ones Darien, it just goes to show you that this world isnt truly black and white its all diffrent shades on a beautiful rainbow of kinship." Elesa said reading off of a board behind Darien, making him wonder if everything she said was true.

    "... Elesa, was this whole conversation for you reality show? Or were you truly being sincere this whole time?" Darien asked her as she sent out her final Pokemon, Zebstrika.

    "Hey Ralph, cut! I gotta ansewer this noobs question.." Elesa said to her camera man as he shut it off briefly for her to ansewer Darien.

    "Your a smart kid, but your really dumb sometimes.. Of course that was all an act! I'm not really a blonde, Actually, I dont know what the hell my hair color is anymore." Elesa said taking out a ciggarette from her bag as her Zebstrika cried in anticipation for the battle.

    "So all that was nonsense for the camera?! Is anyone in Unova sincere about anything?!" Darien said as his Pignite didnt wait for orders and attacked Zebstrika head-on.

    Suddenly, Zebstrika releases a Spark attack on Pignite paralyzing him.

    "I wouldnt hold my breath, were all douchebags in another light. Now, why dont we end this battle with a little fire on fire action?" Elesa asked Darien as he Zebstrika began to use Flame Charge on Pignite.

    "I guess your right, maybe no one is good just to be good.. Okay, Pignite! Lets end this with a Dig! Go!" Darien ordered his Pignite as it dug underground then shot up and defeated the Zebstrika.

    "Wow, you really shocked me! Your really a force to be reckoned with! You deserve this badge!" Elesa said as the camera popped back on and she threw out her ciggarette and was smiling again.

    ".. Let me guess the cameras back on, isnt it?" Darien asked Elesa annoyed by her sudden mood swings when the camera is and isnt on.

    "No duh, I'm not nice off camera. I dont think anyone is." Elesa said as she whispered into Darien's ear and winked at him.

    "Thats not true! The President of the NPMC is risking his company to save all of Unova, he's willing to save all of it- not to aid himself but just to help others! So, no matter what you say.. I know there are people who can be nice for no personal gain!" Darien yelled at Elesa as she wore as smug look and began to laugh an adorable laugh.

    "You work for the NPMC too, huh? You must be one of his pawns, arent you little monster?" Elesa laughed at Darien's occupation as the camera crew began to get confused on what they were talking about.

    "You work for the NPMC too? I didnt know that!.. I wonder why Jack didnt mention that.. And what do you mean by pawn?" Darien asked himself questioning his handlers motives for not telling him of Elesa's position and what she meant by calling him a "pawn".

    "No need to worry, I'm not sure even Jack knows that i'm a member. But me and him go way back, he used to be my own personal stalker until I married my husband and he moved on too. And dont worry about the pawn thing, we all are just little pawns to him" Elesa said with a sigh after remembering the good old times as Darien rolled his eyes.

    "Yeah, so how about that badge I get for kicking your butt?" Darien asked as the camera crew gasped thinking Elesa would yell at him for being so rude.

    "Of course, if any one needs this badge it is a fellow member of the NPMC- but, about your cousin who was here earlier.. Whats her deal?" Elesa asked Darien confused on Akira's status as a Trainer while Darien thought for a second and replied.

    "Akira's role as a Trainer is a mystery to me too, she may be a part time terrorist (you know I seriously think she is...) or even a exotic dancer because she speaks a foreign language." Darien replied to Elesa's question in complete sarcasm as she began to giggle for the camera.

    "Dont **** with me Darien-kun..." Elesa said as she whispered into his ear having a tone of annoyance and anger.

    "Cant you ever show your true colors on camera? Whatever. Thanks for the badge, peace." Darien said as he began to leave the Gym satisfied with the Bolt badge that Elesa gave to him.

    "Hold on, little monster! If you wanna get to the next city- Driftveil City, you'll need to say so of either the mayors or Gym Leaders of Nimbasa or Driftveil to raise the bridge. I'll come do it for you, I have somewhere I need to be afterward so lets hurry up, shall we?" Elesa asked Darien as he did not understand why that was the case but agreed. Elesa puts on a trenchcoat as a diguise and they head out.

    "You look like a flasher... Seriously.." Darien said to Elesa as people begun to stare at her walking around in the trenchcoat.

    "Well, flashing is my specialty, isnt it?" Elesa asked Darien after making the lamest pun in the history of puns making him roll his eyes.

    "Lets just get to that bridge.. I gotta report in to Eileen so anyway.. Gotta say goodbye to my Pokemon and catch a new team." Darien said as he begun to get depressed after each sentence starting with "Eillen".

    "Huh? Why would you do that? You and your Pokemon work so well together.. Dont worry, let me talk to Eileen, you go on to Driftveil. I know she can be a bit mean at times." Elesa said actually nice just to be nice suprising Darien annd also making him smile as they walked into the Nimbasa Exit Gate.

    Suddenly Darien and Elesa hear sounds that sound like a massive celebration taking place outside the gate.

    "Welcome! To Performers Street! Elesa-sama, welcome back! And welcome! Newcomer!" a dark skinned man said putting a necklace of beads on Darien, as he watched jugglers juggle fire, dancers dance in harmony, a choir singing like angels, and Pokemon performing tricks for what appears to be a mini-circus.

    "This is amazing.. Kinda makes me wanna become a performer." Darien smiled as he bought a piece of cotton candy for him and Elesa.

    "There he is! Told you I wasnt lying!" Akira pointed to Darien while her and Cheren stood by a tall man with a very odd hairstyle.

    "... Akira, who is this? Your boyfriend? He seems a bit old- but you are a Japanese school-girl.." Darien said eating his cotton candy as Elesa giggled and began to introduce him to Darien.

    "This is Alder, the Unova Champion. He likes to travel around Unova kidnapping- I mean, teaching kids about Pokemon.." Elesa said as she had to stop half sentence because Alder gave her a look.

    "This is the boy, huh? He's a bit scrawny.. And he looks too old too.. Can he really do field work?" Alder said examaning Darien and looking back at Akira and shaking his head.

    "But- You dont usually have standards! How is this any diffrent? In our hometown, Darien is known for his hardwork. After~ Cheren~ Of course~!" Akira replied to Alder's ansewer as she fangirled over her "husband" Cheren.

    "Sorry Akira, he just wont do.. Too scrawny.. It wouldnt even be fun to- "train" him." Alder said turning to Cheren and asking him if he could "train" him as Akira kicked him away from her "husband".

    "Did you just try to sell me into slavery?!" Darien yelled at Akira not believing his own revelation.

    "Dont say that word! We were hiding it in innuendo for a reason! And even if I was! You owe me for that Musical!" Akira shouted at Darien warning him about using the "s" word around Alder as Darien rolled his eyes and Elesa walked over to the drawbridge.

    "Sorry, I dont have time to play with you today Akira.. I have to get to Driftveil and report to the boss. We can play when you get there, okay?" Darien replied to her in sarcasm as he walked on towards Elesa while Cheren said goodbye to Alder and Akira and walked over towards Elesa as well.

    "Well, looks like its just us, huh?" Alder asked Akira rubbing his head trying to think of a conversation as Akira ignored him now (for an unknown reason) and walked over to Elesa.

    "... Well, I guess we'll catch up some other time, huh?" Alder said as he laughed and Akira continued to ignore him while Elesa flirted with the bridge operator so that he would lift the drawbridge.

    Suddenly, the bridge is raised and it shows a beautiful view, showing the crimson road to Driftveil.

    ".. Guys, do you get the same feeling as me?" Cheren asked his two friends as he pushed up his glasses while he looked at the bridge.

    "Kinda.. Like something weirds gonna go down here- but, whatever. This whole journey has been one weird cycle.." Darien said remembering all of his missions and adventures up to this point.

    "Wow, are you two remembering ****? LAME." Akira said as her and Cheren walked onto the bridge, while Darien was kinda starting to be annoyed by Akira's comments.

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    Authors Note- If you dont sad chapters.. I would stay away from this. Akira's past is somewhat lampshaded this chapter, Darien expresses like never before. This is the turning point of the series, I'm finally at the halfway point! Also Part 1 of the Driftveil City arc. And please enjoy!


    "I cant believe all of your produce just vanished! Thats like some kinda sorcery!.." Darien said trying to find a shop that sold food but to no avail as Officer Jenny drove up to the Driftveil Market.

    "Damn, When they said all the food was gone I thought that fat **** ate it but looks like it did all vanish..-" Officer Jenny said as she began a raunchy insult while Darien ignored her and frustrated began to leave the market.

    "Hey, I you! Do you know where the thief is?!" Officer Jenny yelled as she ran after Darien in her high heeled pumps while Darien stopped walking and annoyed turned to her.

    "Yes?! Officer?! Can I help you?!" Darien asked her annoyed at the fact that he hasnt eaten in 2 days.

    "Nevermind.. Your not ethnic to know a thief." Officer Jenny said putting lipstick on as Darien rolled his eyes and began to walk-on again.

    "As long as their's no food in this part of the city... I dont need to be here." Darien said walking off as Officer Jenny said something they intrigued him.

    "The produce is gone because the Cold Storage is on strike for the racist remarks Clay, the head of the Cold Storage made about their immagrant workers." Jenny said as she pointed to the Cold Storage that was on the outskirts of the city.

