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    Note: Yes, this is a shorter chapter; yes, this also the second one for the day. :3

    Chapter Six: Battle for the Basic Badge (Part 2)!

    “Battle begin!” The announcer on the sidelines screamed this. Lenora and Cheren gained their positions and started to command attacks.

    Lillipup, the Puppy Pokemon. The long hair around its face provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings.

    Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes.

    “Focus on the battle, Brittany! We could both get our first badge here!” Purple was frustrated with the fact that she was messing with a device at a time like this”

    “Stop worrying, Purple! I know what to do. I did my research before we came here,” Brittany exclaimed.

    “Are you two done yet?” Cheren asked as he flipped his hair to the side.

    “Ho ho ho, use Work Up, Eevee,” Lenora chuckled.

    “You use Work Up too, Lillipup!” Cheren pointed towards Lillipup, and she knew what to do.

    “That’s what I mean, Purple! I was about to tell you that they work in perfect synchronization!”

    The two dog-like Pokemon glowed orange. The atmosphere in the room made it clear that there was no joking in this battle. It was a serious quarrel.

    The two were now making copies of themselves. Double Team. The two, along with their copies, all hid underground. Dig. Only the Lillipup and Eevee came up. The copies were gone.

    “What are we going to do, Purple!? If they land a hit, we’re going down!”
    “Stand back... Psychic, Solosis! Then use Trick Room!”

    The levitating Pokemon’s eyes glowed pink. So did Lillipup and Eevee’s bodies. The two bodies flew out of the holes and then slammed into opposite walls. Solosis then used Trick Room. That was Purple’s secret. Purple knew that Brittany’s Snivy was going to be slower than the opponents. That’s why he used Solosis for Trick Room rather than Ducklett or Oshawott.

    “Thank you, Purple! Let’s finish this! Snivy, oh… let’s see… Uh-oh, Purple! I need my Pokedex to see Snivy’s moves!” Brittany was franticly grabbing at every pocket on her. She was snatching everything she was carrying with her. She grabbed everything from Poke Balls to money to her Xtransciever.

    “It’s not here, Purple!” In her panic attack, Brittany fell to the ground.

    “Shadow Ball, now!” Lenora grunted this while Cheren firmly commanded this.

    Lillipup and Eevee dragged themselves back to the field from the walls.

    They both summoned up pure darkness in the form of Shadow Balls. They launched the two balls, and they hit directly against Snivy and Solosis.

    Snivy and Solosis flew back into her and knocked her over. “I see it! We have a chance!”

    Her Pokedex was four feet behind her. She couldn’t reach with Snivy and Solosis on her, though!

    “We’ll finish it before you ever get the chance to attack. Cheren, now!”
    Lillipup and Eevee jumped up into the air and launched their double Shadow Balls again.

    “Brittany, get your Pokedex. My Solosis isn’t strong enough to knock them out. I’m using Solosis to help your Snivy! Here I go again. Solosis, use Psychic to slow down their Shadow Balls and then use Shadow Ball to destroy theirs!”

    Solosis used Psychic to slow the Shadow Balls down just like Purple said. In front of the Cell Pokemon, another dark, shadowy aura ball appeared. Solosis launched it, and it destroyed the other two Shadow Balls. Solosis, proud of himself, started to grin.

    Brittany had Snivy get off of her too and grabbed her Pokedex. “Ah! Snivy, gather your opponents with Leaf Tornado!”

    Snivy jumped right back into the action. Snivy ran halfway across the field and flipped upside down, almost standing on his head. Snivy started rotating his own body, and leaves gathered in the field. All of the leaves were gathered in one tornado.

    Eevee and Lillipup were sucked into the tornado.

    “Eevee, stay strong! Cheren, help in some way!”

    “Lillipup, you stay strong too. Both of you, use Shadow Ball!”

    The failed attempts at Shadow Ball just bounced off of the leaves and exploded. With every second that passed, the two Pokemon were taking damage in the leafy tornado. “Now, Snivy, demand your Iron Tail onto their furry bodies!”

    “Nice saying, Brittany! You’re starting to sound like a connoisseur like Cilan,” Purple whole-heartedly chuckled.

    Brittany laughed, and pointed to Snivy. Snivy gave a sly smirk, and let go of the tornado. It went rampant! Snivy jumped back up into the air, and his tail turned black as night. Snivy was higher than Eevee and Lillipup now. He slung his Iron Tail, and it was a critical hit against the opponents!


    “Calm down, Lenora! Stop losing your cool!”

    Eevee and Lillipup hit the dirt at Lenora and Cheren’s feet. They’re done for this battle.

    “We won! Thanks, Purple for your help! We both got Basic Badges!”

    Lenora and Cheren returned their Pokemon to their Poke Balls so they could rest, and Cheren walked across the battlefield.

    “That was a nice battle,” a voice from behind exclaimed with joy.

    “Oh, Bianca! Anyway, here you two go! I present you two with the Basic Badge!”

    Bianca walked up and joined them. She was very happy for them.

    Brittany and Purple each picked up their Basic Badges. “Umm… Where do we put these?”

    “That’s why I’m here, Brittany!” Bianca reassured.

    “Huh? Bianca?” Brittany confusedly said.

    “I forgot to give you two your Badge Cases when I saw you earlier.”

    Bianca reached into her bag and pulled them out. “What are you doing!? Get back in there!”

    “What are you talking about, Bianca?” Purple had the slyest look on his face.

    A head popped out of Bianca’s bag. It was a furry, Normal-type Pokemon. Minccino!

    “Get back into your Poke Ball, Minccino!” Minccino touched the Poke Ball and went back inside. “I’m sorry, everyone. Minccino comes out of his ball every time I pick something up out of my bag. It’s a very neat Pokemon. It likes to clean.”

    “It’s alright. Ha ha ha.” Purple chuckled, and he and Brittany left the gym.

    “Brittany, I think this is where we say goodbye. I got you to your starter Pokemon, and we even had a gym battle! I had fun, Brittany.”

    “Purple… I had so much fun! What do you say about traveling together?”

    “Brittany, I don’t think I could do that. It would put you in danger. The purpose of my adventure is to stop an evil woman. I can’t let you come along. I’m sorry.”

    “Bye…” Brittany walked away, head down. She was starting to cry. She was starting to like Purple.

    Brittany headed to the Floccesy Ranch. All she could see were flowers and plants everywhere. There were trees lining the pathways. It was fall, so the trees were turning all shades of red, orange, and yellow. There was a ranch house in the middle. A woman and a younger boy were standing outside with their pet Herdier.

    She walked into the grass so she could cut through it, and she was attacked!

    Purple chose a different route. He headed back to Nacrene City. Once he got close to the entrance of Pinwheel Forest, his Ducklett came out on his own and flew into the forest.


    The roar startled Purple to where he almost fell to the ground.

    Without paying attention, he ran into the woods yelling, “Ducklettttttt!”
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