wow im really happy that so much discussion and sharing is happening!

@Rairyan, I'm glad you were able to put Virizion in a previously held spot with little differences. Just goes to show that just because a pokemon is dropping in usage doesn't mean its bad.

@thedarklord, Yea your team counts as you laddered with it after BW2 came out, glad to see that you had success with Virizion

@Chidori_O, It may not be a bad idea to check this, for sets. While creativity is important sometimes things like Explosion Steel Gem Forretress could serve a better and more effective role on your team.

@Phoopes, Not sure if going to CBTTar is the best idea as you lose your Stealth Rocks setter (Landorus can do it, but landorus's 4 slots area already so contested for). I would also try a different pokemon for your last spot (unless kingdra is doing really well for you) as you do already have a jellicent/Virizion/SpDef rachi to check rain. Also putting a scarfer over kingdra would give you a lot more immediate speed as Kingdra is really only fast in rain which is kinda hard to setup/keep up. Like you said Scarf Mence or other scarfers sound good.

@Eaglehawk, Glad to see you have had so much success with a Chandelure sun core. I actually really like the way that core sounds, and it seems to work really well off of eachother. If liligant falls short don't be afraid to try a Venusaur as it now has giga drain!

EDIT: @Phoopes, yea changing Landorus to a Scarf Variant would help with your speed issue a lot. Keep us posted with results!