    "Racist remarks? Why do I have this odd feeling that Bianca and him are related somehow?" Darien said thinking about Bianca then shivering because of her stupidity.

    "I just got a good idea!... What if we stole all of the money from the Cold Storage while its closed?" Officer Jenny asked Darien with a wink.

    "Your one dirty cop- but- I hae to investiagte that place aanyway so whatever..! I have to be sure not to get caught though..." Darien replied to her by taking off his jacket and revealing his black suit underneath.

    "Well, lookie here, you got a special suit on or something?" Officer Jenny asked Darien as he took out several gadgets from his bag and attached them to his pants

    "This is a special suit that gives me extra-thermol heat. With this suit I can go into the Cold Storage and not be affected. These gadgets are all used for attaining information, breaking into locked vaults, and immobolizing guards placed on them." Darien said showing her each gadget in his hands before she applauded his competence.

    "Well then, I gotta go do some cop stuff... See ya." Officer Jenny said as she rode of on her bike like a douche.

    "You say your Tranquil was stolen?" Darien asked Cheren who he ran into on his way to the Cold Storage as Cheren began to fidgit in annoyance.

    "Yeah, Team Plasma stole him! Gosh! I feel like a weakling for letting those losers trick me into giving them my Pokemon!" Cheren said about to break his glasses in anger as Darien discretly opened the locked Cold Storage door, letting out a huge brezze of frosted air out onto them.

    "What the hell?! Thats cold!" Akira said suddenly appearing behind them shivering from the cold as Darien began to regret stopping and talking with Cheren.

    "Akira, what are you doing here? Dont you have some Gym to humilate?" Darien said sending out one of his flying camera gadgets to go and check for anything suspicous.

    "Well, believe it or not I was recently in a Biker gang.. With this raging *** named Charles, who wanted to be a superhero and some other ****. Well, one day after Charles said goodbye to his "friend" we go to this diner and Charles starts talking all **** about this all-girl Biker gang named the Cleopatra's.. So were eating and talking, when suddenly this huge *** **** comes up, and punches my main in the face! So we start to bang and stuff, when suddenly all of Charles Pokemon just freeze up and vanish! So I thought, dude, I want some Ice Cream. So I came here, because I'm hungry." Akira said reviewing the 2 days she was away from Darien and Cheren as they both blinked constantly then sighed.

    "So you didnt come here because of the missing Pokemon that your "main" Charles lost? Some friend..." Cheren said as he put on his coat, and begun to look at Darien who was wearing his latex "special suit".

    "Oh this? I use it for when I have to investigate places of interest. Like now, Jack told me to investigate this place because of the strange people seeing coming and going from it." Darien said as he walked into the Cold Storage while Akira and Cheren looked at him like an idiot shrugged and went into the Cold Storage as well.

    Little did they know, a camera had caught a glimspe of them and began to flash the intruders.

    ".. My camera hasnt returned to me yet, it must not have found a vault yet.. I guess.." Darien said looking around at the iceland that the Cold Storage was and began to skate around to entertain himself.

    "Unlike him, I have to do something noble and rescue those Pokemon. You coming with me or with him, Akira?" Cheren asked Akira as she began to reply.

    "With you~ Of course~! Darien, you dont mind getting caught and sent to jail alone do you?" Akira asked Darien as she grabbed Cheren's arm and began to snuggle it.

    "If I go down- I'll say you two were my accompliances and we'll all go to jail together! One for all and all for one!" Darien shouted as they both flicked him off and walked on into the distance while Darien saw his camera coming back to him but being shot down a Psybeam.

    "What Pokemon did that?! Or- Who did that?!" Darien said looking around and not seeing anyone in the vicinity but knowing something was after him and started to dash off further into the Cold Storage.

    "Escape is futile, You have caused a great damage to our plans for too long- little spy." a Team Plasma member said as one of them appeared from behind a cargo truck and sent out their Swoobat.

    "Great, Cheren went the wrong way.. And now I gotta deal with you. And wait- You know I work for the NPMC?!" Darien shouted in the revelation that his occupation has begun to come out more and more.

    "Well, now we do... Fail." the Team Plasma members said as they all came from behind the cargo truck.

    "Oops, looks like I just gave the enemy more information on us, huh?..." Darien said as he discretly sent out his Pignite to use Rollout on Swoobat who was defeated in one attack.

    "Plasmaaaa! Why do you always have to fight back!" the Team Plasma member said as he returned his Swoobat and began to run to somewhere.

    "Why do you guys want to hurt Unova? Why are you trying to falsely liberate Pokemon from people?!" Darien said as his Pignite began to freeze for no reason while the Team Plasma members began to panic and run in fear of something.

    "NOOO! This is bad! Really bad!" the female Team Plasma members said as they began to shout as they ran for what appeared to be a huge cargo truck in the distance.

    "Why did they let it in now?! Knowing we were here?!" the male Team Plasma members shouted as they began to panic and run for the huge cargo truck in the distance but they all fell over eachother because of the ice.

    "Whats with all the panic? Its just snowing a little... Gosh, you'd think you were about to die or something." Darien said as he saw what appears to be a large vent opening and releasing a gigantic cloud of ice into the area they were in at the moment.

    "... THE FROST! ITS HERE! STOP IT! ZINZOLIN-SAMA!" the Team Plasma members shouted in complete fear and knowing that they would soon die as Darien began to realize that his life is in danger as well and started to run away from the "Frost".

    While the male Team Plasma members were engulfed by it and suddenly froze to death in an instant.

    "What?! Whats going on?..." Darien said as he (stupidly) looked back and was engulfed by the "Frost" and soon, everything went black. Darien began to cough unconciously as he fainted and could no longer feel anything on his body.

    "... The weapon has been a direct success! We have had zero faliures using it on the people who dare to intrude on the experiment! Team Plasma has now been ampted up a few more meters, eh?!" a very elderly man wearing a violet robe shouted to a mysterious man on a screen inside of the large cargo truck.

    "Zinzolin-sama, there is no need to shout when you are so close to the screen. But it is good to hear that the weapon has been developed into the killing machine we need." the mysterious man said as the female Team Plasma members finally made it to the cargo truck and gasping for air after their sprint.

    "Oh yes, sorry. And you four- What happend to the male members in your party? Did the Frost get to them?" Zinzolin asked the female members as they all nodded slowly while the man on the computer cleared his throat for Zinzolin's attention.

    "They are becoming very anxious at your activity... They arent sure if the boy can really use the power of the Hero- or if it is just a tall tale from Team Plasma." the man said as he lighted a a cigar and blew it out away from the monitor.

    "He can use it... Were pretty sure- I mean, its no lie that he has the Will of Ranse like you and I." Zinzolin said rubbing himself from the extreme cold getting into the truck.

    "But is his ability truly strong enough to rely on to use the inner ability of the Dragon that helped save Unova?" the man said as he began to take the last few puffs of his cigar then threw it away.

    "Uh... Change of plans- We decided that the Black Dragon would be better for him because of his inner strength in ideals over truth..." Zinzolin said as he muttered but the man still understood him and sighed.

    "It doesnt matter what Dragon he uses, just make sure he gets the Dragon. Understood?" the man said as he logged off of the monitor while Zinzolin gulped thinking they didnt have much time.

    "The weapon is a success... But- The King will veto our use of it? Yes?" one of the female members of Team Plasma asked Zinzolin worried that all the time and lives were wasted for nothing.

    "No need to worry, my child. The King will not know of this weapon until the time is right... Now, where did you put the 3 intruders who we just defeated?" Zinzolin asked the women as they showed him Camera B, the scene then changes to Akira, Cheren, and Darien inside of a cage along with several other men.

    "Darien... Are you okay?..." Cheren asked him checking for any signs of life as Darien did nothing to respond, being frozen to the touch.

    "Hey Cheren, if you do something to him right now... I'd film it." Akira said as she warmed herself by a fire that Cheren's Pignite made while the workers chuckled.

    "This isnt a time for your lame innuendo jokes! Darien could be dying!" Cheren said as he started to rub him down trying to defrost him but to no avail.

    "... Touching guys again Cheren? Didnt you go to camp for that?" Akira said as she started to make smores by the fire along with the workers who laughed at her joke.

    "Will you be serious for once, Akira?! Darien's your cousin isnt he?! Dont you care at all?!" Cheren shouted at Akira as she wore a blank expression and began to eat her smore.

    "I dont know. Maybe we are, maybe we arent. There's no way to tell now that he's dead, huh?" Akira asked Cheren as he began to get angry and started to rub Darien rougher but still to no avail.

    "You never had doubts- what happend to you?! Akira?!" Cheren asked Akira as he began to cry and his tears hitting Darien's chest like subtle rain drops.

    "There was once a woman, she was very ugly, she thought that she would never marry and never have children. She had her mind set on this as a fact, until she went to college and a man asked her to model for him. She became a famous model and she was adored by millions, she then fell in love with the first man who called her beautiful. They had a daughter, who they named "Dana". The man and the woman were supposed to live happily ever after, until they decided that this world was no longer good enough for their family.. So they went for a drive and attempted to kill themselves and their child. Things didnt go as planned and their daughter survived- All I wanna do is die... Like them..Darien's a lucky son of a ****." Akira said as she sunk deeper and deeper into her legs as they workers began to slowly go off away from the two.

