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Thread: Dreamwork Show Thread

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    Default Dreamwork Show Thread

    This thread is to talk about the various shows that have sprung up recently based on some of the DreamWorks movies.

    The shows for the record are: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awsomeness, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Dragons: Riders of Berk.

    Personally I liked Penguins when it started, but things went south after a while (not even sure if it's still airing).

    Kung Fu Panda is ok, but they can't tie in with the movies too much, since the ending to KFP2 should make Po pretty much indestructible to anything (either that or the Snow Leopard and Peacock were total scrubs).

    Dragons, I really like this show, it doesn't rely on too much gag humor, and when it does it pulls it off. The show also acts as a giant sequel to the Movie, keeping a lot of lore and characters. I also like the mentioning of death, real physical actual death. They use it in the right way where kids can still watch it too.

    Anyways talk about experiences with the shows, favorite episodes, least favorite etc...

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    I haven't seen the dragons tv show but if it's at least as good as penguin's I'll give it a shot!
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    I enjoyed watching some penguins beat up Danish guards for a change.
    But you have to admit, for a part-time Nazi

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