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Thread: BW- The Spy Who Changed/Saved Me (PG15)

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    wow cedric must be a pimp lol

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    Cedric is alot of things actually XD When he returns I plan on him explaining more of his and Prof. Junipers past and why he has become the succesful and corrupt man he is today. And Skyla... Yeah.. you cant tell right now but there's more to about her in this fanfic

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    Authors Note- The truth behind the NPMC is revealed! Who is the boss of the NPMC?! What is the fate of Unova with this new team running around?! And Skyla's family life is also revealed.. Viewer discretion is advised for homoerotic themes and teen pregnancy.

    "Eillen-san, tell me... What is the NPMC for real?" Darien asked Eillen who sighed and began to explain the orginazation.

    "The NPMC's true goal is to give or boss/president complete control of Unova.. But by doing that we can make sure that Unova becomes a more safer and peaceful region.. Rome wasnt built in a day, Darien and thats what were trying to accomplish now. We wont to build a greater region than the one we live in today. We arent using any "evil" methods as some agents might believe we are. Thats the reason we created "Whiteout" so that we could combat the odd occurences and build a greater tomorrow. " Eillen replied to Darien who sighed and then thought about it for a second and replied.

    "I just wish Jack would have told me that before I joined.. I probrably would have still joined before.. It not like I'm anti-peace or something." Darien replied to Eillen who nodded and sent over his new X-transeiver.

    "Jack may not be able to make contact with you for awhile.. Its not your fault nor his- He's just been asked to research 3 special Pokemon that are connected to the history of Unova. Until he returns from his mission, you will have to take orders from me and the boss directly, understood?" Eillen asked him as he nodded, understanding the suituation.

    "Thank you for telling me the truth Eillen and give the boss and Jack my best." Darien said to Eillen who smiled (for once) and logged off the monitor.

    "The only problem is... Skyla said she was the Gym Leader, but unlike Clay- Her Gym is hidden somewhere!" Darien said as he screamed into the sky, angry at how the Unova Gym's appear.

    "There sure are alot of airplanes here... I wonder how much air pollution this city alone causes." Darien said looking at all of the planes coming and going.

    "Millions to be exact... But then again, this airport is connected to the Lentimas Town airport so they would need men at both locations.." a young man said as he actually began to consider the possibility of the pollution from the Mistralton Airport.

    "Um... Who are you freaky guy with a weird haircut and abnormal grey hair?.." Darien asked the young man who smirked and then blew his whistle and shouted his name.

    "I am Miles! Mistralton City co-Gym Leader!... Well, I was until me and a fellow Pilot began to have homoerotic feelings for eachother and i had to leave the position to my pregnant sister Skyla or risk my family's darkest secret becoming public.." Miles said as he began to rant on and on about things, annoying Darien.

    "Skyla's pregnant?.. And, what dark secret are you talking about?..." Darien said looking at the man like he was an idiot (which he was) while Miles chuckled a bit.

    "You see, every male in my family is named Miles.. The reason for that is because of a promise my great grandfather made to his secret male lover to honor when he died in the Nobunaga Wars. And it just so happens that the Pilot I was romantically involved with is his great grandson- I shouldnt have told you that.." Miles said as he mumbled the last part so that Darien couldnt hear him, making Darien hit him on the head.

    "Why does that matter?! And why didnt you tell me the Skyla pregnant part of my question?!" Darien asked Miles who reluctantly nodded while Darien stormed off, in anger that Miles was such an unbelivable idiot and kiss-up.

    "Oh joy... Her Gym just has to be on an airport... Doesnt she know how dangerous this is?!" Darien said while he quickly ran from the planes just in case one of them might hit him (paranoid much?).

    "Looks like you have a complaint towards our Gym Leader, huh?" a Pilot asked as he showed Darien that the building beyond the airport was the Gym.

    "Does she not realize that common sense says, "Dont put your Gym by an airport, People will die!" or is she just so stupid she doesnt realize common sense?" Darien asked the Pilot who shrugged and then replied.

    "When Skyla was a baby- her Grandpa Miles, dropped her out of his plane 56 feet in the sky.. Skyla suffered critical brain damage of course.. But Miles and her father, Miles were so adament on her being the family's first female Pilot.. So they enrolled her into Pilot Training Courses... Let me tell you- there was alot of bribery, blackmail, and seduction involved.. And when Skyla turned 18 she got pregnant by her instructor. End of story." the Pilot said while Darien continued to blink his eyes to make sure he wouldnt die from all of the idiotic behavior of Skyla's family.

    "So Skyla is pregnant... Wonder how she can still fly a plane.." Darien said to the Pilot who laughed and replied to his statement.

    "Because Skyla's motto is... "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better".. Wait- Come to think of it, what the hell does that have to do with anything?.." the Pilot said as he shrugged and started to prepear his plane for when Skyla returned.

    Suddenly a white and orange plan comes into view and finally lands on the port.

    "Mission complete! Clay's "happy pills" have been sent over to Iccirus City! Dun~dun~dun~dun~dun~dun~dun!" Skyla said as she sang a weird tune, making Darien roll his eyes.

    "So how about that Gym battle Skyla?.. Your done with your Pilot job today right?" Darien asked her as she winked at him and started to say something before she fell off of her plane.

    "Oh my goodness! Are you and the baby okay?!" Darien asked running over to her and helping her up from her fall.

    "Teehee~ The babies fine.. He's a daredevil like his mommy, silly!.." Skyla said while laughing and starting to walk to her Gym.

    "You have to remember.. This is Skyla.. She doesnt know how to be a good mother.." the Pilot said as he begun to get inside of his plane to make a delivery.

    "Come to think of it- She doesnt have much of a belly... How many months pregnant is she?" Darien asked the Pilot who began to shout because his plane was taking off.

    "3... I think... She just turned 18 a few months ago! She's gonna marry the childs father because he's the best Pilot the family has- but he's in love with her brother Miles! Oh yeah! I'm Brody! The childs father! Nice to meet you!" the Pilot said as he took off for wherever he was going.

    "If this is suppose to be a joke... Its not funny... "All in the Family" is the worlds most prejudice show but even thats funnier than this.." Darien said as he walked on towards the Gym feeling bad for Skyla a little bit (emphasis on a little bit).

    "Skyla! I'm here to challenge you! Come at me! You pregnant street-walker!" Darien yelled as he entered the Gym abrutly, the Gym appeared to be empty but suddenly cannons appeared from all over.

    "Daredevil Skyla begins to make her first stunt after several years of a unofficial hiatus! Will newcomer Darien also attempt to make the stunt as well?!" an announcer shouted to what appeared to be an audience of Pilots coming up from the rising stands.

    "Daredevil?! Skyla?! Stunt?!" Darien said as Skyla suddenly appeared from one of the rising stands and put up the victory sign.

    "Hey Darien! Before you try this you should know that every single person other than me who does this for a Gym battle dies! Okay~?" Skyla said as she winked at him making Darien blink a couple times then respond.

    "WHAT?! Die how?!" Darien asked her as she was put inside of a cannon and aimed towards another one.

    "Like this! Watch!" Skyla said as she was shot from cannon to cannon looking like she was flying the entire time, while Darien didnt know whether to be mesmerized or to be worried about her and the baby.

    "Skyla! First off, there's no way I'm doing that! Second off, why are you doing it?!" Darien asked her as she giggled and waved at him dismissively.

    "Stop being a worried wart! Little Miles and me do this all the time! Sure, the Department of Health shut it down countless times but what does kill you makes you-" Skyla said as she begun to say something and waited for her Gym Pilots to finish it for her with all of them saying "Stronger".

    "... You are one missed up woman... Darien said as he began to send out his Pokemon.

    "Wait, wait... You wanna battle me?..." Skyla asked Darien who nodded slowly because he didnt know why else he would be there.

    "Of course I do... Thats why I'm here..." Darien said to her while she looked puzzled at what he was saying and tried to figure it out.

    "... Why?... Am I something important or something?..." Skyla asked Darien who almost fell on the ground for how stupid she was.

    "Your a Gym Leader! Duh! People battle you for badges!" Darien shouted at her while she still looked puzzled then remembered.

    "Oh yeah! I'm the Gym Leader of Mistralton City! Skyla!" Skyla shouted as she winked at Darien again making him roll his eyes and send out his Pokemon.

    "Go! Pignite! Lets get this over with!" Darien shouted as he sent out his Pignite, who was ready and willing to battle against Skyla.

    "I see... a Fire/Fighting type isnt very good against a Psychic and Flying type! Go! Swoobat!" Skyla shouted as she sent out her Swoobat who looked like it was already beaten up.

    "How can you remember battling stuff but not that your a Gym Leader?!" Darien asked her as she shrugged and looked closer at her Swoobat, noticing he was in an odd amount of discomfort.

    "Oh yeah!.. I forgot to go to the center and heal my Pokemon after battling that kid with the glasses!" Skyla said as Darien shook his head in disbelief on how stupid she was.

    "Looks like we have the advantage! Use Flame Charge Heaty!" Darien shouted as Skyla ordered her Swoobat to use "Psychic" defeating Pignite before he could even attack.

    "Wow- It actually worked! I was just calling a random attack and it worked!" Skyla said as she jumped for joy making Darien cringe a little but then sent out his Vanillite.

    "Nea! Use Icy Wind!" Darien ordered his Neapolitan as it hit Swoobat head on and defeated it with a mighty icy blow.

    "Amazing!~ Your almost as cold as Brycen! (what ever could she mean by that?) Go! Unfezant!" Skyla said as she sent out her Unfezant who was ready to battle, while Darien began to laugh at how easy it was.

    "Use Ice Beam Vanillite! Freeze that Tweety-Bird!" Darien said as he defeated the Unfezant once again in one attack.

    "Holy... Your really tough Darien! You must have like some type of power!" Skyla said as she began to send out her next Pokemon while Darien began to boast.

    "Well, I wouldnt say that I'm that strong... But I do have 5 badges! And no- I dont have a power, silly..." Darien said making Skyla smile and giggle.

    "I do! I have the Will of Ranse- Aerial Heal" so I can heal Flying types." Skyla said as Darien's eyes almost left out of his sockets in shock.

    "A-A Gym Leader has the Will of Ranse?! I thought only those Sages could do that stuff!" Darien said as Neapolitan looked at him like he was crazy while he panicked, Skyla then sends out her Swanna and heals her from her past injuries.

    "Swanna is my vintage! When I think of my Gym battles- I think of Swanna-chan~!" Skyla said as her Swanna used Air Slash on Neapolitan making him faint in one attack.

    "Now I see how your Pokemon feel... Wait- If you can heal your Pokemon why didnt you heal the other two?" Darien asked her as she shrugged and then giggled, Darien sent out the only Pokemon who could survive a battle against her- Creme (Blitzle).

    "Alright Swanna! Use that one move that I forgot!" Skyla shouted at her Swanna who fired a powerful Bubblebeam and critically injured Creme.

    "We cant lose against someone like Skyla! Blitzle! Use Shock Wave!" Darien ordered his Creme who unleashed a powerful Shock Wave that paralyzed Swanna.

    "Oh no... Looks like you have so more umph left inside of you!" Skyla said as she winked while her Swanna went in for a Air Slash attack.

    "Thats what she said... Also- Use Spark Blitzle!" Darien ordered his Creme who shot a powerful Spark at Swanna making it faint instantly in the process.

    "Teehee~! Looks like my wings just got clipped~!" Skyla said as she took the badge out of a case and handed it to Darien.

    "Who says that leaving your Pokemon at a Daycare for 5 months is bad?.. I still won my badge!" Darien shouted as he showed Skyla his badge while she appluaded and smiled for him.

    "I forgot to use my Will of Ranse to heal my Swanna when it got paralyzed.. So technically we werent at our best.. Oh well~! Darien, keep on soaring through the sky and the sky is the limit!" Skyla said as she read off of a cue card behind Darien.

    "Why use two phrases instead of just one.. Anyway- See you Skyla and dont forget to tell me when Little Miles is born!" Darien said as he returned his Blitzle and waved goodbye to Skyla.

    "Badge 6... I cant believe it! This is awesome! And because Skyla was mentally handicapped it was actually pretty easy..." Darien said as he left out of the gym gawking at his new badge before he heard a familiar voice behind him.

    "Your Pokemon... What is it that they want from the battles that they have with you?.. Is it companionship- or maybe its respect. But what more do you give than simple "Horray" or "Good job"? N asked while he walked up to Darien and looked at his Poke-Balls that hung on his belt (please, dont read this wrong).

    "M... Who are you tell me about how to raise my Pokemon?! You work with a Team like Team Plasma that tried to kill me in Driftveil! Your no better than the so called "monsters" you portray humans to be in your secluded twisted little mind." Darien shouted at N who began to get a bit saddened by Darien's words but still replied in a elegant manner.

    "My views may be a bit more diffrent than others, but never have I ever meant to portray all of humanity as monsters. The more your anger explodes on people the more you push them away and hurt them. Thus, you become the "monster" that you believe I describe you to be. In truth, I have faith in very few humans.. My heart is mainly connected with Pokemon and that is how it must be for me to save them. From the monsters that hurt them. I hope- One day you can see my ambitions for what they really are and not what you suspect them to be." N said while he bowed Darien a goodbye and went on his way inside of the Gym while Darien caught a glimpse of depression from his face.

    "That guy... Why is he so... M like... I didnt mean to hurt him- same with Akira.. I just try to tell them the truth but when I do my emotions get the best of me.. How can I tell the truth without hurting others?" Darien asked himself while he started to leave Mistralton City, heading for the next mission assignment.

    "I cant believe it... How could our system have been hacked by an outside force? No one in the world could have done that without our noticing. So how was this individual able to do it so easily and nonchalantly?" a mystery man asked Eillen who looked at him desperately trying to find an answer herself.

    "Somehow... Someone was able to get into our systems mainframe using someone that is already inside of our orignazation.. It could be that we have a double agent here or it could that they have no idea of the infiltration and are being manipulated by an outside offender." Eillen replied the mystery man who shook his head and began to ponder what the reason was behind the hacking.

    "Whoever is behind this is a threat to our orginazation and they must be handled immediately before a crisis occurs in Unova and we are unable to stop it. I will be damned if something happens to the region that I have been trying to save for so long now- If need be... Desperate times will call for desperate measures and we will have to call in the "professional" " the mystery man replied while he looked at the bugs and viruses that began to infect the NPMC throughout Unova.

    "Before we call in that guy, who is all the way in Hoeen at the moment.. We should consider that we have someone already here who can possible handle the threat. When my Beeheeyem and Simisear were investigating the systems mainframe the found out that the only "Whiteout" member who hasnt been affected by this virus is Darien.. Because he hasnt turned on his new X-transeiver yet. With that known, and possibly unknown to the enemy we can use him to bring them down." Eillen said to the mystery man who had to think for a moment to decide if that was the best course of action and agreed.

    "I agree that he is the best caniddate to help in this fight against whoever this new enemy is.. When you next speak with him tell him to come to Opelucid City immediately for his new mission assignments." the mystery man said as he saw news footage of yet another town disappearing mysteriously overnight and worrying for the whole Unova region.

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    heyyyyyyyy kiddo!~

    "... You are one missed up woman... Darien said as he began to send out his Pokemon.
    that should be messed up

    "When Skyla was a baby- her Grandpa Miles, dropped her out of his plane 56 feet in the sky.. Skyla suffered critical brain damage of course.. But Miles and her father, Miles were so adament on her being the family's first female Pilot.. So they enrolled her into Pilot Training Courses... Let me tell you- there was alot of bribery, blackmail, and seduction involved.. And when Skyla turned 18 she got pregnant by her instructor. End of story." the Pilot said while Darien continued to blink his eyes to make sure he wouldnt die from all of the idiotic behavior of Skyla's family.
    in short, she was dropped on her head as a child lol

    "Wait, wait... You wanna battle me?..." Skyla asked Darien who nodded slowly because he didnt know why else he would be there.

    "Of course I do... Thats why I'm here..." Darien said to her while she looked puzzled at what he was saying and tried to figure it out.

    "... Why?... Am I something important or something?..." Skyla asked Darien who almost fell on the ground for how stupid she was.

    "Your a Gym Leader! Duh! People battle you for badges!" Darien shouted at her while she still looked puzzled then remembered.

    "Oh yeah! I'm the Gym Leader of Mistralton City! Skyla!" Skyla shouted as she winked at Darien again making him roll his eyes and send out his Pokemon.
    my god, she's a kid. she's allowed to be clueless!

    "I see... a Fire/Fighting type isnt very good against a Psychic and Flying type! Go! Swoobat!" Skyla shouted as she sent out her Swoobat who looked like it was already beaten up.

    "How can you remember battling stuff but not that your a Gym Leader?!" Darien asked her as she shrugged and looked closer at her Swoobat, noticing he was in an odd amount of discomfort.

    "Oh yeah!.. I forgot to go to the center and heal my Pokemon after battling that kid with the glasses!" Skyla said as Darien shook his head in disbelief on how stupid she was.
    you don't need the periods after "oh yeah!"

    I must say, Skyla is so my favorite character in this fic. Comic relief FTW!

    "Use Ice Beam Vanillite! Freeze that Tweety-Bird!" Darien said as he defeated the Unfezant once again in one attack.
    buut unfezant looks nothing like tweety bird, kid. lol

    "I forgot to use my Will of Ranse to heal my Swanna when it got paralyzed.. So technically we werent at our best.. Oh well~! Darien, keep on soaring through the sky and the sky is the limit!" Skyla said as she read off of a cue card behind Darien.
    we so need more of you girl!

    "Somehow... Someone was able to get into our systems mainframe using someone that is already inside of our orignazation.. It could be that we have a double agent here or it could that they have no idea of the infiltration and are being manipulated by an outside offender." Eillen replied the mystery man who shook his head and began to ponder what the reason was behind the hacking.
    comma at the bolded period.

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    Oh yeah sorry about the errors lol I was kinda rushing for some reason.. And Skyla's gonna play a really big role in the next Saga because of who her kid is and the fact that she owns a plane... yeah...

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    I hope so because she was too awesome here lol

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    Thanks lol I didnt think I did too well in making her not seem generic but I guess she's my best written girl gym leader so far

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    Authors Note- What are the 4 Pinnacles of the world?! And what would happen if one of them was gone?! Darien makes up with Cheren this chapter and Geoff is back again -_- Enjoy!

    "Twist Mountain is said to be one of the most unique because of the fact that it looks as if it is in a spiral.." Darien said to himself as he read over the history of Twist Mountain while he continued to walk onward towards the mountain on his way to his next mission assignment.

    "It has been said that there was once a war that occured on this mountain.. Back then, this mountain acted as a wall to divide the non-warring nations and the Military nations of Unova. After the war though.. It got its current state which is the odd shape that you see before you now." Cheren said as he was sitting on the steps in front of the caves entrance, seemingly thinking about something for awhile.

    "... Cheren! Hey! Are you still mad at me?!" Darien asked him very excited and happy to see Cheren after what happend in Driftveil City previously while Cheren scoffed.

    "If you mean that little scuffle in Driftveil forget about it- me and Akira went off somewhere to train afterward and she got over and so did I.." Cheren said showing him all of his newly evolved Pokemon making Darien a bit jealous of his new potential but then taken back by Cheren saying "Akira" and "Training" in the same sentence.

    "Akira trained?!.. Was she forced to or- what?" Darien asked Cheren who began to reply to him with a slight smirk. "Akira decided that she could no longer keep up with us at her current state so some ex-Nurse Joy taught us all of her skills and gave us some knowledge on things that normal Trainers arent suppose to know.. And thats inspired me to get closer and closer to being Champion to help the world." Cheren said as he returned all of his Pokemon but his Unfezant.

    "I would like to have a battle with you- So I can see if what I was told was the truth!" Cheren said to Darien who looked confused after his explanation but eventually snapped out of it and sent out his Creme.

    "We wont go easy on you! Skyla can tell you how powerful he is- Now! Use Shock Wave!" Darien ordered his Blitzle who fired at Unfezant and defeated it with one attack suprising both Darien and Cheren. Suddenly he begins to glow and then evolves into a Zebstrika.

    "No way... He not only beat me in one move but then his Pokemon evolves right afterward. She was right about you and Akira after all.." Cheren said sounding depressed but hiding his facial expressions behind his glasses.

    "Cheren... Just because you wear glasses doesnt mean- that your cooler than me!" Darien said trying to cheer up Cheren while he cringed a little and punched Darien in the face.

    "That was the worlds lamest joke! You should be shot for saying that!" Cheren shouted at him in a rage that he would say that to him at a time like this.

    "Yeah, yeah.. I just insulted all nerds everywhere.." Darien said getting up off of the ground after the hit that he took from Cheren as they both began to fist fight with eachother.

    "Your kids are gonna end up wearing glasses because you always make fun of me! Karma's a ****,huh?" Cheren said to Darien as they both collasped on the ground after fighting for over an hour.

    "You two have quite alot of stamina dont you?.. I havent seen this since the Striaton City killer who is also the Lacunosa Town killer started to hunt people in his survival games." Alder said handing them both a bottle of water as they both hesitated but took it anyway.

    "Alder... What are you doing here?... I thought that the Police would have found out about your slave trade by now..." Darien said as he began to get up from the ground and dust himself off.

    "My bussiness associate, Cedric Juniper has been spotted in Iccirus City so I'm making my way there.. But this mountain is confusing- especially when your drunk doing it." Alder said while he began to make his way back inside the cave before Cheren began to ask him a question.

    "About the 4 Pinnacles- What would happen if one of them falls?" Cheren asked Alder quickly before he left.

    "Oh.. well... I guess the world would fall into chaos or something as equally stupid as that." Alder said as he began to stumble over words because of how drunk he had been at the moment.

    "The 4 Pinnacles? Whats that? Some ride at some lousy amusement park?" Darien asked the two as they looked at him like he was crazy before Alder began to chuckle and explained.

    "No, no. The 4 Pinnacles are like the stiches that hold a mental patients leg together- Each of these Pinnacles are the reason why the world hasnt gone down the **** hole yet."Alder replied actually pretty well (dispite his being drunk).

    "Each Pinnacle is in charge of something that helps the world function. For example, the Pokemon League Association is in charge of a League from the Champion to the Gym Trainers beneath a Gym Leader. This Pinnacle allows the worlds diffrent trainers to challenge gyms and test their skills to the best of their ability. In turn, the are in a certain alliance with the Professers Union, help to send the new Trainers out on their journeys to challenge Gyms and see if they are strong enough for the ultimate challenge." Cheren said as he explained two of the Pinnacles of the world while Darien (for some reason) took notes of this in his journal.

    "The Professers Union branches off into a variety of diffrent factions such as, the Pokemon Medical Union aka Pokemon Centers, the Pokemon Archeology Union, the Pokemon Daycare Union, ect." Alder replied to Cheren's first explanation while Darien began to get a bit confused on the worlds Pinnacles.

    "And then what would the other two be? Economy and Goverment? Since we have the Leagues and Education." Darien said to them as Alder laughed at him with a crepper sounding laugh and replied to his comment.

    "You see- as anyone with a 4th grade education would know the Goverment is in charge of the Economy so their not two seperate Pinnacles, the final two are Underworld and Goverment/Economy." Alder replied to a confused Darien who began to ask him another question.

    "So then just what is this Underworld thing?.. Do you mean crime?" Darien asked Alder who nodded as another person came in to explain.

    "To' make' sure' that' this' hur' world' is kept' in balance'- that' thur' Underworld' is needed in' the Pinnacles' so' that' balance' isnt thrown' thrown' off' and everybody' and they' mama' aint' being goody-goodies'.." Clay said as he left out of the cave and began to clean his dusted hat.

    "Wait- Isnt peace a good thing Clay-san?.." Darien asked Clay who was putting back on his hat and began to think of a reply but couldnt think of one.

    "If everyone in the world was peaceful then it would suck- that a good enough ansewer for you?.." Cheren asked Darien who nodded and put his journal away.

    "What was with that question Cheren? Do you have information that one of the Pinnacles might not exist anymore?.." Alder asked Cheren who shook his head while Darien began to head into the cave while the three were distracted.

    "Watch' out' for' that those' Mienfoo'! Somethings' got'em' fueding with the Beartic'!" Clay shouted to Darien who looked confused but nodded slowly (not knowing what he meant).

    "Mienfoo usually live in places like cities... Why are they out in Twist Mountain?.. Is it more swarms or is a crisis going on here?" Darien asked himself when he suddenly ran into a Mienfoo who was running from something.

    "Oh! Are you okay, little buddy?" Darien asked the Mienfoo who gave him a look of hate and attacked him mercilessly.

    "What the what?! Thats it! Go! Sirloin! Use Brick Break!" Darien shouted as he sent out his Scraggy who was defeated in one Revenge attack.

    "Man... Scraggy being half Dark type is a total inconvience.. Oh well- I'll have to do this the Johnny Sue way! Go! Ultra-ball!" Darien said as he sent out a Poke-ball and caught the raging Mienfoo.

    "And with Wasabi going at the NPMC HQ (dont ask) looks like you got a place in my team!..." Darien shouted once again making the ceiling of the cave begin to tremble slightly.

    "... You dont work here, do you?" a worker asked Darien who turned around the bulky man holding a shovel and a hammer.

    "Um... No... I'm a traveler on my way to Iccirus City. Sorry if I'm inconvincing you in some kinda way.." Darien said while he slowly walked away and waved goodbye before being hit with a blunt object and being knocked out.

    "Where... Am I... A cage? Seriously- This is turning into a Jersey thing." Darien said to himself while he looked around for anyone to help him but seeing no one before he heard the sound of construction trucks and workers crowding around him.

    "Great, another hippie comes out here to jepordize the construction some more- Clay and Alder were a problem and now some punk kid?!" the head worker shouted to his men who saluted him (for no reason).

    "Hippie? Me? No... I'm just on my way to Iccirus City! I could give a care about what you all are trying to build!" Darien said while he discretly tried to break out of the cage.

    "Oh my... Thats no hippie Morrison! Thats my old friend Darien from Castelia City- and Nimbasa City! Long time no see Darien my boy!" Geoff shouted to Darien who looked at him with anger and frustration.

    "Oh great... Its the nutcase Geoff! What are you up to now you annoying old man?!" Darien shouted to him as he chuckled and snapped for his presentation board.

    "You see Darien, after you stopped my Venipede Pheromone plan and then my brainwashing plan- I decided that it was about time I do something for the people that I hurt! And I am! My newest plan is to create the worlds largest casino on this mountain (seeing as how Unova lacks one completely)." Geoff said while showing him all of the steps of the plan.

    "Yeah right, what do you get out of it other than more money for yourself?" Darien asked Geoff who laughed normally then it turned into a maniacal and sadistic laugh.

    "My plan is to use this casino as means to make people happy- and of course being a person I will be happy as well.. Due to the fact that obviously people will lose in my (rigged) slot machines they will become desperate to win- and in a special feature that only my casino will have I will offer them one final game... As long as they give me all they own and bore!" Geoff replied to Darien's question as he began to chuckle while ordering his workers to chuckle as well.

    "Gawd Geoff! Your such a jerk! Your the King of Bastards Geoff! Congrats!" Darien shouted at him as he was infuriated by his plan and sent out his Pignite discretly from his pocket.

    "Your just jealous that I'm gonna be the richest man in Unova! Darien- you will gravel at my feet! Wait- you already do! Hahahahaha!" Geoff said as he snapped and the workers wheeled the chart away while Darien whispered orders to his Pignite.

    Suddenly the cage is melted and Darien falls out of it on top of a construction truck.

    "Gee, Geoff... Your plans are usually more laid out but this just sounds desperate and- fake!" Darien said while he sent out the rest of his Pokemon making Geoff cringe but then start to laugh a little bit.

    "You found me out... There will be no casino.." Geoff said to Darien as his workers gasped and started to look angry at Geoff.

    "My plan all along was to use the power that is held deep within this mountain to create a super charged weapon that could blast a hole through space and time- thus bringing me to the past or future and allowing me to manipulate to my own means!" Geoff shouted in passion of his plan while the workers began to shout at him.

    "You lied to us! What about the casino that will make us all millionaires?!" the workers asked Geoff as he began to laugh in full (bastard) maniacal mode and sent out his Gothita, Beeheeyem, and Garbordor.

    "What are all of you to me but butt monkeys?! When I control the past I'll make sure to kill your mothers first! Bwahahahaha!" Geoff said while he got on top of the crane and ordered his Pokemon to attack the workers.

    Suddenly, Mienfoo sees him and begins to attack himm but is badly injured by Gothita.

    "Mienfoo?... Do you know Geoff or something?" Darien asked his Mienfoo who ignored his question and went in for another attack on Geoff but this time being stopped by Garbordor's Venoshock.

    "Those stupid Mienfoo are able to sense danger like my ex- wife could sense me being loaded one day! So- they came to this mountain to stop my plan but they didnt plan on coming in conflict with the Beartic on this mountain! I didnt even have to genocide those little turds- they fell right into my trap!" Geoff said as his Pokemon began to beat up the workers and some of Darien's other Pokemon.

    "I see... So your a true blue ***hole after all Geoff.. Not even Pokemon are safe from you! Everyone go! Use your strongest attacks on Geoff and his Pokemon!" Darien shouted at his team who all obeyed and fired their attacks at Geoff, making his Pokemon faint one by one.

    "Uh... Hmm... This is... Akward.." Geoff said as everyone there began to glare and at him and cracked their knuckles.

    Before they all heard a devasting noise that came from the top of the mountain.

    "Wait... Dont tell me all those attacks caused..." Darien said as he looked up at the mountain began to slightly tremble to a tremondous tremble that sent snow pummeling down the mountain.

    "Avalanche!!" everyone shouted as they all tried to run for safety while some were swallowed up (including Geoff).

    Suddenly Darien see's the mountains exit and makes it out safely. "Great its official.. Everywhere I go I cause a little bit more chaos in my wake.." Darien said to himself as all of the workers lay in the snow, relived that they were able to escape the mountain alive.

    "One question though- what kinda city is this?.." Darien asked himself as he looked at the snow covered city that lay before him as well as the windmills that slowly turned and the spooky song that played throughout the city.

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    Authors Note- Lucky readers! This is the chapter before the climax of the Saga! Once again, who are these mysterious group of people?! Whats with Brycen?! And Akira and Darien are acting like nothing happened?! What?! Also- the "Darien's Childhood Memory" special chapter and the climax chapter will be released soon. Enjoy!

    "Is it just me or does this town seem really down in the dumps.. I mean this place looks like where old people go to retire.. Or worse- where they put all of the mental patients who arent allowed in the beautiful parts of Unova.." Darien said taking pictures of the landscape of Iccirus City while he commented on the dullness of it all.

    "Iccirus City wouldnt win the most notable city in Unova award- but we do have something that drives alot of scholars and researchers here.. Its called DragonSpiral Tower." a young girl said while she was walking down the path and heard Darien's commentary.

    "DragonSpiral?.. Sounds like some lame card game, whats so interesting about it?" Darien asked as he put his camera away and turned to the young girl who further explained the tower.

    "When Unova was known as Ranse and all of the nations were at war- this was the heart of the warring nations. The great Warlord Nobunaga used this tower to control the Ranse Region to his desire and help him to create the worlds most powerful military army. It was here that he sought the pursuit of ideals and thus- he set free the sleeping legend that lived in there... ???. ???, feeling the mighty power that the man had held deep within him had a odd reaction that separated it into two diffrent Dragons. The half that felt as if Nobunaga was the true hero stayed with him while the one that felt he was a inferior went off in search of another hero." the young girl read out of a book and continued to show the pictures to Darien.

    "And so people think that they can catch a glimpse of the Dragon Pokemon if they go on that tower? Thats for real stupid... I mean- the war ended with the defeat of the Warlord Nobunaga so obviously the Dragon was defeated..." Darien said to the young girl who shrugged and began to walk away.

    "But that tower does at least deserve some investigation.. Especially if the Dragon Pokemon mentioned are the ones that Team Plasma are targeting.." Darien said picking up his bag and running onward towards the DragonSpiral Tower.

    "Man... Why didnt that little girl tell me that the tower cant be accessed without the permission of the Iccirus City's mayor or the Gym Leader.. I came all the way here for nothing!" Darien said as he started to complain about the little girl who told him about the tower, when he suddenly notices 6 individuals hanging out around the wooded area next to the towers entrance, as snow blurred some of their features from Darien.

    "Um... Can I help you guys?" Darien asked them while they all turned to look at him who was smiling a very humble smile.

    Darien then hears a very odd chuckle and wonders why one of them was laughing.

    "Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, cold isnt it?" ??? asked as she walked over towards him with a very suspicous smirk on her face, as she got closer it was revealed she was wearing a snow-white colored jacket while her lime-green hair flowed in the icy wind.

    "H- Hello... I was just seeing if you guys were lost or something.. You dont seem like your from around here." Darien said to ??? who gave a sort of warm smile and began to introduce herself.

    "My name is Calico Mune, and me and my associates are here to study this acient tower to find out the history of Unova- a bit more." Mune said while she began to look seductively at Darien (for some reason).

    "Oh.. Well, is there anyway I can help you guys out?" Darien asked a bit nervous because of the beautiful woman that was in front of him (and the way she was staring at him).

    "Well, we do have one problem... You see- to get inside of the DragonSpiral Tower we need the permission of the Mayor of Gym Leader- and with the Mayor gone the only way left is the Gym Leader.. but.." Mune said while she began to rub her arms a little bit, making Darien a bit more nervous and more easy to manipulate.

    "Is there a problem?.. Can you not challenge the Gym Leader yourself or something Miss?" Darien asked Mune in a very soft and nervous tone of voice as she giggled.

    "Uyuyuyu.. You see me and my associates have no Pokemon at the time because we lack the ability to. So me and my associates have been asking young Trainers like yourself to battle Brycen for his permission to enter the tower." Mune said to Darien as she began to unzip her jacket a bit, letting out a slight heatwave of heat while doing it.

    "Um... Er.. I was gonna go battle Brycen anyway- but now that you guys needed it open you can count on me!" Darien said to her as he saluted to Mune while she giggled a little.

    "Uyuyuyu- Tell me, Darien... Do you like them? Girls like me?" Mune asked Darien with a seductive smile as she began to zip back up her jacket some more.

    "Um... Yeah... Of course I like girls! And girls like you are like any other girl right?" Darien replied to her as she began to outright laugh but then got calm and asked another question.

    "Is it hard?-" Mune asked Darien who blushed and was taken back by her seemingly (R- rated) question.

    "What do you mean?! What are you talking about?!" Darien asked as he collasped in the snow out of shock that she would ask him such a question.

    "Gym battles I mean... Are they hard? I've always wondered if they were as hard as a challenge as people claimed they were." Mune said to Darien as her look of seduction slightly began to turn into a look a look of sadness.

    "Gym battles, huh? I guess its how hard you make them... Like- a beginner would have more trouble with a Gym then a Expert would. But- there's no need to worry about me! So far I've challenged 6 Gyms and now I'm ready to challenge my 7th to help you people out!" Darien said to Mune while waving at her "associates" in the distance.

    "Hmm... I do like you. Uyuyuyu..." Mune said while she waved goodbye to Darien and headed towards her "associates" in the distance.

    "Man... How did I just get roped in like that? That woman sure was seductive and oddly intelligent too.. Oh well, I gotta challenge the Gym anyway- helping people in the process is a bonus." Darien said to himself as he walked on towards Gym, while starting to realize after that comment that he was genuine goody-two-shoes.

    "I thought he'd never leave! Zahuhahahahaha! So is he doing what you asked of him, Ms.Calico Mune?!" ??? asked Mune as he began to drink what appeared to be his 9th bottle of rum as it flooded down his chin on to the snow, making it look like blood on the ground.

    "She must have used a little femme fatale to fool that simpleton into battling Brycen. Men like that are easily fooled by a little flirtation." ??? said to the group as he twirled his pistol around on his index finger hitting the trigger on accident and accidently shooting down a snow covered Red Oak tree.

    The tree began to tremble and soon fell to the ground with such a mighty thud that it shook the whole wooded area.

    "You all think of me as such a vexen, dont you? Uyuyuyu... I merely had a disscussion with a gentlemen who wanted to help us in our research.. Not everything has to be about sexual perversions you all know. Uyuyuyu." Mune said while she sat against another tree and began to ponder something.

    "I still dont know why you had to go! I could have used that guy just as easily as you, Mune!" ??? said (cant tell if its a boy or girl still) as they stuck out their tounge and glared at the men who snickering and chuckling.

    "What~ sex appeal~ Does someone like you~ Have~?" ??? asked ??? who hit them on the head with what appears to be a black book.

    "Men cant tell if your a little boy or a little girl because you dont have breast. When you grow some, feel free to seduce any loser you want." Mune said as she still pondered something while the burly man began to laugh and holler.

    "Zahuhahahaha! When that time comes you gotta be my wife/husband, okay?! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? said to ??? who rolled their eyes and went behind a tree to pout.

    "Anyway, what about the attention we've been garnering? Has any of it been able to reach the Goverment? If not... Then we've been killing millions for no real reason." ??? said as he put his gun back into his overcoat pocket and stood up to look at the muggy sky.

    "Werent you in charge of that ???.. Or did you forget?.." Mune asked ??? who stood there quietly for a second, still looking like a fortress then replied.

    "... The Goverment refuses to make us problem before they have evidence... We will have no choice but to continue to cause chaos across Unova until our goal has been realized." ??? said without opening his eyes and looking like he was sleeping (which he was).

    "So~ the Goverment~ refuses to acknowledge our presence until we do something unthinkable~ yes?~" ??? asked the silent man who was now clearly sleeping as he snored really loudly.

    "Zahuahahaha! That stupid Goverment! They dont care about the millions of lives we've ruined but they will if one of them were to be hurt! All we have to do is cause a fiasco so great that we shake the helms of the worlds Pinnacles! And I have a plan! Zahuhahaha!" ??? shouted as he laughed a very sinister laugh that echoed throughout the area and Iccirus City.

    "Its about time I got this badge anyway.. This city is so boring.." Darien said to himself as he walked to the Gym that actually wasnt hidden this time and was out in the open.

    "Man, this Gym sucked ***! That ex- Movie Star guy really needs to get a life..." Akira said walking out of the Gym and putting her badge in its case.

    "Akira?!You just won a badge?! Is he that weak?" Darien asked his cousin (even though they havent seen eachother in a couple of months).

    "Oh yeah... He was really easy- I beat him with my Vanity alone and Yama alone. Dude seriously needs to do something he's good at.. like teaching karate to unprevilidged kids from Detroit. Or some other poor place like North Mexico." Akira said trying to make fun of Brycen's mid-life crisis.

    "I have no idea who Vanity or Yama are but- Is Brycen really that pathetic?..." Darien asked while looking at the Gym that stood before him as Akira snickered.

    "Brycen's just depressed because he killed his wife and kid in a movie he was acting in. It was called "Jerk-Jacker III" or something." Akira replied to Darien as he blinked a couple of times to make sure he didnt hear the title wrong.

    "That sounds like the title to a adult film- a really homo-erotic adult film.." Darien said to himself and Akira who nodded and then commented.

    "He said he was an action star or something but I dont believe him.. Asians cant just come into this country to act in our movies! Either join one of our locally run mafia's or open a stereotypical Chinese restraunt-" Akira said before she realized that Darien was ignoring her and stopped herself mid sentence.

    "Arent you Asian Akira?.. And I gotta go challenge Brycen now.. Mune- I mean, this woman needs my help to get to the DragonSpiral Tower." Darien said as he began to walk into the Gym before Akira said something.

    "You mean a sexy woman who uses her unthomable sexiness to manipulate them to battle Brycen?" Akira asked Darien who turned around quickly and replied.

    "Does she have lime-green hair and wear a snow-white colored jacket?! (and a nice set of breast)" Darien asked her hoping that she knew some more about the woman who he just met earlier.

    "Other than my complete "Boob Envy" I had with her, she didnt really convince me to go this Gym for her and her partners.. I thought she was a "Yuki-onna" at first and then I remembered that their usually flat chested in their depictions. And pervy artist usually draw women really well- unless they gay because the "Mona-Lisa" looked at hot mess..." Akira said as she began to go on a rant about diffrent things as Darien decided he didnt need her help and went inside of the Gym.

    "Brycen! I'm here to challenge you! And I know there's no reason for me to scream but its fun!" Darien shouted to Brycen who he could faintly see at the top of the Gym.

    "If you want a battle you must come here to me- shift the gears and you will turn the tide." Brycen said to Darien in a wise sounding voice, but secretly not being helpful at all (like most adults in this world).

    "That made no sense at all but- Aaaah! Why are their gears inside of the Ice?! How the hell dont they rust?! This defies the law of heat conduction!" Darien said as he slid across the Ice after getting on and hitting his face on the side bars to make a stop.

    "As long as your heart blows a powerful flame you can brave the ice!" Brycen shouted to Darien who flicked him off as he slid across the ice and continued to get injury after injury.

    "First Skyla and her obviously illegal Gym setting! And now you and this Hazardous Gym setting! Are you all trying to kill your challengers?! (Like you killed your wife and kid? Oh wait, cant say that)" Darien said as he continued to slide across the ice until he made it to a secure patch of frozen grass.

    "Kiai! Trainer! Battle me!" a Gym Trainer said as he did a pose and was about to send out his Pokemon before Darien made a face.

    "WHAT?!" Darien said to the Trainer making him tremble, bow respectfully and run away from him back to his corner.

    "... You just ruined the next thing I was gonna say.. Man.." Brycen said looking at his lines and finding a new one to say to Darien.