    " Are you saying that your- I dont want you to die. I like you, Akira. Your one of my best friends, I know if push comes to shove you'd risk your life to save mine. I know you would!" Cheren said taking his focus off of Darien and shaking Akira so she would understand him.

    Only for her to shove him off and go off into a diffrent corner of the cage not looking at him.

    "... Fine. Be a child! But dont expect me to baby you!" Cheren shouted as he started to rub Darien again.

    When suddenly his Pokemon came out from their Poke-balls.

    "What?! Are you all here to help get Darien defrosted?" Cheren asked Darien's Pokemon as Heaty rolled his eyes and slightly nodded yes, Scraggy hit his head when nodding yes, and Wasabi nodding its head too fast getting a headache.

    "... His Pokemon are all retarted..." the workers all said at the same time as Akira slightly giggled but when they noticed started to frown again and rolled her eyes.

    "Anyway, then lets gets started! Rub him down, okay?!" Cheren shouted as they all agreed and started to rub Darien down defrosting him almost completely.

    "Where... How... Huh?..." Darien asked himself as Cheren hit him for being dumb enough to get frozen and his Pokemon group hugged him almost to death.

    "So you live, not so lucky, huh?" Akira said as she handed him his hat and tried to break the cage but realizing it was wootz steel.

    "These are the same type of steel those handcuffs I had with me in Striaton City. I wonder how we can break them..." Darien said making a unbelievably quick recovery from being frozen unconcious.

    "Are you superhuman? How can you not rest after being frozen?! You know what, nevermind your not even listening to me." Cheren asked Darien shocked at the extent of his durability.

    "Oh, I was wearing this "special suit" that gives off thermol- heat so I wasnt really frozen inside just on the outside, if that make any sense." Darien said as he continued to analyze the cage and coming up with a plan to destroy it.

    "No it doesnt. But then again all of today has been one big what the **** so I guess it fits the theme of the day." Akira said as she sent out her Charmly to break the cage with its Leaf Tornado but to no avail while Darien chuckled and began to tell his plan.

    "We need a Ice type to further freeze the cage! Do any of you have a Ice type Pokemon?" Darien asked the others as the shook their head.

    "Hey, isnt that... A Vanilite over there?!" Cheren asked not believing their own luck as Darien made a smirk and decided to catch it himself.

    "Alright using this fishing line- I can throw the Poke-ball over there and catch Vanilite. But there's a chance it can miss because I bought it from this old guy because he wife was really sick and-" Darien said as he began to rant about nothing and Akira kicked him out of the cage (defying all common sense).

    "How... Did you do that?!" Cheren asked as they looked at Akira who was still pissed at Darien's ranting and shrugged.

    "I guess the power of kick ***... Maybe Elesa's supreme ****ness wore off on me. Or maybe I have truly become a everyday Mary Sue.." Akira said as they looked at eachother and nodded.

    Suddenly Akira starts to kick them all out the cage as they all fell on Darien and the Vanilite.

    "Well... Minus the pain of having 8 people fall on me..Looks like everyone's out-" Darien began to say before he noticed that Akira was still inside of the cage.

    "Jerks! I saved you now you gotta save me! Thats equavilent exchange!" Akira said taking out her Zebstrika named Zoe to eletrocute them from inside the cage.

    "Its amazing how physics work in this messed up world of ours..." Cheren said recovoring from the eletrocution as Darien turned to the Vanilite that was still crushed on the ground beside them.

    "Alright! Back to Plan A! Go! Poke-ball!" Darien shouted as he caught the Vanilite and sent it back out to use Icy Wind on the cage, freeing Akira (somehow...).

    "I just realized that we Mary sued our way through most of that crap. I feel like such a troll mixed in with some duex machina." Akira said returning her Servine and Zebstrika.

    "I wonder what Team Plasma will do, now that were outside of the cage..." Cheren said sending back out Pignite just in case they attacked.

    "I have a plan- Akira, take my stuff with you. I'll go distract Team Plasma's monitors while you guys handle them discretly, got it?" Darien asked the others as they all agreed and ran off toward the large cargo truck that Zinzolin was in.

    While Darien sent out all of his Pokemon and ordered them to run along with him toward the exit.

    "I cant help but feel that if I keep on running useless excuses for Team Plasma will try to gang up on me like a intern (get it?)." Darien said as he continued to run along with his Pokemon while Team Plasma's camera's caught sight of them and the grunts began to run after them.

    "Stop you! You wont go to the exit and warn the Police of our actions!" the Team Plasma members shouted as Darien began to laugh.

    "That wasnt the plan, but thanks for the idea!" Darien said as he laughed and waved them goodbye making them angry and sending out their Watchog's and Gurdurr's.

    "In the name of Team Plasma- You shalt not escape this freezer!" one of the Team Plasma members said as the Watchog and Gurdurr went flying after Darien about to attack him.

    Suddenly Pignite releases a Flame Charge on the Watchog's and Wasabi using Seed Bomb on the Gurdurr's, some Seed Bombs hit a gas tank and it breaks.

    "Sorry but- You all are just fodder characters in my story! Better luck in another version!" Darien said as Heaty's flame ignited the gas that had been released from Wasabi's Seed Bomb destroying a gas tank causing a huge fire that started to melt the Cold Storage.

    "Oh no! Where's the Frost when you need it?!" the Team Plasma members said as the ice started to become water and began to become a flood as they all started to run away from it including Darien.

    "Oh great! Look what you freaks did now!" Darien shouted at them as they all turned to Darien frustrated at him beyond belief.

    "Us?! You were the ******* who let all of the gas out and then freakin' ignited it!" one of the Team Plasma members said as they continued to run from the flooding water while up ahead the large cargo truck was knocked over and Zinzolin was being arrested by Officer Jenny.

    "Um... Guys! We gotta run!" Darien shouted to them as they all saw the approaching water and ran out of the Cold Storage like rats.

    "Glad to see your all safe. Sorry we were so late we were investigating a new Poke-Drug called "Revives" made by Prof. Juniper.. You wouldnt believe the crap in that." Officer Jenny said as both Team Plasma and Darien, Akira, and Cheren gasped for air after escaping the flooding Cold Storage.

    "Let me just say one thing about Prof. Juniper... She's a lying ****! She said that one of those "Revives" would heal my Snivy but its still dead!" Akira said taking out her "dead" Snivy's Poke-ball.

    "Um... That things not dead. It just fainted. Well... Its gonna die from not being healed afterward and starvation." Officer Jenny said as she continued to arrest the Team Plasma members.

    "Dead Pokemon', Cold Storage is ruined', and' some freaks' dressed' up' in knight suits..." a man with a sheriff's hat, short brown hair, and cowboy pants said as he walked onto the scene of the crime.

    "Sorry... Sir.. It was me who flooded the Cold Storage- But only because I was trying to stop them!" Darien said as he pointed to Team Plasma who tried to look innocent but failed.

    "We rescued all of the missing Pokemon from them. It was this guy named Zinzolin who has a the ability to freeze anything and then transport them anywhere who did it." Cheren said as he pointed to Zinzolin who began to panic about being arrested.

    "They have this odd weapon- It was used on my cousin and others... It froze everyone but my cousin from the inside out. They call it the "Frost"." Akira said as she winked at Team Plasma who stuck their tounges out at her.

    "I see'... Well', we' planned' on melting' this storage' anyway. We got' a' new' bussiness proposition' for this hur' land' any ol' way'." the man said as he saluted Officer Jenny and she begun to load them into the Police cars.

    "Your Clay right? Driftveil City Gym Leader?" Cheren asked Clay who began to smile a big smile.

    "Yerse' I am', I'm' also' in' charge' of' a' mining' company' in this hur' city'." Clay said as they heard a set of footsteps as Akira began to get a sudden chill down her spine.

    "Clay, yes? Its a pleasure behind all words to make your aquantince." a familiar voice said as they slowly got passed through all of the workers to get to Officer Jenny and Clay.

    "Just who are you? And what do you want from us?" Officer Jenny asked Ghetsis who gave her a small smirk and began to reply.

    "I am Ghetsis of the Pokemon Liberation and Segregation Movement Association. I have to pick up my associates who are in your legal care." Ghetsis said as he shot a cold look at Akira who looked away from him quickly.

    "Sorry, but these guys are not going anywhere! They are clearly the people who stole the Pokemon from their Trainers and the people who developed a weapon inside the Cold Storage as well the people who held the workers and us as hostages!" Darien shouted to Ghetsis who ignored his comment and continued to talk to Clay.

    "Yer' buddies' arent' going no' where. They were' tyring' to steal' others Pokemon', and as you know Mr. Ghetsis' thats a crime'." Clay said to Ghetsis who gave a little chuckle and countered his arguement swiftly.

    "What is this? I believe you have misunderstood our reasons for being in that storage. You see, we were developing a new kind of A/C for our base of operations. It gets quite humid there, and we thought that with the ice from the Cold Storage that problem could be fixed. Is that not our only crime? Since you have account that we "held the workers hosatge" seeing how none of them are injured. And I presume that you workers attacked my associates first, yes? My associates had to make sure they werent injured when doing the work I sent them on, right?" Ghetsis asked the workers as they realized that was the case and sighed in disbelief of how well planned their plan was.

