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Thread: Purple, Grey, and the... Secret Dimension!? (PG)

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    Default Purple, Grey, and the... Secret Dimension!? (PG)

    Here goes. I have a lot of ideas for this fan-fiction. I've been writing all of them down so that I don't forget. I really hope you all like it! If you want to be on a subscription list, PM or VM me. I would like constructed criticism, too.

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    “I see it! It’s glowing! I’ve finally found the legendary secret dimension!” came the voice of a young woman, no more than twenty but no less than seventeen.

    “I have… to… stop her…” a teenage boy said, panting. “I’ve run all through Twist Mountain to find you, and I’ve finally found you… Veronica!”

    “You… know my name!? I’ve spent years trying to find this place. We both know what it holds… Purple!”

    “I see you know my name, too. Go, Solosis! Use Shadow Ball to knock her away from that glowing wall!”

    The Cell Pokemon created a purple and black sphere and launched it at Veronica. Veronica jumped and, in midair, threw a Poke Ball.

    “Aww!” Purple gawked. “Do you really expect me to fight that Eevee of yours?”

    “No. That’s the point. This Eevee is my secret weapon. It’s shiny. Nobody wants to hurt such a cute Pokemon.” Veronica winked at Purple.

    “Ugh… Solosis, you know what to do! We don’t necessarily want to hurt it, so use Trick Room! Make yourself go faster and it go slower!”

    The tiny green Pokemon glowed very briefly. The cave they were standing in all of a sudden had a room in it. In this space, Solosis would move faster.

    “Now to finish this up, Ducklett, swoop in with your Aerial Ace attack!”

    The Water Bird dashed at Veronica at the speed of light. An intense, bright light filled the cavernous corridor in which the two had been standing just moments before. Purple hadn’t even had a chance to look around to see the cave before everything happened. All he knew is that he was in Twist Mountain one second and not in the next.
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