    "I just almost died from sliding on this piece of crap Gym floor! I'm not gonna battle some lame Trainers when I still gotta battle you- with the injuries I just got! I know your old but you cant be that senile! (You werent when you killed your wife and kid either.)" Darien replied to Brycen as he slid across the floor still hitting the rocks and the walls but again making it to another patch.

    "Your a bad sport! Why dont you be nice and follow the script?" Brycen asked Darien who twitched a little then screamed at him.

    "Their isnt a script you moron! This isnt Poke-Star Studios jerk! (Insert a dead wife and kid joke here, please)" Darien said as he finally reached Brycen after doing the Gym's puzzle.

    "Very impressive- You've finally made it me the Leader of Iccirus City Gym! Brycen!" Brycen said as he sent out his Vannillish.

    "Just shut up and battle me! Go! Razolli! Use Force Palm!" Darien ordered his Mienfoo who unleashed a powerful Force Palm on Vannillish and injured it critically.

    "That blow I will never forget it! Ever! (Just like you'll never forget the blow you gave your wife and kid)." Brycen said as his Vannillish used a Frost Breath on Razolli and froze him.

    "Huh?! Crud! What are the odds that your Pokemon are actually effective on mine?!" Darien asked as he sent back his Mienfoo and sent out his Scraggy who used High Jump Kick immediaetly but missed and hit the wall.

    "Your Pokemon are extremely unlucky arent they?.. Anway Vannillish lets defeat Scraggy with a Ice Beam!" Brycen ordered his Scraggy who avoided the beam (for once) and unleashed a powerful Facade on Vannillish, defeating it.

    "Your not half bad! You may be insane for having your Gym like this! (And killing your wife and kid) but your actually really good!" Darien said as Brycen sent out his Crygonal next as the room began to get colder.

    "Ever since I was a kid I was able to use a strange ability called the "Jerk-Jacker". I made many a movie centered around that as my finishing move... One day, the
    director insisted that I use this attack on my Beartic. Long strory short the Beartic went crazy and ate most of the staff members and tore apart my family (literally).
    I vowed to never use that technique again.. Because that move had a side-effect.. It makes the target confused and dazed.. Its my fault my family is dead." Brycen said as his Cryogonal went in for an attack on Scraggy while Sirloin released a powerful High Jump Kick on him that caused critical damage.

    "Yet you didnt go to jail... You famous people discuss me- You basically pull an OJ but nobody blames you and they turn the other cheek! Its time for you to pay- Nuvema style! Use Payback Sirloin!" Darien ordered his Sirloin as Cryogonal fired Aurora Beam at Scraggy, with both of them having a double KO.

    "I already paid plently... I had to go into hiding and change my name from Hachiku to Brycen.. Im sure my family has already forgiven me for my sins against them (and the countless affairs I had- ZINGO)." Brycen said as he closed his eyes and sent out his final Pokemon, Beartic.

    "Oh wow... You sure have gone through alot for you family's death- Wait- Is that the same Beartic that killed your family?!" Darien said quickly sending out his Pignite if he needed some protection against Brycen and his Beartic.

    "As I said... It was not Beartic's sin.. It was mine- In have forgiven Beartic and even though he occassionally goes a bit crazy and wild and tries to eat the challengers he's the only family I have... (other than my several other families around the world)." Brycen said as they both posed like they were filming a movie and went in to attack with a Brine.

    "Was that suppose to tug on my heart strings or something?.. Anyway- Use Fire Pledge Heaty!" Darien ordered Pignite who ignored his orders and launched a Heat Crash on Beartic, critically damaging it and enraging him so much he rampages.

    "Crap- I knew this would happen... (Its like when he killed everyone all over again)." Brycen said as his Beartic went in to attack with multiple Slash attacks while Pignite avoided them all and finally obeyed Darien's order to use Fire Pledge and defeated Beartic.

    "... I hate you Brycen.. Also! Alright! We won! Heaty!" Darien shouted in pure glee as Pignite blew a huff of smoke in his face in annoyance at his happiness.

    "Congrats Darien, if only you were here when Beartic attacked my family.." Brycen said handing Darien the badge as Darien remembered the other reason he was there.

    "Hey! Please let me enter DragonSpiral Tower, and some other people need help to get in there too!" Darien said to Brycen who nodded slowly and got the key to the tower out of case next to him.

    "Who are these other people who need help into the tower? Are they researchers or-" Brycen asked as everyone in the Gym heard something explode by the tower.

    The scene then changes to the DragonSpiral Tower where it appears that Team Plasma have arrived in a helicopter, with a dozen encircling the tower in the sky.

    In the distance Team Plasma members begin to vanish away from the others.

    The scene then changes to show that a giant black mass it devouring a forest and several Team Plasma members as the laughter of ??? is heard echoing throughout the proximity.

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    Authors Note- I gotta say in the month that I've been making this fic its been awesome, well here it is, the climax. If the chapters had names this one would be called "Climax! Clash at the DragonSpiral Tower and the mysteriously abnormal passel!" a special thanks to Gothitelle K for helping me which chapter to release first and a thanks to any of the readers! The BW-Spy Who Changed/Save Me" Climax, Enjoy!


    "Sometimes I think that people do these type of things to annoy me.." Darien said as Brycen and him left out of the Gym in a rush to see what just happened.

    "Who are you three and why are outside of my Gym in such a suspicious manner?" Brycen asked the 3 Shadow Triad members who stood next to a bush that they tried to conceal themselves in but to no avail.

    "It time for our Lord N to accept his rightful place as the King of Unova..." one of the Shadow Triad said as he looked at the DragonSpiral Tower that seems to have pratically raised higher from the ground than before.

    "Using Team Plasma, Ghetsis will be able to help N to make contact with Legendary Pokemon- Zekrom." the other two Shadow Triad members said in unison while they pointed to the many helicopters that hovered above the tower like vultures.

    "... This is it. This is the moment that Unova needs me!" Darien shouted while picking up his backpack that fell onto the ground in shock of seeing the tower in such a clear view.

    "Darien, I would like to assist you- I shall contact the Opelucid Gym Leaders and ask for their help." Brycen said running off to the Pokemon Center to make a phone call.

    "Thats really not needed.. at all.." Darien said to himself as the Shadow Triad began to tell him something.

    "Other Hero- Destiny has shown its light on you and it needs you to react. You must combat our Lord N in a battle of wills... If not then this world will lose all hope and turn into everlasting chaos." the Shadow Triad member said in a very wise sounding voice as he and the others began to disappear in the snow.

    "Uh... What? I dont understand... You say I gotta fight N? I already planned on that- along with Ghetsis and those Seven Sages!" Darien shouted to the Shadow Triad who had already vanished making Darien feel insane.

    Suddenly a person falls from the tree in front of Darien and begins to wail and moan.

    "Are you okay?! Why were you on that tree?!" Darien asked the man who was half unconscious in the snow as he began to wail and moan at the pain he was in.

    ".. N.. You gotta save.. N.." the man said in a very soft almost dying voice as he held his chest in agony.

    "N? Save him? Why? Whats going on at that tower?..." Darien asked the man who trembled in fear when he thought about whatever he had seen earlier that day.

    "The Yuki-Onna... there was... one there... and that... black mass..." the man said clutching his chest and panting fast as he remembered what he saw earlier up until being put into the tree.

    2 hours previous to the infiltration of the DragonSpiral Tower byTeam Plasma.

    "Everyone listen to me- Our main priority is to make sure that Lord N is brought to the top of the tower to connect with the Pokemon of legends- Zekrom. Once that happens his coronation shall begin and we will all be responsible for transporting him to the Unova League to claim his rightful throne as the Champion of Unova. If anyone gets in the way then I give every single one of you permission to eliminate them! Our Lord N must be the one to connect with the Pokemon or you all will be held accountable! Am I clear?!" an elderly man in a crimson cloak ordered the members of Team Plasma as they all cheered and saluted.

    "I'm sure it will be their honor to assist our King N... Now Giallo- I have a very special task for something only you can do." Ghetsis said to Giallo in a whisper as he began to explain his plan to keep N safe while he connected with Zekrom.

    "I see, if that is the case then it would be my duty and honor to do this to protect our precious Lord N." Giallo said to Ghetsis as he motioned for the Team Plasma members to go to their positions as 12 or so helicopters began to circle the tower and fired several cannonballs at the tower creating a huge hole in the tower.

    Suddenly they drop a large steel bridge on top of the lake so that Team Plasma was able to cross over to the tower.

    "... Well, thats one way to get inside of a ancient tower. I would have done the less forceful method but this works too." a voice said from behind a few Team Plasma members who were standing next to the wooded area to keep guard.

    "... Did you hear that? Something like the voice of a woman.." one of the Team Plasma members asked the other two members who shrugged while they all began to get a colder and colder each second.

    "Um... I know its winter here and all but why is it getting cold so quickly?" the Team Plasma asked the other two as they began to freeze up in fear when they saw what was behind them.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... That wasnt a very polite thing to do to a historical monument now was it? Maybe you all should get taught a little lesson in respect." Mune said to the Team Plasma while hovering behind them while her wings gave of a freezing sensation as the tempature began to drop lower and lower every second.

    "We- We dont want any trouble Miss! If this place is off limits then we'll leave!" the Team Plasma member said in a nervous and shocked voice while Mune giggled at his emotions.

    "There's nothing to fear... Actually- This place is the best place to be at the moment.. I would stay right here if I were you..." Mune said in a "kind" and calm sounding voice while the Team Plasma members began to shake in fear at the sight of a black mass devouring the forest and heading towards them.

    "What is that?!" the Team Plasma member shouted as he ran away from the mass that was steadily approaching him and the other members when he fell in his attempt to run away as he is devoured by the mass.

    "What a cowardly man... But of course that is what someone in Team Plasma would do... You all talk about liberating Pokemon from their Trainers but when the going gets tough you all run away like scared little children... Its horrible." Mune said as the other Team Plasma members ran for safety towards the DragonSpiral Tower for safety but are instead devoured by the mass.

    "Zahuhahahaha! They tasted disgusting! Like the scum of the earth they are! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? said while he emerged from the forest laughing at the sight of Team Plasma trying to escape the black mass.

    "They cannot out run the darkness because darkness exsist in everything. It would be as if they were trying to out run their fate." ??? said as he jumped from atop the tree and shot a bird that was injured from the black mass with his flintlock pistol.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... Truly disgusting people in all ways. But if Team Plasma or the others were to find these Team Plasma members we wont be able to accomplish our goal." Mune said as she looked at the unconscious Team Plasma members as her wings dispersed and she put back on her snow-white colored jacket.

    "Yeah, what are we gonna do with the unconscious ones?" ??? asked the others as they started to stoke their heads.

    "Zahuhahahaha! Hey! We'll just have to show Brycen and the PLA that we mean bussiness and put them in front of the Gym on top of that tree! Then the first phase of the operation will begin! Understood?!" ??? asked the others as they all nodded and started to pick up the unconscious members except for Mune who was thinking about something else.

    "I guess the only thing we have to worry about is getting inside of the tower..." Mune said to herself as she looked at the 12 Team Plasma helicopters that encircled the tower and the frozen river that also protected the castle while looking worried about it.

    "... So your a member of Team Plasma and you were defeated by a black mass and an angel woman with wings made of ice?" Darien asked the Team Plasma member after he listened to his explanation.

    "Yes... The angel woman... suddenly... appeared before us... but... she was no angel... she was a devil... and behind her was a black mass... that devoured the whole forest area..." the Team Plasma member said panting and cringing at the pain inflicted on him.

    "This sounds like a dream... Are you sure you werent just asleep and you got these injuries some other way?" Darien asked the Team Plasma member as he got out his First Aid kit and treated the Team Plasma member.

    "I'm sure... they... ate.. all of my friends... and I know they cant get inside of the tower... because... its concealed by the frozen river..." the Team Plasma member said as he clutched his heart in the pain that he felt from both his friends death and his real pain.

    "Alright. Then I'll go check it out- but not because I care about Team Plasma but because I'm worried about Unova in general." Darien said as he called the Pokemon Center to pick the Team Plasma member up and ran off towards the tower.

    "Please... If your... the other Hero... Save N... too..." the Team Plasma said as he watched Darien run towards the tower.

    "Man, this river is more frigid then Skyla when she used to put ice down her bra (she is such a dumb***)..." Cedric said seeing if the ice was safe enough to cross towards the tower on.

    "You left your slave auction house in sunny Undella Town for this? Man, you must really want whatever treasure is in here..." Akira said throwing a rock at the river and having it crumble and sink into the water.

    "Fail... Looks like were stuck in a rut, huh?" Cedric asked Akira as they both saw Darien seemingly walk on the frozen river.

    "Holy crap Darien! Your Jesus?!" Akira asked Darien who finally noticed them and rolled his eyes.

    "You guys seriously didnt see this bridge right here? Seriously?" Darien asked them as they finally saw the bridge and nonchalantly walked over to it.

    "I know it was here all along..." Akira said as she whistled and sweat.

    "I did as well... Of course..." Cedric said as he also whispered and sweated.

    "Liars! Anyway- I'm going into the tower to stop Team Plasma so unless you guys wanna suffer through me being totally awesome and Team Plasma I advise that we part ways here..." Darien said to Cedric and Akira who both shrugged and Cedric replied.

    "Sorry I dont charity... I sell it. Thats Big Daddy Cedric's vow and thats how he's going to live his life." Cedric said to an already annoyed Darien and then headed up into the tower as Darien grabbed Akira's arm before she left.

    "Why are you going full fledge creeper on me Darien?! Let go!" Akira said to Darien who let go and chuckled then calmed down after seeing Akira's annoyed expression.

    "I'm sorry about what I said in Driftveil City- I was just annoyed by Team Plasma and you were kind of ticking me off.." Darien said while smiling to reassure Akira that he was sorry.

    "Um- I guess I'm sorry I'm such a ****... I'll try to improve on my personality or- something..." Akira replied to Darien with a smirk until she started to laugh hysterically because of the face Darien made after her "or something".

    "I wonder if this is the thing that the Pokemon of Unova truly need... Or if it is what I think they need..." N said inside of a helicopter as he talked to his Pokemon friends who didnt know how to answer him.

    "Oh my- Your talking to the Pokemon... That is truly why you deserve to be King of Unova, Lord N." Giallo said to N as the helicopter Pilot announced that they would be landing soon and to make preparation for it.

    "Along my journey I constantly ran into a boy who reminded me of the other Hero of Unova- Adel. He has almost the exact same personality and he has tried to convince me that Pokemon dont need-" N said before he was cut off by Giallo clearing his throat.

    "Lord Ghetsis is in the other helicopter but I know for a fact that he would also say that you are over thinking this." Giallo said as the helicopter landed and the doors opened as the Team Plasma members under Giallo bowed to him and N.

    "I will see for myself who's ideals are right and who's are wrong using the power of Zekrom. Today will decide the future of Team Plasma starting with before the connection, during the connection and after the connection." N said while walking towards the edge of the top of the tower as Giallo sneaked away from him putting something on his hands and began to chant something.

    "This tower is too damn big! Why did the person who made this have to be on drugs?!" Cedric said as he complained about how tall the tower was while running towards the top of the tower.

    "I thought you didnt care about Team Plasma, Cedric... Whats with the bi-polar mood swings?" Akira asked him as Darien and her caught up to him making him chuckle.

    "You see... I realized that if Team Plasma is able to liberate Pokemon then my daughters dream will be ruined and I love her dream too much for that to happen-" Cedric said to them as Darien and Akira's mouths dropped open at him caring about someone other than himself.

    "You are telling me that you care about Prof. Juniper?! Thats really suprising!" Darien said as he ran up the stairs along with them while Cedric laughed at his comment.

    "You didnt let me finish... I love Aurea's dream because she helps to send kids to Undella Town to become my slaves. And she also pays rent for using my lab as her own." Cedric said as they began to jump from pillar to pillar trying to reach the next set of stairs.

    "Well that makes more sense actually- Wait! Whats wrong with the ground?!" Darien asked the others as the ground began to shake and tremble while the ceiling began to fall and crumble.

    "This is- Giallo! He has the Will Of Ranse that allows him to create Earthquakes- Cadence." Akira said pointing up to the top of the tower where they can sort of see Giallo.

    "Oh man! Thats right, the Seven Sages have those annoying powers dont they?!" Darien asked while they all ran up the stairs to the top of the room in a hurry while the ceiling continued to fall.

    "We have to defeat Giallo to stop it right?! Leave him to me!" Cedric said to Akira and Darien while taking out a Poke-ball from his pocket and dashing towards the top of the tower.

    "Cedric! Wait up! Stop before you get hurt!" Darien shouted while Cedric continued to dash onward before Akira felt a horrible presence behind them.

    "Your here too?..." Akira asked the person who was behind her while they snickered a little and replied.

    "I would never miss N's connection with the Legendary Pokemon- This is his shinning moment as King of Unova and no one and I mean no one shall interfere in my- I mean Team Plasma's goals." Ghetsis said to both of them with his hands shaking in anticipation while Darien looked at him with anger.

    "Hey! I'm here to make sure that something like that doesnt happen got it?! And dont you know that this place is dangerous right now? A giant black mass is eating your members and your not doing anything!" Darien shouted at him as he laughed at his emotional display and presented an arguement to it.

    "Foolish one- Dont you that they are soldiers?! They will sacrifice themselves for the sake of their King and will never try to downright abondon N's teachings. Using the ability that me and N possese to control the hearts of people and Pokemon we were able to control this group called Team Plasma and now we will accomplish our goal to free all Pokemon from their owners!" Ghetsis said to the both of them as he began to walk ahead of them dispite the earthquake occurring below them.

    "This is the end of Team Plasma Ghetsis! You better be prepeared from when I handle every single one of you!" Darien shouted to Ghetsis who seemingly ignored him and continued to walk up the stairs to the top of the tower as the Earthquakes continued to occur and began to shake some of the outside of the tower as well.

    "Team Plasma has begun an assualt on the DragonSpiral Tower?" Iris asked Brycen over the PC who nodded and further explained.

    "I sent a boy named Darien to investigate what was going on (liar) before I went up there with reinforcements." Brycen said to Iris who rolled her eyes because she knew Brycen was lying.

    "And let me guess- me and Grandpa are the only Gym Leaders who still talk to you after the Christmas Party, right? So were your only reinforcements..." Iris said through the PC as Brycen blushed and replied in a childish manner.

    "Hey! Its Marlon's fault for replacing all of the alcohol with water just because some kids were there!" Brycen said to Iris as the Pokemon Center drew their attention, embarrassing Brycen.

    "Whatever... Me and Grandpa will see what we can do but until then you should either ask someone else for help or do it yourself. See ya." Iris said as she hung up the PC in a sort of rude manner while Brycen stood there dumbfounded.

    "Go! Ferrothorn! Use Seed Bomb on that old guy up there!" Cedric ordered his Ferrothorn who launched a devastating attack on Giallo.

    "I see... So the earthquakes didnt stop intruders from infiltrating the tower after all..." Giallo said still on the pedestal even after being attacked by the Seed Bomb and dusted himself off.

    "Fail... Why cant that old bastard die?!" Cedric asked himself when suddenly Akira and Darien come running up the stairs trying to catch up to Ghetsis who wasnt even there.

    "Where did Ghetsis go?... I could have sworn he went up these stairs.." Darien said to himself as the room started to get darker and darker.

    "Whats going on? Why's it getting so cold in here?!" Akira asked while putting back on the blue jacket she had when she was outside the tower.

    "The time of destiny is upon us... We shall soon see if N's ability can contact the Legendary Pokemon that his ansector Nobunaga contacted all those many long years ago." Giallo said stopping the Earthquakes and getting down off of the pedestal to watch N make his connection with the Black Dragon.

    "Zekrom... I seek to knowledge to know if my ideals are right- to know if my intentions are pure and the right thing for all of Unova, to know that I have the power to right the wrongs of the people of this region... The power to heal Unova!" N shouted into the sky while it began to crash with lightning and opening up multiple warp holes.

    "Its happening- N's unlocking the power of Zekrom! We gotta stop him!" Darien said to Akira as he threw out his Pignite to help him stop N.

    "Darien... I think its too late to stop him- why dont we just wait and see what happens?" Akira asked Darien in an almost too serious voice as the warp holes began to dance and combine with one another, while a white door was formed out of the combining warp holes.

    "And then the King of Unova was born and he, together with the Legendary Zekrom smite all those who opposed his power! And thus we see the change of tides and the war begins to unfold!" Ghetsis said laughing and appearing out of nowhere while praising the power of Zekrom.

    "Ghetsis! Stop N before its too late! Humans shouldnt be able to control legends! Were not powerful enough!" Darien shouted to Ghetsis as the power of the white door began to create burst of energy that demolished half of the DragonSpiral Tower.

    "This is far more power than we ever imagined... I cannot believe that this is simply Zekrom's power. This cant just be a coincedence that he is this powerful." Giallo said while thinking about the possible outcome if Zekrom was uncontrollable.

    "... Its now or never... I must see for myself Zekrom! Show me your true power!" N shouted at the top of his lungs as the white door opened and energy began to spill out of the door, letting Zekrom free.

    "Its too late! Zekrom- has been freed..." Cedric said to the others as they watched Zekrom leave the white door slightly and then saw something that terrified all of the elderly men.

    "It appears that we are missing the action. I thought that you were coming up with a plan- Mune." ??? said to Mune with a look of disappointment on his face as he cleaned his rifle.

    "... I'll go. I can remain undected while I go scope out the tower and see whats going down there." Mune said to the gun wielding man with a slight smile on her face as wings of eletricity grew on her back.

    "Zahuhahahaha! Looks like at least one of us will get to see the show, huh?! Zahuhahahaha! Just make sure to tell us all that you see, leave no minor detail out!" ??? said as he drunk a jug of rum with it once again leaking down his face.

    "Your using your other type of wings? Is it because the power of Zekrom is immune to it?" ??? asked her as they read a book about the legends of Unova and pointed to Zekrom.

    "Yes. Its also just in case someone tries to fight me- I can then handle them swiftly without drawing too much attention to us. You can thank me later... Uyuyuyuyu..." Mune said as she began to hover off the ground then went into a full fledge glide toward the tower.

    "I wonder what she'll see... Will it help with a phase of the operation you think?" ??? asked the burly man who laughed and then replied with a disturbing smile.

    "Some people say that the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom exsist in a world that we do not know when he is in slumber- Some people call it the "Alternate Dimension" while some call it the "Dreamworld". If I'm not mistaken that is also the world where a certain King resides- A King that devours the souls of Humans and Pokemon alike. This is just an assumption but I believe that its highly likely that Mune will see this King when she arrives at the tower." ??? said while finishing off his rum and actually sounding smart and intelligent for once but then starts to laugh like an idiot.

    "Oh God no- Someone please save us..." Cedric said avoiding looking at whatever was coming out of the white door along with Zekrom as the Team Plasma members looked at it and began to faint one by one.

    "... Whats going on?! Whats the matter with them?!" Darien asked Cedric who shook in fear and was too afraid of whatever it was to reply.

    "That thing thats reaching out for Zekrom is- is-" Giallo said before he was caught off guard by a Team Plasma member falling on him from fainting.

    "THE HAND OF LUDACRIS! THE KING OF THE DREAMWORLD!" Ghetsis shouted in complete glee of seeing it in person while Akira and Darien looked confused.

    "Ludacris? Why is he called that? And is he even a Pokemon?" Akira asked Cedric who shook his head slowly and then replied while sweating alot.

    "He is the King of the Dreamworld- Ludacris... It is said by philosophers and historians alike that the second a person catches a glimpse of him they will go insane and they will die instantly from the utter insanity. As evidence by these Team Plasma grunts..." Cedric replied to Akira who was still confused by started to understand a little bit more than before.

    "I saw him before... Or at least his hand when I was at the Celestial Tower." Darien said to Cedric who nodded and began to explain what Ludacris was.

    "A person will only suffer from complete insanity if they see all of him- but if they see only a portion of him they will simply faint and go into a coma." Cedric said pointing to the Team Plasma members who were fainted on the ground.

    "I cant believe that N not only got Zekrom under his belt- but the King of the Dreamworld! Good work my boy! Now Unova will have the worlds most mightiest King!" Ghetsis shouted to N but realizes he doesnt even notice Ludacris.

    "Um.... I dont think N can see Ludacris- I think he's too fixed on Zekrom to notice it." Akira said looking at N who's facial expression shows that he is focused on Zekrom coming down to him as Ludacris's hand continues to go after Zekrom.

    "Oh crap! N didnt summon Ludacris too you crackpot! Ludacris is after Zekrom so it followed him down here! It might get N too if you dont do something!" Darien shouted to Ghetsis who laughed and then made a speech about Darien's statement.

    "To think that Ludacris is after Zekrom- Well then I guess either its a bonus for Team Plasma! We have the fortune to be able to see the hand of a Pokemon regarded as a God! This is once again proclamation that something great will happen today! Hahahahahahaha!" Ghetsis shouted while laughing at Ludacris chasing Zekrom while N stood there frozen in awe.

    Suddenly, outside of the top of the tower all 12 helicopters are shocked by a giant Thunderbolt and are sent plummeting towards the ground.

    "What the what?! Did Zekrom just do that or-" Akira said before she saw what appeared to be an angel outside of the tower.

    "Uyuyuyu... Looks like Zekrom has been summoned already- and the King of the Dreamworld followed him..." Mune said shielding her eyes from Ludacris's hand while giggling at the event occuring in front of her.

    "An... angel?!" Akira asked herself out loud when suddenly Ludacris's hand is strucken by Pignite's Flamethrower and slightly disperses.

    "I dont care what he is! As long as he is a threat to the people of Unova- it is my duty to stop him." Darien said to the others as they all gulped and began to run while what was left of Ludacris's hand began to rampage and destroy the remainder of the tower.

    "Darien- Your a dumb*** and I just saw an angel! Whats wrong with this day?!" Akira asked Darien who was busy fighting Ludacris's hand with a Heat Crash.

    "Akira! I need your help against this thing! Can we talk about you seeing things some other time?!" Darien asked Akira who sighed and sent out her Swoobat to use Psychic on his hand, making some more of it disperse. Suddenly Zekrom turns around to see it and zaps it with a Fusion Bolt, knocking N out of his trance and to realize that Ludacris is there.

    "How can this be? How could he have come here too?" N asked himself while Darien ordered his Pignite to use his strongest Flamethrower on Ludacris's hand along with Swoobat's strongest Air Slash thus destroying Ludacris's hand and making the rest of it return to the white door as they all heard laughter that seemed to echo across what remained of the tower as everyone turned to see who was laughing.

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    I think you've improved from the first chapter to this chapter and it shows by the spacing and presentation of your fic and also it's development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Gholy View Post
    I think you've improved from the first chapter to this chapter and it shows by the spacing and presentation of your fic and also it's development.
    Oh right I wrote the first 3 chapters like a year before the others so I changed the format as requested by another reader. And thanks for reading and seeing the development that the series has had overtime and I hope you enjoy every chapter after.

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    Authors Note- The special chapter that shows one of the Summer's in Darien's childhood that defined his character as a young adult. I also must point out that this special chapter gives vital information for the BW Saga and any Saga (if there is one XD) afterward. Enjoy!


    "Adonis- Why are you hiding in the closet?" Adonis's Mother asked him while he sat in a clothes hamper hidden within the darkness of the closet.

    "Because... Akira, Cheren, and Bianca all get to go to camp while I gotta stay here. Its not fair!" Adonis said in the closet as he pouted to his Mother who giggled and handed him a check.

    "I know I couldnt afford to send you both to camp this year and Akira did go last year but you looked happy for her when she left- like the man you are... So here's a little something to get you a little something from Makoto's Place." Adonis's Mother said to him while handing him the check making him step out of the closet to get it.

    "Thanks... I guess I'll go to Makoto's before it closes..." Adonis said still depressed about not being able to go to camp but trying to cheer himself up because he would get to see the beautiful Makoto.

    "Hahahahaha! You were pouting because you couldnt go to "Baby Camp"?! Hahahahaha!" Cheren's older brother Cameron laughed at Adonis who was sipping the juice he had bought with the money his Mom had given him.

    "Oh leave him alone Cameron! I remember when we were kids you used to always cry because Cheren took a toy you wanted away! Dont make fun of-" Makoto said before she saw Adonis blushing beet red because of her defending him and she began to giggle.

    "Um... Makoto... Why dont you ever turn on the television? Is it because I'm in here?" Adonis asked Makoto who shook her head and pointed to a door in the back.

    "There's a man who always comes in around this time of the day when you usually come around here. He claims to be my sister Minako's father so I let him sleep in there until he works his shift at Poke-Mart in Hoppe Hoppe Town. And he's apparently sensitive to noise so I dont turn on the television until he leaves but by then your usually gone." Makoto said as she cleaned off a plate and spoon while Adonis nodded but still didnt understand.

    "So he's homeless and he's freeloading off of you? Seems legit. Just like you Makoto to be such a pushover." Cameron said to Makoto who was begining to get frustrated with his comments.

    "That man lost his house in a fire for your information! And he's been working for a year now to buy a new one! And I'm not a pushover!" Makoto shouted at Cameron as he and everyone else in the bar began to laugh at Makoto for her statement.

    "... Hey! Dont laugh at Makoto! She's mature than any of you jerks will ever be! She's a really nice person! Thats why she lets that man sleep here! Bastards!" Adonis shouted at all of them as they all began to quiet down because of his remark.

    "Oh Darien... Well then- Just for that! You get to watch the television until you leave, okay?" Makoto said as she winked and then turned on the television that just happend to be on the news.

    "Recent reports of a gunman named Santos Christ have led investigators to believe that he was a former G-Men for the Goverment. As the people who have been following the story should know, Santos is wanted for the massacre in Anville Town 2 years ago, as well as the killings in Striaton City less than 6 months ago. Investigators have reported that no one who has survived the encounters with Santos have ever seen his face because he constantly wears what appears to be a masquerade mask around his face. If you see this man please report to the authorities immediaetly for the safety of yourself and others of Unova. In other news-" the reporter said in a professional sounding voice on the television as Darien looked confused about what she was talking about so Makoto explained.

    "He's a very bad man Darien... He wants to hurt as many people as he possibly can and thats why the Goverment wants him found so that they can make sure he doesnt hurt people, okay?" Makoto asked Darien to make sure that he understood so he nodded (still not knowing what it meant still).

    "So basically that man does very bad things to people so we should make sure to report him to make sure he doesnt do anymore bad things. Got it." Darien said drinking his juice down to a sip and then asking for another refill.

    "Your gonna blow if you keep on drinking at the rate you have, Darien-kun." Makoto said making him another juice while he laughed and told her not to worry.

    "I dont know why Makoto lets little kids in this bar anyway- We wanna play a round of cards but we cant with some snot-nosed brat soliciting around here." Cameron said starting to smoke the spare ciggarette in his pocket while complaining about Adonis's presence there.

    "So I'm stopping you guys from gambling? Good then, cause thats illegal!" Darien said to Cameron who was getting even annoyed with Darien's mouth.

    "So says the brat who wanted to be a lame *** mobster not even two years ago!" Cameron shouted at Adonis who rolled his eyes and began to ignore all of the rude things Cameron started to say.

    "In other news, Dutchess Caitlin of Ubernehlen has been accepted as the Unova E4 member of the Pyschic Division of the PLA." the anchorwoman said while Darien turned a up the television a bit.

    Suddenly everyone hears the worlds most frightening scream coming from the back room while Makoto rushes to turn it back down.

    "I'm... Sorry.. I forgot he was-" Adonis said before Makoto shook her head and told him it was okay.

    2 days after the incident at the bar.

    "Huh?! He wants me to bring him his food?! Is he a pervert or something?!" Adonis asked Makoto who winked at him a little and then explained.

    "He just wants to meet the boy I've been talking about lately. Dont worry I'll be keeping an eye out just in case something funny happens." Makoto said handing the tray to a relunctant Adonis who walked seldom to the backroom.

    "Ossan, we brought you your food... Are you hungry?" Darien asked when he entered the backroom but saw nothing but a bed and a old television.

    "Food, huh? Makoto sure waits ages to bring me my dinner!" the man said after crawling out from under the bed, startling Adonis.

    "H- Here's your food... Have a nice dinner-" Adonis said before the man threw the plate in the trash for no apparent reason.

    "Too bad for Makoto I cant eat red meat... Oh well, practice makes perfect." the man said lying down on the bed and about to fall asleep.

    "... Hey! Makoto made that food especially for you! And there was more than just red meat on there! And Makoto isnt your slave so she doesnt have to make you food if she doesnt want to!" Adonis shouted at the man who's eyes were still closed but he soon began to snicker and then a full fledge laugh.

    "Gogogogogogo! Your one loud mouth brat arent you kid?!" the man said getting off the bed and onto the floor.

    "I mean it! Go and apoligize to Makoto right now! Rude bastard!" Adonis shouted at him so more making the old man a bit tense and pushing him down.

    "Why dont you have a sit, kid?" the man said taking something out of his pocket making Darien worried and about to run.

    "What are you about to do?!" Darien asked the man as he got up and was about to head from the door before the man revealed it was a Harmonica and began to play it.

    "I thought you might have wanted to hear a song to calm your nerves some... Sorry about pushing you down- My training in the Navy has made me a bit tense when people yell at me." the man said putting the Harmonica and shaking Darien's hand.

    "Oh... So your Minako's dad? You know she's away at college, dont you?" Darien asked the man who nodded and started to chuckle a little.

    "I came here to catch up with her but by the time I got here she was already away at college... Just my luck, huh?" the man said to Darien who sat in a corner away from the man.

    "My name is Adonis, its a pleasure to meet you sir." Adonis said in a kind of a mumble as the man laughed at his shyness.

    "My name is Samantha. I know, its a girls name but feel free to call me Sam." Sam replied to Adonis who nodded slowly and began to get up to leave.

    "It was nice meeting you sir-" Adonis said before Sam interupted him with a question.

    "So you wanna be a mobster? Arent you a bit too short and young?" Sam asked Adonis who was taken back by it.

    "I wanted to be one 2 years ago but- like you these mobsters who came into Nuvema Town told me that I was too short to be one, so that dreams over." Darien replied to Sam's question as Sam tried to hold in his laughter but couldnt contain it.

    "Gogoogogogo! Your too nice to be a mobster anyway kid- your better off being a hero or something." Sam said as he got up from off of the floor and opened the door and left for work. "... Minako's dad is really weird..." Darien said getting up from off of the floor as well and heading back out to sit in the bar.

    Days passed, which turned into months and everyday Darien was asked to bring Sam his food which sparked a very unlikely friendship between the two until...

    "Your leaving soon Mr. Sam? Where to?" Adonis asked Sam who shook his head and pointed toward the west.

    "Wherever the sun rises that is where my adventure will follow... You wouldnt understand because your too young kiddo." Sam said twirling his Harmonica and then started to play it.

    "... I wanna come with you! I wanna go out and have adventures too! Please?" Darien asked Sam who couldnt help laughing but replied very wisely and kindly.

    "Sorry buddy but you gotta stay here... Your Mom and your cousin would miss you too much if you suddenly ran away with me (yes, he realizes how that sounds...)." Sam said with a smile as he looked at Darien with his oddly Lavender eyes which were equally as odd as his Mahogany hair color.

    "But- But I can go on a journey! I'm 10! In other regions kids get to go on journeys when their 10 so why cant I?" Darien asked Sam who patted him on the head and shook his head.

    "You cant go with me now, kid. But- if the next time we meet and you want to join when your old enough and wise enough to handle yourself in the world that I live in I wont dare to refuse..." Sam said while putting on a black shoulder coat and leaving out of the room as Adonis worse an expression of dissappointment.

    "But... I wanna have an adventure too..." Darien said to himself as he began to leave out of the room as well before he heard Makoto on the phone in the hallway.

    "Minako-chan~! Why havent you called in over 7 months?! I was super worried about you and Mom too!" Makoto said to her sister on the phone as they both laughed over something.

    "Oh yeah! Big news- your Dad Sam is here! Isnt that great?! ... What? Sam who?" Makoto asked her sister through the phone shocked that she forgot about her own father.

    "Minako must have something to shock Makoto... But what?" Adonis asked himself as he crept silently out of the room to remain undetected.

    "Sam... Isnt your father?... Than who is he because he's been living at the bar for half a year now!" Makoto said to Minako as she began to panic over who she let into her life.

    "No way... Sam lied? Why would he do that?... No, no it cant be!" Adonis shouted to Makoto who began to cry because of all the free food she gave him.

    "I gotta... go..." Makoto said inbetween sniffles as she said goodbye to Minako and started to dial the number while Darien ran for the front of Makoto's bar to stop Sam before he left.

    "This just in- Santos Christ has been reported to be around the Nuvema Town area. We have reason to believe that he has been taking refuge somewhere for the last several months. Authorities are checking every house and home in the area until he is found." the anchorwoman said as they showed a pixled image of Santos Christ who looks alot like Sam.

    Darien begins to remember the first time he met Sam, and outraged by his apparent lie he goes to Makoto's safe where he finds a gun and then dashes of towards the pier.

    "SAM! How could you lie to me?! Why did you lie to me?!" Adonis asked Sam when he finally reached the pier with the gun hostled in hands, about to fire if Sam said something that upset him.

    "You shouldnt point that thing unless you have complete control of your fate... which at the moment- you dont." Sam said as he motioned in hands in a very odd way and made the gun's tempature increase burning Darien's hand, causing him to drop it on the ground making Darien cry.

    "You lied! You said you were Minako's Dad but you werent! And your- your that Santos Christ guy arent you?! You killed all of those innocent people! And you acted like you were my friend when you- Your just a big evil liar!" Adonis shouted to Sam with warm tears flowing down his face when remembering the time they knew eachother while Sam shook his head then began to chuckle.

    "Unova is such a tiny and primitive place... They dont even report things right when they hear new information or reports about something from another region. Santos Christ isnt a person, Adonis. Its a "thing" that I'm caring for at the moment. Its also what massacred the people of Anville Town and commited the murders in Striaton City." Sam said to Darien with his back still turned to him and his tone growing more serious than it had been since they knew eachother.

    "... Sam... I dont understand..." Darien said completely frozen from the shock from the things Sam was telling him.

    "See, this is why a kid cant join us- there's just so much death a person cant take before they begin to fall deeper and deeper into sin and I dont want that from you..." Sam said to Adonis as the tempature began to rise a little bit more than usual and Sam threw a piece of paper into the sea.

    "Sam... I'm sorry... I still wanna join you on your adventures! I'll wash dishes and clean anything you want me to! I'll be respectful to you and "Santos Christ" I prom-" Adonis said before he was cut off by what appeared to be submarine carried by a Lapras rising from the sea which shocked him even more than before.

    "A soldier who points a gun to his commanding officer isnt qualified to be his soldier... Adonis- your not cut out to be a villain like me you just arent the type to be able to watch a man die by your hand... Like I said, be the hero that this world so desperately needs! Defend the justice that this world pleads for! One day when were both one of the most mightiest in the world and no one is able to tell us any different- Lets meet at the Summit where our dreams will collide! Promise me this!" Sam shouted to Adonis as he jumped inside of the submarine as Lapras began to sink into the sea.

    "Sam! I promise! I promise I'll meet you again! And your not a villian Sam- your.. my hero.." Adonis said with tears rolling slowly down his face in sadness and odd to him happiness.
    The summer passed and Darien lived it like normal, he even smiled when he met his cousin and friends at the bus stop when they came back from camp. And ever since he has been inspired by the words of Sam, one can say that this is what made Darien a Hero- but what truly makes someone a hero is a not a title or ansectory its their actions and their ideals that define the generation and the world they live in that makes them a hero.

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    Authors Note- Well, I recently went back to school so I'm not sure how that will affect the uploading of chapter but we'll see. Part 2 of the climax, and I gotta say alot of things are going on this chapter. Also, if you see the parentheses think of Tina Fey's voice as you read them Enjoy!


    "N... You have to earn the Black Dragon Pokemon's trust before it is too late! Bond with his heart quickly!"Ghetsis said to an already frazzled N as he spoke Zekrom's language and began to bond with it.

    "N! Ghetsis is wrong about his views! If Pokemon are liberated from humans then the world will lose most of its Pinnacles! I think thats all Ghetsis really wants to do!" Darien said to N who continued to connect with Zekrom dispite Darien's resistance.

    "I bet N would believe me that I saw an angel..." Akira said to herself in a pout making Darien annoyed at her childish behavoir.

    "I didnt say I didnt believe you- I said that we didnt have to for that right now! Obviously!" Darien shouted to Akira who was annoyed by Darien refusing to care about her randomness as they heard odd laughter approaching the tower.

    "N! Stop this fools crusuade before it is too late! Do you hear me?!" Alder asked N as he flew ontop of a Volcarona which landed ontop of the tower next to N.

    Suddenly, Zekrom roars and lighting crashes and N begins to laugh a bit like a sociopath.

    "Me and Zekrom have made the connection! A world for Pokemon alone, it will finally be a reality. Humans will no longer be able to repress Pokemon with the power that Zekrom has. Humans and Pokemon will be seperated because of the horrible ways humans mistreat them. Think of this as your own fault- Darien... Alder..." N said to the others as everyone but Ghetsis and Akira gave him an angry stare when suddenly Alder's Volcarona uses Fire Blast on Zekrom but it is dispered by Zekrom's Extrasensory.

    "N... You do not understand the relationship between people and Pokemon to the extent that you would force them to seperate! My Beartic murdered my whole family but did I give up on him? No! (a really bad example right there)." Brycen said appearing from below the tower just in time to see N connect with Zekrom.

    "Everyone here has the ability of the Will of Ranse... If Zekrom saw worthiness in any of you then he would have hesistated to join me but- he didnt." N said to everyone there making them a little more angry at him except for Ghetsis who began to boast.