    "Ghetsis is the most knowlegeable of the Seven Sages, not only are his ideals able to convince even his most opposed opponent he can also plan a crime well enought that it wont be punished." Akira said almost like she had a unknown connection with Ghetsis which made Darien suspicous.

    "The girl is right, I am a very smart man. But as long as you dont any evidence that my associates did anything to injure anyone or any Pokemon then we are free to leave, yes?" Ghetsis said actually acknowledging Akira's for once as it suprised her so much she shook a little.

    "Your' Mr. Purity', huh? If I remember correctly' ya'll said' ya'll free' Pokemon' from wicked people', right'? Thats' all' good'. But after this' incident' all' that' sounds a little' like' lyin'. Now' tell me' what is it that you' really' wanna' say'?" Clay asked Ghetsis as the Team Plasma members began to leave out of the Police car to stand by Ghetsis for his speech.

    "Charismatic jerk..." Darien said as Akira stepped on his foot for no reason making Darien more and more suspicous.

    "Team Plasma is a ever-growing army, we are so numerous that there are more of us outside of Drifrveil City. If were to fall, more and more will come. And I know you do not want any damage to your precious Driftveil City, correct?" Ghetsis said in a roar of a passion as the members began to run out of the police cars and stand beside Ghetsis proudly like real knights.

    "Fine', let'em go' Office Jenny'.. Now' ya'll get' gone' now' ya hear'?!" Clay barked at them as they all jumped in fear as Zinzolin crawled from out of the police car worried Ghetsis was mad at him.

    "Thank you... Ghetsis-sama..." Zinzolin said crawling behind him trying to avoid Clay's gaze.

    "A decision only you, a man named Miner King could make. Now lets go, servants of our King... I hope to meet you somewhere again soon- everyone." Ghetsis said as Team Plasma and the two sages marched out of Dritveil City.

    "Sorry to let'em go' kids.. You too Officer Jenny'... Just not enough evidence' nor' men to fight them off'..." Clay said depressed going off to his Gym ashamed of his loss.

    "Well Clay's a little ****, come on boys, free donuts for anyone who gives me a kiss!" Officer Jenny shouted as they all cheered and rode away in their cars in a frenzy.

    "Useless ****** didnt do ****!" Akira shouted in anger as Darien turned to her looking for his stuff and getting a bit annoyed by Akira.

    "Akira, where's my X-transeiver? And my other stuff?" Darien asked her not seeing it anywhere on her person as she looked nervous for a second then laughed.

    "Oh that? I must have dropped it somewhere..." Akira replied to Darien who began to look blankly at his cousin then became frusrated.

    "Akira! You know that stuff is important! Where is it?!" Darien said taking her bag and tossing everything out of it. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Akira said picking her stuff back up from off of the ground.

    "Whats wrong with me... Whats wrong with you?! I've wanted to ask you that since Accumala Town! Why do you always act the way you do around us now?! Why are you changing into a meaner and colder person?! Why are you such a cold hearted-" Darien said but had to pause before he said a rude word that would hurt Akira.

    "Darien... Stop... Calm down." Cheren said to Darien, for some reason this made Darien more angry.

    "NO! I'm angry so I'm gonna speak my mind! Akira! You are mean! Rude! Ungrateful! Prejudice girl! You always hurt people with your comments but you wont accept it when they hurt you! People will always help you but you will never help others! People are nice to you but your constantly rude and mean to them! Your- Your- A ****! Your a ignorant ****! You really dont give a damn about anything do you?! You really dont give two ****s about anyone but yourself, dont you?! Well let me be the first to tell you! No one gives a **** about what you say Akira! No one! Your comments are like rain drops! What you say- Anything you say is- Bull****! Why?! Because your a mean girl! Your a ****, Akira!" Darien shouted at the top of his lungs as he began to have a coughing fit while a crowd began to crowd around them whispering.

    "... Oh. Okay..." Akira said as she slowly started to stumble off somewhere as Darien continued to cough and let out a few tears and grunts.

    "Darien, I... Gotta go-" Cheren said after he saw for the first time since he's met Akira, teardrops falling from her face.

    "Go... And tell Akira- I never wanna see her again... Until she apoligizes for everything she's ever done..." Darien said now sobbind in-between words as the crowd began to disperse feeling bad for both parties and not wanting to bother either of them.

    "... The both of you are- Little kids..." Cheren said as he ran after Akira as Darien began to stumble off toward the Pokemon Center now crying so hard both his eyes and heart hurt. Most of all, his heart.

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    Authors Note- After the last chapter that had all of that stuff I decided to make a smaller one before we get deeper and deeper into the story. Also, final part of the Driftveil City arc. Akira will be gone for a few arcs because of, you know lat chapter stuff so the comedy will be a little, meh (until Juniper shows up that is). If you have any suggestions for jokes VM/PM me and enjoy!

    Still crying like a little ****?" Nurse Joy asked Darien who finally left his room after several days who was wearing a big smile.

    "Nope, I'm actually happy! I get my paycheck today!" Darien exclaimed getting his breakfest from the buffet next to Nurse Joy.

    "So what bussiness you in? Do you work for Clay or something?" Nurse Joy asked Darien who had to think of an excuse to make about what orginazation he worked for.

    "Y-Yeah... I think..." Darien said sitting down on the table next to Nurse Joy's desk.

    "You know, your the only person here today... Everyone else is out a the carnival on Performers Street. Doesnt that show you how much of a loser you are?" Nurse Joy asked Darien as she began to put up the remaining buffet food as Darien laughed.

    "You know you kinda sound like-" Darien said as he began to say Nurse Joy sounded like Akira at that moment.

    "... You gotta get your paycheck, right? You should hurry up before Clay leaves for Twist Mountain again." Nurse Joy said to Darien knowing that he was about to say something that would hurt him.

    "Wait! Clay's leaving?! What about my badge?!" Darien asked Nurse Joy who shrugged so he ran out the center in a hurry for the Driftveil City Gym.

    "Nurse Joy wasnt joking... Everyone in town is gone... That carnival must be really popular." Darien said as he began to walk instead of run to the Gym.

    "It is, I espcially like the kissing booths." a familiar voice laughed as Darien turned and saw that the person was none other than Jack, his handler.

    " Perv- I mean, Jack, its been ages! Sorry I couldnt contact you I... Misplaced my X-Transeiver." Darien said trying to cover for Akira even though he didnt want to.

    "You lost it?!.. Well.. I guess its okay. We'll just have to take the cost of a new one from yor pay check, okay?" Jack asked Darien who nodded reluctantly but knowing that he would have to do so.

    "Okay. Here's the information I required from my missions... Team Plasma has a King- And this King is a young man named N. N has the ability that every Sage I encounter posses called the Will of Ranse. His allows him to speak in the tounge of Pokemon annd with that ability he wishes to bond with a "Black Dragon" Pokemon to become a Hero of Unova and seperate humans and Pokemon." Darien said as he began to relay the information to Jack who recorded it on his X-Transeiver.

    "I see... So Team Plasma has a King named N, who has the ability to talk Pokemon. And he also plans on seperating humans and Pokemon." Jack said into the X-Transeiver making sure it heard him.

    "Yes, I tried to confront the young man named N but I simply gave him time to let the other members escape. That mission was a complete failiure. And then, when I came to Driftveil City I learned of Pokemon abductions and traced it back to the Cold Storage. It turns out, Team Plasma was indeed behind it and they were also working on a weapon to freeze things as well. I was captured by them due to be frozen, and because of my friend I was able to be unthawed and we were able to escape the cage they put us in. After escaping we split into diffrent teams and due to unspecified circumstances the Cold Storage melted and we narrowly escaped. Team Plasma was captured but- They were set free by their leader, Ghetsis. So that was also, a mission faliure." Darien said as he ended the mission relay, Jack ends the recording and pats Darien's shoulder.

    "Dont be so hard on yourself. You did a very good job by going into these suituations and getting hands-on experience from them. Not many people your age are that brave, dont'cha know?" Jack said as he let go of Darien's shoulder and gave a smile and asked Darien if everything was okay, to which Darien nodded so he handed him his now decreased pay check and left with a wave goodbye.

    "No Jack, everything's not okay... Why do I still feel so bad about that?" Darien asked himself as he began to walk on towards the gym.

    "Well, if it isnt a late challenger. Sorry to say but Clay's about ready to go. He's been hired by a rich bussinessman to dig for any remaining oil in Twist Mountain." a worker told Darien as he made it to the Gym's front doors.

    "Huh?! But- I need to challenge Clay today! I cant wait in Driftveil City for another day, Nurse Joy said one more day and she's gonna charge me rent!" Darien said as he pleaded with the worker as he thought about it and decided something.

    "If you can do something for me... You can go into the Gym." the worker said taking something out of his pocket as Darien sighed.

    "... Fine. But would do I have to sell?..." Darien said as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

    "What?! No! Not that! I mean a battle! if you beat me I'll take you directly to Mr. Clay." the worker said as he sent out three Pokemon at once, revealing his Drilbur, and two Sandile.

    "Alright.. This is my first Triple Battle but I got this! Go! Wasabi! Neoplitan! And Heaty! Lets show this guy how to three-way!" Darien shouted not noticing what he just said as the workers Drilbur used Dig and the two Sandile used Bite.

