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    Default Rate the above Music

    So, I've been looking around the forum for a new game, but nothing really came up. Both of the previous Music ratings we've had died, so I was thinking, 'Why the heck not?'

    The premise is simple, post any music from anywhere, as long as it's appropriate. I.E Constant Cussing, Strong Sexual references, and so on. Yes, that means I can't post my beloved PSWG music, but oh well. If it's in a different Language, please post a SUBBED Link, or a Dub, but we're trying to stick as close to the original as we can, got it? Also, make sure you give the Song Title and the Artist when you post, and make sure to say if it's from an Anime, a Game, or a Regular Song

    The Rating System will be out of ten, and I know you all know how to rate them, but here's a quick refresher, and it fits the theme

    2=*Covers Ears*
    3= *Disgusted Face*
    4=That's bad
    5=It's an alright song, I can stand it, but I don't like it
    6= It's some-what good, but I don't like certain parts
    7= I like it, but I wont listen to it again
    8= It's good, I'll listen to it again sometime
    9= Can I buy this on Itunes?
    10= *Eargasm*

    So, I'll start off!

    Perfect Trap (SUBBED)- By Annabel (Anime)

    P.S. Thank's Skiyomi! Also guys, let's try to keep away from Game Soundtracks unless you must have to post it.
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    i'd have to give that one aaaa....
    5.5? Does that work?

    The background music is a bit annoying imo lol, and some of the parts she sings.. I don't like how her voice sounds. Other parts are really pretty though. I love Japanese music don't get me wrong, but I duno..

    Also, maybe a suggestion? Maybe because a lot of people get ninja'd while making posts, we should post "I've got this one" or something before we listen to it just so that we can listen to the full song without worry about somebody posting about it first?
    And then we can go back and edit it and post our rating and the song we are giving to get rated?
    Just an idea.

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    My fault for not venturing outside of my sections, but I've been informed that this premise already exists in the Entertainment section so it's kind of duplicative here. So I'm going to close this. Feel free to check out the thread in the Entertainment section: link.

    Sorry about this. *closes*

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