    "Team Plasma has finally reach the true status as a Pinnacle of its own! Team Plasma will not only free Pokemon from the oppression of humans but we will also save them from the world that they have been forced to live in. After we save Unova from the path that it has been lead on, we must save the world from the same fate." Ghetsis said in a very convincing tone as Giallo claps for him while the others stare at him with angst.

    "Why do I get the feeling that you are just using N to meet your own ends, Ghetsis?" Cheren asked Ghetsis as he and Bianca arrived ontop of a Golurk.

    "This' blue' thingy' told us that' ya'll was in some danger' so we' came' as' soon' as we could!" Bianca said to the others as they rolled their eyes and focused back on N and Ghetsis.

    "I love how no one acknowledged the fact that Bianca just said she talked to a Pokemon but whatever..." Darien said the others who were still focusing on Ghetsis and N who were having a very quiet conversation as N nodded for some reason and got ontop of Zekrom and left.

    "N now leaves to follow the destiny that heaven has made for him. He will have to face many a trial but I know for a fact that he will prevail... Even if he were to go up against the other Hero." Ghetsis said to both Akira and Darien who were both confused on what he was talking about before Cheren and Brycen blocked his way from leaving.

    "We cannot allow a crucial member of Team Plasma to leave. Your reign of terror is-" Brycen said before he suddenly fainted for an unknown reason followed by Cheren while Ghetsis walked over them and along with Giallo left what remained of the DragonSpiral Tower in one of the spare helicopters that arrived to the tower just in time.

    The scene changes to show Mune spying on them from behind a pillar, writing down what Ghetsis had said and the mental condition that N was in while observing the others that remained there.

    "Sadly my attempt to stop Team Plasma was a faliure... But I know for a fact that I still have a chance to stop them!" Brycen said to the others who shook their heads and continued to heal his wounds.

    "That Ghetsis has a really weird power... It was like he sent a wave of agony to my brain and thats how I was knocked out.. What kind of power was that?" Cheren asked Darien who shook his head as Akira got up to leave.

    "Oh! Akira wait! I think we'll need your help with stopping Team-" Darien said before Akira waved goodbye to him and kept on walking, mumbling something underneath her breath.

    "... We need her asisstance in helping us find the Light Stone so I can pawn it- I mean use it to save Unova..." Cedric said to Alder who agreed and went next to Darien.

    "Can I ask of your help as well, young man?" Alder asked Darien who crawled slowly away from him so that he couldnt "accidently" touch him.

    "As long as you dont try to sell me to some slave auction sure- but why do we need Akira when we have Cheren and... oh, Bianca's gone too." Darien said to Alder who chuckled and explained the reason behind why Akira was neccesary to stop Team Plasma.

    "It appears that you and Akira each share the ability to be able to stand up to even Legends like Ludacris, a creature that not even the most mightiest of warriors could even stand to look at his fingers! So it would seem that you two are the only likely canididates to help stop Team Plasma." Alder said to Darien who nodded but felt someone behind him, Akira then puches Alder in the face.

    "Thats for assuming that I care about Unova... And also for thinking that I care enough about all of this to go and fight Team Plasma on your whim." Akira said to Alder who rubbed his face but was still laughing.

    "Good thing I'm I bought all that prescription medicine for those teenagers who are blackmailing me or that would have really hurt." Alder said to Akira with a laugh while Cedric opened up a map showing some type of desert.

    "If you have been to Nimbasa then you have seen the desert thats there... That desert was originally a Kingdom known as Aurora before 300 years ago when it suddenly fell for an unknown reason the nation suddenly was ruined and was abondened by its people. This Kingdom is now refered to as the Desert Resort not only because how nice the desert is but because the Kingdom was known for its immense hostpitality to other nations during war times. It is said that deep within these ruins lies a very powerful stone as the Light Stone which is said to rival the Dark Stone that I believe Team Plasma posseses. N said himself that you two share similarities to the other Hero of Unova. We need for you two to get that stone." Cedric said to both Akira and Darien who understood perfectly but werent sure if they wanted to do something so tiring (seeing how they were the ambassadors of lazinees).

    "Leave the rest to us! Cheren will go along with you all to help find the stone while we find out more information on Team Plasma." Brycen said while Alder woke back up his sleeping Volcarona with a kick and headed out towards the Desert Resort.

    The scene changes to Mune to slightly giggling at their plan and starting to unveil her wings, Bianca see's her but is unable to say anything out of shock.

    Mune winks at her and flies off too quickly for the human eye to see.

    "Darien, have I ever told you that I really hate helping people? Its just something I hate..." Akira said to Darien as they all got inside of a greyish Jeep.

    "... Helping people is a thing every citizen should do right? I made a promise to- this guy I knew from when I was kid that I would give my assistance to anyone who wanted or needed it." Darien replied to Akira as he strapped himself into the seat and tried to send heroic but failed epicly.

    "Hey'! Ya'll wait up'! Brycen said that my voice was so' annoying' that' he was' gonna "Crazy Punch" me so he told' me to' help' ya'll out." Bianca said running out of the tower and gasping for air when she caught up with them.

    "Damn that Brycen he knows we hate you just as much as any normal person would! Why did he have to send you here?!" Akira said in a pout while Bianca got inside of the Jeep and giggled because of Akira's "funny" comment.

    I guess were gonna have to bear and grint. Hopefully she'll take her "Power Nap" halfway through the drive so we dont have to hear her car songs." Darien said to Akira who twitched at thought of Bianca singing when Cheren suddenly started to Jeep suprising everyone that he was the one driving it.

    "Its really Alder's but he said that since he's taking Volcarona we can take his Jeep to get to the Desert Resort." Cheren said making sure that everything was okay with the Jeep and then began to drive (at 170 mls per hour).

    "Chereeeen~! I looove yooou~! But can you please slow down~?" Akira asked Cheren who stopped the Jeep suddenly making everyone almost leap out of the car.

    "Do you guys wanna get to the place or not? At the normal rate it will take a a few days... At most we have a few hours!" Cheren said to the others obviously too worried about the problem at hand.
    "I rather go there alive then be dead in the desert like some drunk Vegas call girl, thank you." Darien said to Cheren who sighed and began to drive the car normally.

    "... So anyway, if Alder's gone there already then were just going as back up, right? I wonder if he'll already be dead by then we get there (one can hope)." Akira said to the others who began to ponder it as well and neutrally agreed that they didnt care.

    "I wonder' if' that' Team' Plasma' hangs people's dead corpses' on their' fence' like' my daddy used to do for us for Halloween'... Even' though' we knew it was' because' the hill people wouldnt' kill people with dead people on their houses' that night..." Bianca said making everyone else gag in the mouths when she then began to sing the rap version of Jingle Bells.

    "Wow... It took us like 5 hours to get to this dump? How exactly is this better than a normal desert?" Akira asked the others who shrugged and looked around at the many ruins that lay in the desert.

    "This place is pretty sad- I mean, its like you can feel the sadness of the people of the past all around it. I wonder who destroyed their nation..." Darien said walking over to what appeared to be an old tree stump.

    "This place sure makes you realize how long these have to live... Its almost seldom to be here-" Cheren said before he saw a Team Plasma helicopter landing in front of one of the ruins.

    "... Looks like Bianca's Halloween decoration idea might be right... they have some dead bird Pokemon on their propellers." Darien said sending out his Ducklett for survillance along with Cheren's Unfezant.

    "They' dressed' like' my daddy' when' he goes to his "Gentlemen's Club" expect they dont' have' the white' mask'." Bianca said to Akira who rolled her eyes and replied with complete sarcasm.

    "I totally didnt know your dad was a Klansmen its not like you dont mention it every other day." Akira said to Bianca while pushing her and then started to creep towards the ruins entrance to remain undetected.

    "Silly Akira~ The Klansmen' dont' allow' fat' people' like my daddy' in! I' was' talking' about the Ilumanati'!" Bianca said really loudly to herself after getting up from the "fall" she just had, not realizing that the others were gone.

    Two Team Plasma members find her and taz her (Horray! I mean- oh no...).

    "These is really small and cramped... Now I know how our Pokemon feel..." Darien said to Akira and Cheren who flicked him off for making a Team Plasma related joke at the moment.

    "Wait- I havent heard a racist remark in the 2 minuetes we've been here. Where's Bianca? Did she really get what was coming to her and was killed by a sand person?" Cheren asked the others who ignored the question because of the subject.

    "Come to think of it I didnt see her sneaking in her with us, what about you Akira?" Darien asked in Akira for once actually caring about Bianca for once.

    "Maybe the sand people will make her into the "Egg Fo Yung" and we'll order it one day and Bianca will be inside of all of us forever... Just thinking about it made me puke- and not because of the cannibilism." Akira said before she realized that the sand she was standing in felt different than the kind they were just in a second ago.

    "I always imagined Bianca marrying a crazy ax-killer and killing us because of all of the times we wronged her, oh well." Darien replied to Akira's comment about Bianca's death while he began to sink in the quicksand.

    "This is- QUICK SAND!" Cheren said struggling to get out but to no avail while Akira started to call for help and Darien tried to use his X-Transeiver to call for help.

    "In my last breath- I curse... Darien!" Akira shouted as she fell through the sand while Darien and Cheren were still slipping.

    "Really me?! Why not somebody who deserves it like Alder-" Darien said while falling through the sand who realized at the end of his life Akira and Darien were there to annoy him.

    "Wait- There's a bottom! We can live to see another day! Go! Jay use Psychic to give us an easy landing!" Akira ordered her Swoobat who gave all of them a nice and easy landing.

    "That was close... I wonder why the heck mother nature made those sandpits! Karma is a **** when you talk about country people (did Darien just curse?!)." Darien said while looking around at the room they had fallen in, which was covered in sand and bones.

    "I'm still gonna talk about Bianca, dead or not that **** got what was coming to her." Akira said to the others as she looked at how high they fell from and how wide the room had been.

    "This could have been the royal palace, or maybe it was where they buried the dead. Either way, I'm sure the "normal" houses were outside of the Desert Resort." Cheren said to Akira and Darien who looked at him like an idiot for saying something completely random out of nowhere.

    The sand pile close to them begins to slide down for some reason and the ground begins to shake.

    They all try to huddle together but are seperated into different sandpits by the earthquake (somehow).

    "That is getting so old! Why the hell is that keep happening?! I thought gags were only for series that have ran out of funny jokes (like SNL seems to be these days...)" Darien said to himself, not realizing at that moment the others were not with him.

    "Who are you?! Are you friend or foe?!" a Team Plasma member asked Darien who rolled his eyes and sent out his Creme.

    "I dont think your ready for this jelly! ... Is what Beyonce says to Jay-Z when she divorces him for me- in my dreams..." Darien said in a at first proud tone but then turned into embarassment at the end when suddenly the Team Plasma member sent out Garbodor.

    "Your no match for the power of Team Plasma you naive brat!" the Team Plasma said as his Garbordor shot a Gunk Shot at Creme who was hit directly.

    Creme struggles to fire an attack at first but manages to hit Garbordor with a Charge Beam.

    "Who's more naive? The person in the false cult or the person trying to destroy it?" Darien asked the Team Plasma member who became confused along with his Pokemon, Creme then uses Flame Charge and defeats it.

    "... I knew I should have just stayed Team Galatic when I had the chance at least they planned on commiting cult suicide that next Tuesday." the Team Plasma member said as he attempted to flee until Darien frezzes him using Neapolitan's Frost Breath (kind of a weird move name but thats Japan for you).

    "Sorry, but I actually have use for a loser like you. Take me to your leader! Man, that sounded worse than I thought it would outloud." Darien said to the frozen Team Plasma who obviously couldnt hear him making him feel stupid once again.

    "You say that he's down this sandpit? Why does this feel like some horrible game you guys are trying to play with me? Like those producers do to those people on survivor." Darien asked the now unfrozen Team Plasma member who looked terrified at Darien as his orange wig fell off of his head.

    "We- We just want to make sure that Seven Sage Ryoku and Ghetsis-sama remain safe! They are the foundation of this team! We need their help to save the Pokemon of Unova." the Team Plasma member said almost about to cry because of the defeat Darien making Darien feel bad for a second then returning to not caring almost automatically.

    "So- If me and my friends were to take out Ghetsis in this place then he wouldnt be a problem us when we handle N? Cool story." Darien said to the Team Plasma who realized that he was trying to make a pun and ignored most of what he said.

    "Ryoku told us Team Plasma members to make sure that no one interferes with Ghetsis-sama's plans for this ruin... Your friends are most likely being attacked by multiple Team Plasma members while you were lucky to have fallen here where only I'm stationed." the Team Plasma said to Darien trying to make him worry while he laughed at the thought of alot of Team Plasma members getting their butts kicked by Akira and Cheren.

    "Sorry, but my cousin and my friend will never lose to you guys, you guys might as well use Patrat and Woobat still because either way some heads will be rolling." Darien said to the Team Plasma member who discretly tried to crawl away from Darien to get help.

    Darien stands up from off the ground and kicks the Team Plasma member down the sandpit and then jumps in himself.

    You are insane!-" the Team Plasma member shouted as he fell deeper and deeper into the sandpit while Darien chuckled at how much he's changed since starting his journey.

    "Team Plasma needs to liberate Pokemon from humans so that their pain can be healed. What other motive do you think I can possibly have for wanting Pokemon to be free from their Trainers?" Ghetsis asked Alder who was about to say something to counter his point before the Team Plasma member fell from out of the sandpit onto the ground while Darien landed like a cat.

    "Darien! So everyone arrived here safely I presume?" Alder asked Darien who had to think of a way to explain the suituation before Ghetsis began to laugh.

    "It appears that the boy that N has taken an interest in has arrived here to spoil our plans once again! What are you a stalker?! This is the craziest thing that I ever seen! Fools shall always be fools no matter the form that they take! If you think that I am worse than a man like Alder than I have a rude awakening for you- this man watched his own Pokemon die at the hands of a diesease that he could have cured! But his competitive spirit decided to keep the illness to make his Pokemon stronger." Ghetsis said to Darien who looked at Alder with more disgust than he did originally as Ghetsis's interest in Darien began to grow.

    "... As a matter of fact- I dont care. I already knew Alder was one of the worst human beings on this planet! But no matter what he is a human being! But you Ghetsis- your doing something less than human to innocent people!" Darien shouted in passion to Ghetsis as the bodies of defeated Team Plasma members and their Pokemon fell from several sandpits while Akira and Cheren landed on the ground to back up Darien.

    "Its about time that this was settled Ghetsis, your ideals are hurting far too many people to be taken lightly..." Cheren said to Ghetsis as Akira fangirled over his complete coolness making Darien yell at her to remain serious.

    "I see... So you all had the plan to handle me before N first all along- its a true shame that someone I trusted would side with imbeciles who defy our ideals. N is losing an interest in you, you have done nothing to help Team Plasma. Better yet, the oppisite... You have hindered us on every occasion that we appear before you. I need you to let me know where you loyalty lies because Team Plasma's future has no room for traitors." Ghetsis said to someone who was in the room (apparently), no one said anything because no one knew who was talking to (fill free to make your guess on who you think it is... now!).

    Suddenly, a magnetic gear appears out of nowhere and almost flatens Akira and Darien while Cheren moves them out of its way just in time.

    "Whoever did this should be given an award..." Akira said appluading his capture of Bianca making Cheren hit her on the head but her hugging him in full fangirl mode.

    "What have you done to that girl?! What did do to you Ghetsis?! (its a nice idea but still...)" Alder asked Ghetsis who stared at Bianca who was stuck on the gear and whining for someone to help her.

    "Some of my subordinates found this girl spying on our operations. It was only common sense that I make sure she does not interfere with our plans. Or would you I rather play the role of the lame bad guy and let her get away?" Ryoku asked coming out of a door to the right of the room while Bianca continued to screamed for help so Akira threw a Poke-ball at her to shut her up.

    "Goodness, you just had to not fight back, huh Bianca?" Darien asked Bianca who shrugged while he sent out his Vanilite to free her from the gear.

    Suddenly, a Klang appears off the ground and attacks Neapolitan with a powerful Gear Grind.

    "You made it just in time, Klang.. Make sure that the girl does not get away no matter the cost. We'll need her to be a hostage in a few days." Ryoku ordered his Klang who attacked the others with multiple Flash Cannons which started to destroy some of the ruins.

    "I dont know anyone in their right minds who would want Bianca as a hostage but whatever- use Ice Beam Nea!" Darien ordered his Neapolitan who let out a icy beam from it mouth and defeated Klang, it then begins to glow and evolves into Vanillish (seriously Arceus? Are all of their names gonna soud like Vanillia? Where's the choclate?).

    "Lucky for us the bussiness that we were taking care of here has been postponed anyway- and a hostage isnt that vital in our plan anyway, so this is the end of our time at these dusty old ruins. And since you all are safe as well as my Team Plasma squad were all set to leave." Ghetsis said to the group making them consider that he could be insane or just kind in his own way.

    "Why do you care about us?! Since when does the enemy worry about his foe's safety?! You expect me to believe that?!" Alder asked Ghetsis in protest at his apparent odd mood swings.

    "You do not have to believe me but I surely did do this out of kindness. Yes, kindness. I'm making sure you all dont get hurt for no reason, but I must admit seeing the expressions of someone losing all hope truly excites me (sexually???)." Ghetsis said gathering the Team Plasma members to cover him as he began to leave the ruins.

    "Hey! Why were you making sure we were safe?! Whats in here?!" Darien asked Ghetsis who was ordering Ryoku to free Bianca from the magnets pull which he of course did (double dammit).

    "Oh' thank' goodie'ness' I done' thought ya'll wasnt' gone' saving me!" Bianca said hugging Akira who pushed her off of her and yelled at Ryoku.

    "Hey! come back and finish the job! A real man doesnt leave a possible murder victim! Hey!" Akira shouted to Ryoku who was leaving along with Ghetsis making Cheren annoyed that they had to let them get away by order of Alder who for once a had a grasp on the suituation.

    "It seems my only choice is to return to the Pokemon League and come up with a plan to counter Team Plasma with my colleagues the Unova Elite 4- I will inform the PLA just in case something that is beyond my means happens so that we can have more back up if necessary." Alder said sending out his Volcarona and this time tugging on its wings to make it wake up earning him a slap in the face by it.

    "... I wonder what Team Plasma was doing in here... I dont see anything that seems like its been messed with or added to the ruins. Could they have just being deciphring something? Hmm..." Darien said as the walls to the left and right of them began to shake.

    Suddenly the sand began to turn icy cold instead of hot and the rocks began to turn into ice as well.

    An earthquake begins to occur and the ruins are apparently collasping (seems like every historical they go to is destroyed...) so they all hop Volcarona and escape via a hole that was made from the ceiling.

    "That was too close... Something tells me whatever Team Plasma was doing in the ruins caused that cave-in! We could have been killed by all that falling ice, which was weird because its over 100 degrees here..." Alder said while the ground began to be covered in ice spikes and pilars, scaring Bianca because she thought it was a sign of Armageddon (seriously Bianca?).

    "Whatever Team Plasma was doing there it was something that could endanger the people of Unova. We should go back down and-" Cheren said before they all got a call from the X-Transeiver from Prof. Juniper.

    "Hello? Is this Sexy Singles Meet?" Prof. Juniper asked them while they looked at eachother and shook their heads and began to question if they should just hang up before the get wrapped up in her drama.

    "Its us Prof. Juniper, you know the kids you sent out on a journey thats turning into a bigger mess than that time you opened up that soup kitchen (homeless people were the soup if you were wondering)." Akira asked Prof. Juniper who just then remembered who they were.

    "Oh yeah yu guys- and since there was no link to me and that kitchen I rather you not connect me to it." Prof Juniper said to the group who sighed and wondered why the went on a journey to help such an insane person.

    "I guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree... So, is there a reason you called us or were you really so deseprate you wanted to talk to a random stranger?" Darien asked Prof. Juniper who flicked him off with a smile as she explained why she called him.

    "For your information my dad owns Sexy Singles Meet and I was trying to do a bussiness call, I'm having a joyous affair with Prof. Birch from the Hoenn region (of course you are...). Anyway, I called you guys to tell you that something weird is happening in Nacrene City and its not my fault (for once).

    " Prof. Juniper said to the group who questioned why they should care. "And this has anything to do with Team Plasma how exactly?" Akira asked the Proffeser who smiled a very homicidal smile and told that it was an order to come to Nacrene City or that she would release all of their Pokemon.

    "... I hate you..." they all said hanging up and agreeing that it did deserve to be investigated.

    "So your all going to Nacrene City, alright! I shall return to the League now- I will notify you when I need your assistance!" Alder said getting on his Volcarona and flying off towards the Northeast.

    "... Do you think the Jeep will get us to Nacrene City?" Darien asked Cheren when it suddenly began to sink in the sand and fell down into the ruins. "... Why wasnt Bianca in the car already again?" Akira asked the others who shrugged while Bianca giggled and sent out her Samurott to provide some water relief for them.

    "...Then, how are we suppose to get to Nacrene City in less than a few hours? I dont see a trollish plot point anywhere to suddenly wisk us away to Nacrene." Darien said to the others when suddenly something appears from the sky and transport them to Nacrene City.

    "... What just happend? Did we just get a miracle? Am I going to have to go on my blog and talk about this?" Darien asked the others until he saw an Elgyem in front of them and decided it was nothing special (and he had been banned from Tumblr anyway).

    "I think this Elgyem was sent by somebody to collect us... But who would know exactly where we were? You know other than the readers." Cheren said confused on who would do that for them because most of the people they knew were either busy with Team Plasma or hated them.

    "The NPMC would never leave one of its agents in a desert, but of course we will extract this from your pay check, just kidding! Hahaha!" Jack said to Darien as he appeared from behind a bush (why you ask? I dont know) and hugged Darien while laughing joyously.

    "Jack! I thought you were doing research on 3 Pokemon or something and you wouldnt be able to help me anymore! Did you get fired because of that bomb threat I sent- I mean my friend Adonis (oh wait thats my name) sent in?" Darien asked suprised that his handler had assisted him in escaping the desert and that he was in Nacrene City.

    "I was moved to another field of the NPMC so I am no longer your handler nor am I a researcher. Your looking at the newest member of the "Whiteout" team, Jack Micheals (no not the serial killer folks)." Jack said shaking Darien and the others hands as Darien mouth dropped open.

    "Why did you get demoted? Its not like you sent in that bomb threat... Old people should get a little more respect than they get these days." Akira said to Jack who was shocked she knew about "Whiteout".

    "Well Ms. Noisy, it just happens that "Whiteout" is a fairly new side of the NPMC so I was never a agent. I may not look it but I am only 44 years old. And in the crisis that Team Plasma has presented for Unova I need to help out as much as possible." Jack said to Akira who was now not paying him any attention anymore because she was fangirling over Cheren pushing up his glasses while the (sane) people decided to go to the museum.

    "Prof. Juniper said something was going on with the city- but the only thing weird is that its kinda stormy around here." Darien said looking around at the city and not seeing anything out of the ordinary from the last time he was there (other than three kids beating up an old man).

    "The museum might be where the problem she was talking about is happening. And if you look at the sky- there's a weird funnel cloud right above the museum in general, its like heaven is directing us there or something." Cheren said pointing to the museum while lightning crashed and started to rain as the wind made a noise that sounded like crying.

    "Prof. Juniper! Were here now, where are you? I thought you could be seen in the dark but then I remembered that you arent a demon." Darein said to Prof. Juniper wherever she was as they tried to find her in the closed museum's darkness but to no avail.

    "Over here, I'm here with Lenora, Hawes-" Prof. Juniper began before someone cleared their throat and talked for her (if you already know who it is prepar for sexism to its fullest).

    "Daddy's got this sweetheart, when a man begins to talk a woman must be quiet. I tried to tell your mother but she just kept talking, now the poor thing is in that home because she said I "threw her across the room for reading a book about women doctors" and I "slapped her so hard her face is permanently because she called me by my first name" Pssh. Anyone who know's me would know I would even slap a woman who breathed in my presence. Cedric said to Prof. Juniper who then became silent because of his orders (weird family, huh?).

    "So... Why is the museum still dark when you know we were coming? Thats just retarded. Its like you guys licked a Tympole before we came here (who says they didnt?)" Akira said as she stumbled over display cases and carpet and began to curse all of the adults there.

    "Its' more' darker' than' when' the hill' people' caused' that city wide' blackout'..." Bianca said to herself once they reached the display case that held a stone within it."Seriously Bianca, we live in the same town what hill people are you talking about?" Darien asked Bianca who looked at him blankly not knowing what he was talking about and then remembering all of a sudden.

    "Oh yeah, the' hill' people' are' the people' who' my' daddy' makes' up so we' have 'an excuse to be total ***holes." Bianca said with a smile and a thumbs up while making the most ugly smile ever.

    "After you d-bags stole my Jeep and went to the Desert Resort (10 points for Cheren!), I decided to research more of the tower and came to the conclusion that some elements found in that tower were the same as this stone here. I am quite the genius if I say so-" Cedric said before Lenora cut him off.

    "Thats all fine and dandy, but how do we know that this is the Light Stone we were trying to find?" Lenora asked the two Proffesers as Cedric looked at her with the eyes of a demon.

    "Woman a man was talking, not a "man" like your sissy *** husband- A man like Big Daddy Cedric! Now hush while I explain-" Cedric said before Lenora cut him off once again.

    "Anyway, I think the best person to help us find out what lies within this stone is Drayden, the mayor of Opelucid City and Dragon Pokemon specialist. I must ask of you two, Akira and Darien... Go to Opelucid City to meet Drayden and ask him about what lies in this stone." Lenora said handing Darien Light Stone while Akira looked at it intensely with an expression of longing for some odd reason (which will most likely never be explained because I dont care).

    "Yes, Drayden also owes me 100 bucks so when you see him let him know that Aurea is coming for her money!" Prof. Juniper said to Akira and Darien who nodded as Darien placed the Light Stone in his bag.

    "May the force be with you... (great, now were gonna get sued) And if you see Iris there let her know that Big Daddy Cedric's knows where she is and he's coming for her." Cedric said to them with a thumbs up as they looked at each other and flicked him off together and left the museum in a hurry before he could kill/put a curse on them.

    "Know what I just realized?" Darien asked Akira with a stupid smirk while walking out of Nacrene City along the old train tracks (which were closed because of... oh wait thats a spoiler).

    "Is it that we have no idea where the hell Opelucid is? Or the fact that we cant get there in time to save anything?" Akira asked Darien who nodded slowly and earned himself a hit on the head from Akira when suddenly they heard a familiar voice.

    "Darien, my boy! You shouldnt leave without saying goodbye to a fellow member! Its bad luck! Its also bad luck to walk on a old train track because Ghost Trains can hit you! And you also need my Elgyem to teleport you to Opelucid, dont you?!." Jack said to Darien who chuckled and shook Jack's hand to say goodbye because he was still talking.

    "It was nice seeing you Jack- and thanks for all the help and support you have been giving us and if there's anything I can do to help you or your family-" Darien said to Jack after the handshake as Elgyem got beside him and Akira. "Well you could always help to free my son Jack Jr. from prison in Kan-" Jack said before Darien and Akira said "Bye" and vanished out of Nacrene City just in time to not be linked to Jack's crime.

    "Oh wait! I forgot to remind him that NPMC headquarters is in Opelucid City! Crud! I hope their prepared to be bomboarded with politics... or worse- history... or even worse than that... battles..." Jack said looking up at the sky in worry that they would not be strong enough to handle the challenges in Opelucid.

    The scene changes to the Desert Resort where Regice and Registeel are in a fierce clash against each other even though the ruins are collasping around them.

    Just as Registeel is about to win the battle, a black mass begins to seep through the cracks that lead down into the cave.

    Regice tries to block it with Ice Beam but is absorbed by the black mass along with Registeel.

    "I say if they're moving on to the next phase of their plan- so should we! Zahuhahahahahaha! Its time to start Phase 2: The Ultimate Shield! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? shouted to the rest of his group as the collapsing reveals another room that was overlooked by Team Plasma as the ruins stop collapsing somehow and everything appears to be frozen in time.
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    Author Note- Part 1 of the Opelucid arc and continuing the climax! What will happen when Darien meets his boss in Opelucid City?! Why is Subway so funny today?! And just what is the Entralink? Enjoy!


    "Opelucid is just passed this bridge?" Darien asked the tour guide inside of the bridge terminal who nodded and pointed east.

    "Opelucid City's mayor created this bridge as a symbol of peace for the Pokemon who died in the fire in the Moor of Iccirus during the Nobunaga Wars." the tour guide said to Darien who didnt wanna look uninterested so he nodded with a smile as Akira begins to make a ruckus when asking another tour guide a question.

    "What do you mean that we cant the railroad train?! Thats prejudice!- I refuse to pay the tax to pass this bridge if I cant ride the train..." Akira said to the tour guide who was a bit embarrassed because of the growing crowd.

    "Its because you have Pokemon miss... We cant let you on with them because unfortunately some people have an allergy to certain types of Pokemon..." the tour guide said in a calm manner trying to calm her and down and reassure he it wasnt prejudice.

    "If' they' have allergies then why' do' they' ride the train'?! Sickly' people' should' stay in their' seldom Spanish' dramas and out of public' trains'.." Bianca replied to the tour guide's comment making Darien and Akira jump in shock.

    "How did you get here so soon?! You were in Nacrene City yesterday!" Darien asked Bianca who giggled because of how stunned they were to see her there.

    "I dont' even' know' how I got hur'... all I remember' is' getting' drunk' with' Lenora and Prof. Juniper' because we' didnt' have to' do any work when next thing' I know I'm here looking at trains..." Bianca replied to Darien's question like the true idiot she was when suddenly Akira grabs Darien and they try to run out of the gate terminal until Bianca blocks them at the exit.

    " ****anca let us go- were so freakin' tired of talking to an annoying **** like you every freaking city we go to! God! I hate you to death..." Akira said to Bianca who looked she was about to cry until she made a creepy happy smile.

    "I just wanted' to say' how much' I' love you' guys'! Ever' since' we was kids' ya'll was there' for me' and now ya'll are saving' the world' for me' and' al'l of Unova'. You' guys' are my best' friends' I really' wanna help' ya'll beat Team Plasma' because ya'll have' done the most for lil' ol' me!" Bianca said hugging the both of them making Darien feel a little bad for her because her only real friend was Cheren.

    "... Go to hell and rot Bianca..." Akira said pushing her out of their way and walking out to Route 9.

    "This is an important assignment and your treating it like were on vacation or something." Darien said to Akira who was ignoring him and looking at the trains beneath the bridge.

    "I wonder how many people worked their ***es to make this bridge... And all for the sake of dead Pokemon. I dont understand it..." Akira said shaking her head and walking on towards to Opelucid making Darien wonder if something was wrong with his cousin.

    "Do you like bridges Akira? Or is it the trains that you enjoy?" Darien asked Akira who smirked at his question and replied with complete sarcasm.

    "I cant tell rather your asking me if I like guys or girls but just so you know-" Akira said before she saw something on the bridge that made her stop mid-sentence.

    "... What? You were about to say something hilarious, right? What happend?" Darien asked Akira who was still frozen on the bridge, Darien turns his head to see Ghetsis who was seemingly waiting for them to cross the bridge.

    "If isnt the two heroes who will help to rid this world of the evil that has posssed it." Ghetsis said to the both of them while standing like a tall skyscaper.

    "... Ghetsis, I heard her- she said that she wanted to see a Morning's Grace. What does it mean?" Akira asked Ghetsis who looked at her sternly with a face of total seriousness when he suddenly began to chuckle.

    "She was referring to her suicide of course. She was commenting on the day's horoscope- Serene Grace was the ability of the day and Morning Sun was the move of the day. She had remembered that because of the magazine she had being reading before the car crashed on purpose into that tree." Ghetsis said to Akira who looked saddened by whatever their conversation was about. Darien looked at his cousin then at Ghetsis and began to ask a question of his own.

    "Why are you two talking about my aunt Mia? Do you know her or something Ghetsis?" Darien asked Ghetsis who turned his attention from Akira to Darien as well as changing the subject.

    "Excellent. It seems that you have somehow managed to, dispite all odds collect the Light Stone to counter our Lord N's Zekrom. Though, that would be impossible because throughout his seemingly short life I have prepared him for this shining acheivement. The day that we set Pokemon free from their Trainers is- 3 days from now! Using the power of my speeches I can manipulate the hearts of the gullible public I would be able to have them releasing their Pokemon in masses! One by one people would save their Pokemon using the influence of N. Why do you want to destroy such a marvelous new world, Darien?" Ghetsis asked Darien who scoffed and replied with a burst of anger in his voice.

    "You have no right to use your gift of speech to manipulate people into releasing their partners! Thats abusing your ability to the max!" Darien shouted to Ghetsis who was already annoyed by Darien but felt insulted that he was questioning him.

    "My dear ansector- Nobunaga used his ability to communicate to the people and reach their hearts. I am using that seem power to save the world from the evil that has engulfed it. By releasing Pokemon, people will be cleared of the sin of possesing them in the first place... If we use Pokemon as tools how can the possibly be seen as equal partners? Holder of the Light Stone- if your on your way to Opelucid I must invite you to Team Plasma's final rally." Ghetsis said to technically both Darien and Akira who was half paying attention by this point anyway, as he left the bridge for Opelucid.

    "He just said that Team Plasma in Opelucid! We gotta get there before something drastic happens-" Darien said before Akira started to walk by herself causing him to chase after her.

    "Opelucid City is the final place we have to hear Ghetsis's side of the story. Maybe, you can grow to understand his ideals..." Akira said in a sort of a mumble until Darien literally smacked her out of her funk.

    "What the hell?! Why did you just pimp slap me?!" Akira asked Darien in her loudest scream causing Darien to laugh and point to the gate's sign "No Sad Faces In Opelucid City, please.

    "Wearing a frowny face in this city is a no-no. You should really take the advice of signs sometime-" Darien said before Akira pointed to a sign that read "Mind Your Bussiness Or You Will Be Killed!" making Darien twitch a little from the contradictory signs.

    "I wonder why one is brown and the other is blue- do you think that it means something? (Other than the prejudice assumption of bloods and crips)" Akira asked Darien who had pratically given up on humanity and started to walk out of the gate towards Route 9.

    "I hear Route 9 is home to like some big shopping mall, do you think they sell Pokemon there?" Akira asked Darien who rolled his eyes and looked up at something that appeared to a large building.

    "Selling Pokemon is illegal, people who do it should be ashamed of themselves." Darien said walking over to the building and noticing that somehow they were behind the shopping mall.

    "Kill joy, dont you know that some losers make a killing off of selling Magickarp around the world- their called the "Magickarp Salesman Union" and their one of the main people who were on the inside job." Akira replied to Darien while they walked towards the front of shopping mall (pratically forgetting that they have to get to Opelucid City in a hurry).

    "What inside job? Are you gonna make some crappy joke about Magickap sex? (Though you have to wonder how they do it...)" Darien asked Akira who shook her head and responded in confidence.

    "I mean the bombing in ???! It was obviously an inside job! Explain how all of those Voltorb and Electrode got there without someone's help?" Akira asked Darien who couldnt believe that Akira was being such an idiot so much that he knocked over several causing some bikers to come over towards them.

    "Great, now we gotta do some things were gonna regret tommorow..." Darien said about to take out a Poke-ball before the bikers knocked him over and made him drop his Poke-balls.

    "Hey! Did you knock over our bikes?! We just got those 10 years ago! For escaping from prison and going to work at Subway! Like every other Subway employee!" one of the bikers shouted to Darien as Akira began to laugh at the confrontation angering Darien.

    "Do something! Before they beat up the both of us-" Darien said before Akira started to have a conversation with the bikers.

    "They say that they would never hit a girl, because their mama's taught them better and if they ever found out that they hit me they would get their ***es kicked even though their mom's are dead and they killed them. But since your a guy their gonna kick your *** using their Krokorok." Akira said as the bikers through out all of their Krokorok to beat up Darien, who just happend to be up to the challenge.

    "Go! Scraggy use Brick Break on these skinheaded jerks!" Darien ordered his Scraggy who stopped mid-way through the attack and bowed before the bikers as they put Akira on one of their bikes and scurried off toward Opelucid City.

    "... Looks like you just got hustled by the "Hills Gang". A notorious gang thats known to kidnap women and sell them to Subway to make their Chipotle sandwhiches." a man said to Darien after witnessing the bikers drive away making Darien more and more concerned about his cousin.

    "But they left their crappy Pokemon... Should I beat them up?" Darien asked himself while looking at the Krokorok who were playing with Scraggy causing Darien to smile and decided to bring them back to their owners.

    "Its not their fault their owners are drunk idiots! And if they dont care for you- you guys are always welcome in my group." Darien said to the Krokorok who were talking about him to Scraggy in their own language while Darien oodles at how cute he thinks they are.

    "Opelucid was once in the middle of a mini- civil war (because the mayor's assistant was sleeping with the mayor's wife who was sleeping with the police chief who was sleeping with the fire marshal, ect.) so they had to split the city into 2... West Opelucid is the city of the future where time constantly changes and East Opelucid is the Opelucid that respects the past and all of its history." Darien said as he read off a sign inside of the city gate while the Krokorok pointed to something out of the gate.

    "It appears that a rally is taking place in West Opelucid... I wonder if the mayor Drayden will attend or if he is to busy with whatever he's been working on for the last couple of months to hear it." the gate woman said to herself as fireworks began to go off in West Opelucid to symbolize something that was going on there.

    "... Who sets off fireworks during the day? Ghetsis said that they were having some sort of rally so maybe this is the start of it. I guess East Opelucid will have to wait til after the rally." Darien said picking up his bag and gathering up the Krokorok as he went through the gate to West Opelucid.

    "Wow, this is the city of the future? Is that why everything is so high-tech? Its like every nerds sci-fi dream here..." Darien said looking at the high-tech homes and the flying cars that flew around the city until he spotted someone he recognized sleeping underneath a tree.

    "... Is that Eileen-san? Eileen is that you?!" Darien asked the person who was under the tree as they eyes opened up like a demon.

    ".. Oh! Darien! You got our message to report to Opelucid then I presume?" Eileen asked Darien when she got up from under the tree to greet him.

    "Message? No. I was gonna report all the stuff thats been happening but the NPMC's main system has been bugging did you know this?" Darien asked Eileen who was just as confused as Darien on the matter but tried to keep a leveled head.

    "I believe that someone has hacked into the NPMC's mainframe and is downloading all of our files into an untrackable unit which makes the files unable to be acessed. We had a theory that you could be able to stop the hacker but we havent even found out their identity yet." Eileen said to Darien who was growing more and more worried about the NPMC's future the more she explained.

    "Whoever this hacker is must be someone who has some leverage in the NPMC, even the slightest... I wonder if a member of Team Plasma snuck into our orginazation and is attempting to destroy it from within." Darien said to Eileen who nodded and began to show him the files that were vanishing every other second.

    "Whoever the hacker is- they have enough balls to tango with the NPMC. I dont believe Team Plasma would make such a frontal attack on us, but Mr. Drayden did say the same thing-" Eileen said before she covered her mouth as a stunned Darien stands there confused on what the problem was.

    "... Did you remember something that you forgot? Did you see a ghost? Did you see a a guy walking around with a tutu on? Did you see a baby in a car by itself-" Darien said before Eileen hit him on the head for being so annoying and dumb as she explained why she was surprised.

    "Darien, I just said our bosses name. Did you really miss that part of what I was saying?" Eileen asked Darien who was unsure how to reply because he didnt wanna come off as rude so he changed the subject.

    "Its great to finally see you in person, Eileen." Darien said to with a wink making her kind of blush until she realized he was trying to change the subject.

    "Wait a second, dont change the subject you! Unova could be in danger... Its about time you knew the bosses identity anyway." Eileen said thinking she's grabbing Darien's hand to urge him along to the NPMC headquarters but instead grabbing a Krokorok's hand surprising her much that she falls into a fountain on accident.

    "Oh! My bad! I was looking at that rally over there..." Darien said getting her out of fountain when she suddenly pushes him off of her and takes off her shirt and skirt and throws them on the ground where they are sucked into a transfer port and exchanghed for new ones.

    "Your lucky that Drayden invented the Customary Clothes Program or you would be so dead right now." Eileen said putting on the new clothes as Darien blushed after looking at her half nude making her hit him on the head.

    "Sorry... Anyway, lets get over to the rally so that we can see what Team Plasma's spouting on about." Darien said to Eileen with a huge bump on the top of his head after the hit he took from Eileen.

    "Team Plasma is here in the city?! This is worse than when the East Opelucid's built that Subway! We must inform Mr. Drayden or Lady Iris immedieatly so that we can catch them." Eileen said to Darien as she started to run over towards the crowd of people along with Darien and the Krokorok who were trying to mug a woman before they saw Darien running somewhere.

    "And then I said no- but I do like to canadian-french kiss male and female escorts sometimes when my ol' kicker is gearing! Hohohohoho!" Drayden said to Akira who was eating the cotton candy he got for her as Darien and Eileen arrived to see the two hanging out at the rally.

    "Your laugh sounds so appropriate for what were discussing! Hahahahaha!" Akira said eating her cotton candy while Drayden looked over and saw Darien (not Eileen, just Darien...).

    "Oh, are you new around here? I'm the Mayor you know. I can show you around the city... I can show you some schools if you have- kids. Cause, I'm a family man..." Drayden said to Darien getting a bit too close and personal as his mustache slipped off of his face causing him to have to put it back on his face.

    "... I'm 16... And you look like your 60 or something- wait! I'm not like that!" Darien said easing away from Drayden while Akira snuck away from behind him and pushed him closer to Drayden.

    "Oh my, your quite clumsly... Arent you?" Drayden asked in a sort of seductive manner making Darien freak out a little bit when Eileen chimed in.