    "Wasabi use Vine Whip on Drilbur! Neapolitin use Icy Wind on Sandile! And Heaty use Arm Thrust on Sandile!" Darien ordered them as all but Heaty obeyed as he unleashed a Heat Crash instead as they all defeated the each of the workers Pokemon.

    "Wow! You just beat them in one move each! Your a legend." the worker said returning his Pokemon and opening up the doors as the elevator went up to the first floor to let them on.

    "Clay is known for his mining but I'll let you onto a little secret." the worker whispered into Darien's ear as Darien pondered what is was.

    "Secret? What- Is he a drug kingpin or something?" Darien asked the worker who was shocked that Darien knew.

    "How did you know?! Is it really that obvious that he's one?! Is it the hat?" the worker began to panic that Clay's secret would come out.

    "No, I know because Officer Jenny tried to sell me some drugs at the market a few days ago. So I just assumed that the most important man in this city was the one who was selling the drugs." Darien said as they began to sink lower and lower into the Earth's core as Darien began to sweat.

    " Oh, I see. Also, Clay likes to be underground for his Gym battles because his type specialty coordinates with it." the worker said as the elevator came to a stop and Darien saw the amazing layout of Clay's Gym.

    He then spots Clay packing and waves at him for a battle.

    "Isaac', now' didnt' I' say' aint' want' no' mo' challengas' today'?" Clay said looking at Darien before he finally remebered him from the other day and began to smile.

    "Sorry about making you go out of your way Mr. Clay, but I really need to leave Driftveil same as you." Darien said to Clay who let up at the battlefield as Darien was talking.

    "So you got' in trouble' with' Antonio' too'? Was it the dust' or the' tree's' ?" Clay asked Darien who looked at Clay with a face of confusion then replying.

    "Neither.. I have to leave Driftveil for another sort of bussiness, sir." Darien said as Clay laughed and sent out his Krokorok.

    "This' hur' is my prized' Krokorok' from when I was a lil' one... Ah brings' back'-" Clay said as he began to remember his childhood when his Krokorok is suddenly defeated by Sirloin's Brick Break.

    "You better focus, sir. I'm no pushover!" Darien shouted to Clay who laughed again and sent out his Papiltoad who released a Muddy Water and beat Scraggy in one attack.

    "Your' not' the' only' fella' with' nice' moves'! Heck', you should see me in-" Clay said as he began to talk about stuff Darien (Probrably) didnt want know about as he sent out his Wasabi to handle Papiltoad who used a Bubblebeam on it.

    "Wasabi! Use Grass Knot!" Darien ordered his Wasabi as he obeyed and damaged Papiltoad.

    "That' wont' do much'! Use Aqua' Ring'!" Clay ordered his Papiltoad who healed itself from the blow.

    "Um... Isnt that cheating?" Darien asked Clay who shrugged and told him that if it was he never knew.

    "Thats the way of the Texan." Isaac said as he continued to pack up Clay's things for him.

    "Yerse' it is'! Now! Papiltoad'! Use Bubblebeam!" Clay ordered his Papiltoad who attacked Wasabi with the same attack.

    "Man... I gotta think of a way to hit that thing multiple times.. Thats it! Wasabi! Use Fury Swipes!" Darien ordered his Pansage who obeyed and defeated Papiltoad with Fury Swipes.

    "Well', well'... Looks' like' ya' tougha' then' I thought! Go! Excadrill!" Clay shouted as he sent out his Excadrill who used Slash as his first attack.

    "Wasabi! Look out!" Darien said as he tried to warn Pansage who was hit by the massive force of Excadrill's claws.

    "That Pansage' is' no' match' for my' Excadrill... This is the end'! Excadrill use Bulldoze!" Clay ordered his Excadrill as it performed the attack causing rock and stones to fall from the ceiling as one of the stones hit Pansage in the face causing him to glow.

    "What?! Dont tell me that was a..." Isaac said as he finished packing up Clay's office while the rocks and stones narrowly miss him.

    "No' way'... Does' this' have' divine protection' or extreme luck'?!" Clay asked himself as Pansage evovled into a Simisage and released a powerful Seed Bomb damaging Excadrill.

    "Thats awesome! Alright, Wasabi! Use Vine Whip to end this!" Darien ordered his Simisage as it obeyed just as Excadrill attacked with another Slash. The two attacks collide, and in the end Wasabi is the winner.

    "Alright! We won! Horray!" Darien said as he tried to pick up Simisage but remebering how big it is now and stopped as Clay took out a spare badge from his pocket.

    "Let' me' tell ya' a lil' secret about this hur' Quake' Badge, it has the ability' to stop Earthquakes'.. Or so' the' legends' say'." Clay said as he handed Darien the badge making Darien laugh at his accomplishment (Warning if you hate foreshadowing dont read this line- Oh too late.)

    "Driftveil Gym was alot harder than I thought it would be... I wonder if the other Gym's are gonna be just as hard..." Darien said looking at the five badges in his case as he walked out of the Gym until he bumped into a familiar.

    "Oh' my' goodieness'! Is that you'?! Darien'?!" Bianca said hugging Darien like a stuffed animal until he pushed her of him.

    "Bianca, why did Elesa raise the drawbridge for you?" Darien asked her as she giggled and began to reply to him.

    "Elesa aint' do' it' my uncle' Clay did'! He said that' he' gotta' gift' for me' hur' in Driftveil City.So I came here to get it!" Bianca said taking out the "gift" Clay (apparently her uncle, go figure) gave to her.
    Revealing it to be a mentally challenged Ducklett.

    "... Horray for not having Clay as a Uncle..." Darien said as he mumbled as Ducklett stuck out his hand for a handshake.

    "Nice to meet you?.. I'm Darien, Bianca's-" Darien replied to the Duckletts handshake before realizing that Bianca was his only friend left.

    "Whats' wrong' Darien' you got' the shivers'?" Bianca asked Darien who rolled his eyes and continued.

    "Why... Why is Bianca my only friend?..." Darien said as he hit his head on the ground kinda starting to regret yelling at Akira and making Cheren annoyed at him while Bianca laughed and started to hit her head too for some reason not feeling pain when doing it.

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    Authors Note- Who are these 6 mystery individuals?! How will this impact the series?! The BW Saga has just begun its first plot twist! Part 1 of the Route 6/ Chargestone Cave arc. Also, just what is the NPMC's true motives in Unova? Find out and enjoy!

    / Changed-17"SSS? Whats that?.. Eillen-san.." Darien asked Eileen on a Pokemon Center PC, trying to not look as inconspicous as he obviously was.

    "SSS or Secret Storage System, it was once Unova's greatest weapon against a Pokemon onslaught but a few years ago the information on the SSS was stolen and was sent to a far away region that we have no contact with at the time." Eileen said as she explained the reason for mentioning it to Darien as took notes and nodded
    throughout the explanation.

    "Basically, we need this weapon to make sure that no other group can use a Pokemon Army to defeat us and stop our cause, right?" Darien asked Eillen who nodded and sent over a microchip using the "Item Storage" system.

    "That will be used for tonight's mission- to make sure that we at least have enough information on the SSS we need you to bring this chip to the "Weather Institute" and transfer the data from the main system to this chip.. Using the code- "Wax Storage Child" you can acess all systems in Unova." Eillen said as she showe Darien the coordinates on a map of Unova and sent him on his way.

    "First things first, I gotta find myself another Flying to replace Tranquil.. The mission calls for a Pokemon that can hoist me up on top of the building." Darien said to himself as he searched the area for a Flying type but only found Karrablast and Swadloon.

    "Its gonna suck if I cant find one by tonight.. I may have to use my Neo to instead.. But it isnt like a Ice type can use Fly if I need to escape.." Darien said as he began to hear something sqawking for help nearby. He then see's a Ducklett drowning in the water.

    ".. Is that even possible? Oh well.." Darien said diving into the water and rescuing the Ducklett.

    "Oh my... Your a Pokemon Ranger, yes?" a woman dressed in a scientist outift asked Darien who had to think of an excuse to not tell his real occupation.

    "Yeah, sure I am.. And I was.. Um.. Helping this retarted Ducklett because it doesnt know how to swim.." Darien said as he winked at the Ducklett who nodded and held up his wing in salute.

    "Oh, I see.. My name is Flora. I work at the "Weather Intitute" just down Mistralton River, were holding a Deerling festival today to celebrate the first day of Winter so if your interested you know where to find us." Flora said as she handed him a flyer and walked away to hand out more to others.

    "If today is the first day of Winter.. Then why is it so ridicolously hot?! Stupid Global Warming making my Glaciers melt and making me have to walk around in this heat! It should be against the law to litter and pollute- oh wait, it is.. I wonder whats against the law.. You know what.. I'm gonna take off my clothes in public and then what will happen?" Darien asked the Ducklett who saluted him for his bravery as Darien decided to catch the Ducklett to add to his team (while in the nude).

    "Alright! Go! Poke-ball! Get-a-daze!" Darien shouted as he caught the Ducklett while everyone stared and whispered as women screamed and called him a pervert making Darien feel embarrased and run off down the river putting his clothes back on as he ran, knowing now that he has a Flying type his mission must be complete tonight no matter what.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... It seems that Team Plasma has begun to make its move... Theyve already caught the attention of several newspapers in Driftveil City after the Cold Storage melted. They apparently also have cause quite some uproar in southeast Unova. Uyuyuyu.. How cute." ??? said as she stroked her beautiful lime green hair that hid most of her face because of its length while many men stared at her because of her immense beauty while she drunk a green martini.

