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With the change from BW1 to BW2, many once potent threats dropped in usage and new threats rose. Currently many people are arguing that BW2 is growing stale and some players are even going as far as saying that there are only 10-15 "usable" teams in the metagame. The purpose of this thread, and challenge, will be to show that BW2 is full of surprises and effective pokemon. Every month your hosts, me and user Makaveli, will post three Pokemon we consider viable in the current metagame, but underappreciated. This challenge will involve teambuilding and laddering, but don't worry if these things can sometimes be difficult. The secondary purpose of this thread is to help new battlers get into teambuilding by offering advice and suggestions. With that being said, feel free to post your teams in the thread asking for suggestions. Likewise if the challenge is easy to you, make an effort to help newer players with their challenge. We as a community are constantly learning, so respect and a good attitude are required.

The Challenge:

Every month three Pokemon will be listed by the hosts, and at least one of these Pokemon is required to be on your team. These Pokemon will be very viable in the OU metagame, and this will hopefully inspire some more creativity in everyones day to day teambuilding. Achievements in this tourny will be based on how your team does on the ladder. Both the PS and PO ladder will be acceptable, although different requirements will exist for each ladder. Needless to say, when doing this challenge new alts need to be used by participants. People who achieve high rankings on the ladder will be recorded in the hall of fame, and will be given a reward. When posting ladder achievments, please post a screenshot or "/ranking" of your rank, along with the team you used. By posting the team you used you can serve as an example for other users who may be having some trouble with the challenge. We want to encourage discussion, so if you are having trouble, feel free to post asking for advice. Even if you are doing well try to post; saying what works, what doesn't, and what were your experiences using these Pokemon.

Pokemon of the Month: October

    Spoiler:- possibilities:

    Spoiler:- possibilities:

    Spoiler:- possibilities:

*If you have other suggestions for sets that these three Pokemon can run, feel free to post them!

Sign Ups:
serebii username: 
Pokemon(s) you plan to use:
Ladder alt (remember it needs to be an untouched alt):

    Spoiler:- People:

Hall of Fame
*The Hall of Fame will encompass achievements from all months
**For PS rankings, you must have a dev of 65 or less

(1500+ on PO, 1900+ on PS)
~Eranu - Hail Offense with Virizion
    Spoiler:- team:

(1400+ on PO, 1800+ on PS)
~Rairyan - Sand Offense
    Spoiler:- Team:

~Psilo -Sand Offense with Bronzong and Chandelure
    Spoiler:- team:

(1300+ on PO, 1700+ on PS)
~Eranu - Deo-D Offense with Chandelure
    Spoiler:- team:

*Because of PS's glitchy ladder and random resets, it is recommended to ladder on PO