    "Thats Darien,. the "Whiteout" operative... And he isnt interested in a PG-13 relationship with you Drayden-san." Eileen said pulling a freaked out Drayden as he chuckled at the confusion.

    "I'm sorry! Hohohohoho! Its just that you remind me so much of my old lover, Adonis." Drayden said to Darien who looked at Akira who laughing so hard she hit her head on the ground.

    "... Drayden? Then you must be my boss! Its good to finally meet you in person but- not under these circumstances." Darien said as Drayden sniffed him and enhaled his fragrence making Akira laugh even harder.

    "I heard from Darien that Team Plasma has come to Opelucid for this rally here... Are you undercover or something?" Eileen asked Drayden who tried to make up an excuse but couldnt.

    "Um... I was here because Akira and me were on a date. I'm here suagrdaddy- because I like girls... alot..." Drayden replied to Eileen who pulled him on the ear and told him to tell her the truth.

    "Oh yeah Akira... How did you get away from those bikers?(Did you pull a Bianca and retard your way out of it?)" Darien asked Akira who winked at him (**** you arent Skyla!) and replied with a cutesy voice.

    "I used my femmine charms to have them let me go~!" Akira said still winking at Darien who started to laugh at her this time but then got calm and said something sarcastic back to her.

    "With all of them? I thought you would have more respect for yourself than to do that. You did a Lindsay Lohan instead of a Jane Fonda? Shame on you..." Darien said trying to annoy his cousin like she always annoys him but sadly to no avail.

    "Whats that Darien? You think that Drayden is dreamy~?" Akira asked Darien who looked at her with immense anger while Drayden winked at Darien (like a creeper) and began to get serious.

    "I really came here to investigate the motives of Team Plasma to make sure that we had not made an unnecessary enemy. Since the rally hasnt begun yet my opinion on them has not changed and I believe that what they are doing is wrong and will damage the whole world as a whole." Drayden said to the others (technically only looking at Darien...) as the members of Team Plasma began to march onto the stage alongside a proud Ghetsis.

    "Hello people of Opelucid City- Today is the final day of Team Plasma's speeches so I would be honored to answer any questions that you may have af-" Ghetsis said before he was asked a question by a familiar face.

    "Is it true that Team Plasma now has the Black Dragon Pokemon in their possesion?" Iris asked Ghetsis in a very mature but obviously forced voice.

    "Iris! When did you get here?" Eileen asked Iris who looked at Drayden with anger.

    "This guy left me at the cotton candy shop so that I could pay and I havent seen him since now! (Thats the same way her parents left her at Poke-Land)." Iris replied to Eileen while stepping on Drayden's shoe which he didnt seem to notice because he was busy looking at Darien when Ghetsis suddenly answered Iris's question.

    "Thats correct! Our Lord N has connected his heart with the Black Dragon Pokemon Zekrom and intends to recreate this world to be its most perfect form. We herald the return of Nobunaga! The founder of this region so that he can restore the peace that was felt through out the region once upon a time." Ghetsis said to the crowd with a roar of passion in his voice as the Team Plasma members opened up a chest and got out a piece of paper.

    "Does that paper say Pokemon segregation petition?" Darien asked Ghetsis who finally noticed him and Akira and nodded smugly.

    "Any one who wants to liberate their Pokemon from the shackles that they bear will have to sign this form! It is a promise that on day "Promised Day" you will release your Pokemon and let them live free. Pokemon are different from us humans they are living beings that hold unknown potential. With them being basically enslaved by us humans they are losing that potential... If you truly love your Pokemon then I would recommend this agreement for you." Ghetsis said to the crowd with a benevolent smile as the petition was passed around from person to person to sign off on.

    "I dont know... Do I want to leave my darling Petilil? I need more time to think." one of the townspeople said passing along the paper as the next person agreed with them and passed it on.

    It then made it to Akira who was shocked to have gotten it and for some odd reason Ghetsis looked at her intentively.

    ".. This seems really lame. I dont wanna release my friends for no reason." Akira said passing the paper on to Darien who crumbled it and stomped on it making Ghetsis feel challenged.

    "... Looks like all of you have made your choice, rather or not you decide to release your Pokemon I want you all to know that Team Plasma is always looking for you to join us. And so I end my plea today by asking for you to liberate your Pokemon ladies and gentlemen please have a blessed day." Ghetsis said as he walked off stage while putting up a victory sign as the Team Plasma grunts set up a stand that had another agreement that could be signed on.

    "That speech was the most weirdest things I've heard since Adonis died... Because he used to talk in his sleep about the war... And how he killed all of those Purrloins..." Iris said to others who all agreed when suddenly Alder appears out of nowhere and agrees with her.

    "That Ghetsis is trying to steal my style of tricking people into slavery using pretty words! The nerve of him! Only us sexy older people can do that!" Alder said eating a corn dog while Akira rolled her eyes at his presence and preceded to explain her side of Ghetsis's speech.

    "I dont know how I feel about Ghetsis's speeches...Some of them really speak to my soul and they make me reconsider the relationship I have with my Pokemon." Akira said to the others who all looked at her strange especially Drayden who was a bit disturbed by it.

    "Hey, are those people lining up to sign that thing?! Dont they know I scam when they see one?!" Darien asked when they suddenly see half of the crowd of people signing the petition.
    "Those people may have listened to what their hearts had to say..." Akira said in a very quite tone but still being loud enough for Darien to hear.

    Suddenly, the stand that the petition is on is set a blaze and it is revealed that it was Drayden's Zwelious.

    "Drayden... Dont you think that was a bit extreme?" Eileen asked Drayden who had sent out his Zwelious to use Dragon Rage on the paper to make sure no one signed it.

    "I have made my judgement- and I have decided that Team Plasma is too much a threat to be trusted. Darien, my orders to you is to go to the Opelucid City Hall and wait for me there. If you wouldnt mind I would also like you to be there as well Akira. The fate of Unova must be discussed before it is too late." Drayden said to them as he walked off somewhere while Alder finished off his corn dog and said something.

    "Like I said yesterday, I'm going to the Pokemon League to intercept N.(Warning: He will say this alot until it gets annoying or turns into a meme, which ever happens first normally) I'm sure that Drayden will inform you of the needed information on the Legendary Pokemon. He's the smartest guy I know- other than ever other person I know. Once you two have obtained the Opelucid badge I await your challenge! Good luck! Your going to need it against him! (Trust me I played Black version!)" Alder said to Akira and Darien when suddenly the bikers run up to them making their Krokorok cry waterfalls.

    "Krokorok~! We missed you guys~! Sorry we forgot you! Todd, you know the manager at Subway told us that Jared was coming to sign autographs for his new books- "How to look skinny but still be one of the most unhealthy fat***es on the planet." It was so inspirational because unlike normal people he doesnt think Subway tastes like 15 day old placenta." the bikers said reuniting with their Pokemon making Darien a bit jealous and then replies in jealously.

    "You all are the best example Team Plasma has to describe a bad Trainer... Its almost insulting to see you guys! I feel like Honey Munchlax's mom when she ate those live turkeys on Thanksgiving.(What? Its a good show...)" Darien said before the bikers looked back at him making him go behind Akira to hide.

    "Thanks for looking after our Krokorok, punk. Every time we leave them outside Subway when were working our manager tries to make them into the "Tuscan Chicken Melt". If there's anything you need just come by Route 9 and we'll be there. Hill Gang! Go!" the bikers said with a salute as they rode off along with their Krokorok's who waved a sad farewell to Darien.

    "So much for my dream Krokorok team... I just hope the next time I buy something from Subway it isnt them- Oh wait, I have taste buds so I dont eat from Subway. Anyway... Lets get to the city hall like Drayden-san said!" Darien said to Akira who nodded until they realized they had no idea where it is.

    "I can take you two there. I have to go to somewhere close to there afterword so its okay. Leave them to me, Eileen-san!" Iris said to the others as she darted away towards the City Hall.

    "Why are we following the little girl again?" Darien asked Akira who tried to think of a funny reply but couldnt until she heard a voice.

    "Its here! Did you all know that the city hall connects both Opelucid's? Its board decides rather or not for instance which Opelucid holds which side of the Gym. Or which Opelucid gets to vote for same-sex marriage. Which is now taking place in East Opelucid so after Drayden's explanation I wanna go vote.(Wait, how old is she?)" Iris said to Akira and Darien who were gasping for air and pissed that Iris was so energetic after running almost a mile.

    "Iris your such a kid... Go to hell you cheetah..." Akira said undeneath her breath as she continued to gasp for air while Iris rolled her eyes and opened up City Hall using her key.

    "Wow... City Hall is so beautiful... Just how old is this place anyway?" Darien asked Iris who shrugged and pointed toward the door in the back of the corridor that read "Drayden's Study".

    "I've wanted to hear Drayden explain the Dragons for years now but Drayden constantly denied me the knowledge but now that Unova is in danger he has to-" Iris said before Drayden through the door with what appeared to be a scroll in hands.

    "Just because Unova is in danger does not mean that I will let you hear about the Legendary Pokemon..." Drayden said to Iris who looked disappointed but nodded in agreement.

    "I understand... an apprentice like me has no right to-" Iris said while starting to leave the City Hall until Drayden's next comment stopped her in her tracks.

    "Its because I now see you as a worthy person that you are able to hear about the Legendary Dragons, though ever since I met you in the Village of Dragons and totally owned you and your Excadrill I have seen you as worthy over the years you have shown me more worth than anyone I know." Drayden to Iris who was almost teary eyed throughout his speech until he mentioned her Excadrill which made her mad.

    "Hey! Me and Excadrill are just as strong as you now Drayden! So bring it on! I'll go Best Wishes Season 2 Iris on you!" Iris shouted to Drayden until Akira pushed her away and asked about the scroll he had unfolded on the table.

    "This scroll tells us of the meeting of the original King of Unova, Nobunaga the warlord of Dragnor and the Original One. It is said that the Nobunaga discovered the Original One in DragonSpiral Tower and because of his powerful presence he was the only person documented in history to witness the splitting of the Original One into Zekrom the Legendary Pokemon of Ideals and Reshiram the Legendary Pokemon of Truth. Nobunaga connected with Zekrom of Ideals and using his power dominated most of ancient Unova. Back then Unova was known as Ransei and it was fairly peaceful in the southern nations until Nobunaga began to send his army of Dragnor to conquer them in the name of Unova. Over the years many countries fought against Dragnor but failed to defeat them so as a result they were captured and reformed as a province of "Unova". Years after Nobunaga's tyranny began to spread on a global scale another Hero entered the picture and began to form his own army known as "Fade To Black" (pretty weird name for an army that exsisted centuries ago but then again Adel was a pretty weird fellow). "Fade To Black" began to get more and more countries on their side and by the time the "Day Of Destiny" had come around most of the nations that Nobunaga had conquered were now allied with the other Hero- Adel! He used the Pokemon of Truth Reshiram to defeat Nobunaga and save "Unova" from his evil. It was said that after the battle the two Dragon Pokemon left this world to slumber and the places where they slumber are known today as the Light Stone and Dark Stone. And this ends my explaination of the two Legendary Dragons... now how do you turn this thing off?" Drayden said on a recorded as present Drayden shuts it off and asks if they have any questions to which Akira does.

    "Why did you sound like a sexy stud on there but you sound like a creeper now?" Akira asked Drayden who had to think about it but then answered accordingly.

    "That was before I began my training to become Dragon Master and I had snuck into my step-dad's room and stole it so I had to rush and record all that I could decipher from it. Thus, leading me to sound like a freaking sex god on there and now I sound like a even more sexier good now." Drayden replied to Akira's question and then winking at Darien who hid behind Iris.

    "The NPMC's special agent team "Whiteout" was inspired by the army "Fade To Black" and holds the truths and ideals that the Hero of old held. In truth the NPMC is really just a media company but it would like to expand into being a full fledged Government organization." Iris said to Akira and Darien who acted like they were paying attention while Drayden got something out of his study.

    "It is said that whoever releases Reshiram of Ideals from its dormant space will achieve the most highest honor as a Hero. It must either one of you to release Reshiram so that the world can be saved from the eluding darkness. I would like you to do it Darien- so that the NPMC can be the one regarded as the Hero's of Unova." Drayden said handing what appeared to a rare type of Poke-ball which made Akira angry for some reason.

    "If thats all, we gotta go! We each need one badge left so lets hit the road Darien!" Akira said grabbing Darien by the collar and about to drag him out of the house before Drayden said something.

    "With the information on the Dragons settled, and the Master Ball in the hands of the future Hero of Unova then I have one last thing to request..." Drayden said in a very serious sounding voice making Iris a bit worried on what it was.

    "Drayden... Dont tell me that we have to do "it" again. I just got my Haxorus back from Nurse Joy today..." Iris said to Drayden who nodded and then looked back at Akira and Darien with a stern look and voice as he said something that shocked the both of them.

    "The time has come for you all to face the trials of the Hero's of old! In order to prove yourselves worthy of being the saviors of Unova I will administrate several Ordeals to prove your strength! Prepear yourselves for the most brutal Ordeals of your lives!" Drayden shouted to the two of them with thunderous emotion as the room itself seemed to tremble at his power.

    "Why?..." Akira and Darien both asked him in an annoyed tone because them being the most laziest people alive didnt want to do something like an ordeal.

    The scene changes to show the Entralink, a peaceful and mysterious place hidden somewhere in Unova.

    Suddenly a strange portal begins to form around the Entree and several individuals step out of it.

    "It appears that these immortal Sages did not plan on our arrival, this throws off the whole plan." ??? said when he stepped out of the portal surprising the people who lived there as two other people left out of the portal as well.

    "So this is the heart of the Unova region... Entralink. Here we will be able to manipulate Unova's lifeforms as we see fit- Its almost as if this is the realm of the Gods." ??? said writing down what they see in the Entralink while the other person stands quietly like a giant wall blocking the residents escape via the Entree.

    "You should bully these poor hermits... We should just leave them be until we get what we came for. I dont feel like having the karma God will give me if I hurt one of these senior citizens." Mune said from above the Entralink searching for something from the sky.

    "Maybe~These people want to die but the immortality this place gives them is a curse~! Its a shame~ This is my hell~ Though I want to go to hell~ Farewell~ My dear Poke-pal Gothita~!" ??? said as he stabbed himself with a fake knife and cried about not being able to die.

    "This is the Entralink! Zahuhahahaha! This is the place that is said to hold the Keys of Unova! Give them to me! Or face the wrath of Damon Luthor! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? shouted to the residents as they all began to run and panic when the group begins to terrorize the Entralink.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the Entralink a certain tree changes from blue to red and begins to emit a strange signal to somewhere else in Unova.

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    Authors Note- Pokemon warfare?! I would remember that term because its gonna be key in a future arc Darien's final Gym Battle is against Iris! All of his Pokemon participate! Part 2 of the Opelucid Saga! P.S. Just what does the last phrase mean? Enjoy!

    "I believe in actions- thats why I say that when a hero must be chosen they should use their actions to display their earnest. Without actions then heroes could never save the people who they want to save." Iris said to Akira and Darien as they walked towards somewhere so that they could complete their "ordeals".

    "... Iris, your not making this already confusing situation any better with you making weird *** comments out of nowhere about us being heroes, were already confused as hell as to what these "ordeals" you and Drayden are talking about. God, is everyone from this city taught to be confusing?" Darien asked Iris in a way that he could make sure it hurt her feelings to see if it would get him out of the "ordeal" (aka Darien is as lazy as hell).

    Suddenly Darien's face hits a stone wall and he looks up to see a Dragon statue towering high above him and the others.

    "Thats the Opelucid Gym Dragon of Raphael- Its said that hundreds of years ago it was made to protect the world from the sin of Dragon Pokemon. But when people realized that Dragon Pokemon could be befriended this was turned into a Gym "guardian" of sorts, but the saint-like seal that surrounds it is still in effect to this very day. I hear the only way to break it is to bring the most Legendary Pokemon to the heart of Unova and taint the "key" of Unova so that chaos could envelope the whole region thus causing all good forces to be vanquished leaving only despair and misery in the hearts of people and Pokemon... Just a folktale though." Iris said when she began to open the door to the gym, when the doors were opened it let out a somewhat freezing breeze that made all of them shiver as the wind sounded like a Dragon Pokemon itself roaring.

    "The worlds most Legendary Pokemon? Where would we be able to find something like that? I thought Unova was so freakin country we got two lame *** Dragons with no real connection the world." Akira asked Iris who looked at her with a look of total annoyance which caused her to respond somewhat rudely.

    "First off, Unova isnt lame! Its one of the most modern regions in the world and just because our history is more unknown then some regions doesnt make it lame either- ***hole!" Iris replied to Akira with a full amount of passion when suddenly two doors seemingly appeared out of nowhere with the words "Ordeal of War" and "Ordeal of Renaissance" written on them in bold print.

    "Why do those doors seem to terrify me more than the rest of the gym? And why are they marked like that?"Darien asked Iris while he looked at the rest of the Gym which had a dark-leather like wall along with spikes sticking out of them.

    "Through these doors lead to two different ordeals of a hero... An ordeal of Renaissance which refers to the challenger going through a rebirth to be about to counter the challenge placed before them. The true details of this challenge is something only the one who distributes it (Drayden) can explain to you. And the "Ordeal of War" refers to the challenger using all of their tactical knowledge to be able to survive a simulated warfare obstacle course, I must say that this one is the one that leads to many deaths at our Gym...(why are they still in bussiness? because the PLA has grown not to care anymore). Drayden is behind the door marked renaissance and has a black border around it while I am behind the cute~ door marked war with the white border around it(why they are those colors, I dont know I suggest you Just go with it)." Iris said in a somewhat nervous voice at the end when Akira suddenly becomes excited for some reason and dashes into the black border door (which makes some people, namely me question the relationship Akira wants with Drayden).

    "Since when does Akira give a care when she has to choose something? I always thought she was like those undecided voters who vote for the third party because they think they might have a chance to win... in the election after next (if they're lucky). Darien said to himself as he made his way towards the white door but was stopped by what appeared to be an old woman acting like she was a teenager.

    "Hey bruh, you gotta wait for Lady Iris to get ready for the Ordeal! So... lets battle! Before my "Basketball Wives" marathon comes on BET! Because I have that- and I didnt let Dish take it off so I could keep Hallmark... totally...(I prefer Hallmark over BET, if anyone was wondering...)" the old woman said sending out her old Axew to battle Darien but instead her Axew falls over and faints.

    "What? How did Iris get past me so soon? And when did you get here? Your old as hell so why didnt I smell you before? Were you really that good at hiding because your loud as hell right now... Just- How?" Darien asked the veteran woman who looked at him as if she was trying to seduce him but her eyes began to twitch instead of blink.

    "I used to be married to a man who looked like the older version of you, his name was Adonis and he used to love him some Yo' Gotti! Its was weird though, he would always spend alot of time with Drayden and he called him "dear" and "sweetie" alot... But thats what all the thugs call eachother right?" the veteran woman said with almost too much enthusiasm actually it was so much that her bones cracked and she feel to the floor in pain.

    "Its sad that I dont feel bad for you, for both that your husband was having an affair with Drayden and that I'm most likely gonna leave you here to die." Darien said to the old woman while he stepped over her and went inside of the white door to battle Iris (so that his day wouldnt be completely ruined).

    "The souls of the Dragons of old that were slayed all those many years by Minister Langely still reside in this Gym... Its almost nostalgic to come back here and observe all of the history this place holds. Memories of me as a young page here- ah yes, back then it wasnt weird for two men to share a bed nor was it odd for them to get a little intimate- we were just admiring eachother's strength..." a veteran man said coming out of nowhere and began talking about something no one (or at least Darien) cared about (and it was pretty weird because this was the 2nd gay joke of the day... hmm... is the author trying to say something?).

    "So... Do you know how to get to the Gym part of this mental institution? Because most of the people I have met today are on Sibil's level of crazy, scratch that... Charlie Sheen level. So anyway, do you know the way to the Gym?" Darien asked the veteran man who looked at him once again like he was the most horrible person in the world but still gave him the same look of seduction that the veteran woman gave him (Darien really needs to reevaluate his life, huh?) and began to walk towards the wall with the Dragon head and pulled it down to reveal what appeared to be an elevator to the top of the Gym.

    "This is the device we use to test people for Ordeals... As well as the machine we use to send the people in the dungeon their daily meal of Blitzle Feed. If you are worthy enough the elevator should move... And if you arent, if should still move." the veteran man said before Darien suddenly hopped on the elevator and rode up to higher parts of the Gym looking at the old man shouting something sexual and just waving goodbye.

    "This place is like the most ancient place I've ever seen- Well, other than the DragonSpiral Tower which got terminated... Because I was there... I'm satrting to see a pattern here." Darien said to himself as he rode up the elevator that was shaped like a dragon while looking at the interesting pictures and depictions of Dragons of ancient that were in the elevator.

    When he suddenly see's what appear to be catapults, cannons, and small tanks lined up in a row.

    "What would Drayden say? Oh yeah! Hello~ Sexy~ Trainer! I am Iris and I am the most sexiest~ most cutest~ most race unknown~ girl you will ever meet! Dragon warfare is my specialty and because I grew up in a village where we believed are Gods- I'm also easily dominated in battles! Pokemon warfare is one of the most dangerous forms of battling, I hope you are prepared to feel a world of pain... Release the tanks! Ordeal #1- General From The Future Mountain Meets The Girl From Kill Bill! (what? She's 13, waht do you expect from the poor girl?)" Iris said pointing to a Gym Trainer next to a switch which they pulled down and lifted up a battlefield from beneath the Gym.

    "Whats all this Ordeal stuff about? Isnt it just a normal Gym battle? Why arent uisng Pokemon right now? Why did you tell them to "release the tanks"? Do I ask too many questions when I'm annoyed" Darien asked Iris who looked at him like she was half paying attention and then answered every question he had.

    "The Pokemon Warfare ordeal is meant to test a persons true battle skills, there will be a series of mini-ordeals such as the first one I just named which basically means that you will have to try to make it to me while small tanks pop up from the battlefield and try to hit you or your Pokemon. Meanwhile, you will also have to battle a barrage of Dragon type Pokemon. Is that clear? Now guys! Lets show him why you dont **** with Unova's strongest Gym! Oh yeah, and you do ask alot of quetions when your annoyed." Iris ordered the Gym Trainers who sent out there Pokemon to battle Darien all at once as he sent out his Creme and Neapolitan to help him with the ordeal when suddenly a small tank shoots at him and causes a small pain in his knee.

    "This is retarted but your just gonna ignore me anyway... Oh well- Use Frost Breath on those Axew and Fraxure's Nea! And you stomp on those tanks when they appear Creme! Lets do it! Last Gym battle time!" Darien ordered his Pokemon who obeyed as Vanillish shot the Dragon types with a powerful Frost Breath defeating most of them while Zebstrika stomped on the small tanks with mighty force.
    "Impressive, I didnt expect someone who looks reminiscent of Oscar the Grouch to have such feelings with his Pokemon!" Iris said to Darien as he continued to defeat the Dragons and dash towards Iris when suddenly a tank appears behind him and shoots on the back causing him to fall.

    "Ow... Why do these Gyms always try to kill me lately? My luck is the freaking pits..." Darien said depressed when suddenly 3 cannonballs are shot towards him so Creme quickly reacts and destroys them using his Thunder attack (it looks quite epic if I do say so myself)

    "It looked like you sucked so I was gonna end your miserable life with my cannons- which leads us to Ordeal #2 That Girl From Ugly Betty In A Heated Divorce With Chevy Chase (the woman not the man)! Now, return those two Pokemon and send out three more to counter my- Druddigon!" Iris said to Darien while she sent out her Druddigon as her Gym Trainers lighted the cannons and pointed them towards Pignite when Darien sends out his Pignite, Mienfoo, and Ducklett.

    "And here comes something else that shouldnt exist but everyone in this city is on some type of drug so it does... Anyway! Pignite use Flamethrower on Druddigon!" Darien said while running along the battlefield when Iris begins to laugh and the defeated Gym Trainers begin to cheer for Druddigon who blast Mienfoo with a Dragon Rage and defeats him.

    "Ordeal #2 is the ordeal that killed the last Trainer I had! This is a fan favorite because once a cannon ball hits you, you die! You die long time! (Stupid Fact that you did not care about- Iris used to be an uneducated village kid until she went to school and Opelucid and became the top in her class, now back to the battle thing or whatever)." Iris shouted to Darien when Druddigon suddenly begins to attack his team with Dragon Pulse, defeating all of them but Pignite.

    "Your nothing but a little kid trying to act like their an adult! Your acting like the opposite of most of the people on Glee! Your so childish that when your suppose to be watching the "Charlie Rose" show on PBS your watching Sesame Street!" Darien shouted to Iris who had begun to ignore Darien and focus on lighting the cannons next to her to kill him.(Getting kind violent arent we Uxie?)

    "Yeah, yeah... All I hear is I suck and I dont want to lose- yada yada yada. Tell me something I dont know! ... Is a song... by a ****... yeah..." Iris said to Darien when her Druggion continued to launch powerful attacks at Pignite and the cannons continued to be launched at them that were thankfully being dodged and destroyed by Pignite's Flamethrower.

    "I'll show you not to make fun of singers who's lives were messed up by their over-acheiver having parents! Like Chris Rock said- (not his name...) Leave Britney alone! Now use Heat Crash on Druddigon Pignite and end this! " Darien ordered his Pignite who instead of doing what he ordered leaped towards Druddigon and used a powerful Head Smash that knocked Druddigon out on impact along with Pignite.

    "Wow... This is better than that time we got two challengers and they both died holding hand... Insert another gay joke here if you want." Iris said getting out a Poke-ball from her bra and throwing it out in front of her to reveal a Haxorus.

    "I promise that I will defeat you Iris! You are no match for me and my utter awesomeness! Prepear to be Darified! (which is what the doctor said to his mother when he was born)." Darien shouted to Iris when he finally made it to her, completing the warfare obstacle which caused Iris to laugh at his cockiness.

    "You have made it to the final Ordeal! Betty White Never Acts In Her Movies Its Her Sister Who Is Now Suing Her For Legal Fees! (Okay, these Ordeal titles have gotten out of hand...) Are you prepared for for the Ordeal where you must fight head to head with my Haxorus? Prepare to be Irisfied ****!" Iris said to Darien who sent out his Scraggy who he would normally avoid in a Gym Battle but was left with only him.

    "Scraggy, I have full faith that you will be able to do this! We have to beat Iris to prove that we are heroes! We cant back down without a fight! Lets be like Greece (no, not that Grease)! And not give up no matter the cost! (oh wait... Greece lost to Rome didnt it?)" Darien said to his Scraggy trying to boost up his morale so that he would be ready to fight the powerful Haxorus, Irsis who was still laughing at his cockiness ordered her Haxorus to use Dragon Tail on Scraggy.

    "You make the most hysterical statements Darien... Either you are truly an idiot or you truly know how to play one! Haxorus lets end this battle before it gets embarrassing!" Iris ordered her Haxorus who began to charge a Draco Meteor. "Oh crap! Scraggy we gotta cheat to get ourselves out of this hopeless situation! Do what Tiger Wood's wife did and aim for the jaw!" Darien said to his Scraggy who hit Haxorus with a powerful High Jump Kick and stopped the Draco Meteor.

    "Domestic violence is not funny! Unless its a basketball player, then its hilarious! (This lesson brought you by the NPMC, teaching diversity is one of the ways were still in business)." Iris said with a bow as Scraggy and Haxorus continued to fight like mad dogs when Haxorus suddenly releases a Dragon Tail that critically damages Scraggy so much he falls to the ground.

    "Scraggy! Be a Roman! Be the people who killed the man who died for your sins! (oh wait...)" Darien said in a attempt to encourage him when Haxorus suddenly hits Scraggy with Slash which almost knocks him out.

    "Not raising one of your Pokemon shows that you arent the true hero- I believe Drayden judged you too soon to recognize you as the Hero of Unova. A true hero would have reached the heart of the Pokemon by now... Which you have failed to do. Its too late for you, lets end this now Haxorus." Iris said disappointed as her Haxorus begins to do a victory dance for being about to defeat Scraggy when Darien says something to Scraggy that shocks it.

    "I'm not worthy to be the Hero, huh? Then I guess thats okay... The only reason I went on this long and dangerous journey was to help people but you make it seem like I only went on it to become some lame hero! My dream is to save the people of Unova from any threat that dare to hurt it- in the words of the wisest man I know... There are too many villians in the world! We need... more heroes!" Darien shouted in protest of Iris's statement as Scraggy went in for a Zen Headbutt which critically damaged Haxorus making Iris get a little more interested.

    "No matter why you started your journey this is where it will end! Use Dragon Pulse Haxorus! Full power!" Iris ordered her Haxorus who focused the energy in its mouth and started to release it on Scraggy when he suddenly leaps towards Haxorus and breaks it focus with a High Jump Kick (again?).

    "Thats the most cliche thing I've ever heard Iris! Now, Sirloin! Finish this with High Jump Kick!" Darien ordered Sirloin who once again leaped for Haxorus and hit him with another Zen Headbutt.

    "Impressive... You truly reached the heart of your Pokemon in the end- there's just one problem now... THIS IS SPARTA!!" Iris shouted when she suddenly kicks Darien and Scraggy into the bottom of the Gym,which clearly had spikes at the bottom of it.

    "I won! But... Iris such a freaking cheater! Why does she need to be such a sore freaking loser?!" Darien asked himself while he falls down into the long and dark bottom of the Gym.

    "Have a nice fall... no... see you next-fall! No even better, tell Micheal Jackson I said hi when you die~! Yeah, that one works!"Iris said with a smile as Darien continued to fall towards Scraggy who he eventually caught in his arms but still continued to fall.

    "I hate hate hate hate this Gym! You are a sadistic nutcase Iris! Darn you!" Darien shouted to Iris who was listening to something on her Poke-pod as he continued to fall to his eventual death.

    Darien soon see's spikes poking out from the floor (how the hell did he not see them before?) and begins to panic until he remembers something from his childhood that reminds him what he needs to do.

    "GO! Vanillish! Use Ice Beam to create a walk way for me to run on! Quick! Before I die! And then you cant eat anymore- and you'll die!" Darien ordered his Neapolitan who had a hard time deciding whether to help him or not when Darien suddenly throws something from his bag at him making him unintentionally use Ice Beam.

    "I cant believe my Pokemon want me to die- what have I done to you?!" Darien asked his Neapolitan while starting to walk up the ice ramp as Vanillish started to remember how he was caught so he froze Darien a little.

    Suddenly the ramp begins to break and Darien starts to fall again when suddenly Ducklett comes out of its ball and helps him back up to Iris along(even though he fainted in the #2 Ordeal...).

    "Wow... I really thought you were gonna die for a second there- then I remembered that the spikes were actually pillows and that you were an idiot, so I was reassured." Iris said to Darien as he began to curse at her for letting him almost die.

    "How could you do something so dangerous?! Hero or not I deserve better treatment as a human being! Being nice to people just because their heroes and legends makes you a douche Iris! Do you want to be a douche?!" Darien asked Iris with a lot of frustration in his voice which made Iris want to push him back down there until she collected herself and went over to an old chest to retrieve something.

    "Darien- you have "technically" proven yourself as Hero in my eyes... But rather or not the world will see you in the same light is not up to me. Continue to speak your ambitions into existence and you might even surpass the original Hero of Unova Adel himself. Today is a day that you see all of your potential take form! I would like to award you with the White Legend Badge! Congrats on your amazing triumph over the Ordeals of the Opelucid Gym! Say hello to... your final Unova League badge!" Iris said to Darien with a voice like Drayden as she handed Darien that badge that began to shake in Darien's excited palms while he jumped up and down in total glee.

    "I got it! The White Legend Badge is mine! My final badge in Unova is in my hands! I completed a quest without getting bored halfways!(Which is quite the accomplishments considering Darien dropped out of high school his Junior year )" Darien shouted as Scraggy, Ducklett, and Neapolitan all celebrate Darien's well deserved victory over Iris.

    When suddenly everyone in the Gym hears a powerful explosion that shakes the whole Gym including the giant Dragon statues.

    Iris and Darien quickly react and head over towards the other side of the Gym to see what was wrong.

    Somewhere else in Unova, known as the Entralink is being attacked by a group of criminals.

    "I cant believe you all are gonna fight us... So much for moving here to live in peace and harmony, huh?" Mune asked the residents who had their Pokemon all ready to defend the Entralink against the invaders.

    "Zahuhahahaha! You cant judge a book by its cover right, Mune?! These people all look like they are a bit pissed at us for ruining their crops! Zahuhahaha!" ??? replied to Mune's comment and also began to grow weird vortexes around each of his palms.

    "To think that the people of the Entralink had no idea of our coming is also peculiar- Is this not the Village of Elore that holds the "Key of Unova"?" ??? asked the residents when he started to realize that none of the people knew what they were talking about.

    ""Key of Unova"?! Elore?! What are you talking about and why are you here to harm us?!" one of the Elders of the village asked the group who looked at him like he was senile.

    "It appears the Key no longer resides in this village and it is not the village of Elore that we have been trying to find." ??? said writing down what they said in their notebook when suddenly one of the residents Cottonee launch a Bullet Seed at Mune.

    The seeds go right through Mune and it is revealed that at the moment she is made completely of snow when suddenly a wall of fire appears around all entrances and exits of the village.

    "That was very inpolite... Dont you know that before you shoot someone... You should make sure that they arent bulletproof." Mune said to the villagers as the Cottonee that shot her suddenly burst into flame and faints while Mune giggles and the wings her change from ice to fire.

    "Shall we~ Handle these pathetic fools~ Sir~?" ??? asked ??? who began to laugh his unusually laugh and agreed that all of the villagers needed to be detained for questioning.

    "You evil witch from hell! Your using some type of dark magic arent you?! That was my brothers Cottonee!" one of the villagers asked her while his Pawniard went in for an attack which made Mune laugh for obvious reasons.

    "A witch? Sorry but you have the wrong gal... I usually get people calling me an angel, a witch is a new one for me. You should feel honored when I tell you this..." Mune said to the villager when she suddenly turned back into snow and got up close to him whispered something into his ear and eletrocuted him and his Pawniard.

    "Zahuhahahaha! With the powers of chaos on our side... I call upon you! Darkness! Seeeize this place! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? shouted which caused the vortex around his hands to release some sort of black mass that began to devour the village.

    Somewhere in the Entralink a tree begins to play a very sad song and something reminiscent of a Pokemon's tears begin to grow on it.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Unova a total empty valley begins to sprout tiny tree's that begin to grow larger and larger until they are all as tall as a skyscraper.

    Then the area begins to be polluted by an odd reddish color that paints all of the plant life and other surroundings its same color.

    In the middle of the area an odd sigil begins to get painted by an unknown force in blue ink and if you were to listen carefully you could hear it humming the words:

    "Lighten my Hearts passage when I fade to Black. Darkness and Dreams bring marvelous things. So constantly wear that Smile. Thats why I just went to see Miranda."

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    Authors Note-Vital information is presented in this chapter so its a must see! What is the region beyond Unova and why does it have so many problems?! 6th generation will only tell Just what is the Government that is constantly being spoken of?! TM and HM research is a crime?! Do you remember the surname of Calico from a previous chapter? And most of all... Enjoy!

    "Akira! Drayden! Are you guys okay?! Something exploded it wasnt just symbolical for once!" Darien asked when he ran inside of a nursery-like room that was almost completely devastated by the previous explosion.

    "Great! Just when the battle was getting good kill joy Iris and stupid Darien had to interrupt it with their lameness. You guys are such nerds... Are explosions not cool to you?" Drayden said taking his goggles off and putting them back in his pocket while returning his almost completely worn out Haxorus back to its Poke-ball.

    "Drayden-sama... You scared us half to death! You cant do such reckless things at your age- and on the note of age... Dont you think the giant nursery theme is a bit "outdated"?" Iris asked Drayden who was starting to ignore her when he got a badge out of his vest to give to Akira.

    "Very few people have had the honor of defeating me, let alone giving me a vigirous battle! Akira- You have successfully passed the Ordeal of Judgement! And... Darien-" Drayden said to Darien with a wink as he walked over to Akira and gave her the badge when he suddenly got a call from his X-Transeiver.

    "Drayden-san, I saw on the survillance that you have finished your battle- If you have time could you please send the two "heroes" to the NPMC headquaters as soon as possible? I have several question I would like to ask them before its too late." Eileen said over the X-Transeiver to Drayden who understood her perfectly but did not want Darien to leave, luckily Darien heard her and agreed to go there.

    "NPMC headquaters is one of the cornerstones of the world, its because of that it had to be hidden so that no damage could be dealt to it in case of emergency." Iris said to Akira and Darien when she began to show them the map of the city and all of the points that they could acess the NPMC headquaters at.

    "West Opelucid has two locations that can be accessed by more technical means while East Opelucid has three locations that can accessed using the sewage system. The NPMC sure knows how to think out of the box..." Darien said to Iris who nodded with a smile and pointed outside to an elevator-like thing outside of the Gym.

    "Thats what we need to take to get to the NPMC headquaters in this part of West Opelucid. Drayden-san, I'll be back after I escort them to the headquaters safely." Iris said with a large amount of respect in her voice which made Drayden chuckle as he nodded.

    "I cant believe a city like this can exist in what appears to be such a less modern enviorment! And what else smart people say when talking about cities and ****..." Akira said looking around at the flying cars and the (now) lunar powered walkways that helped people to walk on sidewalk.

    "It just shows how lazy the future will be- they wont even waste their time trying to walk, its a shame when you think about it." Darien said looking at the overweight people who were using the lunar powered walkways and wondering what he would be like in the future.

    "Opelucid is called the "World of Tomorrow" because of its amazing technological advances on the rest of society as well as the funding it gets from the Government, West Opelucid is regarded as the Government's future research city which basically means that we are the only ones in the world that are allowed to by the Government to experiment in different fields without speculation or investigation. Its like were our own little labatory!" Iris said when the finally made it to the NPMC elevator while Darien and Akira ignored most of her explanation expect for the beginning and the end.

    "Future... Experiment... Got it... I was totally listening... And was not thinking about ways to not speak to you..." Darien said in a nonchalant manner which of course was caught by Iris who yelled at them for not listening to her.

    "I say we get on that elevator before someone see's us and thinks were trying to buy Iris off this street corner." Akira said waiting for the elevator to come down and then getting inside it as Iris flicks her off for calling her a prostitute in a less obvious way.

    "Wow, look! I can see the Tubeline Bridge from here! ... Its kinda ghetto if you think about it, I mean what kind of architect builds a bridge out of rails?" Darien asked Iris and Akira who looked at eachother and then pointed to a picture of Drayden that was inside of the elevator.

    "Anyway, this elevator is all glass- I'm surprised Liza from the Charicific Valley hasnt sued the livng crap out of you yet." Akira said in the most serious voice she has ever used despite the fact that what she was saying was really stupid.

    "And why would Liza sue us? We made sure we havent used any Charzaird's in over 10 years!" Iris replied to Akira with an annoyed attitude while the elevator continued rather slowly to the top of the building.

    "Because Liza is the next of kin to Willy Wonka/Ronald Dalph and unless you paid for the copyright of this product its against the law!" Akira said in protest of the NPMC having a glass elevator as Iris and Darien rolled their eyes when the elevator finally made a stop at the top of the building.

    Suddenly, the elevator drops and all of their eyeballs almost fall out as they fall at unreasonable speeds to the ground below them.

    The elevator stops halfway though and opens to reveal a completely dark passageway.

    "I usually take the East Opelucid way to get here... That was insane..." Iris said out of breath after screaming to the top of her lungs while Darien and Akira hit her on the head for almost killing them.

    "Forget Liza! I'm gonna sue this company myself as soon as I meet the boss!"Akira said angry and frustrated when they all began to walk towards what appeared to be a giant steel door at the end of the passageway.

    "But you did... Drayden is the boss of the NPMC, remember?" Darien asked Akira who looked at him like he was an idiot one minuet than had a surprised look the next. "I guess this is the door the use to get inside of here... Alright- the passcode is! "I just went to see Miranda"!" Iris said to what appeared to be a sensor on the door while Darien and Akira feel a strange feel from the sentence she just said.

    "Whats up with that password? What type of phrase is that?" Akira asked Iris who had to think about it for a second and then remembered what Drayden told her about it.

    "Miranda was the mistress of the Hero of Unova Adel and she is the source of the controversy that sparks whenever the past of Unova is researched and presented to a general audience. It has been said that she is the reason that most of Ransei was conquered. The reason? I dont even know..." Iris replied to Akira's question the most mature way she could until she began to realize that she did not know much about the topic.

    The doors open (even though it took them like 2 minuetes and they watch as a breeze of heat hits them as well as the sight of the most high tech place on Earth.

    "Welcome, as you must know this is the NPMC headquaters and the most important media commerce in the world. You have been called here to be shown several images and answer several questions to confirm some lost information of ours due to the hacking of our system." Eileen said to the others as she walked over to a monitor and displayed a strange image of a sigil that none of them recognized.

    "What is that? Its not something that I recognize for sure, it looks like some type of cult symbol or something." Akira said to Eileen who nodded and began to explain what the sigil meant to the others who were clueless on the matter.

    "It is the symbol of Santos Christ, the most notorious group of criminals that the Government has made sure is their top priority as of late. They are wanted in several regions for the murder of Goverment officials, citizens, and acts of piracy. They ahve also begun to steal Pokemon to sell on the black market, we have identified the man who they are selling the Pokemon to as "Mr. Smiley Face" one of the worlds leading underworld criminals who has been wanted by the Government since he was 7. It is said that he has an army of Pokemon that could rival even the PLA's... Anyway, Santos Christ and "Mr. Smiley Face" are two of the most dangerous individuals that the Goverment and the NPMC have made a priority to see captured." Eileen said to the others while switching images to show the people who she was talking about and even the Goverment's stronghold the "Darwin".

