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Thread: Misc. Anime/Manga Shipping Thread

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    Default Misc. Anime/Manga Shipping Thread

    I didn't see anything like this so...

    This is a thread for shippings in animes/mangas that are not popular or well-known enough to warrant their own threads and fuel a discussion.

    General rules apply:

    No multi posting,
    No flaming/bashing,
    etc, etc.

    My favorite anime pairing as of right now is Oreki Houtarou x Chitanda Eru from Hyouka. They are just so cute together, it's crazy. I hope they get together somehow in the finale which airs today. It's been hinted at so much...but then again I can see why they wouldn't push them to canon status considering the show's pacing lately. :C

    Anyway, discuss.

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    crying over ships somewhere


    I haven't kept up with Hyouka, but I'd be surprised if they didn't push Houtarou/Chitanda. Since... from the few episodes I've watched, it seems she's one of those few that can get him off his bum to do stuff, haha. The only other on the top of my head is his big sister. How would their relationship work, though? Houtarou doesn't strike me as an active type as a boyfriend, so would Chitanda be the one doing all the asking out?

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