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    Default Echo of Time: Awakening [PG14] ~

    Echo of Time: Awakening
    By: WarG-X

    Hello and welcome to Echo of Time: Awakening. This is a sequel to my previous RP and so the original cast was given the option to retain their slots, which most did. I did open up a couple more slots for those who are interested in playing, I assure we left off in a very good place to pick up for those newcomers that do decide this is something they are interested in. Please let me know if you have any questions as my goal is to make this a great and fun experience for everyone. I promise I will be as fair as possible and I'll do my best to leave my own capriciousness out the door!


    Long ago, in a world stars away, there was an ancient civilization known as the Saints, holy people tasked with protecting the flow of Light. You see, it is from this planet – referred to in legend simply as the Sphere of Creation – from which Light flows into every other world in the universe and even further into time and space, linking together countless dimensions and realities via the Web of Cosmos. This delicate flow remained untainted for countless millennia, thanks to the incredible power of the great Sphere of Creation sages, valiant men who dedicated their entire lives to the upholding of the intricate fabric that balanced the Light and the Darkness.

    Naďve were those who honestly believed the golden era would last forever. Abundance spawned greed; greed evolved into despair, suffering and violence. The emerging force brought about cosmic abruptions that like a silent assassin in the dead of night, slowly and meticulously began to spread into the Web of Cosmos. The Darkness, a natural power in the equation of life, was disturbed by the dangerous spread to the point of infuriation. The Darkness was infected by the souls of evil that became. Soon, an unrelentingly devastating force known as the Eternal Darkness came into being, destroying countless worlds across the Web of Cosmos, spreading closer into the center, the Sphere of Creation. The great sages failed to acknowledge the threat in time and paid the brutal consequences.
    In the dead of night a legion of evil souls invaded the Sphere of Creation, leaving death in their path, slaughtering innocents without discrimination.

    A young maiden carrying an unborn child, awoke to the horrifying sight of a dark specter, second before it could end her life. Then, to her complete shock, the tip of a sword emerged from the monster’s chest. The monster collapsed into the ground, revealing a small boy, greatly resembling the young maiden, who held open the palms of his trembling hands. The young maiden knelt as best she could and dearly held the small boy as her eyes filled with tears. A loud explosion interrupted the heartfelt moment, signaling a mother’s instinct. The young maiden grabbed the little boy from his tiny hands and fled her burning home.

    Outside was a bloody invasion. The sages did the best they could to protect the Sphere of Creation and with their combined effort succeeded but at a terrible price, the death of thousands in a single night. The Eternal Darkness was hurled into the darkest and most forbidden depths of the Web of Cosmos, never to be seen again, or so they hoped. In the eve of destruction a prophecy was revealed: A girl born in that fateful night would be blessed with the power of Light to combat the Eternal Darkness’ inevitable return.

    The great sages searched for the prophesized new-born after the wake of the assault and from the rubble a young maiden was pulled. The young mother lived only to deliver and name her baby girl, Seya. In her last breath, the dying mother reached for the sky as if it had taken something from her. “My…snnn,” she mumbled before falling into eternal sleep.

    Seya was groomed by the holy sages to become The Princess of Light, the goddess whose burden it was to keep the balance they once did. Seya spent the entirety of her young life preparing for the day the Eternal Darkness returned and one day it did. A powerful avatar known as Raseo, bearer of the Eternal Darkness, invaded the Sphere of Creation much more thoroughly than before. He single handedly wasted the sages while his legions massacred the rest of the population – only Seya, Princess of Light, remained a thorn in his path.

    Seya confronted Raseo in an even match that lasted an apparent eternity. Through her power, she created holy bindings that managed to suppress Raseo’s evil aura at the cost of their dual imprisonment. So long she maintained pure concentration, Raseo could not move. This lasted eons, bringing about another golden age until Raseo broke free in a moment of weakness. Raseo smashed Seya with an attack of dark energy so devastating it crushed her very essence into various pieces, leaving Seya as an empty vessel, a ghost. Fearing the worst, Seya managed to scatter her essence, key to her godly power, across the Web of Cosmos and managed to flee into a faraway dimension.

    Upon her arrival at Earth, Seya searched for fabled young warriors destined to become the Guardians of Light, chosen by the Light to help Seya on her quest to restore her essence and bring balance to the universe. She found six kids and together they endured many hardships that forced them across dimensions and then endured the destruction of Earth and later Seya’s very demise at the hands of one of Raseo’s personal warriors.


    This RP will take place in different fictional worlds and each will be created as needed. The beginning of the RP will be in a world very much like ours as far as technology. The RP begins in New Arc City. The city is very well lit, with plenty of street lights illuminating roads, homes and parks. The city consists of three major residential districts, a downtown district and an industrial district. The residential districts and the industrial district are all connected to the downtown district which is naturally and conveniently placed in the center. A complex network of highways and roads connect the various districts and areas of the city. There’s also a subway system, which runs around the city, with four underground stations (one in each district)

    The downtown district houses dozens of skyscrapers with enormous LED screens advertising the latest trends and news. There are hundreds if not thousands of neon signs representing the various businesses in the downtown area including restaurants, retailers, game shops, and even mom-n-pop shops. The downtown area is busy throughout the day and most of the night. There are almost always crowds of people visiting the various businesses and enjoying the sights.

    The three residential districts, Chevalier, Arcadia and Zuri have much less movement of people during the day (students walking to school in the mornings and parents going to work) and little to none at night.

    At the edge of the Chevalier district, almost into the downtown district, is a high school, New Arc Preparatory. The school is in the center of a large enclosed piece of land with a large black gate on the entrance. The property, much like the rest of the city, has plenty of grass, trees and smaller plants. The school itself is made up of five buildings. There are four three-level buildings for classes (one building for each grade) and a gymnasium. The levels all consist of a hallway and two rows of classrooms, one on each side and parallel the hallway.

    Weapons of Light

    The Black Dragon Sword - Pre-Reserved
    The Twin White Lion Gauntlets - Alliance
    The Monkey Staff of Wisdom - DVB
    The Valiant Hawk Scythe - *Jean Grey*
    The Stallion Boots of Gaia - Pre-Reserved
    The Blue Flame Tiger Bow - Pre-Reserved
    The Mystic Sand Scorpion Claw - Reserved
    The Golden Ox Shield - Reserved


    Name: (First and Last)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: (13-22)
    Gender: (Male - Female)
    School Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, College, Etc.)
    Home District:
    Appearance: (2 paragraph minimum)
    Personality: (2 paragraphs minimum) Please really take time with your personality, as it will serve as a base as far as how your character interacts in the RP)
    History: (1 paragraph minimum)
    Weapon of choice:

    Note: Original Guardians of Light, after the fight with Milly, you were brought back to Earth to the time right before you met Seya - three years pass from then as if you never met her, all your memories gone. I have no issue if your characters met during these past three years, just please make sure to have others' consent.


    -All Serebii rules apply (no bunnying or cursing)
    -Be mindful of the context of where events are taking place as far as how you interact in the world, what I’m asking is please keep it realistic as possible even in light (pun intended) of the situation (ex. Chances are NPCs will not bow down every time you walk past them)
    -If you have an issue with a RPer please let me know so the issue may be resolved as peacefully as possible
    -Extreme inactivity will result in removal. Real life does take priority over this so if you’re going to be away for a while, notify me in advance. I’ll normally let you know in advance if your reaching a limit.
    -Have fun!
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