I ended up coming late to school today, and we took my grandpa's car because my mom's car was sounding wrong ,and she didn't want to risk it.
Note that we haven't touched this car for a week.

when we started getting close to school, I looked on the windshield, and there was a lizard there. holding on for dear life. ;_;....and when he started trying to climb onto the acual windshield and not stay in the saftey of the windshield wipers, I was all like "NO. YOU'LL FLY OFF. DON'T DO IT. D'x..."
he slowly climbed to the passenger seat side of the windshield. 3 times almost being blown off. Then, after got to the edge, he disappeared as I looked away for a second. I was all like " NUUUUU. ;_____;... I should of forced mom to stop the car. D'x...)

a little bit later, I look at my window finally, and he was now on my window. and I was like. "He's a troopar! >." I was so happy that he survived, and soon we'd be stopping at my school so he could be set free. At least there he wouldn't have a chance to be flung into the air.

...then he just flew off.

/worst and weirdest thing of the day. ;______;...I wanted to cry.