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Thread: What Timeline do you think the Main Pokemon Games follow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eleventh View Post
    Where are you getting the length of gaps between games from?

    I believe that the remakes overwrite the canon of the originals.
    The firm gaps are 3 years between Kanto and Johto, and 2 years between BW and B2W2. These specific years are mentioned in the games themselves and related materials. Everything else is speculation, though a good amount of it (such as Steven's appearance in HGSS, Cynthia's appearance in HGSS and BW, etc....) has some evidence behind it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishing Star View Post
    I guess.

    But did that Jubilife TV broadcast take place before or during the HG/SS player character's journey?
    During .

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    The best way I could put the time is

    Generation 1 is first of course

    now I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that R/S/E happened either between Kanto and Johto or between Johto and Sinnoh, its weird because Steven shows up in HG/SS and you inherit his Villa in D/P/Pt, an educated guess would say between Johto and Sinnoh due to the Red Gyarados, which happens in Johto, which happens 3 years after Kanto, and its references in D/P/Pt. That and given the "Trade event" in FR/LG is one sided as there are no references in R/S/E

    Now the 4th Gen games I believe happened around the same time, or no more than a year or two apart, again because of the "Red Gyarados" references and the fact that Professor Oak seems to be looked up to by both Prof Elm and Rowan as a higher authority figure, not to mention hes a radio celeb as well

    as for 5th Gen, Unova is so far away that it could've happened at any time, but given that Cynthia is referred to simply as "PKMN Trainer Cynthia" and the fact that she mentions the Giratina event at Mt. Cornet this leads me to believe that it takes place some time in the future

    and BW2 of course is just a sequel,
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    Quote Originally Posted by BritishWeavile View Post
    Unless the HG/SS player character overhears something about how the Red Gyarados was first spotted at the Lake of Rage, one could say that its appearance is chronic.

    I mean, it could appear once every month or something like that, and Jubilife TV may have reported an appearance that happened before the HG/SS player character got to the Lake of Rage.


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