    "... Sam is not a criminal! Why are you acting like you know him when you obviously dont?! He hasnt done anything to you so why are you treating him like your sisters killer or something?" Darien asked Eileen who was a bit thrown back by his comment but gained her composure and asked Darien a question.

    "Do you know Sam? Are you saying that you have a connection to a criminal?!" Eileen asked Darien a question that he never thought he would be asked in his life when Akira began to snicker over something.

    "So is Team Plasma a top priority of the Government because I see ver little evidence they do... Is the NPMC going after the small fries because they cant handle the big frogs? Seems legit." Akira said taking a seat on one of the empty chairs next to the monitor while Eileen began to wonder if they were truly the heroes that Unova needed.

    "Unova is so small compared to the next region over, I hear that region is beyond chaotic! The Government has turned all of its attention to that place because of its insane rise in crime as well as the abnormal weather conditions that the region has been expericing. When people say that Unova "is a small fish in a big pond" they are not exaggerating compared to that warzone of a region. I remember when Drayden sent me there to pick up some adult magazines for him, thats something that I'll never forget!" Iris said to the others when thinking about her time in the other region next to Unova and all of the things that she saw.

    "Is it really that bad there? I thought they were pretty decent... Your acting like the whole region is one big "Martin Luther King Street" aka the Projects... It cant be worse than living on Seasame Street with all those illegal aliens." Akira replied to Iris who looked at her like she was a jerk for a second then redirected herself to the monitor when Eileen changed the image.

    "On the contrary Ms. Akira, the Government has taken an interest in Team Plasma but and not just because of their whole "liberation" thing- this man here is 23 years ago... Ghetsis Harmonia one of the only living relatives of the Hero of Unova Nobunaga and because of the Government's sudden interest in eugenics they are contemplating incarcerating Ghetsis. Thus, as the Government's lead media coverage organization we have made it our most important priority to detain him and all those related to Team Plasma." Eileen said while showing a picture of Ghetsis that made him almost look normal (and faintly attractive) while Akira was stunned to see something like that of him.

    "Anyway, is that all you wanted to show us because we gotta get to the league to save Unova! Because looking at the stuff on the screen wont help us!" Darien said to Eileen who shook her head and showed them an image of several islands.

    "Experiments 505...They received that name because every single last one of them was discontinued by the Government on May 5th 3005. The experiments were so heinous that normal citizens are only aware of their names but not of the actual experiments because if they were to know them it would lead to worldwide riots... The first experiment that was investigated by the Government was the "Widow Maker" experiment that was being done by some researchers in Oblivia. Apparently, the researchers would volunteer to treat soldiers and would secretly implant them with "Poke-rus" which either turned them into lunatics or killed them several days later." Eileen said beginning to explain the experiments that had taken place a decade ago.

    "So they intentionally implanted pokemon viral cells into a human for an experiment? I hope those people were at least charged with manslaughter. Just saying... Thats something you dont just let slide." Darien said to Eileen who agreed but continued to explain the other images she was showing them.

    "The next experiment was done by a orphanage known as "BLISS", the experiment was that they would raise a child or Pokemon who was depraved of all outside contact so they could lead a miserable life and go through horrific experiences. When the time for the experiment to end was coming to a close, the researchers would do something nice for the children or Pokemon and ask them if they were happy... The result of this was the children or Pokemon either running away from the researchers after a wide revolt or them dying of shock. Such a pity to waste perfectly good children/Pokemon on something so cruel it should not be forgiven for years to come... And you were talking about Pokemon cells and human cells, right Darien? That leads us to the next experiment... "The Calico Incident"- the Calico's were once a group of scientist who studied ways to further a Trainers relationship with their Pokemon until like all of the previous researchers who we have discussed they decided to shift their gears of interest and turn their attention towards the worldwide banned study of the TM's and the HM's." Eileen said showing the others an image of a island with a large tower on it that had odd symbols inscribed on it while Darien looked at something weird in the background.

    "Is that... an Absol and a Togekiss next to that tree in the image? I thought that Absol symbolized diasaster and Togekiss symbolized jubilee so why are they so close to eachother on that island? Its so weird..." Darien said somewhat to himself and to the others who also began to question why two totally opposite Pokemon were so friendly to one another.

    "... That is quite odd- But I must say the oddest thing about this island was this tower that you see here, it is said to be the worlds largest TM and HM holder something that the Government believed the Calico's would keep to themselves but... they decided to research TM and HM's and after almost a decade of studying they sent several scientist out around the world to collect the TM's and HM's that they had learned of. The Government said that when they were about to put a stop to the persistent treizen that the Calico's were doing they uncovered something so horrifying the world should never know- the Calico's were using the TM's and HM's to create human bionary weapons by combining the cells that the disc held with the cells of a humans brain, specifically the nerves. When the Pokemon cells inside of the TM's made contact with the nerve system the muscle system responded by giving the humans Pokemon attributes. Such a heinous crime, right?" Eileen asked Darien and Akira specifically who were too confused to agree or disagree but they understood enough to know that something wrong occured on the island.

    "Is that all? Because we really gotta get going to the Pokemon League! Or are you gonna let Unova suffer so that you can ask us some stupid questions?!" Akira asked Eileen with a serious expression on her face showing Eileen just what she wanted to see as Darien began to ponder where he heard the name "Calico" from.

    "Would you mind staying for a little bit longer? I have something that I must give you." a familiar voice said to the others when they walked into the other entrance of the room while a Cincinno begins to polish everything in sight including people.

    "Prof. Juniper?! What brings you to Opelucid? Arent you suppose to be in Nacrene researching the Legendary Pokemon or something?" Darien asked Prof. Juniper who simply gave him a homicidal smile for an answer as Cincinno tried to clean Akira so she threw him.

    "Anyway, I'm here to give you all what I believe is the last Master Ball in production. But there's a chance it isnt... And by chance I mean there's probably like 60 more of these things around the world and soon they'll be replaced by something cooler like- drug balls or something." Prof. Juniper said to Akira and Darien while digging something out of Bianca's bag (which she stole) when Iris suddenly chimed in to say something.

    "Arent Master Balls those Poke-Balls that can catch a Pokemon without fail?! Are you really gonna give one to these morons?" Iris asked Prof. Juniper in shock that she trusted Darien and Akira enough to entrust them with such a prized Poke-Ball.

    "I have faith in Akira and Darien... And when I say faith I mean that that I know they know I would kill them if they wasted that Poke-ball." Prof. Juniper said when she handed Akira the Master Ball that seemed to gleam when it was placed in her hands.

    "I promise I will... use this to catch the first Pokemon I see!" Akira said with a salute to Prof. Juniper so Darien took the Master Ball from her and put it into her bag.

    "The fate of Unova relies on us... If we mess this up even a little bit then we can kiss the whole region goodbye! Dont forget that no matter what happens Akira... We have to make it out of this battle against Team Plasma alive along with our Pokemon who are our most trusted partners." Darien said to Akira with unbelivable wisdom in his words which stunned the whole room causing him to yell at them.

    "Anyway, just make sure that when you feel the time is best you use that ball to end the battle once and for all- you dig?" Prof. Juniper asked Akira and Darien with a wink as she got her (Bianca's) bag from the floor and returned her bawling Cincinno.

    "Dont worry, when push comes to shove Darien has showed me that he is worthy of being- a hero in the making." Iris said with thumbs up to Darien making him hit her on the head while Prof. Juniper waved goodbye to them and left out of the NPMC headquaters.

    "... Question... Who let her in here?" Eileen asked everyone in the room who shrugged which caused her to sigh.

    "Route 10 leads to the Pokemon League's Victory Road which is the name of the cave poor people take to get to the League. Were special so we get to take the straight road into the Pokemon League! Hope yor ready for non-stop *** *** battles!" Akira said to Darien with a wink when she suddenly got her mobile bike out of her bag and rode off further into Route 10 but what Darien couldnt tell was that the "raindrop" that hit him were really Akira's tears for an unknown reason.

    "I fail for letting that nut get ahead of me- but I feel like taking a slight dinner break before I start on that road..." Darien said getting a sandwhich he made for himself earlier that day at the Pokemon Center when suddenly he heard the sounds of a stomach rumbling he turns around to see a Ruflett drooling over his sandwich.

    "... You want it dont you?..." Darien asked the Ruflett who nodded quickly so he handed him his last sandwich and watched him devour it in one sitting. "I recently left my Ducklett with this girl named Iris for some extra training in Opelucid City(Nice excuse for releasing a useless Pokemon eh, Darien?) and since a meal isnt free- How about I catch you for payment?(Or as the English call it, how about I make you my Giving Tree?)" Darien asked the Rufflet who looked at him with determined eyes and then released a powerful Fury Attack on him.

    "You freeloader! You cant take my food and not expect to pay me back somehow... Go! Creme use Shock Wave on that freeloading eagle!(Or as Americans would call it, the goldigging eagle)" Darien ordered his Creme who obeyed and launched a powerful Shock Wave on the Rufflet who dogded and unleashed it own powerful Aerial Ace.

    Zebstrika is critically damaged but is still able to fight. "Now... Maybe I should use that Master Ball...(You sure you want to do that? You'd be more irresponsible than Soviet Union and the Chryebonol crisis...) No! Why would even consider that?! Creme, finish this with a Wild Charge!(Good boy, now your irresponsible like the Soviet Union was all the time!)" Darien ordered his Zebstrika who launched a powerful Wild Charge at Rufflet defeating him.

    "Well now... Looks like Mr. Darien just got yet another flying type~(Or as the Native Americans say, I caught the eagle god that we hunt and kill for food)" Darien said taking out a Poke-Ball and catching the Rufflet as he began to think about the dangers that awaited him at the Pokemon League and what he would need to do to stop it.

    Meanwhile, in the Entralink the situation has gone from bad to worse with most of it being devoured by a strange dark mass.

    "Zahuhahahaha! Mune-san, now did I not warn these fools that if they tried to resist us we would fight back the best way we knew how?! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? asked Mune who could only giggle at the people running around in fear and panic while nodding to agree with him.

    "Uyuyuyuyu... You think these pacifist would have put up less of a fight though, it took us half a day to just handle a part of this Entralink. And the area that we were trying to get to in the first place has been placed under some type of odd seal that will only let one of the heroes of Unova through... Its all so strange... Talk about a slight change of plans..." Mune said while she giggled and continued to observe the people who were beginning to lose hope that they could escape.

    "This is~ So sad~ I wish that my village was destroyed when I was a child~ Oh wait~ It was~! By me~!" ??? said while throwing a Sawk one of the residents had sent out to attack him with when suddenly screams of terror can be heard from behind him when the black mass devours one of the Entralink tree's on accident.

    "... Dammit... Now were in trouble, the tree will re-spawn somewhere else and if it happens to be the place that I think it will be re-spawn at were freaking screwed! We cant afford to have something like that grow in Unova!" ??? said getting up from the ground after writing down an essay of what was happening there while ??? stopped the black mass altogether to make sure it didnt happen again.

    "Zahuhahaha! Looks like I made a bit of an uh-oh... And since we cant find the key here I say that we leave and go search for it- at the other place! Zahuhahaha!" ??? said with a monstrous laugh while the others in the group began to crowd around the portal that they had made earlier.

    "We would like to thank you all for you cooperation, and when you sleep tonight dont forget to thank God that we did not kill every single last one you. Oh yes, and a big thank you to all the Pokemon who gave us the entertainment we so deserved today! Live from Castelia City, this is Entralink Night Live!" ??? said putting away his pistol and making the most sarcastic comment the residents ever heard in their life when suddenly something behind them explodes.

    It is then revealed that the Entralink's water supply is floating in the air and it disperses to somewhere else in Unova.

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    Author Notes-The first part of the final arc of the BW saga! Darien challenges the Elite Four and hilarity happens to ensue because of it! The final battle with Team Plasma will occur soon so as a repercussion to make the drama as dramatic as possible this will be the final comedy-oriented chapter! Oh yeah, and Akira does something weird at the end of it... yeah... Enjoy!

    Cheren! Why are you in my way now of all times?! Unova's time is running out each and every second that we stall! Move!"Darien said to Cheren as he began to shake his head at Darien's orders he suddenly sends out Liepard.

    "Please battle me Darien, I need to learn something before its too late! Or... You cant leave from this spot..." Cheren said to him while Darien considered dashing past him until he realized it would be fine to get some training and sent out his Scraggy to battle.

    "Your starting to get as annoying as Bianca... You really need to make your own character! Or you'll end up being as flat as Prof. Juniper's breast!" Darien said to Cheren as his Scraggy prepared to hit Liepard with a Brick Break but was damaged by its Pursuit attack.

    "You know good as well that Prof. Juniper would kill you if she heard you say that... Now, Liepard lets end this battle with a Shadow Claw- oh wait!" Cheren ordered his Liepard but tried to stop the stupid order but was too late and Liepard attacks Scraggy with an ineffective move.

    "Cheren the bookworm made a mistake about using Pokemon moves? Now I've seen everything! Scraggy lets do what we did to Iris and defy the laws of physics- Use High Jump Kick but then hit your opponent who's on the ground! (Do you see how stupid this move is now?)" Darien ordered Scraggy who obeyed after some thought and hit Liepard with a powerful attack thus knocking it out.

    Suddenly, Scraggy begins to glow and he soon evolves into Scrafty while Darien celebrates the evolution and the victory.

    "I see... So I was right to think that you were the only one for the job. Akira already pushed me out of her way and headed to the Pokemon League, you should catch up with her! I'll be right behind you!" Cheren said to Darien with a thumbs up as they both nodded and went their separate ways with Darien heading for the league and Cheren West Opelucid.

    "Ever since the founding of the Unova Pokemon League by the PLA it has stood tall and was able to withstand all attacks and battles that the challengers threw at the Unova Elite Four. Each Unova Elite Four was chosen directly by the heads of the PLA and each holds a different type mastery under their belt. Though all of them are normal people, they are the most powerful force in Unova and thus should not be underestimated. This has been the warning from the Unova Pokemon League Report! Over and out!" a woman said on a screen inside of Victory Road while several arrows pointed the way that Darien needed to go to take the shortcut to the Pokemon League.

    "The Elite Four are a regions most powerful force... If I dont watch it then I could lose against anyone of them and have to start over my League challenge. I really need to make sure that I'm ready for the League before I go there... Okay, I'm ready now!" Darien said in a sort of anti-climatic way as he followed the arrows and arrived at a opening in the mountain that lead to a entrance beside the Pokemon Center.

    "Ah, welcome challenger! You must be the one that Alder spoke of... The one who's voice is so annoyingly chipper that he would want to throw you off of this mountain!" the guard said to Darien who could only roll his eyes at the rude comments that he was making until he saw a beautiful statue that stood high above the league.

    "Wow... I had always seen that in the documentaries about the league but I didnt think that it was really so awesome! What does that statue represent anyway?" Darien asked the guard who had opened up a magazine but decided to answer Darien's question anyway as nicely as possible.

    "Thats the voice Alder was talking about! Now, that statue... Its said that somewhere in Unova there exist a place known as "The Heart" there is a legendary key that can unlock the hearts of the people of Unova and recreate the whole region- this statue is said to be the only way to get to where the key is hidden. The name of this statue is Elore and she was given to us many years ago by the people of the Entralink. We have made sure that we honor her glory by maintaining her the same way she was given to us, just in case the "Promised Day" would come." the guard said taking the magazine in one hand and a match in the other and burning the magazine down to the ashes when he then scooped them up into a bag and put it into his pocket.

    "... Anyway... Thats the second time in a two day period that I heard about this freaking "Promised Day". Foreshadowing should be left in soap operas, not in real life situations!" Darien said to the guard in a pout because no one would tell him what the "Promised Day" meant as the guard eats the magazine ashes causing Darien to slowly move away from him and into the Pokemon League.

    "Its says here that I have to choose a door to go in- I wonder why they would make the challengers choose instead of picking for them. Its not like this is any more convenient! I mean I still have to battle them all anyway so whats the point of having separate rooms? Thats just freaking ridiculous..." Darien said as he read the signs for each room with none of them telling who was in each room and the type they used.

    Suddenly, a light comes from the upper right door so Darien decides to go into that one.

    "Wow... This place looks more scary than that time Akira locked me and Bianca in our cellar for a week because we got on her nerves- goodness, that child is so weird!" Darien said to himself as he walked up the creepy stairs that led to an even more creepy platform in a pitch black room when suddenly a light shines on the battlefield revealing a vampire-like young man.

    "Welcome, my name is Grimsley and I specialize in Dark type Pokemon! 4 Years ago I used to be a gambler, I had gambled so much that one day I sold my own children in exchange for Twilight movie tickets! When I saw the movie Twilight out of remorse for the unexpected loss of my children- I fell in love with it! And I am now the proud president of the Team Edward fan club!" Grimsley shouted to Darien as he unveiled his collection of Twilight merchandise and a large flat screen television playing Breaking Dawn.

    "... So your gay?... But you said you have or should I say had kids, so does that mean that Twilight turned you into a homosexual?" Darien asked when he finally made it to the platform which made Grimsley twitch a little.

    "You dont turn gay! And I'm not gay you pompous fool! I just happen to have a certain interest in vampires!" Grimsley said with a hiss while Darien chuckles at how lame and childish he sounds.

    "I went to see the first Twilight movie with my friend Bianca because it was her birthday, right? And she said she read the book (which I should have known was an obvious lie because she's basically illiterate), so when we sit down to watch the movie Bianca says that she confused the movie with Brokeback Mountain because of the unbearable homo-erotic overtones that it portrayed. Any guy who actually enjoys that franchise is either gay or pretty close to out of the closet." Darien replied to Grimsley's remark about him enjoying Twilight, Grimsley gets mad by this comment and sends out his Bisharp to silence Darien.

    "You will have no more words to say about the best movie in the world when my Bisharp Jacob defeats your Pokemon! This is a 1vs1 battle so be sure to send out your best against-" Grimsley said before Darien sent out his Pignite which made him twitch again but shook it off and ordered his Bisharp to use Night Slash on Pignite which did barely any damage.

    "You were saying? Seriously, why would you send out a Pokemon who would have double the weakness to 30% of the Pokemon in Unova? You should have at least sent out Krokodile or something!" Darien said as he ordered his Pignite to use Heat Crash but it disobeyed him and used Flamethrower which was easily dodged and countered with False Swipe which did critical damage (did the writer not use game mechanics? Shame on you!).

    "Dont get so cocky boy... Just because I have the disadvantage doesnt mean I will lose! You should watch out for my Bisharp's Dark Pulse! Just a heads up!" Grimsley said to Darien in a arrogant manner while his Bisharp fired a Dark Pulse at Pignite who was hit and got damaged once again.

    Suddenly, Pignite begins to get angry and begins to fire multiple Flamethrowers which hit and knock out Bisharp causing Grimsley to begin to cry until his mascara began to come off so he stopped.

    "Pignite! Why didnt you listen to me?! Why are you still disobeying me after all this freaking time we've spent together?!" Darien asked his Pignite who could only look at him with anger at the moment and forced its way back into its Poke-ball.

    "Hmm... Despite the status of your relationship with Pignite I lost the battle! That means that I still need to train more by watching True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I hope that you and Pignite can have a real friendship with eachother one day, and I wish you victory over your next Elite Four opponent! P.S.- Team Edward rules!" Grimsley said to Darien as he got back into his chair and began to watch Twilight for the most likely hundrenth time while Darien got on the elevator and returned to the Elite Four gallery.

    "Grimsley was the Dark type specialist and he wasnt very tough... Though, had it not been for Pignite's sudden rage attacking the battle might have been pretty one-sided with Grimsley as the eventual winner. I gotta chose who I want to battle next wisely... that one!" Darien said pointing to the one of the bottom right as he dashed into the room until he was lifted up by what appeared to be a ghost before he falled into a deep abyss and was carried to a girl who was crying in the middle of a platform while spirits hovered around her to calm her down.

    "Why?! Why did they have to have a Bad Girls Club reunion so soon?! They knew those ***** were still beefin'! Stupid Jew producers! Waaah!" the young woman said while she cried like a child over something really stupid when suddenly Darien lands on the platform.

    "Are you okay? Your bawling is making me feel bad for being about to kick your ***..." Darien said to the young woman who dried her tears and began to read something from one of her journals out loud while Darien began to regret going to the room.

    "And then Roman said to Alec in a calm and cool voice- "its okay... Even if you do it... I'll always be yours... So stick it into me, and when I say that I mean your knife...(and by your knife I mean the one-wait, we cant say that? Kill joys!)" End scene! Cue applause at the fan-fiction convention in Kanto next month! I am Shauntal, the future winner of the Best Homo-erotic fan-fiction award! And you are?" Shauntal said almost completely recovered from crying as she sent out her Jellicent to battle Darien as he shakes his head and introduces himself.

    "I am Darien from Nuvema Town! And I really need to get to Alder's room so that we can stop N from beating him! So-" Darien said to Shauntal before she gasped and got closer to Darien kind of creepily.

    "Alder's back?! Damn, none of the Elite Four even knew that... We were just gonna keep on sending you guys to an empty room as a prank! Well, **** looks like we really got battle then!" Shauntal said to Darien in a sort of gangster voice as her Jellicent made the room fill with rain from a Rain Dance.

    "You guys are the worst people in the world, and I've met Cedric and Alder! Go! Creme, lets end this so we can get to the important crap!" Darien shouted to his Zebstrika who growled and went to hit Jellicent with a Wild Charge but was dodged and hit by a Hex attack. Zebstrika begins to shake from the attack but gets up and uses Thunderbolt which is countered with a Water Pulse.

    "The Unova Elite Four not only take chronic drugs so that our cheating makes us competent but we also train day in and day out using different methods! I use fan-fiction, Grimsley uses vampire movies and shows, Caitlin uses eating money, and Marshal uses Poke-steroids that he buys from Alder... Which is why he calls him his mentor even though Alder doesnt know **** and cant teach ****!" Shauntal said to Darien trying to teach him a lesson but forgetting what she was gonna say as her Jellicent released a Water Pulse on Creme and confused it.

    "Crap! Not only was you speech incredibly irrelevant your Pokemon just used a move that confuses 50% of the time! Which doesnt make sense because if you already used the move today then it should have confused my Pokemon the first time... Come to think of it, the same applies to all moves that have a certain extra effect rate! Pokemon moves are totally bull**** as I've said hundreds of times." Darien replied to Shauntal having the advantage over him as Zebstrika tried to use Thunder on Jellicent but hurt itself in the confusion.

    "Complaining about things that cant be helped just proves how immature you are! Jellicent! Lets end this horribly unfair battle(at least she realized it) with a Hex attack!" Shauntal ordered her Jellicent who launched a Hex attack which hurt Zebstrika and it began to faint suddenly Zebstrika stands up and releases Wild Charge thus defeating Jellicent.

    "Wow... We kicked your *** in one attack and you were talking **** the whole time! I will say Shauntal, I'm sorry for beating your Pokemon in one attack but it was my beast Creme's fault for trying to be the baddest Pokemon in Unova! Come on Zebstrika since you wanna be the baddest lets go kick some other Elite Four's butt.(Warning! If you do not watch Bad Girls Club than this joke will seem stupid to you- wait, that show itself is stupid so never mind)" Darien said to his Creme as they walked out of the room while Shauntal applauded Darien for using the Bad Girls Club reference as his victory speech and went back to writing her crappy fan fiction.

    "I think next we should go to the room that smells the nicest... Which wouldnt be that bottom left room because it smells like sweat, drugs, and ***! But this room... It smells like money- money burning! What the heck?!(That person obviously has no respect for the money that Republican party wastes on things like speed boats and hookers or hookers who drive speed boats, or planes if they buy Skyla)" Darien said running into the room only to see a large bonfire with money being thrown from a machine into it.

    "The heck are you doing?! You know how much financial ruin the Unova regions going to be in if you burn all this money?! Have you no shame, whoever you are?!(Darien doesnt remember people's names, you remember his name)" Darien asked the girl operating the machine while she continued to pull the lever on the machine she explained who she was and what she was doing.

    "My name is Lady Caitlin of the Ubernehlen dynasty and daughter of Government Patriarch of the Senate Russel Ubernehlen! And recently, the Government has fallen into alot of debt after it invested in an oversea's company that it had believed created dolls for needy children was really selling Pokemon to a now ex-military official in the army who was having an affair with his brother's tennis instructor who was the son of one of the Government council members who himself was having an affair with his youngest son's Pokemon Academy Teacher who's name is Prof. Burnett. Which leads us back to the money crisis... Basically, the secret black market company that sold the Pokemon to the now ex-military official owed the military official's brother some debt so they borrowed from the brother's tennis instructor who was the son of one of the Government council members who found out about the debt that the company owed him so he told his son's teacher who was also the military instructors wife to tell the military instructor she would divorce him unless he ended his investment with the black market company, but once this was said to the black market company by the tennis instructor they shut down their business thus creating a rift in the Government's financial security as well as everyone in Unova. You can read all about it in my new book "Mad Money-What happens when a military General decides to sleep with his brother's tennis instructor by Caitlin Ubernehlen the daughter of Government Patriarch of the Senate Russel Ubernehlen... Esquire(Thats a mouthful... thats what she said? No? Okay.)." Caitlin said in the longest speech Darien ever heard in his life about nothing but Government drama and other unneeded things as he began to leave out the room before the door was shut by an unknown force.

    "What the?! Why are locking me in this weird room? And how did you lock the without moving from that spot?!" Darien asked Caitlin who had just then began to float using an unknown source of power while she explained her abilities to a confused Darien.

    " I Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four have the Will of Ranse ability Psycho Burst which allows me to be able to maniac depressingly use my psychic abilities. Though since they only come during a sudden burst of emotion I cannot have full control of them... That is why my late mother Felicia Manderthrith Ubernehlen hired our only English speaking gardner to battle in my place at the Government run facility called the Battle Castle. Blah, blah, blah insert pointless childhood flashback here." Caitlin said while she used her psychic powers to send out her Gothitelle to battle against Darien's already sent out Scrafty.

    "My Scrafty just evolved today but he's itching to get to take care of Team Plasma as well so lets do this!(I think he's itching because of fleas... just saying)" Darien said to Caitlin with thunderous emotion in his voice (you'll get the reference much later, trust me...) as his Scrafty hit Gothitelle with a powerful Faint Attack which should have done massive damage but seemingly did nothing.

    "So your also a challenger here to stop Team Plasma? My psychic powers told me 2- seconds ago that two young Trainers were here to stop them from harming the order of the world... While there were 2 others who were here to support Team Plasma to the fullest. I believe I have already met the two who I speak of and since you are the third to arrive than that means that you are a hero and not a villain." Caitlin said as her Gothitelle hit Scrafty with a powerful thunderbolt attack that almost knocked it out off commission while Darien wonders who the two others she met were.

    "My cousin Akira and I are the only ones beside N that I know who came here! Are you telling me that there's another member of Team Plasma here too?! Man, were gonna have to pull out all the stops now!(That was a close call I almost thought that Darien stepped down from being King of Dumb *** Kingdom!)"replied to Caitlin who shook her head at his comment and continued to attack Scrafty with Psychic after Psychic until Scrafty launches a Head Smash at Gothitelle.

    "You are blinded by the relation that you and your cousin share... You are not able to see the obvious that lies before you. I can only pray that you are able to survive the storm that is coming soon, Darien-kun! Now, Gothitelle finish Scrafty with a Psychic attack while I boost it with Psycho Burst! (why did you say it outloud you stupid blonde? Oh wait, I just answered my own question...)" Caitlin ordered her Gothitelle who obeyed and charged a Psychic attack while she focused on Gothitelle and filled her with energy making Gothitelle attack Scrafty with a powerful blast.

    "I dont understand what you mean... Anyway! Scrafty lets end this too with a Head Smash at full power! Lets go!"Darien ordered his Scrafty who lunged at Gothitelle and by dodging its attack he was able to hit her knocking her out and winning the match.

    "You are indeed very powerful! I can only hope that one day soon we will meet again and I will be worthy of being your true opponent! Now go, Marshal still awaits your arrival (or he's doing drugs, most likely doing drugs)"Caitlin said Darien while she returned to her machine and began to burn money again as Darien got on the elevator and was brought to Marshal's room.

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Why is 100 lbs still not enough for me?! Is the myth that steroids make you stronger true?! Dammit all!(See kids, this is why we only do drugs except for in college, thats the only free card)"a young man with muscles like stones shouted to himself as he lifted 100 lbs weights which led Darien to believe he was (obviously) on drugs.

    "You know thats not a myth, right? The sheer existence and main purpose of steroids is to make the user stronger... I cant believe you didnt know that(maybe all of the drugs he's been taken took away some brain cells? Nah...)." Darien said to Marshal who looked at him like he was an idiot and began to go on his rant about the steroids while he lifted the weights.

    "This crap turned my hair some orange color! And now I look like I'm so hipster from Aspertia or something! Stupid experimental drug Alder just discovered called Steroids!(Look people of the internet, I believe I have found Bianca's intellectual equal!) " Marshal said breaking the weights in half and walking over to Darien to shake his hand but remembering that he may break it so he didnt.

    "Um... Alder didnt discover steroids but whatever... So you must be Marshal the final Elite Four member I need to beat to finally get to the Champion's room, right?(Which makes you wonder what the relationship is between Alder and Marshal... Could they be more than Gym buddies?And by Gym Buddies I mean, what? We cant say that either?! Darn it!)" Darien asked Marshal who flexed and made a pose as he began to present his Pokemon to Darien which was Mienshao who was also obviously on poke-steroids.

    "Me and my Mienshao have been trainning day in and day out by sticking these needles in our arms! I am Marshal and my type specialty is Fighting if you are ready then lets begin! Kiai!(Is the name of the drug that turned him dark-skinned, I hear its sold in the remote region of Opera's wig)" Marshal said to Darien as he sent out his newly caught Rufflet who pecked him on the face until he was hit by Mienshao's High Jump Kick.

    "Oh, now that move wants to make sense! Why not just make it for Flying types then? Pssh... Use Sky Drop Porkchop! (I seriously think the author just pulls this **** out of *** now...)" Darien ordered Porkchop who only obeyed because Mienshao attacked him as he grabbed Mienshao and flew into the sky he then drops Mienshao and scores critical damage.

    "Oh no! Looks like were gonna have to use the drugs in our body and... tighten our focus!" Marshal said to his Mienshao who stood completely still after getting up and then using Bulk Up to grow bigger and then hitting Porkchop with Brick Break.

    "Crap fest! We should have the advantage no matter what because your attacks are weak to mine... Stupid messed up logic! Porkchop, lets try a Aerial Ace on Mienshao at full power!(Notice how he says "full power" when he's about to beat something? Thats pretty lame... Just saying...)" Darien ordered his Rufflet who hit Mienshao hard with a Aerial Ace but was thrown with mighty power into the sky and then kicked down hard like a volleyball.

    "The Unova Elite Four is Unova's mightiest force! When the Government issues a World War than we must be competent enough to assist them! Mienshao, demonstrate this with a Close Combat attack!(Oh! Now I know where I remember seeing him at! He's Lenora when she takes off her wig! I'm running out jokes... Damn...)" Marshal ordered his Mienshao who bulked up to max power and began to dominate Porkchop to the point of him fainting until he got up and began to cry about it.

    "Um... Porkchop?... Dont cry little buddy! No matter what we gotta beat Marshal to save the Unova region so... its all up to you! No pressure on anything!(Wow... Darien is a true blue ***hole through and through)" Darien said to Porkchop who also looked at him like an idiot as it gained enough confidence and grabbed Mienshao again and dropped it from the sky along with using a powerful Slash attack to finish it off.

    "... You have proven yourself to be worthy of challenging Unova's strongest! Is what I would say if the world wasnt in danger... So go to the Champion's room and help Alder-sensei confront N while I confront the bathroom because of all these baby laxatives inside of these steroids!" Marshal said dashing out of the room along with his Mienshao while Darien can only look at them like the idiots they are as an elevator to the Champion's room arrives at Marshal's platform.

    "Team Plasma must be stopped so the peace can return to Unova... If we dont hurry soon the whole Unova region will fall under the control of Team Plasma and no Trainer nor Pokemon will be safe! Its my responsibility as a member of "Whiteout" to defend the Unova from evil-" Darien said before the elevator made its stop at some stairs and literally kicked him out and went back up to Marshal's room.

    "... Well, my bad for wanting to bring peace to the Unova region you rude *** elevator! Now, I guess these stairs lead to Alder... Kinda anticlimactic if you think about it." Darien said starting to walk along the stairs to Alder's room as he felt some sort of sad feeling on his heart which he did not know why.

    Each stair made Darien remember a part of his journey from Team Plasma to each Gym Battle he participated in as well as his friends.

    Suddenly, Darien makes it to the end of the stairs and enters a room that is seemingly destroyed and basically gone after a long fought battle between two people.

    "Its over! You were no match for the bond that me and the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom shared! Now, there is no one left in Unova who can stop Team Plasma from liberating Pokemon from their crude captives! You, who lost your Pokemon to an unfortunate illness wandered the Unova region to forget the pain you felt. For that I sort of had enough respect for you to not kill you where you stand... Despite what Ghetsis-san asked for me to do to you for all the crimes you have done against Pokemon in general. I will use the powers of my ideals to free Pokemon from their Trainers! People of Unova! Hear my words of wisdom for I am the Hero of Unova reborn in the flesh!" N shouted to the top of his lungs as Cheren and Akira watched him from behind a wounded Alder who was hit by a falling piece of debris earlier in the battle while Darien runs beside them.

    "... N! You must understand me when I say that Pokemon and humans must live together! Listen to others ideals before you pursue you own-" Alder said before N gave him a smug look and silenced him with the next part of his speech.

    "This region has room for only one hero... I have won so thus that makes me the new hero! With the loss that was dealt to you- It is time to accept defeat and obey my orders... Alder!" N replied to Alder's plead with the triumphant moxie of a King as Akira began to look at Darien with the eyes of sorrow and regret.

    Suddenly, she puts her hat on Cheren's head and moves away from the others.

    "If we dont ever meet again... Just know that you all made me the most happiest in my life! You all made me feel like a real person as if I belonged to a certain group and we were all true friends... And none of it was a lie... But- most of it was a lie. And I'm so sorry! This-This is goodbye! Adonis, Cheren, and even Bianca... thank you for being friends with a **** like me!" Akira said to Cheren and Darien who looked at her with so much confusion in their eyes their heads were about to explode when suddenly N continued his speech.

    "Darien, you have obtained a stone that holds the Legendary Pokemon of truth that rivals the Legendary Pokemon of ideals in my possession... Zekrom is responding to the energy that is overflowing from the Light Stone in your possession so that means that the battle of legends that was spoken of by my ancestor Nobunaga is upon us! Though, this is not the suitable location for the reenactment of the battle of old to take place in! For a battle of that magnitude we need a place that was created for such an occasion... So- Castle that sleeps deep within the heart of the Pokemon League! Arise and allow your King to enter your mighty domain!" N ordered whatever he was talking about which made everyone but him and Akira look around for whatever he was talking about but seeing nothing.

    Suddenly, the ground begins to shake as if the worlds most powerful earthquake is occuring when suddenly a gigantic castle rises from the ground that it was entrapped in and attaches itself to the league using several large bridges.

    Just then, Akira dashes toward the end of Alder's room and jumps from his room to N's castle using her impressive acrobatic skills (even though a bridge was right there... Just saying...).

    "The structure you just saw appear from the ground is Team Plasma's royal castle that was once the former castle of my ansector Nobunaga before his unjust defeat by the hands of the other Hero of Unova-Adel. Ghetsis once said that the true hero's words will resound from the heights to all below.That means that whoever the true hero is will be able to reach the hearts of the people and their ideals and their truths will prevail against the false hero.You must come to the castle as well, Darien... All will be decided there- the fate of Unova, the fate of Pokemon Trainers, and the fate of yourself will be decided at the pinnacle that lies before you... Rather Pokemon should be liberated from humans or if they should stay with them, the result of the battle will surely be enough impact the change the world for better or for worse." N said to Darien alone as he began to walk along the bridge with the Dark Stone in hand while Darien questioned his cousins sudden change in attitude and switching of sides as well as N's agenda.

    You must come to the castle as well, Darien... All will be decided there- the fate of Unova, the fate of Pokemon Trainers, and the fate of yourself will be decided at the pinnacle that lies before you... Rather Pokemon should be liberated from humans or if they should stay with them, the result of the battle will surely be enough impact the change the world for better or for worse." N said to Darien alone as he began to walk along the bridge with the Dark Stone in hand while Darien questioned his cousins sudden change in attitude and switching of sides as well as N's agenda.

    Darien began to wonder if the battle he was about to go into would be his last or if he would prevail against N and Team Plasma and just what his cousins intentions were at that moment.

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    Authors Note-I Know this will sound weird but I dont really like this chapter XD Well anyway, Darien learns some more about Akira's past and has a dangerous confrontation with her?! What are the secrets that lie within this overpowering castle?! Part 2 of the final arc of the BW Saga! If this chapter had a title it would be "Pest To Overcome". Enjoy!


    "Akira! N! What the hell is going on here?! Why are they leaving for that castle?!" Darien asked Alder who had recovered from his injury as he stared at the castle with pure determination and replied to Darien.

    "Darien, there comes a time in every persons life that they must take action, not only has Team Plasma put the whole Unova region in danger but I believe that your cousin has lost something because of them as well... I will go to the castle now, I hope to see you there." Alder said while he dashed off towards the castle even though he was still injured from his previous scuffle.

    "Alder... If he's doing something about this then so should I! Thats it! I'm gonna infiltrate the Team Plasma castle and get Akira back and confront N! You with me-" Darien asked Cheren before he realized he was already gone so he turned to the castle and began to run along the bridge.

    Meanwhile, something behind watches him and takes several photographs of him and then it suddenly launches into the sky like a rocket.

    "This castle is so weird... Its like someone went inside the Queen of Englands stomach and she puked all this **** up... I really wonder how a non-profit organization like Team Plasma was able to afford this stuff." Darien said remarking about the decor of the castle as he touched the paintings on the wall and several of the proudly hanging flags when suddenly spikes of ice shoot out from the ground and almost hit Darien by an inch.

    "Lets just say that we sold alot of things on Ebay that were not proud of... And by that I mean we sold several of our grunts on the black market to a man named Big Daddy Cedric. I hear he's gonna open a new restraunt with them as the waiters- or were they the food? Meh." Zinzolin said from behind the wall when he opens it and if it were a door much to the shock of Darien as he feels a slight pull on his body.

    Suddenly, Darien's body is completely controlled and he is sent across the room to something like a web hanging on the wall.

    "If it isnt the hero boy from Pinwheel Forest, I had heard from Ryoku-sama that you were quite persistent but I never truly thought you would come this far. Especially since you are all by your lonesome... Its foolish to die just for a confrontation with destiny, as the other hero you should know this." Gorm said coming from behind the wall and opening it up the same way as Zinzolin while he manipulates Darien's body using his Will of Ranse abilities.

    "I told you that he would come- along with the Light Stone that Bronious predicted the researchers would give him in Nacrene City after he left the Relic Castle. Its quite fortunate for us that he met our Lord N in the first place, yes? Because without that encounter we would never be able to have not only Zekrom the legendary Pokemon of Ideals on our side but now we may have Reshiram as well! Oh joyous day! Thank you lord!" Ryoku shouted as he stood ontop of the ceiling like a magnet when Gorm suddenly began to make Darien reach into his bag for the Light Stone.

    "Yes... I totally knew that he would get the Light Stone... I totally wasnt guessing, honest." Bronius said appearing with several Team Plasma grunts from a flight of stairs while Gorm continued to make Darien search for the stone in his bag.

    "You little brat! If you didnt interfere in Mr. Glasses-guy's plans in the Cold Storage then I wouldnt be diagnosed with hyperphermia! Damn you to the fiery pits of hell! Fire... Fire would be nice right now..." Zinzolin said shivering from the cold inside of his body while he tried to light a cigarette but the cold in his breath froze it solid so he cursed some more.

    "We would have let you keep the Light Stone until your confrontation with Lord N, if we did not already have knowledge of someone else who can also use the White Dragon Pokemon. So, as of now your existence is no longer a necessity for us in Team Plasma." Giallo said coming out of the ground like a mole as he pointed to a painting that was on the ceiling like a mural.

    "Its useless to use your Pokemon now, Darien-san. I have already made sure that they will not leave their Poke-balls using my Will of Ranse... I hope you like "Goldigger by Kanye West" because thats all I know how to play." Rood said from behind Darien as he played the most beautiful but also most annoying tune in the world while Darien attempted to break free from Gorm's ability but to no avail.

    Suddenly, something like a drill comes up from the ground and strikes Gorm and Zinzolin to set Darien free. It is then revealed to be Clay's Excadrill when all of the other Gym Leaders are revealed to have arrived there via a tunnel Excadrill made.

    "You know its really hard to get in this place without getting the permission from the Elite Four? And they hate us because they think people who are weaker than them dont deserve to be acknowledged..." Lenora said to the Seven Sages while the other Gym Leaders nodded to agree with her when suddenly Ryoku laughs at them obnoxiously.

    "Bwahahahahaha! Such a pitiful passle who lay before us! Why have the Elite Four or the PLA not come? Is it because they believe the weakest branch can defeat us?! I am overcome by emotions of pity, frustration, and insult- you all know that now that you are all here you will have to die, yes?" Ryoku asked the Gym Leaders who gave each Sage a look and decided individually why they had come to the castle despite their lives being at risk.

