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    Clan War Record
    2 wins - 0 losses - 0 ties

    Updated Rules

    Clan Ranks

    Here follows the ranks of the sinners. Each member shall have a need to achieve a greater sin. There are, of course, Seven Ranks.

    Sloth (Rank #1) - Envy (Rank #2) - Anger (Rank #3) - Lust (Rank #4)
    Gluttony (Rank #5) - Greed (Rank #6) - Pride (Rank #7)

    Abandon Hope
    (Divine Comedy)

    Sinner's Creed

    We wake destruction with every step we take,
    Its our duty to instill fear in the hearts of many,
    No opposing soul is left undefeated,
    no mercy will be given to the meek,
    Together we are the 7 Deadly Sins.

    How to Join

    Sign Up Form:
    Who are you? (IGN):
    What is your friend code?
    What is your name on Pokemon Online?
    What is your name on Pokemon Showdown?
    What timezone are you in?
    Why did you chose this clan?
    Who referred you to us?
    What tier(s)/battle formats do you specialize in?

    Member Sweeps: This will happen once a week, every Sunday. If you have not posted on at least two days of the week, or given a good reason as to why you have not, you will be removed from the members list, this will be enforced.

    Member Ranks:
    -Sloth Rank-
    JB (PO2 / WiFi)
    Cy3o (WiFi)
    Comebhax (Showdown)

    -Envy Rank-
    Dr. Chaos (PO2 / Showdown)

    -Anger Rank-
    Terrakium (PO2 / Showdown)
    Nelson-X (PO2 / Showdown)
    MasterKojondo (PO2 / Showdown)
    the3rdH0kage (PO2 / WiFi)
    Earthworm (Showdown)

    -Lust Rank-

    -Gluttony Rank-

    -Greed Rank-

    -Pride Rank-

    -Devine Comedy-

    jeyre80 (PO2 / Showdown / WiFi)

    -Horsemen of the Apocalypse-
    (War Managers)

    the3rdH0kage (PO2 / WiFi)

    Ranking System

    Due to lack of cooperation in the past, I will monitor progress/participation and will give rank ups when deemed appropriate by myself, based on activity, skills, and participation. Asking me if you can rank up will result in a warning/rank down.

    What will get someone removed from the clan?
    1) Be inactive without letting the clan leader know why for more than a week.
    2) Posting something about another clan members team in this thread during a war. (Keep convos about teams in PM's, please)
    3) Breaking the rules listed in Serebii's main forums, or clans section.

    What will get you permanently banned from the clan?
    1) Leaving the clan. All are welcome, but if you leave, you may never return.

    Hell's Marketplace
    ~*Clan Shop*~

    Once the clan gets off the ground I will be opening a Social Group, called "Hell's Marketplace", this will contain Auction's, Pokemon Shops, and Item Shops, as well as a pokemon/item exchange shop.

    The currency will be a simple one to understand: Gold Coins, or just Gold for short.

    Weekly Updates
    Every Sunday I will post a log of things like who ranked up/down, who received gold for what reasons, new/removed members etc.

        Spoiler:- User Bars:

        Spoiler:- "Misc Clan sigbars/banners:

    Credits and Thanks
    shipwrecks: For creating excellent Sin Rank sig bars.
    ivanreal: For becoming the first member after this clans creation.
    sealboyno1 from Pe2k: For creating our flashing sig bar, and war managers sig bar.
    Zapdogre: For all of the animations (not including sealboyno1's flashing sig bar)
    Wassay: For creating the clans new Sig Bars.
    FenixFox: For creating the clans old top banner.
    SRTHIZZ: For creating the "Are you a Sinner" banner.
    HyperChibiAbsol: For the new clan top banner.
    Jb: For re-creating the "7" banner.
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