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Thread: Is this game a fake?

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    Default Is this game a fake?

    I dont know if this is the right sub-forum but...

    Just tried to send all my Pokemon from platinum to white, but it's telling me that there is no cartridge inserted. I've looked around the internet, and the answer that its coming up with is that its fake.

    I did get it off ebay, but it came in a box, claimed as second hand.

    I successfully got the 4th gen events like Mew and Jirachi on it, so I doubt that its fake... Is there another way to tell if it is a fake?

    ETA: It is an American game, bought from a UK seller as far as I remember ( I never buy from over seas)
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    Without seeing the cartridge or being given an extremely detailed, point-by-point description of it, no one here can tell you for sure. But not being recognized by a Generation V title, as you've described, is not something that happens to legitimate games. Coupled with the fact that you bought it secondhand, off of eBay, which is just asked to get ripped off on every level, it's likely you have counterfeit merchandise. That you were able to download Generation IV events on it is immaterial.

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    Its more likely that you'll end up with a fake if you buy an american copy of any pokemon game, I read an article about it a while ago saying that fake carts are mass produced and printed to look like the US issues of them.

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    If it's fake, then was your save file deleted after the first E4 and final trainer beating?

    If not, then will your Pokemon Platinum(which doesn't have DSi-enhanced features) work on your DSi/3DS? If Platinum doesn't work on a DSi/3DS, then your Platinum version is a fake.

    If your Platinum works on a DSi/3DS, but it's your White that does not, then what region is your pokemon white and/or your DS designed for?

    If you're using 2 DSis/3DSes, then the problem is most likely this: you cannot access the White's game world in the DSi/3DS due to the DSi/3DS blocking you from even booting the game as a whole, language-locked or no, meaning you can't transfer your pokemon unless you move your White version game to a DS Phat/DS Lite, which has no DSi-enhanced region encoding, leaving only the language lock to contend with, meaning it will become more meaningful to try poketransfer again for a different, less frustrating, outcome. Nevertheless, if you try to play, say, a EU game on a DSi/3DS which corresponding regional edition is made earlier than the EU region's edition, then I think it's playable on the earlier region's DSi/3DS, but I'm not so sure about that, since the only regions of my DSes are American...
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