    "You made me feel like a weakling and inferior to you when you so effortlessly caught me in Pinwheel Forest! I have made it my goal to be able to beat you one day! And prove that I am superior to you!" Lenora shouted to Gorm with a roaring amount of passion in her voice while she sent out her Watchog to help her battle him.

    "Same with me! When you hurt my best friend Lenora you hurt my soul as a artist! Artist connect deeply with others to be able to feel and I felt the pain Lenora did when you caught her- and did I not tell you I would get my revenge?" Burgh asked Gorm as he pointed to him with a certain of air of coolness to him when Gorm suddenly begins to chortle at their "immature display of emotion".

    "If you make a mistake and do not correct it that is a second mistake... My first mistake was to let you two leave and now I must correct my mistake by killing the both of you now!" Gorm said as his eyes suddenly turned a deep forest green color and Lenora and Burgh are sent flying around the room countless times.

    "Lenora! Burgh! You dont have to help me! Go back before he kills you!" Darien shouted to them but to no avail while Lenora ordered her Watchog to use Retaliate which helped to let set them free from his ability.

    "I truly have no vendetta against you nor any other person in Team Plasma, but because my husband is trying to run for office I have to make sure that his campaign slogan "Feed the Pokemon" isnt tarnished by extremist like you! Prepare to have the "shock" of your life!" Elesa said making a pun at the end of it while she sent out her Emolga who used Electro Ball on Bronius who flinched and acted like he was defeated automatically.

    "When the way is forgotten duty and justice appear. I must now disappear from this world because of my weakness... goodbye, cruel world... dead." Bronius said playing dead when Elesa suddenly drops her guard he gets up from the ground and sends a boulder towards her Emolga using his telekinesis.

    "Ah! Not cool man! I went totally blonde for second there and thought you were freaking serious! This is so not Gangnam Style! Did I use that word right? I think I did..." Elesa said as she began to rant to herself when suddenly Clay once again lunges at a crumbling Zinzolin who's having a coughing fit.

    "You made me look like a fool in my own city! You made me be ashamed to be alive despite the fact that I am one of the- if not the richest man in Unova! You will now feel the true wrath of a angry Texan!" Clay said to Zinzolin while his Excadrill went in for another attack when suddenly ice spikes appear on the ground to guard Zinzolin from any and all attacks.

    "There are not two suns in the sky nor two sovereigns over the people... Than why do we live in a world where one Government rules us as if they were God himself? Tell us how we should treat Pokemon as if they dont deserve the same respect a human does just because they arent able to speak. I hate this world, I hate people, I hate N, I hate Ghetsis, I hate Glasses-guy, I hate myself- and as soon as I stop coughing I will destroy you because I have decided that I hate you too!" Zinzolin shouted which caused the ice spikes to grow from the ground in rapid speed while Clay and Excadrill attempted to escape but were now completely surronded by the spikes.

    "... Clay just got captured by one of the Sages! I gotta do something or-" Darien said before Brycen suddenly appeared behind him and threw him away from the rest of the leaders.

    "Daddy~ called me and told me that you were in trouble and if I didnt help you then he would push me down the stairs and kill the little *******/**** inside of me~! Tee hee~ So I had no choice but to stop going into labor and come to help you!" Skyla said to Darien with a wink as she ran towards the other leaders and sent out her Swana to help them fight against the Sages.

    Swanna attacks Giallo who counterattacks by causing a pillar to grow out of the ground and hit her.

    "Skyla... And that former movie star guy who's name I forgot because he fails at life to the greatest extent... Even those retards care about Unova? Man... It makes you truly wonder where this **** hole region is coming to." Darien said to himself while he watched the Gym Leaders fight for Unova right in front of his eyes when he felt something fluffy on the back on his neck and someone smelling him.

    "... Darien, you smell like you bathed in the outer regions of my passionate heart... Tell me, have you bathed in after-shave lately?" Drayden asked Darien who was not only disturbed by his bosses actions but that he was there along with Iris who was already fighting against Rood.

    "Drayden-san, I came here to stop Team Plasma like you ordered me to sir! But, Akira suddenly ran into the castle without me and I need to get her back-" Darien said to Drayden before he cleared his throat and explained the possible reason why Akira left him and the others.

    "During my battle with Akira I made sure to use my Will of Ranse to study her character and attitude- the conclusion that I made was that she was and still is a member of Team Plasma and the reason that she behaved so oddly up to this point is because of that fact. I know this may seem impossible to you, Darien... But your cousin Akira is a member of Team Plasma which means that she is the enemy and must be defeated along with the rest! That is an order as head of the NPMC!" Drayden said to Darien in a forced professional tone which caused Darien to shake a little both from what he said and how he said it he believed it was simply impossible for his cousin to be a member of the enemy he was sure they both hated.

    Darien remembers all the times he encountered Akira along his journey and all the encounters they had with Team Plasma together, he then begins to wonder if he always knew she was a member of Team Plasma somehow.

    "... Drayden-san, it might have been too soon for you to say all of that... Like its too soon for me to say that I blamed the death on my Beartic when it was really me who killed them in the lavatory with the candlestick. Clue." Brycen said to Drayden while using his bare fist to fight against Ryoku who made him stick to the wall as Darien shook his head in disbelief when suddenly he is transported to a different room in an instant.

    "I'm sorry... So sorry... I didnt know you would hit your head... So sorry..." a very cute girl with blonde hair said to Darien apologizing for transporting him to the room and instead of making him land on his feet he landed on his head. "Its okay... This is definitely not the first time a girl has made me fall on my head, just ask my mom." Darien said getting up from the ground and dusting himself off while the other girls bow politely to him and introduce themselves.

    "My name is Anthena and I am the Royal Caretaker to Lord N... Well, that was my title before Ghetsis changed took the position and made me Royal Mid-Wife. There's alot of pregnant men here believe it or not. I guess there has to be something in the water when you live beneath the earth, huh?"Anthena said to Darien handing him a warm towel to heal up the bump on his head as the other girl introduces herself.

    "My name is Concordia and I am the Royal Tutor of Lord N... Well, that was my title before it was also usurped by Ghetsis who decided to teach N lies about the outside world. N spent along time in this hate filled hellzone, and even when he left this place he was still tormented by the things he experienced here. The torment that he felt was to help him to see the world in the way Ghetsis wanted him to see it. The ideals that N says he holds now are not his own but the ones that Ghetsis brainwashed his poor mind into understanding. When I tried to teach him about the good nature of humans a few months ago me and my sister were thrown into this room to make sure we would not "corrupt" the King's mind... But its already too late for us to help him. For this, I bare much grief into my heart..." Concordia said to Darien to let him know a little more about N before he went to confront N deeper in the castle but Darien seemed not to care what they were saying about him(as usual).

    "If thats all- I gotta go find my cousin Akira and stop Team Plasma from ruining the whole Unova region!-" Darien said before Anthena shook her head and showed him a music box that she was holding onto ever since they were banished to the basement of the castle.

    "This... This music box is the only possession left from a car crash that happened several years ago. I held onto it because of the everlasting shame I felt for keeping it a secret from its true owner... The name inscribed on this music box is "MC" so I originally asked Ghetsis if he knew someone with the initials "MC". But my mistake was that the initials on the music box was not a single name but two different names in general. I realized that the name on the music box was "Mia and Christian" when I snuck out of the castle for a day and went to the place where it was purchased.The shop owner immediately knew who had purchased the music box because of the melody that it played, this specific melody was made for a man named Christian who was a war veteran and as such got a discount in the shop whenever he returned from war. When Christian returned from the war he went to the shop and purchased the music box out of respect for a late fellow soldier of his named Akira. Some time after a girl named Mia went to the shop to return the music box claiming that the sound it made scared their newborn daughter. Out of respect and consideration for the new mother the shop owner made a new melody for the music box... The melodies name is "Akira's Morning Grace". When I was told all of this, I did not know what conclusion to make but I did come to the conclusion that the music box belonged to my little sister Akira and it was her rightful property. When I tried to return it to her Ghetsis seized it from me and put it into this room... For this, I hold the shame of keeping Akira's precious music box from her despite knowing its location." Anthena said while Darien tried to open up the music box but realized that it was locked extremely tight.

    Suddenly, Concoridia begins to tremble in fear of something which makes Darien a bit concerned.

    "Whats wrong? Did you remember something too?" Darien asked Concordia who slowly nodded and began to explain why she was shaking.

    "Akira... I found out she wasnt Ghetsis's real daughter several years ago... And when I did- Ghetsis hit me, he hit me so hard that I thought I was about to be murdered for telling him what I knew. The entire time we've lived in this castle we knew the truth about Akira but we never did anything out of fear of Ghetsis... That man is truly a monster of epic proportions." Concoridia said to Darien as she trembled on the floor with tears like a stream falling down her face suddenly Anthena begins to sniffle and Darien ponders what they were even talking about.

    "My cousin Akira is the daughter of Mia and Christian... She's known that since she was born- thats why she went to live with us when they died in that accident 8 years ago. Akira's never once expressed doubt that they were her parents! And now you two over emotional nutcases are trying to convince me otherwise? Its foolish..." Darien said in protest to what the two sisters had told him while they recover themselves and continue to explain themselves.

    "Akira used living with you and your mother as a cover but all the times that she seemingly went to camp or over a friends house she was really coming here and being raised by Ghetsis. Though Ghetsis did implant false truths about the world into her mind he also lied to her and said that he was her father and that he would help her to escape the life of obscurity by helping him with the Pokemon Liberation Movement. It was our wish that Akira would have learned love and compassion on her journey but sadly... Since she has returned to the side of Team Plasma that was obviously too good to be true... The devotion she has to Ghetsis and Team Plasma is too strong for her to leave them." Concoridia replied to Darien's previous comment with the composure of a truly wealthy lady as Darien began to shake in premonition that what they were saying was the truth.

    "... If what your saying is the truth than that means that- She lied and snuck off to some boy's house instead of going to camp?! She's gonna get it when my mom finds out!" Darien said getting the Poke-Ball's that he dropped from the fall off the floor and began to storm out of the room.

    "You are the only person left in this world who Akira has faith in... My ability to read the hearts of others tells me this and I know for a fact that no one in this world was born to be alone. And sadly, without you Akira will forever have this impression on her heart." Anthena said with a bow as tears ran down her face and Darien could tell that she truly meant those words so he nodded slowly to agree then resumed leaving out the room.

    "Mother of pearl! Why is this castle so freakin' big?! Every hallway looks the exact same! I know I've said this before but a really not gay architect must have made this place because its so- boring!" Darien said while racing through the castle but finding nothing but empty rooms with crates and bars blocking them from being entered until he suddenly see's a room with a light on out of the corner of his eye.

    "... This is a playroom, I guess? I wonder if N and-Akira used to play here when they were kids. Even though its a kids room, why does it hold so much sadness? Heck, this soccer ball is scratched by cute little Pokemon claws... What kind of secret childhood did my cousin have?" Darien said while he picked up toy tea-sets and other toys and reading things that were written down on them as well as the drawings Akira and N made when they were children.

    Suddenly, Darien accidentally knocks over a already broken (or so he says...) jewelry box that seems to hold a letter of some sort.

    "Hmm... I know I shouldnt be noising around in other people's business- but! If its about a way that I can defeat Team Plasma and it was divine intervention that I found it then who am I to question the lord?(Darien, I hope you know your gonna get seriously bad karma for this...)" Darien said as he opened up the letter and began to read the contents of it, reading it aloud to make sure he did not skip anything.

    "Dear -----, its my birthday! My aunt took me to the "Herdier Ranch" which I have to say was the worst place on earth.It smelled like **** and the ranchers even worse personalities. If it wasnt for your jokes today then this would have been the worse day of my life. Then again, no one in this castle full of people remembered. No one said anything to me today even less than usual... It was as if I was not even there any longer and I was simply a non-existent factor. I've known for a long time now that I was nothing... I was born to Ghetsis because I was nothing... He constantly tells me that the only reason I was born was to bring hell into this world. Is this how all fathers are to their daughters? I need help. I need a friend who can tell me everything is okay and that my life is not worthless, I wanna be like the girls in those books where they all love eachother for who they are and not because they want something out of eachother. I want to be saved, if anyone else reads this will you save me? No, I dont want anyone else but me to read this... Because its merely the merely the ramblings of a girl called "Nothing"." Darien said reading off of the letter but shaking in complete at what he had read and what was written on the letter.

    Darien did not know how to feel when he read that his cousin felt this way and he was never able to tell despite the fact that they werent suppose to keep secrets from eachother.

    "... What does this mean? Why did Akira write this? And why are their two different John Hancocks on here? This whole thing is so freaking confusing..." Darien said looking at the letter Akira wrote as Darien gets up from the floor where he was reading the letter and leaving out the room in a dash to find Akira wherever she was in the castle.

    "Akira... Why did you never tell me that you felt so much pain? Did you think that I would have ignored and thought you were lying? I dont understand- All those times that I told you about things and people who hurt me in the past you were living a double life and keeping really important things from me! Just what else dont I know about you?!" Darien asked himself while running through the castle trying to find either her or N and Ghetsis but still not seeing anything but empty rooms until he hears a seldom set of footsteps coming from behind him.

    "You apparently dont know a great deal about me or anything else because you came here instead of leaving... Why would I want you to come all the way here when I said goodbye to you? Did you even try to use common sense before you came dashing in here like so kind of half-***ed hero? I'll tell you once out of the inch of respect I have for you... Leave this place! What happens in this castle stays in this castle. We cant have corrupt humans like you tainting such holy ground!" Akira shouted to Darien causing him to turn around and look at his cousin with both sad and confused eyes as Akira looked at him as if he was a stranger which hurt Darien even more.

    "I cant do that... I came here to defeat Team Plasma totally and bring you back! And I'm not leaving until both of those are accomplished! Because no matter the reason that you give me I can never believe that you truly want to be in this hell and that you want to liberate Pokemon from their Trainers!" Darien replied to Akira's warning with a mix of emotions trying to hold back his sadness during the latter part of the sentence while Akira began to tie her hair back into a ponytail and began to undress right in front of Darien(your welcome for that mental image).

    "I will always obey my dear father's orders... There will never come a day in my life that I would ignore or disobey my fathers wishes.If you really think that you have any idea what my mind is like- you dont! All throughout my time of knowing you since we were children I've always wanted both his and N's dream of liberating Pokemon to come true.There was never a time that I wanted to become a true Trainer and force my Pokemon to battle in pointless battles for my own enjoyment... The only reason I went on this journey was to see for myself if what Ghetsis said was true and unfortunately I found that every last thing was indeed true.Wars, drugs, slavery, corruption, and many more horrible sins exist outside this lovely sanctuary that protects me from things that could kill me. I am the daughter of Ghetsis Harmonia, the sister of N Harmonia, a member of Team Plasma and most importantly- I am the 8th Sage! Akira Harmonia! And I have been ordered to retrieve the Light Stone from you! So, your fate has already be decided." Akira said switching her outfit from her normal attire to a golden robe that was similar to the other Sages outfits which made Darien want to cry a little at the sight of it.

    "You... You cant be serious! You are willing to blindly follow Ghetsis and N into destruction if you have to?! They plan on ruining the whole order of Unova yet you still persist on being a part of Team Plasma?! And you want to take the only thing that can save the Unova region from me to help them?! Do you not know how foolish you sound right now?!" Darien asked his cousin now on the verge of tears out of both anger and sadness but knowing that he needed to stay strong when suddenly Akira attaches something to her arm and sends out her Beartic.

    "Unova will be better off with a ruler like N... He has the true characteristics for a hero! And with the Light Stone I can join him as the other Hero of Unova and double the military power of Team Plasma tenfold! Vanity- Use Icicle Spear on that man right there!" Akira ordered her Beartic who launched a powerful Icicle Spear at Darien who did not even have a Pokemon out when suddenly Scrafty comes out of its ball and takes the hit for him.

    "Sirloin... Akira! What are you doing?! Why would you try to kill me for a stone?! Your just doing that scum Ghetsis's dirty work! Whats so hard about that for you to understand?!" Darien asked Akira who shook her head and ordered Beartic to use Ice Beam on Scrafty who was hit directly but still managed to use Hi Jump Kick on Beartic defeating it much to Akira's dismay.

    "Nothing about this is for no reason... You suddenly barge into our headquaters to try to defeat us! So... We take the automatic initiative and react to your reaction. Go! Swoobat use Air Slash on that ugly *** hoodlum!(Thats what George Zimmerman said- oh wait, we cant say that? Darn it!)" Akira ordered her Swoobat who beat Scrafty in one attack and flew back over to its owner while Darien contemplated everything that he heard in the castle as he looked at his cousins emotionless expression.

    "You are not the same Akira that I knew... The old Akira wouldnt have let some old fart and weirdo manipulate her into tarnishing her own ideals! No matter what I get you out here so you can see how wrong this is!" Darien said sending out his Creme who immediately used Wild Charge on Swoobat but was dodged and hit by a Air Slash.

    "You will have to knock me out, put me in a cage, and drag me out here because I will never go willingly with you! This is my home! I've been here since I can remember!" Akira said to Darien with the tone of complete annoyance when her Swoobat began to dive in to attack Darien when Creme suddenly defeats it with a Shock Wave attack.

    "Thats a lie! I know you remember when you lived with aunt Mia and uncle Christian! This place is like a pill, instead of making you better its making you ill! (Great, now were gonna get sued!)" Darien replied to Akira's outburst while his Creme growled to agree with him as Akira sent out her Liepard.

    "Dont treat me like the crap that you call friends... I am not gonna let you take me out of here no matter what! So- give up on the idea that you can "save" me! I'm happy here with my brother, my sisters, and my father! So- why dont you people just leave us alone?!!" Akira shouted in complete frustration when her Liepard suddenly strikes Creme with a Shadow Claw barrage and defeats it quite easily.

    "Your losing my respect Akira! You rather live in a lie in this castle your whole life then live normally with me and the others? What type of sense are you trying to make out of this horrible situation?! Answer me!" Darien shouted at her completely stunned and shocked that she would be willing to live a lie instead of being with people who truly cared for her.

    "N has always treated me better than you did- everytime you heard me crying in the attic you would just walk away to your room... But N, he would stay in the room with me til I stopped and told me stories about when he lived in the forest. Anthena and Concordia would always spoil me whenever we went out to a store or a restaurant... And Ghetsis- cares about me. Thats why this is my family! You and the others may have tried and thought you were important to me but you were simply tools that I used to keep a cover from the Government. I feel nothing for you nor that **** that you call a mother." Akira said to Darien with the most coldest stare a person could ever give someone who they knew as her Devi defeats Darien's Mienfoo who came out to help him.

    "... How dare you- How freakin' dare you! These freaks who lives are more messed up than a terminal patient are better family material than us?! Akira! We would die for you! Would they?! I dont think so! Those two girls wouldnt even come here and save you from Ghetsis themselves! They sent me here instead because they know that deep down you care about m me more-" Darien said before he was slapped in the face by Serperior's Vine Whip which caused him to hit the floor but he was quickly saved from it by Ruflett.

    "Dont you dare finish that lie! I dont care about you! I dont care about anyone but me and my true family! The people who I thought were parents lied to me and said that they loved me... When they were gonna kill themselves along with me in that car! If Ghetsis and the Doctor didnt find me dying in the car that day then I would be dead now! I owe these "freaks" my life! You and your mother were nothing to me after my "parents" died! Ghetsis raised me- and he raised me to fight for my beliefs... And I believe that you will die here! And I will take the Light Stone back to my father and brother!" Akira shouted as her Serperior hit Ruflett with a powerful Leaf Storm attack critically damaging the little bird to the point of making him cry.

    "I would say something that would hurt you to extremes right now but I'm a good person so I wont... I wont say it... I wont." Darien said to Akira having to clutch his fist to make sure he did not say what was on his mind when suddenly Rufflet goes in to attack Seperior with a Aerial Ace but is beaten with a Leaf Blade attack so Pignite is sent out in his place.

    "Say it! I wanna hear what you have to say since you think its so hurtful I would cry like a **** over it! So! Say it!" Akira said to Darien while clucthing to make sure that she would not strangle Darien to death showing that she does care for him a bit.

    Suddenly, Pignite defeats Serperior with a Flamethrower and begins to gloat about it before Akira sends out Panpour in its place.

    "I dont wanna hurt my best friend- and thats why you are to me! You've always been there for me when I needed to get something off my back or when I really needed help with something. You were always there with a joke when I kinda needed some picking up and you always knew just what to make fun of about Bianca a certain day... You were-You are! My best friend! So I wont say it..." Darien said shaking with emotion and struggling his best not to say whatever he had to say as Simipour blasted Pignite with Brine repeatedly so that Darien would get ticked and say whatever he didnt want to say.

    "Your such a little **** Darien... All those times that you told me about how your dad never loved you I would always laugh inside because I knew exactly how he felt, your a little **** that everyone hates. Your life has less meaning that mine and thats truly saying something! And... I never once saw you as my cousin nor my friend, you were more along the lines of an annoying obstacle that I needed to learn to overcome. You are just a pest who wont leave me the hell alone." Akira said to Darien in the most coldest tone of voice she possibly could when Pignite suddenly hits Simipour with Arm Thrust but doesabsolutely nothing to him apparently.

    "... GHETSIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER! HE KILLED BOTH YOUR PARENTS AND ABDUCTED YOU WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD!!" Darien said in the most enraged voice that he could ever muster up in his lungs that caused everyone else who was there to flinch a little when he said it while Akira looks at him with complete contempt as she ordered her Simipour to use the worlds most powerful Brine attack on Pignite which utterly defeats him and causes a small rainstorm in the hallway.

    Akira then picks up the Light Stone that fell on the floor.

    The water makes Darien trip and land on the floor which causes him to look at the beautiful mural on the ceiling and reflecting on all the experiences he had with Akira to this point.

    Pignite slightly recovers from fainting and runs away from Darien while Akira glances at him one more time and walks away slowly causing Darien to almost completely shut down.

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    Authors Note-Hey people, guess what? Your getting two chapters today because I might get banned tomorrow (I'll make sure not to get permabanned...) Anyway- Darien begins his assault on Team Plasma strongest members! More of Akira's past is revealed by Ghetsis! This chapter is short because its setting up for the two flashback chapters... and then after those- the final 2 chapters of the BW Saga! P.S. this chapter was co-written by my sister who is the author of Akira's side of the story called "Saved" Enjoy!


    "I... I dont understand... Everytime I looked at her... I saw nothing but hate and emptiness... But- that isnt the Akira that I know... The Akira I know wouldnt have said that hurtful stuff to me. And she wouldnt have stole the only thing that could save Unova from Team Plasma... Why did Akira change? Or was she always the monster that I saw today?... I wanna go home... I'm no hero... I'll never be on the same level as Sam. It was a pipe dream at best for me to think that I was as equally yoked as him... Im just a kid, a kid who's no match for this era..." Darien said while lying on the ground after his brief battle with Akira as the drizzle that was left over from Simipour's Brine began to disperse.

    "I let one of the only people in the world he truly needed me get away just because of the foolish pride that I hold inside me... What was the point of going on this journey if not to save Akira from death? Even Pignite left me... And I know we were truly never friends but I at least thought we were partners... I just wanna give it up-Akira and Heaty I've failed you." Darien said to himself as he began to lose consciousness after the fall when he suddenly heard a powerful voice that awoke him from his sleep.

    "Awake! Awake! Your cousin and Unova's fate relies on you! Do not slip into depression when the world needs you most! I know that you must be feeling horrible for the ignorance that you had to your cousins secret life but... You must persevere Hero of Unova! You are the only one in the world who your cousin will listen to! Just say the correct words and she will truly know how you feel! Listen to me, Darien! You must make right of the hurt that Nobunaga and I brought upon Unova!" a voice said to Darien with the passion of a great conquorer which caused Darien to tremble at the first word he spoke.

    "...I have to be dying... Because I'm hearing some Canadian guy **** at me... I guess I'm going to hell, huh?" Darien said closing his eyes before the voice screamed at their loudest and woke him back up which made Darien yell back at them.

    "You have no right to sleep when the fate of Pokemon and humans are at stake young man! Look at your Pokemon partners that lie within those capsules of yours- Do you not feel the sorrow and pain they feel for letting Akira take away Unova's only chance to be saved?! I once gave my soul to the creator of this world so that the world I cherished would be spared... I have a walked this road alone for a long time now and the hope that I see now was never in vision as it is now! Darien! Who do you think that letter about the Herdier ranch was for?! Who else was with Akira that day that could have given her hope?! Think about it!" the voice said while still being filled with emotions but keeping its composure so that he didnt sound weak to the person he was trying to encourage.

    "Dont tell me that the letter was for me? But thats impossible... Akira said that she never saw me as her cousin and I was just a tool that she used- Wait... At the Herdier ranch... Akira did say something to me when we were going home. But what? "Go- Go- Good..." I cant remember the rest..." Darien said struggling to get up the ground and began to realize that Akira truly did care for him and she said all of the things previously to end their relationship for his own safety.

    "Do you see now?! Akira truly did not want you to deal with the man who had kept her heart inside an enclosed cage for all these years because she knows what is truly right... I am positive that this journey with her Pokemon has taught her what she wanted to know all along- that you would always be there for her no matter the circumstance! And that is what scares her, it frightens her to know that something that was forbidden like friendship with a corrupt human would be okay." the voice said in a wise and seldom voice while Darien finally got to his feet despite the massive headache he had as all of his Pokemon came out of their Poke-Balls to help him to his feet.

    "Yeah... I get it now... I guess that would be the case after all the crap thats being going on these last few months... Thanks for all the help Mr. Voice whoever you are, now all thats needed to be done is for me to come up with a plan by using something that I never use-my brain." Darien said to the voice and himself when he got full control of his body and finally realized what needed to be done to both help save Unova and to save his cousin from her miserable life while the voice laughed at his last remark and vanished afterward.

    Suddenly, a light bulb goes off in Darien's mind and he knows what he must do to accomplish his goal so he runs off toward somewhere to do whatever it is.

    "The reason I told you this was for you own personal development Akira... There is no such thing as never-ending affection in this world. There is always a certain point that you can take a person to so that they no longer love or care for you. No one in this world is kind for no reason, they always want something in return... And the reason for that is because humans are selfish! Humans treat Pokemon and even others like slaves so that they can meet their own ends while the people and Pokemon striving for them do everything in their power to make them happy. Humans are greedy pigs who will never be satisfied with a little happiness! No matter the love that you give them they will always want something more something better! I loved her! I swear I did... And to see her face at the end of her life... To see the greediest woman in the worlds face at the end of her life... It filled me with passion! And the passion that I feel is what I want to bestow onto you my dearest daughter! Akira... Awaken the Pokemon of Truth-Reshiram! And join me and your brother in everlasting passion for our truths and ideals!" Ghetsis said at first rubbing her face like a concerned and loving father and then throwing his arms in passion like a preacher which caused Akira to remember something that stopped her from immediately releasing Reshiram from the Light Stone.

    "Ghetsis-sama... Why did you lie to N ? Why did you say that all humans treat Pokemon badly when you knew that was a lie? The lies that you told N makes me wonder if I can truly listen to what you say to me now... I need to think before I act upon your wishes." Akira said as she clutched the Light Stone tight to make sure that Ghetsis did not steal it after she technically insulted his reliability which caused Ghetsis to frown in disappointment and anger.

    "Akira... When have I ever lied to you or any of your siblings? When I told N that all humans were evil to Pokemon, yes I was speaking rather broadly but can you truly say yourself that all the humans you've seen on your journey have been trustworthy and kind to their Pokemon? I'm sure you've seen horrible Trainers who dont deserve to have Pokemon... Yet- you accuse me of lying to my own son? For this, am I hurt." Ghetsis said in a fatherly voice while he discretly reached into his pocket and slowly took out of a Dusk Ball before Akira began to break down into tears.

    "I'm sorry, daddy! I'm... I'm just so confused... I've seen so many things that my head has all of these scrambled thoughts! I didnt mean to call you a liar! I'm the liar! I'm the-" Akira said to Ghetsis almost like a child apoligizing to their parent for breaking something when suddenly the room is filled with some type of fog which stops her mid-sentence.

    "You dont have to reply to him Akira... People like Ghetsis are below people like you and me. Its insulting to our heritage to speak to this man as more than a peasent if not the vermin that he is! Especially when said vermin tricks an innocent girl into believing that he gave birth to her even though Team Plasma records show that he's been sterile since 30 years ago." Darien's voice said somewhere in the room while the mist continued to feel the room along with several mirrors that also appeared out of nowhere which began to make Ghetsis quite angry with the whole ordeal.

    "Darien! Why did you come here when I explicity told you that I'm done with you?! Are you truly that dense?!" Akira shouted at Darien so loud that he could hear her wherever he was in the room when suddenly they both began to hear laughter.

    "I'm dense?! At least I'm not so freaking stubborn that I wont come out and say how I truly feel about something! Heck, you were in tears about something that you still thought was a lie from Ghetsis... Your too nice for your own good Akira which is something I never dreamed I would say." Darien said still nowhere in site while Akira and Ghetsis looked at themselves in the mirrors that Darien had set up around them as N started to worry about his father and sister.

    "Akira! Ghetsis! Is something wrong?! Why is there so much mist down there?" N asked them curiously while he stared at the mist that seemed to be overtaking the room as Akira and Ghetsis tried to think of an excuse but couldnt at the moment.

    "What the duece is this?! How did you manage to sneak a Pokemon and several mirrors in here without making yourself noticeable?! Are you some type of magician?!"Ghetsis asked Darien while trying to find the Dusk Ball that he dropped when the mist had covered his vision when suddenly he hits a mirror head first on accident.

    "Magician? Nah... I just used simple move mechanics to confuse two idiots who wouldnt be able to deduce the truth behind it without some outside assistance- aka N! Here, I'll explain... By using my Vanillish's Mist attack I was of course able to create a mist in the room but obviously that doesnt explain why it is so large right? Well, I used my Creme's electricity to electrically charge the particles of the mist to create a type of phenomenon known as by simpletons Morning Dew which any moron would know blocks out a persons vision. Of course this doesnt explain the mirrors either which was a special touch that my Vanillish itself decided to add in so that you two could see your own reflections in hopes that you would evaluate your lives! Oh yeah... And you may not be able to tell this because of the whole mist thing but my Mienfoo has created a Barrier thats keeping you two inside of you until I end our little session... Any questions?" Darien asked the two of them still nowhere in sight as his Vanillish, Zebstrika and Mienfoo did all of what he described them doing while N looked on confused as to what he was talking about.

    "Just one... Where are you, so that I can kill you for real this time?" Akira asked when she suddenly sent out her Serperior who used Solar Beam in every direction but still did not make contact with Darien while he laughed at her witty remark.

    "Hahahahaha! Now why would you want to kill the spy who's gonna save you Akira? You should be grateful and astounded that I thought of such a badass way to save you! I'm still waiting for a thank you!" Darien said to Akira in a sort of joking manner which made her want to kill him more and more at the moment so she ordered her Serperior to use Frenzy Plant while Ghetsis finally found his Dusk Ball.

    "Go to hell! You have no business to be here!" Akira said while her Serperior's Frenzy Plant seemed to make contact with something but it was Darien, its revealed to be Sirloin who stops the Frenzy Plant with his bare hands.

    "Now, now Akira... There is no need for such coarse language when all this young man is doing is trying to save you for an unjust and selfish cause. I'm sure there's some way that we can make him see that what he's doing is harmful to both himself and yourself." Ghetsis said as he began to use some type of ability to locate Darien while Darien himself was preparing for another assault on Ghetsis.

    "Ruluka Beinz... Does that ring a bell, Ghetsis? It should... I hear thats the name of a merchant who was found dead by the hands of a Dragon Pokemon's fangs about 5 years ago. And this merchant just so happened to own a shop where music boxes were customary. Do you like music boxes Ghetsis? Or do you think their a waste of time and unnecessary to the dictatorship that you want over Unova? Or- Is it because music boxes have a certain innuendo that you loathe? I think its the latter... But lets see..." Darien said to Ghetsis with the moxie of a champion when suddenly the room was filled with the tune of a lovely lullaby music box that made N smile and Akira and Ghetsis shake with dread which made Darien smile wherever he was.

    "This is so lovely... I believe I heard this melody once when I was a child... Its so magical." N said to himself but was loud enough for the others to hear while Akira began to hum the melody of the song that filled her with such nostalgia.

    "Dont listen N! This is the melody of the devil woman that I told you about! The rhythm that the worlds most greediest danced to in that silent moonlight hour! The woman who rejected me for perfection! The woman who sang me a silent song to the moon once and hundreds of times to him! The woman who tried to take Akira from me! The devil woman! She is a devil, N!" Ghetsis said in an almost annoyed but triumphant (for whatever reason) tone as Akira looked at him like he was a madman for whatever reason when suddenly a breeze could be felt all over the room as well as a strange noise that sounded like a twirling baton.

    "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I dont know rather to be more pissed that almost every word out of your mouth is a lie or that you killed my dear aunt Mia and uncle Christian... Or! That you lied to Akira and pretended to be her father despite the fact that you hate every single living being who isnt yourself! Ghetsis- you are the most lamest person I've had the inconvenience of meeting in my entire life! Now- Its time to begin Operation Anniversary of Revenge!" Darien shouted when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere while twirling a baton quickly to disperse the mist that had covered almost the entire room which revealed him to have been behind N the entire time.

    Suddenly, a explosion occurs somewhere outside of the room that shakes the entire castle and the League as well.

    "... You are truly the hero that I that I thought you were Darien... You have more cunning than I believed which makes me foolish for underestimating you. We must truly come to blokes to see who is Unova's true hero-" N said to Darien with complete determination before Darien cut him off by explaining what he exploded in the castle.

    "Ignoring N's lame speech for once... The thing that just exploded in the castle was the play room- I got some dynamite that I found lying around in some of those crates and decided to blow up the room that caused Akira and N the most pain. As a matter of fact your lucky I didnt blow up this whole castle because every last room in this castle has caused them pain! N is a weirdo who doesnt understand the true emotions of human, Akira is anti-social jerk face who also doesnt understand true human emotion... Man, you've done some really messed up shiznick to these kids dont you think Ghetsis?" Darien asked Ghetsis while holding something devastating to both N and Akira in the air which is revealed to be the letter that Akira wrote to him several years before when suddenly Ghetsis burst into laughter.

    "Bwahahahahahaha! You would think that someone who came up with such a excellently and well thought out plan would bring more than just a piece of paper to show that these two children of mine suffered... What does it say? That I hit them when they were disobedient? That I locked them in cold and dark cellars when they talked back? That they went days without eating when they talked to much?! Because all of it is true... But all you would be presenting is the evidence that I am a strict parent and nothing less, Darien-kun." Ghetsis said still laughing at Darien's attempt to make him feel bad for all what he did to Akira and N during their childhoods until Darien destroyed it using Creme's Thunder attack which caused both Akira and N to cringe a little.

    "The pain that went into this letter was all the evidence I needed! It was all the evidence I needed to know that you hurt my cousin- no my best friend and someone who I also consider to be a friend! That is why when I just destroyed that "piece of paper" I was able to force them into making the first step of change! And now the next step is for them to realize that you arent their father!"Darien shouted at Ghetsis who was still unfazed by Darien's words and continued to chuckle to himself while Akira accidentally dropped the Light Stone because of the emotion she was feeling from Darien's recent actions.

    "Yes, I may not be their birth father but that doesnt matter... I raised them both to be the people who they are today and they are both marvelous people who share my marvelous ideals! I dont see anything wrong with what I have done to them... And I'm sure both my dear son and daughter who I saved from near-death would agree with me on this." Ghetsis said to Darien with a smug look while N slowly nodded to agree with Ghetsis but Akira was still unsure on who she should choose.

    "Saved? You saved Akira? By saved do you mean kidnapping her from her parents who died in a car crash? By saved do you mean lying and telling her that her parents wanted to kill themselves and her at the same time?! Explain to me how any of that is being saved?!" Darien asked Ghetsis with so much anger in his voice that he could explode while Ghetsis continued to smirk at his emotion an answered rather calmly.

    "The truth is that I was there when Akira's parents died in that fatal car crash- and one could say that it was my fault... Though, when I explain to you all of the events that led up to the car crash you will understand how I saved Akira from both death and obscurity. Now, where should I begin?" Ghetsis asked Darien who looked at him like he was the devil incarnate and Akira looked at him with hope that he would not lie about any of the events and tell everything the way that it happened.

    19 year earlier, in a region next to Unova...

    "Excuse me, Miss... But can I have a word with you?" a man's voice asked a young, somewhat tall and lanky yet average looking woman inside of a crowded bus.

    "Who me?" the woman asked the man concerned with what he had wanted to talk about.
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    Authors Note- For the first time and most likely only time ever on Serebii... BW-The Spy Who Saved Me will replace Changed! This is the saddest flashback arc that I could come up during such a happy time but since its 2 parts you might feel more sad in the 2nd part. Who is Mia and Christian?! What did Ghetsis do to ruin Akira's life?! Is these flashbacks chapters really necessary?! Find out! And... Enjoy!


    "This is why we arent suppose to take the public bus... All these sweaty *** Trainers and their Pokemon are crowding it like Madonna's funeral!" a young woman said putting on eyeliner so that people couldnt notice that she was really unattractive as her younger sister just nodded at her comment.

    "I dont think Madonna's dead yet... But- I do agree about this bus being crowded! I mean, is it a holiday or something?" the younger sister asked her sister while she opened up her magazine to read an article about Pokemon Health when suddenly a man comes next to her out of nowhere.

    "Excuse me, miss... Can I please ask you a few survey questions? It wont take long, I promise." the man said to the younger sister in almost flirtatious manner which made her blush as red as a beet as she closed her magazine to focus on him.

    '"Uh... I dont usually talk to strangers... Are you like a surveyor or something for a magazine?" the younger sister asked the man who chuckled a bit and then handed her his card which revealed he worked for a modeling agency.

    "My name is Christian O. and I work for Poke-Coora Modeling Agency in the Hoenn region. I couldnt help but notice such a lovely young woman on the oppisite side of the bus and I just know you'd make a perfect specimen- I mean, you would make a good addition to the modeling firm." Christian said to the younger sister with a trusting smile that made her want to confess her love for him right at the moment like she had done to all of her past crushes until she realized people were starting to stare at them.

    "Um... My name is Mia and I would be honored to answer any question that you have for me..." Mia said holding her face with her hands so that he could not see her bashful expression which made her sister scoff at her.

    "Okay, the first question is- Are you on a journey for a specific reason or are you on a journey at all?" Christian asked Mia who shook her head quickly because she was to embarrased to say it aloud which made Christian chuckle a bit.

    "I cant go on a journey... My mother makes me work in the shop because I cant land a real job yet. Please dont ask why because I'm kinda shy about-" Mia said before Christian shook his head and continued on with the rest of the survey so she wouldnt feel bad about not being on a journey when suddenly her sister made a bold statement.

    "Well! I dont know why your asking for her to be model, you little scam artist! You completely skipped over someone as beautiful as me before you saw this homely chick! The nerve-" Mia's sister said in a sort of rant before Christian sent out a Mime Jr. to use Light Screen and show her what he saw from his perspective which is revealed to be a middle-aged chrone.

    "I have no interest in pimping some outdated street vendor to the masses in Hoenn, if Mime Jr. and I were to bring you back with us then we would be screwed. You no longer have the potential to become the worlds most beautiful woman like you sister so why dont you go to the street corner you operate on and I'll escort your lovely sister to my agency..." Christian replied to Mia's sisters ignorance with his own ignorance and arrogance which caused everyone in the bus to laugh hysterically while Mia's sister ran off the bus at the next stop.

    "Um... Thank you? My sister is always being mean to me but- no one's ever stood up to her like you and Mime Jr. just did so thank you so much!" Mia said with a bow to Christian as a thank you while she started to exit the bus after her sister but was stopped by Christian and pulled her away to a seemingly old building in the middle of the city.

    "This is Meldina Rosa's research lab, you do know who Meldina Rosa is right? Just in case you dont- she was a famous 19th century actress who would perform in only the best stage plays and it was once said in one of her many documentaries that she helped to develop the concept for a screenplay. Though, the authenticity of that account can be contradicted because she was senile but that point." Christian said to Mia with a sense of pride in his voice as he opened the door to the research lab which was even more in ruins than the outside appeared to be while Mia began to reconsider going along with Christian to such a sketchy place.

    "Uh... I think I heard of her in one of my magazines... I dont really like to act because I get supreme stage fright. Also, why are we here? This place is worrying me because of its appearance... Is this truly where you work?" Mia asked Christian looking around at the test tubes that held odd blue substances inside of them and felt cold to the touch when suddenly Christian knocks on the door at the end of the hallway and it is opened by a strange looking man.

    "Dwight, I was wondering if you were too busy with you research to do what we talked about over the phone. I have the young woman here just like you ask for me to bring... She has the potential doesnt she? I mean, just look at her!" Christian said to the scientist-looking man named Dwight while Mime Jr. began to present Mia as if she were a car that needed to be sold to a consumer as Dwight looked deep into Mia's eyes and came to a conclusion.

    "She will do fine... Its just a shame you were rushed to the extent that you picked a random girl off the street, do you even know her name?" Dwight asked Christian with a tone of disappointment in his voice that Mia could not have been someone more recognizable which made Chrisitan a bit antsy at his comment.

    "Do I know her name?! Her name is Mia and she was the most lovely girl on the bus, even though there were 20 other girls who you would think would look 10x more "authentic" than her! But unlike you I see potential and not false perfection! Maybe you should change your tone before I not bring any girl here for you!" Christian said in such a way that even his own partner Mime Jr was a little frightened by it until Dwight began to laugh and invited them all into the room while Mia gazed at Christian with the eyes of someone who was truly in love.