    "Zahuhahahaha! Those little hippies wanna make it big in Unova or something?! Whats their true goal anyway?! To make peace not war?! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? said as he drunk a bottle of rum that ran down his burly chin and caused a flood on the counter making the bartender quickly clean it up while still fearing the two at the bar.

    "... I hear they wanna liberate Pokemon from their Trainers, sounds kinda like a lie.. Right? I mean they sound like such big hypocrites.. I wonder if they would do the same, most likely not." ??? said as she showed him all of the reports that were made about odd occurences in the Unova region that seemed that revolved around Team Plasma.

    "So what do you think their gonna do to make that happen?! Are they gonna get some legendary Pokemon to make people release their Pokemon? Because rather their bull****ing everyone or not doesnt matter.. Its what their gonna do to accomplish this goal. And if there are Pokemon involved then you best believe that were involved! Am I right?! Zhuhahahaha!" ??? asked as he finished off and his rum and turned to get out of his chair, but it was difficult because of his huge size.

    "Hey, you see that guy over there?.. You wanna beat him up for me?" ??? asked as she payed the bartender in gold and other jewels while the burly man looked around for who she was talking about.

    "I thought you said no fightning in this town until we get more information! Whats with all this changing of your mind?!" ??? asked the woman who began to laugh and got out of her seat as odd things started to grow on her back as the room started to get cooler and cooler.

    "Uyuyuyu.. Forget all of that pacifist bull****. He's being looking at my boobs ever since we got in here. No lie. Scouts honor." the woman said as she pointed to the man and he began to tremble and cry.

    "I was not!.. I-I barely glanced at them for even a second! Honest!" the man said as he fell on the floor in fear after trying to run away from the burly man getting closer and closer to him.

    "Zhuhahahaha! All of you take this as a warning! This is a new age for Unova! A war will happen sooner or later and only the most prepared will survive! Zuhahahaha! If your not- you will be aten alive!" ??? shouted to all of the bar customers as he opened his large mouth wider and wider.

    "This world is so corrupt... Too corrupt to live in any longer. I now just want to die to end my everlasting sadness and misery!~ Forgive me~ Mother~ Father~!" ??? said as he stabbed himself in the stomach with a fake knife and pretended to have commited seppeku.

    "You fail at life... thats a fake knife that we just bought from the cornerstore.. seriously, grow the hell up." ??? said as they (cant tell if its a boy or a girl) sat on the ground bored obviously waiting for someone who wasnt there.

    "Why does this cursed life plauge me?~ Why must I live in such a corrupt world~?! Tell me, why~?" ??? said as he started to hit the ground in anger for not being able to kill himself.

    "Because your one of the most corrupt people in the world.. If not the most in all of Unova. Did you forget all the people we killed? Why do you think we were in that Psych Ward?" ??? asked as they began to write something down into their journal before she heard something that sounded like gunfire, as something went right past her like a bullet.

    "Oh no!~ Why didnt that hit me~? Damn this luck that I possess~ Please~ Someone~ Send me to hell~" ??? said as he began to cry, cursing his luck for not being able to die at all.

    "It was a grape... I dont shoot real bullets, you all know that. And with that being said... Why are you two sitting around so casually? Chaos has swallowed this town so we must leave.. Not conversate. That shot was a signal to leave, remember?" ??? asked as he put his flintlock pistol away while another silent man with a ridicously strong build stood behind him.

    Suddenly the four people there hear a pair of laughs and turn to see the man and woman from the bar coming towards them.

    "Did you learn anything new? About the new secret orginazation causing trouble in Unova? Or did you just get drunk like a fool?" ??? asked as he started to twirl his pistol just for fun.

    "Zuhahahaha! Yes, we did! We learned about two actually! Their both just a bunch of rookies though!" ??? said as he took out more rum from his pants pocket and began to drink again.

    "One of them plans on liberating Trainers in the Unova of their Pokemon, and the other- plans on defeating the first one so that they can take over Unova. Both are imposing threats on our plans so they must be taken out before the "Endless War". " ??? said as the things that were growing on her back are revealed to be wings making her be able to fly high above the others while she laughed a sinister laugh while her eyes were revealed to be purely green.

    "With that being said we should take the first approach, we should defeat the first team and then take care of the second team when they least expect it. Because of they have knowledge of us, neither of them will miss an opprutunity to double team us." ??? said as they put their journal away as all them started to walk to the end of the town in a group.

    "Exactly! Zuhahahaha! Lets go! Defeat Team Plasma! Zuhahahaha!" ??? said as they all left the town while his laugh echoes throughout it while shadows begin to dance around the walls.

    The scene changes and it is revealed that a whirling tornado of darkness is swallowing the town into a neverending void.

    Soon the town just vanishes, like it never existed as a crater is left in its place.

    "I can give you 1 minuete, thats the max time.. I cant give you anymore or any less.." another NPMC employee said to Darien as he smirked and replied to her comment.

    "I'll need 20 seconds, I've been scopping out this place all day. Its nothing thats gonna take a whole 60 seconds." Darien said taking out his Ducklett, Wasabi, and Neapolitan.

    "Dont get a big head you **** brat. This is a very dangerous operation and if you get caught then the NPMC will be found out by everyone in Unova. And you and I will go to prison, do you know what they do to cute girls like me in prison? And you, pssh, you wouldnt last a second.. Good times.. Good times.." the NPMC employee said as she remembered her time in prison as Darien rolled his eyes and got on his Ducklett.

    "Lets just get this done so that I can go eat dinner.." Darien said as Ducklett made it to the top of the building, the NPMC employee then hacks into the system and opens all of the doors and windows.

    "Your voluntary 20 seconds begin... NOW!" the NPMC employee shouted to Darien as he he jumped into a air duct and landed inside of a vent.

    "There must be some type of infrared light here... Somewhere..." Darien said as he scanned the room using Vanillite's "Icy Wind" to briefly show the lights so that he could know where to avoid walking.

    "Alright, 10 seconds left and there's the computer.. Gotta- jet!" Darien said leaping and crawling quickly through the infrared lights as he made it to the main system computer and put the micro-chip "Wax Storage Child" into it.

    In a few seconds the computer says "Download Complete" and Darien uses Wasabi to throw him out of the building but he lands on his feet like a cat.

    "Good job, Mr. Cat Burgular. The NPMC just got a boost in power. Soon we can use that army of Pokemon against Team Plasma." the NPMC employee said putting the chip in a special case and closing it extremely tightly.

    "Huh?... Why are we using the Pokemon Army? I thought we were preventing it?.." Darien asked the employee while he arched his eyebrow confused about the suituation as she giggled and replied to Darien.

    "No, no. Were gonna use it against Team Plasma then takeover Unova ourselves with it. But of course you will be a great noble in our new empire.. For all your work finding out the enemy's idenity and helping us get back our SSS information. Once again, thank you, and all of your actions are deeply noticed and appreciated." the NPMC employee smiled as she put on a jet-pack waved goodbye to Darien and went on her way.

    "... I- I... Work for an evil orginazation?! I was helping someone takeover Unova this whole time?! Wait- wait.. Most importantly... I'M A CRIMINAL?!" Darien shouted into the sky as he started to realize that the truth he thought he knew was not the case and began to question the orginazation he looked up to and their motives (forgetting he wanted to be a mobster as a child...).

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    Authors Note- Pretty generic chapter even though I'm going on a short break XD Just got BW2 so I'm gonna be mapping out the next Saga for anyone who's interested (if there is anyone lol) Also, probrably gonna open a pole for something about the next Saga so anyone who wants to do it is welcome.

    / Changed-18

    "I cant believe this... Why did Jack lie to me the last 5 months?.. And he seemed like he was a really a good guy. Heck, his son's in the NPMC too..Or maybe its a family affair.." Darien said depressed after finding out that he has been aiding the NPMC in their goal to takeover the Unova region before he stepped on something weird.

    "Ew! Someone has been puking up ribbons!" Darien said as he cleaned some off of his shoe with a spare napkin until he realized it was a spiders web.

    "Man', I' thought' I' got' all that' up.. Oh well..." Clay said while he was slumped down on a boulder next to the cave entrance looking depressed about something.

    "Oh, Clay-san.. I thought you were leaving for Twist Mountain.. Did you change your mind or something?" Darien said sitting on the boulder next to him trying to find out why he was depressed.

    "Well' today's' my' anniversary' and' me' and my' wife' was suppose to go out.. but' she said' she' has to stay' late' at the office.." Clay said with a sigh as Darien looked at him with pity.

    "Is that all?... She just had to work extra right?.." Darien asked Clay who sighed again and told him the whole thing.

    "But'... She' works' at' home.. She' dont even' have a job'.." Clay said taking off his sheriff's hat and crying a river.

    "... Why are people such liars?! First your wife and her affair! And my whole reason for being on this journey is a lie! I'm a criminal! A crook!..." Darien said as he began to rant making Clay feel embarrased.

    "Um... I'm' gonna' go' see' my' wife' now.. See ya' kid..." Clay said getting up from the rock and walking away from the cave while Darien looked deeper into, feeling an odd aura from it.

