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    Post Keeper Series Book 1 - The Egg of Destiny

    Chapter 7... yes, yes, I know, it's been months. I lost motivation, and I never had time. So! Here it is!

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    A long time ago, there was nothing. Then, through the nothing came an egg. That egg hatched into Arceus. Arceus created... well, you know the story.

    Thousands of years later. No humans have arrived on the scene yet.

    Time was flowing wonderfully, space expanding nicely. The distortion world was stable and all was well. Then one day, out of the blue, in the Temporal Forest appeared an egg. Dialga, out for a stroll, came across the egg.

    "What's this? An egg?" Dialga sniffed at it carefully. "Must be a new pokemon. I'd better go find Mew."

    So Dialga opened up a portal and warped to the Pika Forest.

    "Mew? You there?" Dialga said as she meandered in. "Mew?"

    "Hiyas! What's up Dialga?" Mew said excitedly, dashing through a few trees.

    "I found an egg in the Temporal Forest, near the Lake of Time. It smelled like a new pokemon. Did you put it there?"

    "Hmmm, let me think... nope, haven't been in the Temporal Forest in forever. Why don't you ask your father? Might be a new legend!" Mew said with more enthusiasm than before.

    Dialga thanked Mew and warped to Arceus's palace. She regally marched through the halls with her head high, remembering she was royalty. As she entered the throne room, she bowed her head respectfully. The king of all pokemon may be her father, but she knew she had to be respectful.

    "Ah, my child, born of time. Come," Arceus said gently with a smile, "It's been far too long."

    Dialga skipped up to her father on his magnificent throne. Arceus’s throne was silver, with trimming that changed color depending on what type he was. The trimming was gold at the present, as he was normal type.

    “What is it?” Arceus asked.

    “Well, I was walking through the Temporal Forest, and I found an egg near the Lake of Time. It smelled like a new pokemon. Do you know anything about it?”

    Arceus thought for a while, then, with worry in his voice, said “I... I don’t know. When you tell me that... it worries me... but I don’t know why. My dear, Dialga... I fear this egg... is the beginning... of...”

    “Of... of what?” Dialga questioned, with fear rising in her voice.

    “I don’t know. Go to the Spire... ask the oracle. She... she might know.”

    Dialga thanked her father and warped to Star Gates. She couldn’t warp into the Spire because the oracle made a barrier around it. Dialga sighed at the long stairway of stars and started up. The oracle was waiting for her.

    “Dialga, master of time... I’ve been waiting for you... the egg... is a sign. I will send a dream to you. Listen well, Dialga... the prophecy may be the end of the world...” the oracle said mystically.

    Dialga bowed and whispered a thank you.

    The suddenly the oracle shouted, “Flee! Darkness is coming, the Gates will disappear!”

    Dialga rushed back to the bottom of the stairs and warped to the Temporal Forest. She realized the oracle was right, night had fallen and Dialga was very sleepy. She curled up in a bank by the Lake of Time and fell asleep. Colors swirled, and soon she was in her dream world. She saw the Temporal Forest, frozen. Dew drops were suspended mid-air, the wind never blew, and everything was still.

    Dialga was horrified. She knew what had happened. Time had stopped. Then, out of nowhere, came a voice.

    “Thousands of years, a keeper is born. The earth will still, and destiny and fate will collide. Six pokemon will become one team, and the keeper will find her diamond.”

    Instantly Dialga awakened, paralyzed with fear. She looked up at the sky and wailed. She had to keep the prophecy a secret. She thought about her dream, and realized it hadn’t mentioned anything about the egg. She decided that she’d worry about it in the morning and went to sleep.

    But as the full moon rose over the Lake of Time, the egg was hatching.
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