    "Welcome, Ms. Mia! This here is Brownie's room, Brownie is the name of the program we use to conduct our procedures with. Have a seat and make sure to pay attention to the screen, alright?" Dwight asked Mia who nodded quickly and focused on the screen which portrayed miniature versions of Pokemon orbiting a brown box in the middle of the screen.

    "I'm sorry to be rude before Mia, this is Dwight and he is the worlds most renowned research of Pokemon genetics. Now, you might be asking yourself what the has to do with being a model but you would be surprised with the answer!" Christian said flipping the light switch and then turning on the projector which was now portraying a human body and tiny cells to the right of it making Mia a bit scared as to what she was even doing there.

    "For centuries now it has been the Governments hope to create the worlds most bionic human using Pokemon cells, though the experiment was said to be unlawful by the people doing the experiment themselves it has continued to this very day in underground conducted by genius like myself! And I have come to the conclusion that me and Christian have perfected a method to turn a human into a more bionic person using Pokemon cells." Dwight said to Mia in a slow and steady voice so that she could understand his accent while he did something on a laptop that changed the screen to show the cells entering the human body.

    "I think I heard about this a few years back... The Calico's a clan of researchers were exterminated for praticing such research, yet you all did this knowing the consequences?" Mia asked Christian and Dwight who simply laughed at her statement and explained their reason for doing what they did.

    "Its up to the future generations who survived the Calico Incident to continue on with their research anyway that we know how! Dwight was once aquainted with the head researcher of the Calico clan and these are the last words he said to Dwight before he left the island for the last time... So, basically our research cannot be stopped by threat of the Government! Those pansies wont even act automatically anyway!" Christian replied to Mia's concern for their safety with the prideful voice that he always seemed to carry which reassured her a bit but also confused her when suddenly Dwight began to explain the process of human and Pokemon cells mixing.

    "Pokemon cells are said to hold certain properties in their bodies that allow them to adjust to new environments and situations by putting stress on their atomic nuclei which holds special elements known by scientist today as "PXO". This atomic nuclei was once thought to only exist in Pokemon and everyone who dared to question that would look senile. But I have proven that even us humans hold the "PXO" deep inside of our bodies! To skip all of the scientific mumbo jumbo, "PXO" is the property inside of a Pokemon's body that gives them the ability to evolve and learn new moves via experience. Us humans can also technically evolve through our lifespan which is the first thing I linked the PXO to us humans, I then went even further and saw if a dying man who voluntary gave up his body to research would react the way I expected if Pokemon cells were added to his genetic makeup via injection. It did go the way I planned and the man became as strong as a Snorlax because of it, this then concluded that when introduced to Pokemon cells correctly a human can develop their unique genetics!" Dwight said to Mia in a sort of a lecture which made her brain a bit scrambled but she got the basic picture that he was trying to draw for her while Christian chuckled about her reaction time.

    "The sickly man who devoted himself to research was my father, and now he is the proud founder of the "Loretta-Lee Cancer Foundation" along with the owner of "Sique-Uioni" which I'm sure you've heard of." Christian said to Mia with a charming smile while she fangirled over his father owning one of the worlds largest fashion agencies which caused Mime Jr. to laugh himself off the table.

    "Wow! Wow! I wonder if I'll ever be enhanced like your dad and become super awesome with the help of Pokemon cells! Only the future can tell, right?" Mia asked the two men who looked at her like a test subject making Mia twitch a little when she finally found out what they wanted from her.

    "Our goal is to create the worlds most beautiful woman, Mia! By using the Pokemon cells of Pokemon like Milotic, Swanna, Dragonair, the cute cells of Eevee and Skitty and a few others to even it out we would be able to make even the most homely woman like yourself to be the worlds most amazing beauty!" Dwight shouted in passion while showing the images of all the Pokemon he named which caused Mia to begin to think about accepting the author as Christian studied her look and thought she no longer wanted the job.

    "Its okay Mia... Thanks for coming here and sitting through our boring lecture anyway... I'll walk you home-" Christian said a bit disappointed while he got his coat off of the chair next to him but was stopped by Mia's answer.

    "Hell yeah! I'm in! Lets make this ugly **** a swan! I mean, if a dying man was turned into someone as powerful and intelligent as a Snorlax than all of these cells will have to make me the most awesome person ever, right?" Mia asked Christian blushing when she remembered how he stood up for her earlier and looking at Dwight with a determined look.

    "Okay... Well, you should know that the most major repercussion is that you will no longer be able to conceive children and that can be something you might want later in your life-" Dwight said before Mia shook her head and pleaded to have the procedure than nonetheless which made both of the man chuckle at her cockiness including Mime Jr.

    2 years later, in a newly developed stadium in Castelia City!

    "Heeey~ Castelia city, baaaby~! Its been so long since I've seen the wonderful glow of this marvelous city! And the adorable~ cheers of my fans! Before two years ago I would come to Castelia City merely for sightseeing but now- I have a whole lot more to show you, baby~! Are you ready~?!" Mia shouted in a stadium with her voice echoing to all of the people there while she remained hidden until she finished her monologue, then a spotlight was flashed on her revealing the newest and hottest outfit from "Sique-Uioni" which earned a rumble of applause.

    Mia continued the fashion show for two hours straight with her and several other famous models amazing the audience with both their outfits and their attitudes.

    "Mia! Mia! You have another batch of roses from that Mr. Harmonia! Are you sure he didnt ask you to marry him yet?" Mia's assistant asked her which made her laugh a little while she gazed at the beautiful roses that an admirer continued to send her despite her efforts to shake him off.

    "That Ghetsis! He goes through all this trouble to woo me and he continues to send me red roses~! Is he trying to insinuate that he wants to make love on a bed of rose petals? My goodness we go on one date and he thinks were dating..." Mia said to his assistant in reply to Ghetsis continuing to send her flowers which made the assistant feel even more jealous of her bosses confidence.

    "Um... Er, oh yeah! Mr. O asked me to tell you that you guys were still on for 7:00 and if anything were to come up you know where to reach him... whatever that means..." the assistant said in a inquiring tone which made Mia want to tell her everything but she knew how Christian would react so she held it in.

    "Were just gonna go discuss my contract is all- You shouldnt be so suspicious all the time Elesa it makes that pretty red-hair of yours flat!" Mia replied to Elesa's comment with sarcasm making Elesa giggle and present her with all of her fan mail.

    "This is from Jubilife City in Sinnoh alone! The world is seriously digging you! Your never gonna retire, right?" Elesa said reading some of her fan mail for her while Mia took off some of her lipstick and questioned when she would retire.

    "... I was thinking about retiring early if I met the man of my dreams and he was ready to start a family. Which I mean adopting a kid because of the accident I had 2 years ago..." Mia said while she thought about what life would be like when she would retire from modeling which caused Elesa to almost breakdown crying.

    "But whats gonna become of me?! Gregory is barely passing Law School and I cant live in his shadow! I rather live in yours! At least yours is beautiful..." Elesa said to Mia so that she would hopefully never quit modeling but was only met by the laughter of Mia.

    "Elesa... Your just as beautiful as me... If not more beautiful! If a modeling rejected someone with as much talent and appeal as you do than they would have to be on some type of drug! You should look for some opportunities because even if I dont retire early you cant work as my assistant forever, what about Gregory and your future children?" Mia asked Elesa with sincere confidence in Elesa's talents which made her blush and pledge that she would check some opportunities out in Nimbasa City.

    Meanwhile, someone behind the dressing room door watches the girls and gives a little smirk.

    "Nimbasa~? Baby~! I know its late but can you please~! Please~! Give me what I need~?!" Mia shouted to her Nimbasa City audience inside of the Smart Court which caused almost an uproar of noise to ring across the whole stadium as a man next to Mia asked her a question.

    "Mia, baby! You said that you came all the way here to Nimbasa City to sing a song only for their hairs right?" the man asked her trying to make a pun making Mia cringe a little inside at the lameness but then recovered herself and replied.

    "Hahahaha! I came here to play a song only for the ears, silly~! The song is called "For Your Ears Only" and it was written by a very special friend of mine backstage named Christian O.! I hope you like it..." Mia said to her audience with alot of energy when suddenly the lights were dimmed and the spotlight was focused only on her while all of the audience watched in awe when she sang the first note.

    "So~ The sunsets on another day~ Wish that you come my way~ My words seem to fade in the blackness of the night~ You see my heart glow right~ I see no sunlight~ But somehow~ The flowers~ Seem to portray rain~ I know this is foolish~ But its my simple wish~ That you would~ Be the only one~ To hear this song~ Let the sunlight fade away~ As long as I can sing another day~ About how much I love you sincerely~ I please let this song reach~ The heart that I cannot read~ Its for your ears only~ My dear~ I can say this only once~ Lalalalalala~ Lalalalala~ Dodadodado~ What my heart cant show~ Is how~ I feel now~ I'll say it~ Once more that~ This song is meant for your~ Eaaars only~ So will you hold me?~ So many times have~ I tried to tell you in words~ Lalalala~ Lalalala~..." Mia sang one of the words most beautiful songs to her audience in a voice that no normal human could be able to reach which earned her millions of applause and standing ovations.

    Suddenly, the lights are turned back on and Ghetsis is knelt before her with a ring in his palm.

    "Mia! Mia my dear! Please say that you will be mine! I can give you the oceans, the forest, the mountains! You name it! Just say yes!" Ghetsis said to Mia while shaking in fear of her rejection on national television which made him want to puke but he held it in as Mia looked at the beautiful Leo diamond but simply giggled and shook her head.

    "Sorry~ Ghetsis-san~ Your not my type~!" Mia said with the worlds cutest smile on her face which crushed Ghetsis even more than he had already been crushed by her rejection and was soon escorted off-stage by the bodyguard Pokemon.

    "... Mia, there appears to be something wrong with Elesa... She wont leave out of the dressing room until you go there..." one of the stage hands said to Mia who was quickly concerned so she wished her audience a good night and ran to see what was wrong with Elesa.

    "Ele-chan~! Whats wrong?! Did Gregory break up with you again? Ele-chan~?!" Mia asked while she banged on the door for Elesa to open it up but to no avail so she talked to her outside of the room instead.

    "... I got the job... Poke-Orra Junior Division wants me to model for them... I just wanted to say thank you to for all- all your love and support..." Elesa said through the door obviously in tears about having the leave Mia after 2 years of working with her which made Mia feel a bit disappointed herself but shook it off.

    "Elesa, you were truly a diamond in the rough! And it was an honor to work with someone who is as talented and lovely as you are... I hope you enjoy your life to the fullest my dear and please dont ever let that shocking twinkle leave your heart..." Mia said now in tears that she was losing one of her best friends so Elesa opened up the door and they cried together making everyone in the crew begin to cry as well.

    "Mia-san~! You have to promise me that you will marry Mr.Christian and have lots of kids! And I'll become super famous and then we'll both accomplish our dreams! Okay?!" Elesa said as she dried off her tears and tried to sound like a mature woman which surprised but not as much as the fact she knew her and Christian were dating.

    "Oh yeah... I told her and a few other crewmembers a few months ago in Nuvema Town. I wanted to know what their opinion on wedding rings were..." Christian said to Mia who was looking at him like he was the worlds worst boyfriend until he took out a ring and threw it to her.

    "Is this... suppose to be your kind of a proposal, Christian? Because its pretty half ***ed..." Mia said putting the ring on her finger which was a perfect fit as Christian rolls his eyes and gives her a thumbs up.

    "I take that as a yes? I wonder what the wedding will be like... good luck with that Mia." Christian said walking out cool until he tripped on something and ran out embarrassed making Mia and the others laugh harder than they ever have in their lives.

    Meanwhile, the same figure from Castelia City watches the crew laugh at Christian's suspense while tears run down their face.

    "Akira? You never told me that you had a friend named Akira in the war..." Mia said drinking some of her tea in the early morning while Christian and Mime Jr. made breakfast for the three of them.

    "Akira was my lover, we did things that you and me could never do... Aka, it was the best 4 years of my life." Christian said with a heaping amount of sarcasm making Mia laugh so hard her tea fell to the floor.

    "Right... So, you got this music box becasue you were a soldier? The Government sure knows how to make people feel- cheated." Mia said studying the music box to see if there was anything special about it but finding nothing in particular.

    "You can always return it to the shop that I bought it from for a refund... I mean, it may be in Akira's honor but I can go to public bathrooms for that." Christian said to Mia in a way that she could no longer tell if he was joking with her or not as Mime Jr. took the toast out of the toasters by using Psychic.

    "Seriously, I think that joke has been going a bit too far buddy... One more and I think we'll need to go to couples counseling." Mia said drinking a new cup of tea that was made by Mime Jr. while Christian opened up the newspaper and made yet another sarcastic comment.

    "Who said I was joking?" Christian asked Mia who looked at him and then the music box and contemplated if she should bring it back or not.

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    Authors Note- Part II of the flashback chapters! The tragic conclusion of a beauty queen and her manager! The incident that effected Akira's life forever! 2 more chapters and BW-The Spy Who Changed Me will end! Try not so cry so hard you make yourself And... Enjoy! P.S. Merry belated Christmas to everyone!


    "So whats the verdict, doc? Why have I been puking so much?" Mia said with a bucket being held over her by the nurse just in case she had to vomit again while Mime Jr. imitated her being in pain.

    "Um... Well... I know this may sound strange Ms. Mia but have you and your husband been active in the bedroom as of late?" the Doctor asked Mia in the most appropriate way he could without it sounding too raunchy which made Mia have to think about it for a second.

    "Hm... I guess ever since we bought that house in the country we have been a little more active, why do you ask?" Mia asked the Doctor who continued to look at the results and suddenly began to shake in pure joy making Mia a bit scared for his reply.

    "I would like to announce that you are a mommy now-" the Doctor said almost in tears at the miracle that she was able to have children despite her "injury" when suddenly Mia and Mime Jr. yell at him.

    "Lies!!" Mia shouted at the Doctor with a full amount of energy in her lungs as Mime Jr. began to panic about her possibly having a baby.

    "... Thats impossible... Unless your giving virgin birth all of a sudden- but even then it would be impossible because of the procedure. We'll need another doctors opinion before rushing to conclusions." Christian said while he cleaned a few dishes in the sink along with Mime Jr. who began to imitate him as well while Mia sighed.

    "I went to 4 doctors today and they all told me the same thing, that I was pregnant and it was some sort of miracle... Miracles are when you win a Pokemon battle with a type disadvantage this is- something else." Mia said while rubbing her stomach and wondering what it would be like to have a child after all as Christian finished washing the dishes and went over to comfort his fiance.

    "Your making this into a romance story when its suppose to be adventure... Dont get the genres confused ****..." Christian said holding Mia's shoulders and going in for a kiss until Mia punches him in the gut and walks over towards the kitchen window.

    "The Pokemon in the forest are singing the silent song... I wonder if the house be quite enough for us to hear them after the baby is born?" Mia said looking at the moon and then at her stomach while Christian recovered from the punch and also looked at the moon.

    "Whatever happens... At least we know the baby is mine so you wont have to worry about childs support!" Christian said in complete sarcasm causing Mia to throw Mime Jr. at him much to Mime Jr.'s dismay.

    8 months later at the St. Orion's Mercy Hospital on March 2nd-some year...

    "Christian if I havent told you I love before... Its most likely because I didnt want to..." Mia said while she smoked one of her baby carrots as Christian and Mime Jr. played with the newborn baby who was all smiles except for when her mother held her.

    "Ignore your mom, Akira! She's just mad because I didnt let her name you Dana! You like Akira better, dont you girl?" Christian said rocking her in his arms when Mia suddenly shoots him a dirty look and then complains some more about the name.

    "Akira is a boys name! Your setting her up to be laughed at on the playground!" Mia said to Christian who was no longer listening to her and was focused on his newborn daughter making Mia a little jealous.

    "Excuse me but... You got a call from your father Mr. Christian, he would like to have a word with you about work related business." a nurse said from the hallway while Christian gave the baby to Mia and ran into the hallway to answer the call from his father.

    Suddenly, Akira begins to wail so loud that everyone in the terminals ears begin to ring.

    "... I told you this baby didnt like me, Christian! Whats up with you anyway? Do you not like my face? Or is it because I have bigger boobs than you?! God! Babies are hard..." Mia said trying to cuddle and rock the baby but to no avail until Christian comes in and takes her from Mia.

    "She must be able to tell that you were the one depriving her of food for 8 months just so you could keep your modeling career- call it karma if you will." Christian replied to Mia's comment with sarcasm and cynical-ism while Mime Jr. opened up the music box to play for Akira but the first note itself caused her to cry all over again.

    "Ugh! Thats it! If the baby doesnt like it this music box is going back to that shop ASAP!" Mia said putting a pillow over her head to drown out the noise of Akira screaming at the top of her lungs.

    A week after leaving the Hospital, Mia went to a city on the coast of Unova...

    "I would like to return this music box, sir... My fiance Christian received it after he returned from the war but it makes our newborn baby scream- well, more than usual..."Mia said setting the music box on the counter of the shop owner while Mime Jr. imitated her actions getting a laugh out of the shop owner who's never seen it before.

    "My, my...This music box was the last one I had in stock its like of nostalgic to see it returned to my shop after so long but- I cannot take this away from its owner after its been sold my dear... Its against my code of ethics." Ruluka said looking at the music box in awe of its mint condition while Mia sighed and pleaded for him to take it back.

    "Our daughter hates it... She always cries whenever we play it... Please, take it away from us..." Mia said pleading with Ruluka to take away the music box but only getting a determined look from him instead as Mime Jr. began to imitate him.

    "I will make a new melody for this music box! A melody that honor both the soldier who died for it and the new life that will adore it! It will take me three hours if you are willing to hang around here that long!" Ruluka said as he examined the music box once more to make sure there werent any cracks while Mia agreed because she had nothing better to do at the time.

    Mia and Mime Jr. hang around the shop while playing with the nearby Pokemon and signing autographs for her fans who recognize her when they enter the shop, three hours pass and the modification of the music box is finished.

    "Wow... Whats different about it? It looks almost exactly the same... Did we really just waste three hours of our time on this?" Mia said in a complaint to Mime Jr. who agreed with her while Ruluka smiled and replied wisely.

    "Open the music box at home and see how the baby reacts! If she cries then you can bring it back and I will shut down my shop if she doesnt and actually enjoys it make sure to call me!" Ruluka said to Mia and Mime Jr. in a form of a challenge which they accepted and hurried back home to see who was right about the music box.

    "Old man Ruluka modified the music box and you complained about it? Seems legit... So, are you gonna open it or not?" Christian asked Mia who was a bit hesistant at first because Akira was falling asleep but she decided to anyway.

    Suddenly, the room is filled with a melody of pure beauty that would make any normal human being happy and it just so happened to make Akira laugh for the first time ever.

    "... Hahahahahaha!~ Looks like old man Ruluka was right this time! Akira's actually smiling at me! Its a miracle!" Mia said when she suddenly picks up Akira and rocks her to sleep while the rest of the house is filled with the lovely melody of the music box as Mime Jr. dances comically to it making Christian laugh.

    8 years later, on May 23rd-some the O. residence

    "I'm sorry Akira, I'm so sorry... Mime Jr. got sick so we had to take him to a clinic so he could get better. He'll be back in no time- I promise..." Mia said to an 8 year old Akira trying to comfort her after Christian went to Castelia City to drop off Mime Jr. at the Pokemon Center while Akira bawls until she begins to make herself sick. "You all are lying! You got rid of Mime Jr. because you dont like him anymore! Your gonna get rid of me soon too! Because you dont like me!" Akira yelled at her mother while she cried continuously because Mime Jr. was now gone causing Mia to rethink her strategy in making Akira happy. "... Akira, do you wanna go outside to hear the Pokemon sing silence to the moon?" Mia asked her daughter as she began to slip on her jacket while Akira slowly stopped crying and nodded slowly as well. "Daddy told me that you used to sing solace to the moon before I was born- did I ruin that for you too?" Akira asked her mother who could only look at her blankly for a moment but regained herself and just giggled about the comment and carried Akira to the highest hill next to their house. "When I was a little girl, I lived in the city so it was very hard for me to hear the Pokemon sing solace... But when your daddy bought us this house I heard their silent song for the first time and thats when I knew that we would be eternally happy for the rest of our lives! Pokemon are said to be able to change a persons attitude completely through different mediums... I'm almost envious of them because I want to make you happy no matter what Akira- all I want is for you to be happy." Mia said as she rocked Akira in his arms gently while the Pokemon began to hum something in the distance making Akira smile slightly.

    Meanwhile, somewhere near the O. residence a few minuets before the silent song began. "The Pokemon pheromone was supposed to be in the form of a gas... Not a liquid! Who did you buy this product from Ghetsis-sama? I cannot work with such infutile material..." a man with blonde and blue hair in a odd hairstyle and golden eyes that were hidden by his glasses said to Ghetsis while studying the pheromone liquid that was being presented to him. "Samuel Oak of the Kanto region recommended it to me personally during my sabatical journey and I made a promise to use it one day! It would have being unbelievably rude of me to just ignore it when it was presented to me with a discount! Have you no manners, Dr. Achroma-Corless?" Ghetsis said to Dr.Achroma-Corless as he measured the exact mass of the pheromone so that he could make an accurate hypothesis on how much they needed for the plan while the Doctor glared at him with eyes of disgust. "What do manners have to do with what we want? Do you wan to overthrow the powers of Unova and the Government itself with a powerful Pokemon army or not? Because gas is a much better outlet than liquid! I dont go to the slave auction everyday because I have manners... I go there so I can get people and Pokemon who we can use as our guinea pigs. All for you sake, Ghetsis-sama!" Dr.Achroma-Corless replied to Ghetsis's comment with fact when suddenly both of their stomachs began to growl like a pack of wild wolves.

    "I believe we need to eat before we begin the plan, Doctor... Isnt there some sort of restaraunt in the town that we passed a few hours ago?" Ghetsis asked Dr.Achroma-Corless while he poured the pheromone liquid into a large container as the Doctor picked up his bag which held his wallet. "I will go into town to get us some burgers... Continue to pour the liquid and if I'm not back in the next hour or so begin to boil the liquid so that it will become more hardened, understood?" Corless asked Ghetsis with a bit of respect in his voice as Ghetsis nodded and continued to pour the pheromone Corless walked away towards the town.

    Suddenly, Ghetsis hears the most beautiful song of his life and turns to a giant hill to see Mia and Akira singing the song of silence to the moon.

    "Been a long road to follow~ Been there then gone tomorrow~ Without saying goodbye to yesterday...~ Are the memories I hold~ Still valid?~ Or have the tears deluded them?~ Maybe this time tomorrow~ The rain will cease to follow~ And the mist will into one more today~Something somewhere out there~ Keeps calling...~ Am I going home?~Will I hear someone?~Singing solace to the silent moon...~" Mia sang the first half of a song to Akira before she fell asleep in her arms for the first time since she was born causing Mia's eyes to swell up with tears so much that she couldnt see the man steadily approaching her but deciding that he shouldnt.

    "Oh Akira, I dont know what to do... I wanna be with you all the time but- this position that the firm wants to give me... I dont know, I just dont know." Mia said picking up Akira and going into the house so that she could sleep off her moment of depression while Ghetsis hid behind the bushes to watch Mia inside the house.

    "Thats Mia... So she could get pregnant after all? It seems that her daughter was the one that I heard bawling all night as well! Little brat, if she was my daughter she would get twenty lashes for even making a peep without being told to do so. Good thing for that little pest I hate children with every fiber of my being! Though, the rumors about that feral child in the forest in that certain region interest me... I wonder if the Doctor will be as interested with this information as me!" Ghetsis said to himself while he walked back to the camp that he made with Corless as he laughed maniacally at the thought of using children to further his goals.

    A few days passed with Akira and her parents becoming more and more seldom each passing day, it was today that something would shake the core of their lives.

    "I heard that Octavia was killed by her boyfriend and now their trying to offer you the job... Are you gonna accept? Are you gonna become a supervisor for younger models?" Christian asked Mia while making a Pokemon puzzle with Akira as Mia shook her head and continued to think about the repercussions of accepting the position.

    "I dont know... I'm- I'm starting to wish that I never became a model... But if that never happened than I wouldnt have met you and we wouldnt have Akira. This world is just so hard for me to live in... Octavia was like a mentor to me... And now she's dead-I dont wanna live in such a cold world anymore..." Mia said looking down at her now cold cup of coffee while Christian also thought about the world that they lived in for a moment and then at Akira.

    "Lets leave it then... Lets make sure that nothing this horrible world has to offer can hurt us any longer! Forget about your modeling career! Forget about my job too! We can end it all, all we have to do is end it!" Christian said getting up from the table in a heat of passion as Mia did the same and began to cry and then went to pack up her bedroom.

    "Uh... I... Um... Whats going on, daddy?" Akira asked Christian who turned to look at his daughter's confused face and chuckled as he picked her up to explain it to her.

    "Were gonna leave, sweetie! Your gonna go to a paradise where no one will be able to hurt you anymore! Your gonna go where you belong!" Christian said as he set her back down on her chair and went upstairs to pack up her room and the bathroom while Akira still sat there confused and scared about what her father meant.

    "I dont wanna leave... This is my home... Where else do I belong but here?" Akira asked herself looking down at the half completed puzzle and deciding that its probably best that she saves it for when her father comes back downstairs.

    "Akira-chan!~ Do you want to bring your toy Pokedex with you?~ ... Akira?" Mia asked when she came down the stairs and Akira was gone causing her to panic a little until she noticed that Akira was hiding inside the pantry.

    "Hmm... Now where did Akira go? Could she have ran away to join the circus? Or maybe she was discovered by a modeling agent like her mother... Nah, she's not pretty enough!" Mia said to herself and Akira so that she could ploy her out of the pantry which actually worked much to her disbelief.

    "I'm way cuter than you! Old bag! Stop living in the past!" Akira shouted at her mother who hit her on the head for calling her on old bag which made Akira start to pout even more.

    "Akira... Why dont you wanna go with us to the paradise? Are you scared you wont make any new friends? Or do you think me and daddy would leave you there?" Mia asked Akira who just continued to pout much to her annoyance but she simply hugged her and continued on packing up the house while Christian watched this exchange and worried for Akira.

    "Akira! You have your seatbelt on, right? You gotta make sure to ride safely when you enter paradise! ... Akira?" Christian asked Akira who was looking out of the window at their now completely empty house which made her a bit sad inside while Mia tried to sing a song to cheer her up but to no avail.

    "... Lets just go honey, before someone comes by today and stops us!~" Mia said to Christian with a wink as he started the car and they began onward to whatever their destination was while Akira began to doze off.

    "I'm worried about her sweetie, do you think that its too early for her to go? Her life has just begun so maybe we should wait on this..." Christian said to Mia with obvious worry in both his tone and eyes as he watched Akira doze off into slumberland while Mia contemplated if it was truly too early for her to go as well.

    "Maybe you right, I dont think we should end our lives along with her's. She might want something different in life and were making the most important desicion of her life for her. I feel like a bad mother again..." Mia said clutching her fist to make sure she wouldnt start to cry while Christian also tried to hold back his emotion.

    "... I love you Mia... I love you too Akira... And my only wish in life is to spend whatever time I have left in my life with you two next to me. Akira sleeping like an angel, my beautiful wife next to me on a pleasant drive to a remarkable location... This is the dream that I always wanted- and its finally come true... thanks, both of you." Christian said to Mia and Akira in a way that he could hide that he was really crying and just sounding happy instead while he accidentally missed a sign that read "DANGER".

    "Chris... This is the first time you've said you loved me in 8 years. Why are you suddenly saying stuff like that? Are you sick or something?" Mia asked checking asked as she checked his forehead to see if he was feeling okay which got a laugh out of Christian while Akira continued to fall asleep.

    "I'm fine, I'm fine! I just wanted to be nice to my wife and kid! Gosh..." Christian said to Mia a little embarrassed at the comment while he made a turn to a street that seemed a bit strange.

    "Okay, as long as your not sick... Hey Akira~ Do you wanna hear a song? ... I take that as a yes!" Mia said to Akira who looked at her with half opened eyes as she began to sing Akira Morning Grace to her to help her fall asleep.

    "I see... Thats actually not a bad idea. Using the powers of this boy we would be able to complete a plan without taking any personal damage to ourselves. As long as you dont take the boy's own humanity to heart than he should be easy to be rid of after the plan is completed... Though, as a child he would not be able to connect with the Twin Dragons as much as an adult would be able to. We should raise the boy and wait for the moment when he is at his peak and send him on a journey to "prove" himself to the Dragons." Corless said to Ghetsis in reply to his persuasion that they use a certain boy for his powers to talk to Pokemon.

    "I would not have believed that you would believe such nonsense as humans being able to speak in the tounges of Pokemon... Are you truly changing your mind about logic Dr.Achroma-Corless?" Ghetsis asked Corless with a smug look on his face which made Corless even more angrier that the question itself so he replied rather disrespectfully.

    "You should watch what you say to me... I will never change my way of thinking nor will I ever change my hypothesis on something- the next time you utter those words might be your last. Now, the pheromone has been poured on the abondened street so we should be getting a landslide of Pokemon soon." Corless said when he took out his chart from his bag and continued to write down notes on the experiment as Ghetsis began to ponder something.

    "... Doctor, what if this street wasnt abondened? What if we made such a conclusion based on baseless evidence?! What if someone was going down this same road as we speak of?!" Ghetsis asked Corless who continued to write down a little more information and then turned to Ghetsis.

    "They would die... The pheromone liquid would cause their car to crash and they would most likely die on impact..." Corless said to Ghetsis coldly with emotionless eyes when suddenly they hear a car crash very close to them.

    "Mia... Akira... Where are-... you?..." Christian asked them in hopes that they would answer but to no avail when suddenly someone comes from behind him and knocks him on the head with a blunt object killing him on impact because of his prior injury.

    "Mommy... Daddy... Where are you? This thing on my hurts... I think its- the door..." Akira said in agony with the door slammed completely on her legs causing her to be smashed on the ground while Mia struggled to the best of her ability to at least tap her on the shoulder.

    "Akira- I'm sorry we werent able to be good parents in the end... I wanted to give you all the happiness a person in this world could hold...I wanted to sing to you some more... Sing more solances to the moon... I wanted so badly- so achingly badly for you to live in a paradise... But- I wasnt able to give you that, and for that I am unbelievably sorry... Akira you are my Morning Grace... Everytime I see your face I smile like a newborn baby... Find- find your Morning Grace and your own paradise... Because I swear thats it out there. And as a final wise word to you, Akira... No matter what deep trouble your in or how much you hurt them- you must always Go Home." Mia said in her final words to Akira as she flashed back on her life to meeting Christian, becoming a famous model, having Akira, and raising Akira as she hummed Morning Grace one last time in all of the air she could still breathe so that Akira could smile and died right in front of Akira.

    "... Mommy? Hello? You didnt finish the song... Arent you gonna finish the song? Mom? Hey... Dont go... I wanna go home... I wanna go home with you- and daddy too! Dont leave me! I love you mommy so dont leave! I'm sorry I acted like I never loved you! I love you mommy! Daddy too! So please get up... Please! Please!!" Akira shouted to her mother both in agony of losing her mother and father and the door that was still smashing her foot which caused her to cry waterfalls until Ghetsis arrived and moves the door off of her foot using his Toxicroack.

    "My dear girl... Dont you know that these people werent you parents? They took you from your real home a long time ago- I am your father... And because of that I have come here to save you... Because I love you like a father should love his child... Come, lets go home." Ghetsis said picking up Akira because her legs were to sprained for her to walk until suddenly Ghetsis handed is gripped by Mia so hard that it begins to bleed.

    "... No!..." Mia said in a last gasp of breath while Ghetsis's hand began to swell even more but Mia would not let go of it until Ghetsis pushes her off.

    "Off of me devil woman! Akira, turn your head... Toxicroak! Use Poison Jab on this evil woman!" Ghetsis ordered his Toxicroack who hit Mia with Poison Jab and killed her effectively while Akira begins to cry over it.

    Suddenly, Corless appears from the other side of the car and confirms that Christian is dead.

    "What are you going to do with the girl? She has two aunts according to the Insurance information in the glove compartment... I think we should just bring her to an orphanage-" Corless said before Ghetsis shot him a piercing stare and began to laugh triumphantly.

    "I will raise my daughter of course! We will conquor Unova together and live in peace so something this tragic never happens to anyone else again!" Ghetsis said with a full amount of pride in his voice while Corless looked at him like the madman he was but agreed to raise the girl anyway.

    "The girls legs need to be repaired... I guess I will do that when we return to the castle... I truly hope Akira likes her new home..." Corless said to Ghetsis not being able to look at him because of the disgust he had towards him at the moment while Akira looked at the remains of the car crash in horror of what just happended and confusion on who the people who took her are and where she was going.

    Present day in N's castle...

    "Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Do you see now?! The knowledge that my ansector Nobunaga presented to me is that Akira needed to be saved! And I saved her! I gave her a home to live in when I was too busy to raise her... I gave her a brother who she could relate to and vice versa... I gave her an education that gave her knowledge of this cruel world... And I gave her something that you can never give her! I gave her security! I have the Harmonia blood that will protect Ransei- I mean Unova from all danger! No matter what you say N and Akira will always be there for me... Because I am their-" Ghetsis said before he was hit by the worlds most powerful Leaf Blade attack and was sent flying towards a wall but was saved by N's Klingklang just in time.

    "Akira... I see you have chosen who you side with now... Even though Ghetsis raised you like his own child you still betray him... That is evil of you Akira." N said to his former sister and comrade who now had the Light Stone in her hand and was ready to fight against Team Plasma instead of with them making Darien laugh out loud.

    "Hey N... I think you have bigger problems than your sister rebelling! Because- earlier was just the start of Operation-Anniversary of Revenge!" Darien said getting his something out of his pocket as Akira held the Light Stone up high and yelled something.

    "Ghetsis! I have never seen a man who was twisted and cold in his heart... Someone who could watch another person die just so that they could receive... I knew you were heartless all along but there was always something inside of me that wanted to believe that you were my true father and that there was a heart that burned brightly with love in you but- there isnt... And you dont love me nor N... Its just too bad- because its better to have me with you than against you!" Akira shouted to Ghetsis who had become beyond enraged by this point and prepared to send out his strongest Pokemon to handle her and her cousin.

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    Authors Note- Happy New Year everyone! I was gonna upload the final chapter tonight as well but then I got sick and couldnt complete it -_- In this chapter the battle with Team Plasma ends and the world will never be the same afterward! Just what is the plans of Mune and Damon Luther?! Will all of the heroes make it out of this battle alive?! Enjoy!


    "You miserable brats... How dare you interrupt the most important time of my son's life by assaulting me?! Hydregion! Eliminate this insolent garbage!" Ghetsis said after he recovered from the attack that Serperior landed on him while N looked at his father with the eyes of a confused child.

    "... Father... Tell me it isnt true, please tell me that you didnt kidnap Akira from her parents... Please..." N said in a whisper hoping and praying that what Ghetsis told the others previously was a lie when suddenly he is hit on the back of the head by Darien's baton and drops the Dark Stone which is caught by Porkchop.

    "Alright! We got the Dark Stone too! So much for using Zekrom to kill us now, huh?" Darien asked N who somehow quickly recovered from the blow to the head and looked at Darien with the eyes of a murderous beast which made Darien cringe a little while Akira looked at Ghetsis's Hydreigon with fear because of her knowledge of the damage it can do to them.

    "Hydreigon is the Brutal Pokemon not only by name but because of its dangerous nature... This one in particular once destroyed a whole platoon of Government warships in less than a minuet! Darien! Lets run before they kill us!" Akira shouted to her cousin in hopes that he would agree with her but he was too distracted by N's expression to notice her when suddenly Hydreigon begins to charge an attack.

    "Its far too late for that you miserable little brat! After all I did for you... You still decided to join the lowest of the pyramaid?! The Government wont stand idily by and let you little punks play hero... Akira, my dear sweet daughter... If you say that you are sorry for your acts of treizen and insult to my honor I would be willing to let you back into the family- as well as my loving heart." Ghetsis said to Akira with the eyes of a loving father that he always used on her since he abducted her so that she would obey him but this time it was luckily not able to change her mind while Porkchop was hit by Hydreigon's Hyper Beam and fell to the ground with the Light Stone falling into KlingKlang's possesion.

    "... You have got to be kidding me! I may be a stupid **** sometimes but there is no way I would join you, Ghetsis! My father's name is Christian- and my mother's name is Mia! There's no way I could have been born to a sterile man... dumb***!" Akira said to Ghetsis with the fury of a thousand men but with the cuteness of a adorable Pokemon as her Serperior went in for an attack on Hydreigon.

    "WHAT?! Akira! You have refused all of my chances to reach you so you leave me no choice... I will kill you where you stand! Hydreigon! Use Tri Attack on that ungrateful whinch!" Ghetsis ordered his Hydreigon who fired an extremely powerful attack on Akira that was able to once destroy a Government platoon when suddenly Darien jumps down from where he is and pushes Akira out of the way.

    He pushes her so hard in fact that they both begin to fall out of the castle via the giant hole that was made by Ghetsis's Hydreigon's Tri Attack.

    "Darien! You idiot! Dont you know that when you push somebody you have to do it lightly?! And since when were you so freakishly strong that you can push a 170 pound person a yard away?! None of this makes any logical sense!" Akira said as she panicked about falling from such a dangerous height while she looked down at the ground which seemed miles upon miles away causing her hit Darien on his head.

    "At least your happy, right? I can tell that you are... Because you wouldnt be saying anything to me if you werent!" Darien said to his cousin while laughing like an idiot over her being apparently about falling from an unthinkable distance with him making her yell at him some more.

    "Why would I be happy that I'm about to die you idiot?! I dropped the Light Stone so now Team Plasma has both Dragons and Unova is doomed! What about that is worth laughing about?!" Akira asked Darien with the most serious look on her face causing him to laugh even harder but he was still able to explain himself.

    "A few hours ago... You said the only thing that was important to you was N, Ghetsis, and Team Plasma! Now you care about Unova all of a sudden?! Of course I'm happy about that..." Darien said smiling at his cousin in a sort of proud manner causing her to blush and hit him on the head again for making the situation seem comedic.

    Suddenly, the Light Stone rolls off of the castle "somehow" and a strange blue and white fire surrounds Darien and Akira and saves them from falling causing them to seemingly float in mid-air.

    "Akira... No matter what! No matter who you are, no matter what become, no matter what you say to me, no matter how you say something to me, no matter how much you try to hurt me, no matter how much you change, no matter how many times I have to save you, no matter how much you insult me, no matter how poor you become, no matter what- You will always be my cousin! So after all this junk is over... Lets Go Home together!" Darien said to Akira in the most sincere voice she's ever heard while they floated in mid-air and appeared to be being lifted higher up back into the castle as Akira began to swell up with tears in her eyes at the pure emotion that Darien had just displayed all for her.

    "Darien... Shut the **** up... You sounded so lame..." Akira said wiping the tears from her eyes and trying not to cry anymore when they suddenly made it back to the top of the castle but were still floating in the air.

    "Fine by me... Okay, lets go kick some Team Plasma butt! Are you ready?!" Darien asked his cousin who was still a bit shaken by his words but soon composed herself and replied to his comment.

    "I'll try to talk some sense into N- and if that doesnt work that he's getting the worse beating of his life!" Akira said looking down at Ghetsis and N who could only watch in amazement and fear that they were somehow saved by the Light Stone while Darien nodded and they dropped down to the castle but going to separate area's respectively.

    "Amazing... Uyuyuyu... I cant believe that they were somehow able to tug at the heart strings of a Legendary Pokemon. This whole ordeal is making me think of a new strategy to be able to reach the Key of Unova... Uyuyuyu... I wonder if Devon will agree to it or not. Though, I should stick around a little longer to see what the outcome of this battle is... Reshiram vs Zekrom is the main course but- that man Ghetsis interest me... Uyuyuyu..." Mune said watching the battle from in the sky from a distance while she wrote down something in her journal and continued to watch the ordeal when suddenly she received a phone call.

    "Zahuhahahaha! Mune! Please tell me that all is going well with trying to find a way into this place!" ??? asked Mune who laughed at his poor manners but explained and described what she had just saw previously.

    "It appears that the two children who are always where Team Plasma are at the center of N's Castle... I believe we should wait to see what happens before we act and handle Team Plasma ourselves. By using these children we could be able to find a way into infiltrating the castle without having to do the work ourselves... I'll make sure to keep you posted if something significant happens that can change this plan, okay?" Mune asked ??? who could only laugh his unusually and agree to what she just told him while Mune looked on at Akira and Darien in the castle using her amazing vision.

    Suddenly, before they can separate the Light Stone floats in the air and reveals Reshiram who blast a powerful white flame at Akira and Darien before Pignite appears out of nowhere and inhales the attack to save them.

    "Pignite... You didnt have to do that... You werent strong enough to handle a Pokemon like Reshiram!" Darien said in tears at the sacrifice that a Pokemon he thought hated him forever made for him all of a sudden when suddenly the smoke clears and reveals that Pignite evolved into Emboar thanks to the flames of Reshiram.

    "I think... Reshiram sent that big *** attack at us to test us! But- does that mean it chose you in the end? ... Lame..." Akira said a bit disappointed until Reshiram flew over to her side and roared ferociously at her.

    "... Either it really wants to kill you or- I think that Reshiram has just named you the Hero of Unova! Which means that I was completely unneeded in this situation... Wow... I just made fun of myself..." Darien said a bit disappointed while Akira took the Master Ball from his bag and attempted to catch Reshiram but was stopped by N's Zekrom who destroyed the ball with a lighting bolt.