    "This cave sure gives me some weird vibrations.. And not the good kind..." Darien said looking around at the eletricity coming out of the walls and the ground as well as the lighted rocks around him as well.

    "... Come." two odd people said as they suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Darien's arms, bringing him to a familiar face.

    ".. M... Its been awhile.. What do you want? Or are you gonna just rant about a random Pokemon subject I could give a damn about?" Darien asked N as he looked at him blankly and dismissed the two mysterious ninja-like people who dissappered instantly.

    "First off, my name is N... That was the Shadow Triad, the leader of Team Plasma, Ghetsis brought them into Team Plasma a few years previously.
    You may not see it now, but they planted a Galvantula nest in front of the cave to make sure that only the true key players should be involved in this tide of change. Chargestone cave, I truly enjoy this place.. It is so serene, It is so formualated that it cant be polluted by the inconsistency of the world outside it. The mystery that lies in this cave.. It is truly a mystery I would like to find out.. In another life.. You know, Darien. You have been chosen by the past that takes shape in you. You show the true characteristics of a Hero. Its possible you are also a descendant of a Hero of Unova of old. Tell me, is what I'm saying suprising you?" N asked Darien who had think about for awhile then replied.

    "Well... I'm pretty sure your out of your mind.. But, if I am a descendant of a Hero, oh well. My heritage doesnt affect who I am today. I'm Darien, not the Hero of Unova... Like your N, not Nobunaga. Why cant you see that your trying to be something your not?! You will never be a Hero! You are N! Decide your own fate- dont rely on the past to define who you are.. Look to your future to know what you will be." Darien said to N trying to get his point through to him but only getting a frown then a smirk.

    "If that is the case... I would like you to meet me somewhere later in this cave.. I want to see who's ideals are the strongest. But that will have to wait, til then.. Darien." N said as he walked away slowly while Darien thought about the interaction, shrugged and went on his way.

    "Bianca, are you getting any readings from the radar? We need to hurry and create my Klink army so I can get revenge on the Professers Union, and then.. the world." Juniper said as she typed something into her laptop that activated a signal that sent random Pokemon at them as Bianca's Dewott tried to fight them all off.

    "Oh no'! These' things' is killin' my' Dewott'! Professer' Juniper'!" Bianca said as she whined in Prof. Juniper's ears making her cringe a little while she turned and smiled and told Bianca in her nicest way to "Please, Shut the hell up.".

    "Heaty! Use Heat Crash!" Darien ordered who's Pignite launched the attack but also hit Prof. Juniper and Bianca (or maybe that was the intention?).

    "... Fail... So whats up Darien? I thought you would have run away home by now, looks like you have more of a pair than I thought you did."
    Prof. Juniper said getting up after the blow and dusting herself off.

    ".. I wish I could- But I just.. I just learned that the orginazation that I was working for and put all my hopes in is actually an evil orginazation." Darien replied to Prof. Juniper's obvious sarcasm as she rolled her eyes from the long rant he was begining.

    "Should you really be telling us this?... I mean wont our lives be in danger too?" Prof. Juniper asked Darien who shrugged and chuckled.

    "Your lives dont mean much to me, if you died it would be a justice for humanity. If Bianca were to die- whatever.." Darien said as Bianca giggled and Prof. Juniper began to explain their reason for being in the cave.

    "Bianca and me are currently trying to find a way to trigger the power of Zekrom, the legendary Volt Pokemon.. With that power we can takeover all of Unova.. That Solosis Pheromone was a no go.. But this plan is legit effective! There's no evidence that a crime has taken place here because there's such a mulitude to of Chargestones, so they cant be missed." Prof. Juniper said using the radar on the highly energized rocks and scooping them up.

    "Were' also' using' them' Klink's' ova' thur' to generate' enough' power to blow' a mountain' away'! Prof. Juniper' said' that she's' gonna' go to Twist' Mountain' and destroy' it, thuses' making' her' a common threat'!" Bianca said as she showed them Prof. Juniper's diagram on her plans for Unova.

    "And let me guess... using the power of the energized weapons, Prof. Juniper will have enough military strength to enslave humanity and her childhood pipe dream of being the "Magnus Supragnus" will come true." Darien said as he watched the Klink rotate to gain energy for the energized weapons while Prof. Juniper gave Darien a look of "go away".

    "So... The only way to get out of a cave is to go straight... Or is that if your in a mountain?.. Hmm.." Darien said as he noticed a group of Team Plasma members standing in front of the cave's exit.

    "By order of our King N- You are not allowed to leave this cave until you do battle with him!" one of the Team Plasma members said as they all stood proudly blocking the exit for Darien.

    "I dont have time to battle with N! I gotta go to Mistralton City before the deadline is over!" Darien barked at Team Plasma as they all got annoyed and sent out there Pokemon as Darien followed, sending out Ducklett, Wasabi, and- Blitzle?!

    "I just got back Creme here from the Daycare- He was gonna be my secret weapon for the next Gym but I gotta get done with you creeps fast so.. Bring it on! Use Shock Wave, Creme! and you two use moves respectively!" Darien ordered his Pokemon as they obeyed by defeating all of Team Plasma's fodder Pokemon.

    "Plasmaaaa! Why are we so weak?!" the Team Plasma member cried as they called for their King, N. "... N is currently in battle with another Hero at the moment.

    He has told us to dismiss Darien-sama from the cave, by request of the other Hero." one of the Shadow Triad said as they suddenly appeared before the others and Darien.

    "... Another Hero?.. N made it seem like it was just him and me... Who else has heritage with a Hero of Unova of old? Bianca?... Nah, she's too retarted to know what a hero is.. Then, who?" Darien pondered as the cave began to cave-in for some reason.

    "Yooo! Darien! The eletric weapons went wrong! The Klink evolved from all the rotation and it caused the weapons to overpower and now their trying to kill us all!" Prof. Juniper shouted to Darien who flicked her off as he ran.

    "Who the hell does that?!" the Team Plasma members shouted to her as she pushed them towards the weapons making them get eletrocuted.

    "N is still in here! And where's Bianca?!" Darien asked Prof. Juniper as she was already panicked and worried (about her own life).

    "How the hell should I know?! She said, "Ooh, shiny!' and I havent seen the little twit since!" Prof. Juniper said as they finally reached the cave's exit.

    They watch the cave collaspe while Darien worries about his friend and his enemy.

    "Dont worry Darien, Bianca cant die that easily.. I'm sure she just broke every single bone in here body." Prof. Juniper said as she streched and smiled a little.

    "Your a real A-class jerk! I hate Bianca just as much as any normal human being- But she doesnt deserve to die!" Darien said as he yelled at Prof. Juniper who started to laugh.

    "At least now I know my weapon is a sucess! I'm gonna over to Opelucid City now.. Well, I'll be seeing you D-bag." Prof. Juniper said as she put back on her lab coat and wave goodbye.

    "... Why is the world so weird?... First I was lied to for several months and now Bianca's dead. Great.." Darien said heading into Mistralton City sighing from the absolute torture his life has become. When suddenly, a hand sticks out of the rubble and lightning from the rocks flash (like a zombie film).

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    Authors Note- The King of the Dreamworld?! What does he have to do with all this?! Also, Cedric Juniper is introduced along with Skyla-chan~ I guess technically this chapter has a little more adult content than usually so (in my narrator voice) viewers discretion is advised! And enjoy!


    "Man, this town is dull... There's nothing to do here but look at loud planes fly through the sky.. And the occasional dead Pokemon on the street that died from all of the air pollution here." Darien said walking over a dead Pokemon as he continued on to the Mistralton City because Jack hadnt contacted him yet.

    "Row, row, row your ***~ Gently down the street~ Merrily merrily merrily~ those men just see as a piece of meat~" a elderly man sang as he walked towards Darien along with a cute girl with oddly pink hair.

    "Oh my Buddah! Oh my Buddah! Professer, this is the type of hair I want!.." the cute girl said running up to Darien and showing the elderly man apparently a Professer his hair.

    "As long as you get me some Benjamins you can get your hair done anytime, baby-doll. But dont I know you?" the elderly man asked Darien who was confused by the whole conversation.

    "I think... Your Prof. Juniper's dad, right? I remember your infamous lecture... Didnt like 16 children and women die on your live lecture or something?" Darien asked Prof. Juniper who chuckled and replied.

    "Well, when your trying to demonstrate how a Pokemon thats rabid and insane can injure/kill someone, how else are you suppose to teach without live subjects? I still got my license taken away.. The bastards.. But now I'm an archeologist- Because I like to kill people- I mean look at dead things.. Yeah.." Prof. Juniper said as he corrected himself which made the cute girl giggle.

    "My name is Skyla. I'm Cedric's Main Girl/Girlfriend and I'm also Mistralton City's Gym Leader at the moment, though, my brother also holds the position but he's gone at the moment. Like I'm about to be because I gotta go get my hair did and then I gotta take this plane on over to Lentimas Town.. Speaking of which, did you hear about the accident that happend next to Lentimas Town?" Skyla asked Cedric after her long rant about nothing.

    "Stop talking so much ****, and yes.. The thing that interested me was that it was so close to the League.. Do you think it was a gang of Trainers or a Team of some sort?" Cedric asked Skyla who shrugged and began to tell him all what she knew.

