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    Default Isabel's Sketch Shop

    Welcome to Isabel's Sketch Shop!!
    At the moment, we only offer, as the name states, sketches. Sprite edits and the like may be open some time soon, however.


    -Requests are not set exclusively to Pokémon, feel free to request anything that you'd like.

    -Please don't request something too overly complicated. I'm not a miracle worker.

    -People, pokemon, animals, you name it.

    -If you're asking for me to draw an OC, please provide a reference. If you do not have a reference, give a physical description and I'll be happy to make one for you.

    -Requests may take a while depending on how much free time I have.

    -Please have a maximum of two requests per person at each time.

    Examples: (Warning, very image heavy!)

    You can see more of my works at and

    Request form:
    What you want:
    References? If yes, provide:
    Pixel or brush?:
    Any other things you'd like to add:
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    Hey, really digging your stuff!

    What you want: A sketch of two characters from my fanfic. They're both OCs, but I'd love to see them fully realized. I'd like these to be character sketches, similar to your second picture. Just them living, you know? The character's names are Gabriel and Natalia...
    References? If yes, provide: ...and I can provide passages for both of them.

    For Natalia:
    Natalia contemplated telling the carefully fabricated story she had rehearsed an exhausting amount of times with Gabriel, or the complete truth. “I was in a...very complicated relationship, two years ago. His name was Shawn. He was beautiful...long, sandy hair, these real soulful eyes. Not too intelligent, but he loved me. I always said I was smart enough for both of us,” she said, smiling slightly, her deep brown eyes distant. “But he did love me. Or...I thought he did. He discovered, one day, what my face really looked like. He was...revolted. He couldn’t stand looking at me. He kicked me out, leaving me quite friendless. I’m not good at the whole friend thing,” she said quietly, clutching at her arm. “He told me, “You’re not worth loving.”” Chase whistled. “Yeah, he was real friendly. Well, I was out on the street. I was alone, very truly. That’s where I met Gabriel. I...I joined Team Skye because Gabriel was the only one who would have me,” she whispered. She moved her left knight three spaces. Well, mostly truth is a stepping stone, she thought.

    “What’s wrong with your face?” Chase asked after a spell. Natalia looked at him, a searching look that made him feel quite naked. There was an intelligent, piercing quality to her gaze that was difficult to avoid. The girl reached up slowly, wiping the left side of her face slowly, revealing the angry red burns concealed underneath the mask. She waited for the revulsion, the hatred.

    “Gabriel did this to me,” she said quietly.

    Chase blinked. “And?”

    “Well, Shawn was right, wasn’t he? I look like a freak.”

    Chase moved a pawn forward. “You look fine to me,” he said simply.

    Natalia stared at him. “Look at me!”

    He obeyed, taking in her long, straight ruby hair, the way her angular face melted on the left side, the olive skin and arched eyebrows drooping like wax. The burns glowed faintly.

    “I am looking at you,” he said. “And it’s your move.”
    For Gabriel:
    Two years later, Gabriel Pahria could be barely recognized as his former self. The figure standing in the center of the weathered lighthouse was still lean, but his shoulder were broader, his stature straight, composed. His hair had changed from thick chestnut to reedy, damaged crimson. His eyes, though still a piercing blue, were hard, unyielding. His back, visible upon removal of his fitted gray jacket, was covered with scarlet flames, black smoke billowing to either shoulder blade and a magnificent golden phoenix erupting from the center, climbing his spine to the base of his neck.
    Also, reference 'looks' for both of them: I picture Natalia's facial structure and feel to be like Tatiana Maslany from 'Orphan Black.' I picture Gabriel to look similar to Ian Somerholder of 'Vampire Diaries.'
    Pixel or brush?: Brush, please!
    Any other things you'd like to add: I just want to see the essence of the characters captured, so please feel free to interpret those passages however you want!

    I'm excited!
    I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.

    ^This is my new fanfic. It's a work in progress, so please read and comment at your discretion. I hope you like it. I think you will.

    Harry Potter and How I Met Your Mother are currently my life.

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    Wow, wow, and wow! I really like the stuff you have but uh... A question... Is coloring possible or not since two pieces were colored a bit.
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    Alright, Bulba! I'll get on your's as soon as I can. And I'm really glad you like my stuff!! Your style of writing is also really nice. : o

    Quote Originally Posted by TheCharredDragon View Post
    Wow, wow, and wow! I really like the stuff you have but uh... A question... Is coloring possible or not since two pieces were colored a bit.
    Thank you! IT's really awesome to hear that people like my stuff, ahaha. But yes, I suppose so! Sorry about any confusion. I'll probably add some colored stuff soon, yeah? u vu

    Heeeere you go Bulba!!

    Also.. ignore the attached images thing. I'm not the most skilled with all this forum stuff.
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