    "Gah! N! What the hell?! Oh... Now I'm gonna kick your *** even harder! Lets go... Reshiram~! Oh my god! That sounds so freaking' epic!" Akira said running towards N while Reshiram glided behind her and Darien was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

    "Great! ... Akira has now bonded with the Legendary Pokemon of Truth- Reshiram! With this shift in power it would be best that I retreat to the other base before this gets beyond even the Doctors means-" Ghetsis said to Hydreigon who was following behind him as a bodyguard until he noticed that someone was sitting on one of the falling pillars waiting for him.

    "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. And here I thought you would at least have enough balls not to leave before the main bash is over... If you really think that I'm gonna let someone like you just go on your merry little way then you have another coming! I'm done with you hurting people just because you think their simple pawns that can be disposed of! Ghetsis- welcome to Operation of Revenge- Death by Fire!" Darien shouted when suddenly Emboar appeared out of nowhere and went in for an attack on Ghetsis's Hydreigon while Ghetsis contemplated how he could go about killing Darien and finally came up with an idea.

    "Hahahahahaha! You believe that your Emboar can beat me?! N told me about the puny connection that you two share! If you truly believe that an Emboar who doesnt even like nor respect you can beat me than you have another thing coming! Hahahahahaha!" Ghetsis said as he tried to mock Darien and cause Emboar to rethink helping him but fortunately to no avail when suddenly Emboar hits Hydreigon with a powerful Brick Break attack.

    Suddenly, Hydreigon begins to rampage because of the attack and hits him with a Dragon Rush but the attack is stopped by Darien's Vanillish's Ice Beam which critically damages Hydreigon.

    "If you truly think that me and my Pokemon arent best friends by now then... you a true blue dumb*** Ghetsis! Vanillish! Emboar! Fire and Ice combination time! Flare Blitz and Frost Breath combo time! Beat the living **** out of Ghetsis time! GO!" Darien ordered his two Pokemon who winked at him and launched their most powerful attacks at Hydreigon defeating him when suddenly N falls out of the sky and lands on top of Darien.

    "... Akira... How did she possibly gain such strength?... Could it be that I truly saw the wrong? That must be it... It must be..." N said in agony of the pain for both losing to Akira and that his ideals and truths lost in the end while Ghetsis began to tremble in rage at the destruction of his plan.

    "My calculations... My careful schemes... All those years of raising these two brats so that I could take control of the world! I made sure that they received an education, nutrition, and many more necessities! So why?! Why is one of them a traitor and the other a weak bumbling freak?! I built Team Plasma with my own hands! I am the most perfect person in this world! I am perfection given form! I planned out these 9 years perfectly... Deceive N into thinking he could talk to Pokemon, trick Akira into thinking I was her father and that her dear parents lied to her... N was just a freak without a real heart... And Akira was just a brat who I could manipulate into doing my bidding...All of my lies were perfect, they believed them all! So why? Why have I lost this?!" Ghetsis shouted into the sky in pure rage that he lost against Darien and Akira when his plans had gotten so far as N looked up at him while on the ground with eyes of both disappointment and sadness when suddenly Cheren and Alder appear from the room's entrance.

    "Hey! Ghetsis and N have both been defeated... Does that mean that you two have truly defeated Team Plasma on your own?! Thats simply amazing! Now... Lets go, Ghetsis... The PLA would like a word with you about your actions." Alder said to Ghetsis as he took him by the arms and began to escort him out of the room along with Cheren who put up a thumbs up at Akira and Darien who flicked him off.

    "... Something doesnt feel right about this... Why do I get the feeling that something unexpected is about to happen?" Darien asked himself in fear that something horrible was about to happen while Akira looked at the man who raised and lied to her and wondered what it would have been like to live a normal life with her parents.

    Suddenly, N gets up from the ground and with the Dark Stone in his hand he walks towards the very end of the room and begins to hum "Akira's Morning Grace".

    "Akira, when I first saw you on your journey... I was surprised to see that both you and your Pokemon were happy, something that I thought was impossible for both you and Pokemon in general. The same goes for you Darien... When I heard the voice of Tepig in Nacrene City- I told you all of the tragic things in his heart but the bitterness inside of me didnt tell you that Tepig was also beginning to like you... I feel absolutely horrible for making you think Tepig would never like you. I couldnt understand, I couldnt understand that Pokemon could like people and have a true friendship with them... The more my journey went on the more unsure I became of the ideals that Ghetsis taught because of what you said to me, Darien. Akira, when you battled me using Reshiram you truly showed me something that I have to take to heart... That both humans and Pokemon can work together and have loving relationships. The Champion has forgiven me for some reason- but... I feel as if I no longer belong in this region for the crimes I have committed against you and your friends. Darien! Akira! You said you have a dream... make that dream come true! Make the wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth and ideals! If anyone can... Its you two! Farewell!" N said with the worlds most delighted smile as he threw the Dark Stone and sent out Zekrom who scooped him up and flew out of the castle with a wave goodbye to Darien and Akira when suddenly Reshiram and Zekrom begin to destroy the castle that had brought both Akira and N so much pain causing Akira to shed a few tears and run at the same time while the castle began to crumble.

    "It appears that... Team Plasma is no more... That means that those two "heroes" did all the work for us. This is something that we must take note of... Its obvious that they will become a future threat to us, and with the Pokemon of Truth- Reshiram on their side its obvious that we must take caution of their blatant advantage over us. In the end, despite the 300 Team Plasma grunts who were handled by the Champion and another boy, despite the power of the Seven Sages who were defeated by the Gym Leaders of Unova, despite the powers of the King of Team Plasma and the true leader- Ghetsis... Team Plasma has fallen... And the underdogs have come out ontop. Uyuyuyu... I cant wait to see what the gang is gonna do next year." Mune said to ??? over the phone while she flew away from the castle that was being devastated by Zekrom and Reshiram which caused her to snicker a little at the mere sight of something so wonderful as ??? laughed at what Mune had just relayed to him.

    "Zahuhahahaha! The Worst Generation is coming Mune, my dear! By using these kids even farther we might be able to get the plan over with sooner than expected! With Team Plasma gone the only force left in Unova that is left to mess with us is the NPMC... And I have a special plan for them! Namely, the Legendary Pokemon that one of those little heroes has gotten! Zahuhahahaha! We should act when they least expect it and do the other phase of the plan before then! Mune, return to Anville Town so we can come up with a few more steps in our plan! And make sure to let that little "present" go before you return! Preferably on top of that castle! Zahuhahahaha!" ??? said over the phone while laughing the whole conversation as Mune began to giggle at the comment and orders he made when she began to respond to the order she let go of a large briefcase that were being held by her talons.

    "... Your bad... Uyuyuyuyu... But its already been done so there's no need to worry about that... I just cannot wait to hear and see the shrieks of those fools as they run out the castle in fear of death... Normal people are so entertaining when it comes to death." Mune said gliding through the air away from the place where she dropped by the briefcase and changed her wings to ice and flew off into the distance.

    "Its possible that the anesthesia that I applied to the patient was not sufficient enough... He hasnt responded back so its possible that I accidently gave him too much and caused him to overdose on the drug... I may have to get a new test subject if he doesnt respond sooner or later-" Corless said to himself inside of a lab somewhere in the Unova region as he examined the cells of a certain type of Pokemon in a magnifying lens when suddenly he felt something weird in his gut and received a phone call from someone near him.

    "Corless-sama! We went to the other side of the island like you told us to but... when we got here! All of our comrades began to turn into monsters!" a Team Plasma grunt said to Corless over the phone as they were clearly being attacked by whatever they were talking about while Corless smirked a little at the situation but responded with a worried outlook.

    "Oh no! Make sure that you detain them and bring them back here, okay?" Corless said hanging up on his subordinate while laughing maniacally at the thought of them being eaten by whatever Pokemon monster he had on the island.

    "Shadow Triad! Come to me! I need you to go collect Ghetsis before he is sent somewhere beyond our reach! And call Nagruichiki here- she's been absolute useless until now but at least she can make clothing for me." Corless said turning away from the phone when suddenly the Shadow Triad appear out of nowhere and bow before him in respect.

    "Dr. Achroma-Corless... We will make it our top priority to make sure that Ghetsis-sama returns to the lab unharmed... Shall we collect Zinzolin-sama while were at it?" one of the Shadow Triad asked Corless who thought for a second and shook his head so the Shadow Triad left to collect Ghetsis from Alder and Cheren.

    "There's a new era for Team Plasma thats vastly approaching... Its up to Ghetsis and I to make sure that we thrive in the new era of Trainers. Team Plasma will have to become an all new threat! So, the experiment that we conducted in the Cold Storage several months ago will have to be revised and made more deadly. I wonder... Didnt that Sinnoh Champion say something about a Legendary Ice Pokemon capable of freezing an entire region in matter of days? This must be investigated ASAP." Corless said reading over the notes about Lacunosa Town he made while somewhere near there his subordinates are swallowed hole by the Pokemon being kept there.

    "I cant believe that you managed to evade the Government for so long, Ghetsis... You must be aware that because of their interest in eugenics that they would come after you sooner or later. So why bring more unneeded attention to yourself when your already in such a dire situation?" Alder asked Ghetsis who merely scoffed at him so that he could make it clear that he didnt want to answer his question.

    "Team Plasma is gone now... So maybe Unova can be safe from all these freaks trying to harm it?" Cheren asked Alder who was in shock at something that was growing on him while Cheren just then began to realize a strange plant was growing on him.

    "Do not call the people who believe in Lord Ghetsis's ideals- freaks. You all have no respect for what Lord Ghetsis has done... So why dont you just stand still while we secure his safety?" one of the Shadow Triad asked Alder and Cheren as the plant caused to let go of Ghetsis who was seized by the fastest person Cheren has ever seen in his life when suddenly everything when black when another member knocked them on the head with a blunt object.

    "Lord Ghetsis... Corless has told us to return to the lab so that we can begin Plan B. Are you ready to leave this place?" one of the Shadow Triad asked Ghetsis who looked at the collapsing building and began to laugh hysterically as the Shadow Triad and him departed for Corless's location.

    "Damn! Damn! Damn! This place is gonna collapse and all of the exits are blocked! Come to think of it... This was a really horrible time for Zekrom and Reshiram to destroy the castle!" Darien said panicking while trying to find a way out the castle but only seeing blocked exits each corner he turns to.

    "Hey! Rush can hear you! At least he had the balls to destroy this place... This place is a hell to alot of people you know!" Akira shouted at Darien who just rolled his eyes and continued to find an exit out of the castle.

    Suddenly, Exadrill pops out of a hole and reveals a way outside of the castle so Akira and Darien dive inside the hole and crawl outside of the castle.

    "Clay! Everyone! Your all safe and outside of the castle! Thats good..." Darien said when they first made it out of the castle and jumped out of the hole to see who was all there as the Elite Four and the Gym Leaders all high fived the two heroes for stopping Team Plasma until Akira realized something.

    "Where's my husband~ and the creepy Champion guy?! Didnt they already make it out the castle along with Ghetsis?!" Akira asked all of the Gym Leaders who either shook their heads or looked around for them making Akira realize their still in the castle.

    "Then we need to go back! Cheren and Alder helped defeat Team Plasma too and Cheren is too young to die! Alder though... not so sure..." Darien said to the others worried about Alder and Cheren as he began to dash toward the castle until Lenora heard a noise and pulled him back towards them just in case her hunch was correct.

    "To make sure that the Government doesnt get into our business... We must make sure that all of the evidence is washed away by the tide. Though, since there isnt a ocean in sight we must use another method... I hope all of you "heroes" of Unova learn what it means to live in the new era. Uyuyuyu... 1... 2... 3...!" Mune said to herself when suddenly N's castle explodes as well as the rest of the area around it along with the league, Route 10, and some of East Opelucid as well while Mune giggles at the mere thought of it.

    "Hmph. We all cant be heroes, right?" a mysterious voice asked the unconscious Alder and Cheren after they arrived in the remains of the castle 4 days after the explosion.

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    Authors Note- Well, guys... Its the last chapter of BW-The Spy Who Changed/Me Thanks to all of my readers for taking the time out of your lives to read this saga! Yes, there will be another Saga >_> Two to be exact... From Ransei, with love- the prequel and BW2-Live and Let Die! Anyway, chapter info... What is the Government's true interest and why do they seem so corrupt? Who is this mysterious person who shares a relation with Drayden? And most importantly... What will happen to the gang next year?! For all these answers and more please read...

    "BW-32! I Write Sins Not Tragedies!"

    The battle with Team Plasma has ended... And the Unova region has recovered from the uproar that they caused... Though, on the coast of the Unova region another group of villains is plotting something else devastating to Unova.

    "Shelly! Have you made sure that the Sharpedo are prepared for us to raid that island?! We need the materials so Neo-Neo-Team Aqua can make another comeback!" one of the Admins of Neo-Neo-Team Aqua said while he steered one of their small warships toward an island off of the coast of Castelia City.

    "Yes, I have! Were all ready for the raid on whatever this Unity Tower Island thing is! I have also released the Crawdaunt as well just in case!" Shelly said to the admin as she began to raise the anchor so that the ship could dock on the island before she saw something horrible in the distance. Suddenly, another Team Neo-Neo- Aqua ship is blown up by some sort of explosion along with several others causing Shelly to shriek in terror.

    "Shelly?! Whats wrong with you?! Did you see something in the water?" the admin asked her concerned that something was either going to attack her or the ship when suddenly twigs are thrown at the ship at lightspeed surprising every crewmember on board the ship.

    "... Twigs?! No! No! No... Dont tell me that Lt. Woodstock followed us here! But if thats the case... Why did he follow us here?!" Shelly asked trying to take the twigs out of the ship but soon realizing they had already made holes in the ship causing the ship to flood with water as every crewmember began to panic.

    "Why would a man all the way from the Government Headquaters care about out measly team?! Doesnt he have enough problems in that other region?!" the admin shouted in a complaint about them being hunted by one of the worlds most powerful Government officers when suddenly two figures crash into the ship just like the twigs.

    "... It would appear that you are not the people who I was trying to locate... You should be aware that the Government is putting the entire Unova region on lock down so that they can find the remaining members of Team Plasma- Or are you all so foolish that you think those rules dont apply towards you? I have been ordered to kill anyone who dares to disobey the Government. Sceptile... Lets end these fools meaningless existence so I can go handle the big fish! Serperior you as well!" a mysterious man ordered his two Pokemon to attack the Team Neo-Neo- Aqua members in a sort of massacre with Sceptile slicing almost every member with Leaf Blade and Serperior strangling the remaining members.

    "We cant let this Government dog win! Crawdaunt squad! Sharpedo squash! Use your most powerful attacks to secure our team victory!" the admin ordered the team's Pokemon who attacked Sceptile and Serperior with powerful attacks but to no obvious avail while Sceptile took out the Crawdaunt's in a single Leaf Storm attack and Serperior took out the Sharpedo with Frenzy Plant thus completely defeating Team Neo-Neo Aqua in less than a minuet.

    "Drayden... I have secured three enemy vessels that were outside of the Castelia City harbor. They do not seem to be affiliated with Team Plasma in any shape or form but they were indeed a threat to safety of the people of Castelia... Though, the rise in crime sense the defeat of Team Plasma has been skyrocketing- its extremely unsettling to know that despite the lackadaisical rules of the Government these villains take advantage of it and attempt to usurp one another in their little petty "gang wars"! I will send these pest to the "Brig" as soon as I am done interrogating their leader who is hiding behind the stern of the ship in hopes that I cant see where he obviously is... Tell the Admiral that the Team Plasma has been delayed so that I can look into a separate matter." the mysterious young man said to Drayden over the phone he carried in his pocket while his Serpeior found the leader who was hiding and choked him with a Vine Whip and then threw him over towards the young man along with the other Team Neo-Neo Aqua members.

    "Please! Have mercy on us! We just wanted to escape that horrible place and come back to the real world! You know how horrible that place is, right?! There was a man who could into a weird Turtle Pokemon and he could shoot lightning! And then... Dead Pokemon bodies began to fall out of the sky! We promise we werent gonna hurt anyone! Honest! Lt. Theodore!" the leader said to Lt.Theodore as he begged for his and subordinates lives causing Theodore to punch him extremely hard in the face.

    "Criminals get no sympathy from me! Watch your tongue before I have Sceptile cut it off! The Government has made it clear that all criminals get the death sentence if they meet such criteria and with your recent remark you are moving to the top of my list... you worthless scum!" Lt. Theodore said to the leader who trembled in fear at the sight of such a bold and powerful yet quite young man when the Lt. suddenly received a call via his X-Transceiver.

    "Hello? ... Really? He just docked in Nuvema Town? And your sure the Government sent him? Alright then... Tell him that I will be there to assist him ASAP but to begin the investigation beforehand so that we can get this worthless mission over with... Now... How would you all like to see the inside of a Government prison?" Lt. Theodore said when he turned off his X-Transceiver after a brief phone call as the Team Aqua members shook in fear because of whatever he was talking about.

    "Have you ever woken up and wanted to beat the living **** out of someone? I did... And today is once again one of those days- Darien, why the hell were you in my bed while I was sleeping?" Akira asked her cousin Darien who was now on the ground in pain after Akira punched him in the gut as Akira brushed her hair in the mirror for her morning rituals

    . "Some guy was sleeping in my bed when I came home from Opelucid City last night! I think my mom got a new boyfriend while we were out on our journey... Which sucks because now she's gonna be more bi-polar than usual..." Darien said after making a quick recovery from the punch that Akira gave him while he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth for the next seven minuets when suddenly Akira begins to laugh about something.

    "How can your mom have a boyfriend when she's a lesbian? Come on Darien... Lets use some common sense!" Akira shouted at Darien who had the sink on so high that he only heard the part about his mom being a lesbian.

    "Since when is my mom a lesbian?! If she was a lesbian then why am I here, genius?" Darien asked his cousin when he stopped brushing his teeth and went to turn on the shower as Akira fell of her chair in laughter.

    "Your mother made the worst mistake of her life... She believed that you father could turn her straight but she was wrong! Whats wrong with having a lesbian for a mother Darien? Are you truly that homophobic that you couldnt accept your own mother? Psh..." Akira said getting up from the mirror and sent out her Serperior so that he could help her pick out her outfit for the day while Darien began to take his shower but could still hear Akira's ramblings.

    "Homophobic? I hangout with Cheren dont I? And I wasnt the one who made those constant remarks about Burgh and how flamboyantly gay he was!" Darien said while in the shower worrying that his mother could hear him because of the shouting he had to do as Akira decided to wear a simple green dress because of Serperior's persuasion.

    "You did make fun of Grimsley for liking Twilight! And you made constant gay jokes about him too... Thats kinda homophobic Darien!" Akira shouted to him while she left the room along with her Serperior to the living room downstairs as Darien pondered how she knew that when she wasnt even around him then.

    "Oh! Akira! I got those tickets for you to see Cocaine Crazy on Saturday! I also prepared a nice little meal for the two of us... Because I love my niece so much!" Darien's mother said to Akira as she walked down the stairs toward the living room slowly so that Seperior could keep up with her pace.

    "... What kind of drugs are you on now, auntie? Your not as ***** as you usually are on Mondays... Or did that check you got from that insurance fraud in Johto finally come in the mail?" Akira said worried that her auntie was trying to murder he because she heard her call her a lesbian upstairs when suddenly she realizes that her aunt is really a man (or at least whoever this person is...).

    "Akira, why would you assume that something like that had to happen for me to be nice to you? I know I've never treated you with love before, well because your a she-devil but I've loved you Akira." the man said to Akira finally turning around to reveal that he was wearing a mask and Darien's mothers clothing making Akira laugh inside but prepared to attack on the outside.

    "Holy transvestite! What the hell did you do with Darien's mother/my auntie?! Did you eat her so you could become her? If so... how did she taste? Bitter right?" Akira asked the man who looked at her like she was insane while Darien's real mother laughed from behind the couch as Darien walked down the stairs and realized how truly weird this day would be.

    "... Mom... Are you pansexual now? Because I hope you know that isnt a woman in that disguise..." Darien asked his mother who could only continue laughing while Akira tried to think of explanation as to why a man was in her aunt's clothes but couldnt think of one herself.

    "Hahahahaha! My name is Looker and I'm a member of the International Police of the Government's Crime Syndicate Investigation Division! And I've come here specifically so that I could talk to the two of you." Looker said taking off his diguise and revealing his true looks which causes both Akira and Darien to blush in infatuation.

    “I thought Looker was a drifter who had come here to kill the two of you for whatever reason... So of course I let him stay in Darien’s room for a nights so that he could discover your weakness! Sadly, it turned out he was just a cop...” Darien’s mother said a little disappointed that Looker hadnt been there to murder her son and his cousin when suddenly another person appeared from the shadows of the room.

    “I was called by the Government to assist Looker in his investigation... And apparently you two are the key in finding the individuals that we seek. My name is Lt. Theodore Rosevelt- and since Darien and you are aware of it... I am agent 0017 of the NPMC’s “Whiteout”.” Lt. Theodore said as he was revealed to them fully when he stepped out of the shadows which revealed he looked almost exactly like Darien except he had greyish hair and was obviously older because of his facial hair.

    “Meh... Your not as attractive as Looker... So says the most funniest guy in the room because he isnt gay... At all-” Darien said before he was pushed out of the way by Akira who was already in love with him because of his hair and his voice while Looker tried not to blush after Darien complimented him.

    “Well- Well... Anyway, we are here to ask that both you and your cousin Akira assist us in the investigation of searching for Team Plasma! As you know the leaders of Team Plasma Natural Gropius Harmonia and Ghetsis Harmonia have escaped from the Government’s custody and even though we have two of the Sages of Team Plasma in holding we are missing the other 4-” Looker said before Akira cut him off so that she could make a distraction away from the remaining Sages who raised her like she was their own.

    “Hey Looker! How old are you? 40 or 50? Because you look like the most handsome man in all of Unova!” Akira said really loudly on purpose so that she could make sure he focused on that instead of the true matter at hand as some blood began to leak from his nose when suddenly Darien realized what Akira was trying to do and joined in.

    “I’ve never seen such a sight in my life! Your amazing behind words, Looker-san! Fall in love!” Darien said to Looker trying to sound like he truly meant it (which he did) as Akira tried to come up with a better comment as Looker’s other nostril begins to leak blood as well.

    “Um... STFU, Darien! He’s mine! I dont care how much you want him to be your husband! I want him more! Have you seen dat *** he got?” Akira said in reply to Darien’s comment going to extremes to make Looker forget about the Sages at that moment when suddenly Looker’s nose bleeds like a fountain and he falls unconscious because of the blood loss.

    “I dont know what you all are trying to do... But because of this the mission has to be delayed a few days. Looker was once a model back in the old days when being a detective was frowned upon- but that day... No, I’m not even going to tell the story. Thank you for letting Looker stay in your home...” Lt. Theodore said to Darien’s mother while he looked at Akira and Darien with suspicious eyes because of their actions as he walked out of house Akira and Darien wave them goodbye and run into Cheren.

    “Oh, hey guys... Who were those guys? One of them looked like they were dead...” Cheren said to Akira and Darien who looked at eachother and shrugged when suddenly Bianca appeared out of nowhere and threw a newspaper at Akira’s head.

    “Oh no’! My bad’! I’ wanted’ you’ to read’ this’ hur’ paper aloud’ to me because my’ daddy’ is in jail for murdering my auntie mama’! And I’m illegitimate...” Bianca said to Akira who looked at her like she was the most stupidest person on the planet (which was true) as Bianca smiled like an idiot and handed Akira the paper to read.

    “Fine... This will be last nice thing I do for you, better enjoy it while you can... Okay- where to start? Hey! Thats our picture... kinda... Um... “Recently, a odd number of occurrences have occurred in the Unova region and this was because of an evil crime syndicate called “Team Plasma”, Team Plasma wanted Trainer’s to release their Pokemon so that they could dominate the Unova region and take control of it... If it werent for the efforts of the Unova Elite Four (the hell?!) and the minor assistance of two other children (the double hell?!) everyone in Unova’s life would be in turmoil-” Bianca! What the hell is this ****?! Why is the NPMC of all media sources lying about what happened in the battle against Team Plasma?!” Akira shouted at Bianca who could only shrug but was still also in shock that all of Darien and Akira’s efforts were ignored even though they did all of the work.

    “What is the Government thinking?! Just what the heck is going on at The Darwin?” Darien asked the others who continued to look at the paper which blurred out Akira and Darien’s photos and made it clear that the Unova Elite Four saved Unova.

    Meanwhile, at the Headquaters of the Government known as The Darwin in a region not to far from Unova a meeting of great consequences is been held and many big names are present at said meeting.

    Represenative of the Hoenn Region- Big Daddy Warbucks!

    Represenative of the Kanto Region- Joey of the Top Percentage Union!

    Supreme Fleet Admiral Chantze!

    Supreme Air Marshal Malachai!

    Supreme General Commander Dooberman!

    Elite Four of Sinnoh- Lucian!

    Elite Four of Indigo Plateu’s Johto Division-Will!

    Elite Four of Hoenn- Glacia! Elite Four of Unova- Caitlin! Champion of Sinnoh... Cynthia!

    Champion of Unova... Alder!

    Along with the 5 heads of the Government who at the moment wish to keep their identities unknown...

    “Yo! Dig it! I was rapping with my Poke-pal Exploud when ya’ll mutha****’s call me and request that I come hur and some ol’ bull****! Whats the deals, yo?!” Big Daddy Warbucks asked one of the heads of the Government who was looking out of the window at the harbor that held a Pokemon army to protect the people inside The Darwin as Daddy's voice destroyed several windows in the room.

    “... Dont you know that the rhythm of your voice is explosive? You should shut up until the meeting is over... Please...” Lucian said to Big Daddy Warbucks who was going to reply but the others gave him a look so he didnt when suddenly Cynthia burst out laughing.

    “Heh... Heh... Hahaha! Lucian, your making threats to someone like Big Daddy? Have you improved since last we fought or something? Heh...” Cynthia asked Lucian trying to tease him on purpose causing him to blush and continue reading his book so he did not have to reply while Alder suddenly shouted something in anger after holding it in since he arrived at The Darwin.

    “5 Benedicts! Excuse my rude behavoir but I have to ask you something urgent! It regards the Team Plasma incident that occurred in my region recently!” Alder shouted at the Benedicts who looked at him with serious expressions which detoured him from wanting to reply so Caitlin did for him.

    “Benedicts... Excuse my rudeness also but it appears that you have covered up the true events that went on in the battle with Team Plasma. The media is reporting false information that it was the Unova Elite Four who took down Team Plasma when it was truly an agent of the NPMC and his cousin. We were defeated very earlier in the battle by these individuals and we took no real action against Team Plasma... My fellow Elite Four members are so ashamed they have refused to leave the League despite in being in shambles. Can you please address this issue accordingly?” Caitlin asked the 5 Benedicts who turned their chairs around so that they could converse privately with eachother while Cynthia tried to comfort Alder in his depressed state.

    “You know... Two kids helped to defeat an evil crime syndicate in my region of Sinnoh not to long ago- The Government hid the incident from the public but I knew it was for the best because of people were to know the Government wasnt strong enough to handle such a problem people would begin to have doubts in them.” Cynthia said in a whisper to Alder who tried to take what she said to heart but soon realized what she was truly trying to say and suddenly made a quite rude outburst.

    “So... The Government’s only priority is to make the people respect them and have faith in them?! What type of crap is this?! Are the feelings of the people who helped save Unova less important than the feelings that the ignorant masses have for this already falling Goverment?!” Alder asked Cynthia who was about to reply before one of the Benedicts interrupted her and made their point quite clear as to which side their were on.

    “A Government is nothing without the respect of the people. If the people if this world were to disobey us then we would have more crime syndicates like Team Rocket and Team Plasma... They have become such a great bother that we have made new rules to enforce on the people of the world.” one of the 5 Benedicts replied to Alder’s outburst calmly and securely while one of their many assistants got a petition out of one of their drawers and handed it first to the Fleet Admiral and then to the General Commader.

    “So... You believe that these new laws will help the world to remain in order? Or do you believe it will help the world to increase in order? Because speaking from experience of being on the front lines... This world is becoming more and more corrupt- soon the balance of power that we have with the other 4 Pinnacles will collapse because of the Underworld’s continuing growth.I would love to support the petition that you want me to sign but first I believe the Navy needs more weapons to combat this rise in crime." Fleet Admiral Chantze said to the 5 Benedicts who went into a council and eventually agreed that it would be best to have weapons for all of their military powers.

    "I cant believe that you all want to enforce more stricter laws and add more weapons on already falling world! I believe we should take another method to handle the recent rise of crime... Maybe something more- humane?" Lt. General Cornerstone asked his superiors who looked at him like he was an idiot for a second and then went on to debate over if he was right about their methods being too harsh on the people.

    "Another meeting will be held tomorrow to make a final decision about the passing of these bills- please, do not forget to attend it... It is crucial for the order and protection of our marvelous world." one of the 5 Benedicts said as they were dismissed to go about their duties at The Darwin while some of the high ranking members of the Government gave both Alder and Lt. General Cornerstone cold looks for voicing their different opinions.

    "Cornerstone! Today was an absolute disgrace! If your gonna talk big the 5 Benedicts than you better be ready to battle like them... If you cannot even hold your own in a battle against me then you have no right to have a debate with one of them! Tomorrow they will eat you alive with questions, looks, and comments- if you cannot win in this battle than you will not be allowed to attend the meeting and both bills will be signed without any further comments from you, is that understood?!" General Commander Dooberman asked Cornerstone with the fury of a thousand men in his eyes when he suddenly sent out his Liepard to fight against whoever Cornerstone would choose for the battle.

    "Bastiodon and me would be honored to risk such high stakes, sir! We will attend that meeting and we will one day be able to speak and interact on par with the 5 Benedicts themselves, sir! This is my one and only dream, sir!" Lt. General Cornerstone said to his commander officer with a salute as he sent out his Bastiodon to fight the already in action Liepard who began the fight with a Pursuit attack which critically injures Bastiodon for an unknown reason.

    "To think that you believe you will ever have the right to speak on par with the 5 Benedicts is a joke! If your Bastiodon is weakened from a mere Dark type attack then you will never be able to reach such a rank or status to accomplish this dream that you speak of! Liepard! Finish off Bastiodon with a Shadow Ball, quickly!" General Commander Dooberman ordered his Liepard who defeated Bastiodon with that attack and was sent back into its Pokemon while Lt. General Cornerstone is in shock of how weak he is compared to Dooberman.

    "I... I guess this means that I'm not going to be allowed at the meeting... Which means those horrible bills will be passed... And I didnt even put up a decent fight. This... hurts?" Cornerstone asked himself while he returned his defeated Bastiodon and began to ponder if he truly was meant to be in a Government like this.

    "... You can attend the meeting if you agree to keep your mouth shut! I do not want the 5 Benedicts making me seem like I trained a weak subordinate!" General Commander Dooberman said to Cornerstone who nodded quickly and saluted to his superior officer while they are watched by someone observing them from the bushes.

    "... What is the Government thinking?! Why would they do something like this?! This is... horrible... Whats the point of hiding that me and Darien took down N and Ghetsis and not the Unove Elite Four? This is- bull****! I refuse to accept that they are so ignorant that they would completely erase us from the equation. I'm gonna go to The Darwin and get some questions-" Akira said before Darien got a call on his X-Transceiver which had such an inappropriate ringtone that everyone just looked at Darien awkwardly the whole time even after he answered it.

    "Hello? Ah, Eileen-san! Its been so long since you all have called me... Like 2 months I think... I feel a bit rejected compared to that Agent 0017 Guy who I just met today." Darien said over the X-Transceiver to Eileen who just laughed at Darien's jealousy of Lt. Theodore and proceeded to tell him what him what she called for.

    "Drayden has put some interest in 3 Pokemon that have been causing disaster all around Unova, he would like you to go back out in the field and locate and research these strange and odd occurrences that these Pokemon are causing. Akira is of course welcome to join you as well if she wishes to do so... Oh yes, please bring the Light Stone of the legendary Pokemon Reshiram along as well just in case these Disaster Pokemon are beyond your normal Pokemon capabilities... That is all." Eileen said to Darien with a bow at the end and then ended the call while Bianca continued to read the paper but still did not understand it when suddenly she remembered something Prof. Juniper wanted to tell them.

    "Oh' yeah'! Prof.' Juniper' said' that she needed me' to help her' with some "experiments"... So if ya'll wanna find me I'll most likely' be helping her adopt Pokemon from shelters and then implanting them with hormones to make them make babies 14 at a time..."Bianca said to others actually clearly and without an accent at the end of the sentence while she walked away towards Prof. Juniper's lab.

    "Pssh. Who the hell was gonna go try to find Bianca? But I cant help you with this obviously super lame mission Darien... I got a summer job at the retirement home where I watch old people in their deathbeds... No, really! These people dont wanna die alone so the retirement basically pays me to watch them die... Talk about easy money! I hate old people!"Akira said with a cheerful face which made Darien and Cheren simply look at her like she was insane (which she was) when Cheren suddenly remembered a previous engagement as well and ran off somewhere.

    "... So... That was weird... Anyway, I'm out! These Disaster Pokemon arent gonna investigate themselves!" Darien said with a wave goodbye to Akira and started off once again on a journey for the NPMC while Akira noticed he forgot his backpack on the house steps and ran after him to give it to him.

    "I cant believe that just a few months ago I was looking for a job working in some boring Poke-Mart... And now I'm a spy who goes all around the country researching Pokemon and odd occurrences! This is a nerd fan boys dream come true! Its gonna be weird not having Akira's comedy relief though... I wonder if I'll meet someone who will replace-" Darien said to himself before he saw someone out from the corner of his eye who is revealed to be Akira running in slow motion (on purpose...) to give Darien's bag to him.

    "Darien~! Darien~! You have a really lame name Darien! Whats wrong with Adonis?! Does it make you sound like you like it from the rear end?" Akira asked Darien still running in slow motion as she swung his bag around causing things to fall out of it, including the Light Stone.

    "Adonis is no more! Darien sounds like I'm a super cool spy... Whats with Akira? Its a boys name... It makes it sound like you wanna be a man..." Darien said to his cousin with a loving smile while she began to pout because of her desire that no one mention that she has a boys name.

    "Darien, you know spies are lame, right? They havent been cool since the Cold War ended...(Except there was no Cold War... How the hell does Akira know this stuff?)" Akira said to Darien getting closer and closer to him but still running in slow motion while Darien looked at her akwardly before he came up with a comeback.

    "Sorry, couldnt hear you with all the Team Plasma in your mouth! And when I say Team Plasma... I mean ********"Darien said to Akira with a wink which caused her to speed up some and hit him with his bag when suddenly Akira picks him off the ground and hugs him.

    "Darien... There's no such thing as *********... Dont make up words that the censors censor for no reason. Thats like me saying Bianca is a **********!" Akira said looking at Darien with a smile as the two began to separate from their hug the air begins to become chilled and they begin to shiver.

    "Its cold all of sudden... Wait, isnt is summer?! Why does it feel like were in Iccirus City or something?!" Darien asked as he tried to find a coat in his bag when suddenly he felt freezing snow fall on his back while Akira noticed something.

    "Darien... Have you noticed that its only snowing over here? And I mean, only here... Every where else is completely untouched... This is scaring me..." Akira said to Darien concerned for their safety as she began to walk backwards towards their house just in case something was about to attack them.

    Suddenly, a gigantic breeze blows over the entire town and turns everything into snow and ice including Akira and Darien as the Light Stone rolls on the ice and a mystery individual picks it up.

    "If you thought the tale of these two completely different individuals who dare to be different was going to end merry- then you are a fool! There is no such thing as a happy ending! Welcome to the real world! Dreams dont come true! When you decide to be different you better be prepared to have the force of the whole world against you! If you arent prepared for it... You better wish that you get a sequel!"

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    Darien Armstrong-Raised in the quiet town of Nuvema, Darien did not know very much about the outside world before he met Samantha of Santos Christ who gave him the desire to be a hero and protector of both his friends and all of the world. At the age of 16, Darien was asked by a man named Jack to join the NPMC and investigate suspicious activity in the Unova region.On his journey, Darien overcame many challenges, issues, and even family drama and ended up saving the entire Unova region from Team Plasma and madman Ghetsis. After the battle with Team Plasma Darien continued to do various missions for the NPMC up until he stopped receiving calls from them, he receives a call to investigate three strange Pokemon and not long after is frozen by unknown means... Darien's fate remains unknown...

    Pokemon In Current Party-
    500.png (Yes, the only Pokemon he brought was Emboar -____-)

    Akira O.- Born in the Hoenn region to parents Mia and Christian, Akira was taken from them after a fatal car crash and was raised secretly by Ghetsis who gave her a surrogate home with her aunt and Darien in Nuvema Town. With the hate and anger Ghetsis felt toward humanity being shown to her daily, Akira began to hate humanity and her rude attitude reflected it. When it was time for her to finally go on a journey, Akira wanted to see if the world was different than how Ghetsis told her it was. The result was that it was exactly the same sadly and if it were not for the touching words of her cousin Akira would have lead Team Plasma into taking over the entire Unova region. After the battle with Team Plasma Akira decided to get a summer job though her cousin Darien forgot his bag so she ran after him to deliver it... When she arrived there she was frozen solid and her fate still remains unknown...

    Pokemon In Current Party- N/A

    Bianca Jackson- A painfully stupid and racist young woman who believes she is best friends with Akira, Darien and Cheren but fails to see that they all truly dislike (even when they make it really obvious). Though, Bianca has a knack for helping others and is generally kind to most of the people she meets, she even chose Oshawott as her starter out of pity for him- truly showing that she is kind and compassionate in nature. After the battle with Team Plasma Bianca went to assist Prof. Juniper in experiments and she has also enrolled in Professor Union training courses.

    Pokemon Currently On Hand- N/A

    Cheren McCartney- The most reasonable out all of his friends, he uses logic to help him out of desperate situations and is known to be very skillful in battle as he was able to take down 300 Team Plasma grunts at equal with Alder. He dreams of one day becoming the Unova Champion and meeting Vice Admiral Elesei who was once the Unova Champion of old. After the battle with Team Plasma, Cheren has decided to join the Teachers Union to earn a degree in Pokemon Primary Education.

    Pokemon Currently On Hand- N/A

    Prof. Aurea Juniper- Locale professor of Nuvema and head of the Unova Professors Union, despite her young age Aurea has accomplished experiments others can only dream of. Though, some of her experiments are for ill-fraught reasons such as taking over the world, Aurea is still held in high regard in the worlds eyes and is the next in line to take over the Professors Union after Prof. Samuel Oak's retirement. During her youth, Aurea lived on the road with her father researching the origins of Pokemon and kidnapping people and Pokemon to make into slaves.

    Cedric Juniper- Prof. Juniper's cynical and sarcastic father who is known across the world as Big Daddy Cedric, a very important figure in the criminal underworld. Professor Cedric has a fascination for dead things so he decided to become a archaeologist after a mid-life crisis. Cedric is highly regarded in the Professors Union because of his brilliant mind and discoveries.

    Natural Gropius Harmonia-The King of Team Plasma and Akira's foster brother, he has the Will of Ransei ability to speak to Pokemon, an ability that Ghetsis tried to manipulate to take over the Unova region. Though he had his doubts N blindly followed Ghetsis up until the age of 18 and attempted to take over Unova... Until his foster sister Akira defeated him using the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram against his Legendary Pokemon Zekrom. N left his castle to find his place in the world and has not been seen or heard of since...

    Pokemon Currently On Hand- Zekrom

    Calico Mune- A mysterious woman with a even stranger laugh, she appears to have the ability of flight because of the angel wings on her back which appear to have the ability to turn into fire, ice, and lightning. She is dangerous seductive and is equally knowledgeable on many different things. She also seems to be connected to a clan of computer and software hackers called the Calico... The extent of this relationship is unknown.

    ???-A burly man who has a passion for drinking and laughing, he appears to be somewhat insane and possesses a monstrous ability able to destroy whole towns in a matter of seconds. Despite his appearance and personality he is a genius and has already come up with a plan to turn the pillars of the world upside down.

    ???-A man who loves to shoot things with seeds and other non-bullet objects, he is very intelligent and has a competence in the art of sniping...

    ???- A person (boy/girl) who loves to write and read books, they have the ability to sink in and out of shadows and also seem to have a considerable amount of knowledge on various topics despite their apparent young age.

    ???-A suicidal man who once destroyed his hometown and childhood friend Gothita because of a panic attack, though he tries to take his life constantly known of the attempts work because of his lack of realism.

    ???-A silent man who shows next to little emotion, he apparently knows alot about the history of Unova.

    Ghetsis Harmonia- The descendant of the warlord Nobunaga and a proud follower of his ideals, Ghetsis attempted to use N's ability to talk to Pokemon and the military strength of Team Plasma to take over Unova. Ghetsis is on the brink of insanity and is known to act reckless even when he is desperate situations. He took Akira from her dying parents and raised her in secret in hopes that she would become a useful asset for him in the future. Ghetsis plan to take over Unova was soon coming into fruition before Darien and his Emboar defeated him and his powerful Hydreigon and thus successfully defeated Team Plasma. Ghetsis was rescued by the Shadow Triad who were sent by Corless to retrieve him, his fate is at the moment- unknown...

    Pokemon Currently On Hand- Hydreigon

    Dr. Achroma Corless- A very intelligent man who has a passion for experimenting and doing research on the strength and possibilities of Pokemon even at the risk of killing his subordinates. He is a bit eccentric and does things without thinking ahead of the consequences, he is also cold whenever his research is involved even when it is something minor. He also has a sixth sense to predict when something is wrong, it is currently unknown why this is...
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