    "Drayden went out to check for me.. But he said that him and Iris werent able to find any trace of the town.. Its like it was erased from existence. Kinda reminds me of Shaniqua when she decided to become a real woman.." Skyla said sad about what had happend to the town as Darien wrote down all what the said just in case, but then remembered that the NPMC was evil and stopped.

    "... So a whole town dissappeared? Do you guys think it was Team Plasma or the NPMC?.." Darien asked the two, hoping they would know what he was talking about when the suddenly start to laugh at him.

    "Hahaha! Your one dumb ****! No, Darien.. The NPMC are not involved, I was in a meeting with their boss at time of the accident. And Team Plasma are a punch of punk ****es to do something like this." Cedric said as he showed him where the incident occured on a Unova map.

    "I'm gonna head over to the "Dead People/ Devil Worshipper Tower" now. After I'm gonna go to Lentimas to see my mama and Miles.. If you want, me and you can battle tomorrow! I'm done with my other job for the week so.. See ya!" Skyla said walking off from the two guys as she got inside of her cargo plane, waved goodbye and flew off.

    "... When she says "Dead People/ Worshipper Tower" does she mean Celestial Tower?.. Because I'm gonna go there to say goodbye to.. someone.." Darien said as he turned to Cedric who laughed a humble laugh (for some reason).

    "Dead people's mouths are so cold on my body... I mean- Hello, my name is Prof. Cedric Juniper. I study the origins of Pokemon as well as own the "Undella Town Slave Auction Club". Or if you want to sell some of the "merchandise" the "Rich Person's Only Society Club"." Cedric said as he shook Darien's hand who looked at him like the lunatic he was.

    "Dont tell me your Daddy P. Cedric... The guy who's in charge of that "Adult Bookstore" and "Adult Video Store' in Nuvema Town.." Darien said as he cleaned his hand off after shaking Cedric's while Cedric laughed.

    "Yes, yes I am! You may also know me as the editor and chief of- "These ***es Getting-" Cedric said before he was cut off by Darien who closed his eyes and blocked out the last part.

    "Your a disgusting old man... And now I know why Prof. Juniper is so insane.. She was raised by someone like you." Darien said as he shook his head and sighed.

    "No, her mom's pretty crazy too... I had to put her in a home- Because she was trying to vote for Obama, can you believe her?" Cedric asked Darien who rolled his eyes and began to leave.

    "Yeah... I'm done... I hope we never meet again.." Darien said as he waved goodbye while walking out of Mistralton City.

    "Dont forget this number! You can get free slaves at the auction with it! 660-991-778! Dont forget now!" Cedric shouted to Darien as he flicked him off and kept on going out of the city.

    "Celestial Tower is the place where people pray to say goodbye to their love ones... Its home to a few devil worshipping people too, who try to absorb the spirits of the ghost aka weirdos." Darien said as he read off a pamphlet while running in the rain on his way to the tower.

    "It would be really nice to have a hoodie right now! Man! Why did I waste all my money on buying my Blitzle back from the Daycare?! Also, why do we have to pay to get our Pokemon back from what appears to be a free daycare service?! Shouldnt we at least pay up front before we register our Pokemon for daycare?! Gosh, none of this makes any sense!" Darien complained as he finally reached the tower and ran into it to get shelter from the rain.

    "The rain drops are tears of dead Pokemon.. Its so sad so many Pokemon die- Just so we can learn lessons." a Sage said as Darien got up from the floor, blinked a couple times and replied.

    "Cant tell if your a devil worshipper or just a nutcase.. But in any case.. Do you know where I can pray for the departure of a friend of mine?" Darien asked the Sage who pointed upwards, revealing a bell to be at the top.

    "But beware... retards will want to battle you.. Even though it should be against the rules in a Pokemon Cementery.." the Sage said as she dissappeared deeper and deeper into the shadows.

    "Retards will battle me?.. Or I could refuse, right?.. Just gonna have to wait and see." Darien said as he began to walk up the stairs, his feet starting to ache after the 6th flight.

    "This place... Will be the death of me... And I dont think they bury people here... Execpt for Pokephiles.. This would- be there dying wish.." Darien said as he reached the second to final flight before he was hit in the face with a Poke-ball.

    "Man! I hit a human! And I thought you were a Chandelure ran up to Darien who was knocked out by the Poke-ball's impact.

    "... Why did you do that?! Who throws balls at people's faces?!" Darien asked the man as he shouted at him making the man hush Darien while he tried to find something.

    "I'm trying to find a rare Pokemon called Chandulure that can lead the soul's of people into hell... So I can get revenge on my boss for having an affair with my wife." the man said as he continued to search the premises, making Darien roll his eyes until he saw a odd thing in the distance.

    "Whats that white door?! What the heck?!" Darien shouted as he began to panic while the man began to get on his knees.

    "Its Hell's Gate.. The Great Chandulure heard my prayers and is going to bring my boss to the gates of hell!" the man said as he bowed before the white gate annoying Darien who kicked him on his feet.

    "That thing isnt Hell! I dont know what it is but... It cant be Hell.." Darien said looking inside of it until he saw a huge hand coming out of it, like it was trying to get something.

    "Aaah! The Devil is after me for not praying enough!" the man shouted as he tried to run from the hand until it smacked him on the floor and dragged him into the white door.

    "Uh!.. Cant let you die- I guess! Go! Creme! Use Flame Charge!' Darien ordered his Blitzle who attacked the hand, but stopped him to no avail.

    "... That is the King of the Dreamworld... He cannot be defeated in this dimension.." the Sage from earlier said as she suddenly appeared before a stunned and shocked Darien.

    "King of the Dreamworld?! Why is he here in Celestial Tower?! And why is he taking that man!" Darien said as the hand continued to drag the man into the white door while the man struggled to his best effort.

    "... To sustain life, the King of the Dreamworld must live off of the souls of humans.. So thus- He must come to this tower every month to feast on the remaining life force of the Pokemon who recently passed. This man was just unlucky enough to be on the floor that he would appear on.. Tommorow, he'll go to Lost Tower in Sinnoh. And then the next.. I dont know.. Its hard to track where he will appear, but we must to reassure the safety of those who come to pray here. But this man- he has hate and revenge in his heart.. So the King wanted his soul the most." the Sage said as she watched the hand disperse after dragging the man into the Dreamworld, as the white door closed and vanished.

    "Is the King of Dreamworld.. A Pokemon.. or a God?.. " Darien asked the Sage who shrugged and dissappeared into the shadows while Darien became more and more confused in the world he lived in and its many mysteries. He then decided that he didnt (really) care and continued up the tower.

    "Heeey~! Darien~! I didnt know you came here too!" Skyla said as she waved from her plan, and landed on the top of the tower.

    "Hey, Skyla... I thought you were going to Hick- I mean Lentimas Town.." Darien said as she giggled and replied to him with a wink.

    "I wanna pray for my voyage first! Duh! And Miles said that he would be back today if you want to challenge my brother!" Skyla said as she grabbed the string that connected to the bell and rung it.

    "Nah, I really wanna kick your butt for some reason.. Maybe because you wear all those revealing clothes?" Darien said as he joked with her making her laugh and letting of the string for a second.

    "Your like so funny! Cedric says that I gotta represent the fanservice for his bussiness or he will sell my in his slave auction in Undella Town! Tee-hee~!" Skyla replied to Darien who blinked a couple of times and went on to reply to her by asking her about the bell.

    "How does it work?.. Do we just ring it and pray over the thing we need prayer for?.." Darien asked her looking up at the huge bell as she nodded and took the string and rang the bell 16 times.

    "Each of those rings is for a trip I gotta make today! There also for my daddy and grandpa who went into the sky! I cant wait for you challenge, Darien-chan~!" Skyla said getting back into her plane, waving and leaving back out for Lentimas Town.

    "... Anyway, I gotta ring it too... My prayer is that... Mia and Christian are living happily in Heaven.. And that when they did die, they lived their lives to the fullest. And everything to return to normal." Darien said ringing the bell 2 times for each of his friends, but remembering that Bianca may have died he rang it a third time out of respect.

    "Man... Alot has happend since I left home.. Team Plasma, Akira, and now this possible new threat that could mess up Unova even more.. And now I have to walk down these stairs again! Ba-hum-bug!" Darien said as he began the walk back down the tower stairs, as he started to remember two people from his past.

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    "Hey, Skyla... I thought you were going to Hick- I mean Lentimas Town.." Darien said as she giggled and replied to him with a wink.
    oooh you~

    Anyway I like this last chapter lol It's very laxed and natural for the most part.

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    Oh thank you lol The next few chapters will give off that feel until we get to the climax (which is of course in Iccirus City like in the games) I hope you enjoy all the next chapters because its gonna get intense soon!

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    oh i do want to ask you a question. when skyla says that she's cedric's main girl, are you saying that cedric has more than one girlfriend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothitelle K View Post
    oh i do want to ask you a question. when skyla says that she's cedric's main girl, are you saying that cedric has more than one girlfriend?
    Um... When she says that she means that he likes her better than all of his previous wives/girlfriends- Cedric is still married to his wife though (but she's in a "home") so technically they've been legally seperated since Prof. Juniper and Cedric became Backpackers lol

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