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Thread: Purple, Grey, and the... Secret Dimension!? (PG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    Cliffhanger much? Lol

    Let's see. I don't think that's it's safe for Azelf and Mespirit to be floating around like that. You dont know what will happen. I think I'm understanding what's going on with the sprits too. Keldeo I'm not sure yet, but the Swordsmen are a positive. Im getting the feeling that the climax is close. *claps and squeels in glee like little girl*
    Closer than you might think. :3

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    Chapter Twenty-Four: Icy Battles with Hearts of Fire!


    “Mesprit is doing the same thing,” Brittany franticly said through the Xtransciever. She changed the video on the Xtransciever to Mesprit. Both Mesprit and Azelf’s eyes had turned red. They were freaking out! However, the battle went on.

    With the same flash that rescued the injured gym leaders, both Azelf and Mesprit disappeared. Brittany, in Humilau City, and Purple, in the Icirrus Gym, both received a call on their Xtranscievers. A three-way call started.



    Emboar and Beartic were clashing on the battlefield. Flame Charge and Aerial Ace were colliding.

    “With your newly increased speed, use your Arm Thrust!”

    Emboar ran across the battlefield fast. Even if Emboar slipped on the ice, you couldn’t tell because of its speed.

    “Icicle Crash, Beartic.”

    Beartic blew out a gust of cold air. Icicles formed and dropped. Emboar used Arm Thrust on a nearby icy rock to cover itself. The icicles all hit the rock, and Emboar had been protected!

    “I raise my Pokemon to be smart in battle,” Grey boasted.

    Emboar went across the battlefield with its Flamethrower attack. Beartic stood in place waiting for its chance to attack.

    “Veronica!?” Purple and Brittany both shouted.

    “That’s right. Take a look at your precious Azelf and Mesprit,” she maniacally said.

    Azelf and Mesprit were still in freak-out mode. Joining them this time was Uxie! Team Underworld now had all three legendary Pokemon!

    Brycen butted in, “Thank you for melting the battlefield.” He was so calm. He gingerly said, “Beartic, finish this battle with Dig.”

    Beartic jumped into the dirt. Emboar just stood around. There was nothing he could do. Beartic came up under Emboar and punched Emboar. Emboar fell down.

    Veronica menaced, “We can access the portal anytime now, kids.” She laughed venomously and said, “We need more time for preparations. I guess that’s your all’s luck.”

    Purple hung up his Xtransciever and encouraged, “Emboar! Get up now! Grey, command Emboar! Unova is more at risk now that it has ever been in! If Veronica gets in and steals the legendary Pokemon, we’re all screwed! Kick it in gear and kick Brycen’s butt!”

    “You’re right. Stay calm and win, Grey,” Grey said to himself. “Emboar, get up and finish it!”

    A cloud of red aura came upon Emboar. Emboar managed to stand up, and it was glad it did. Vigor pulsed through Emboar like nothing it had ever felt.

    Emboar turned blue and hit Beartic with a new attack.

    “That was Emboar’s Blaze. It’s a special ability that all Fire-type starter Pokemon have. When a Pokemon is about to faint, its Fire-type moves become even stronger. As for that attack, it was Flare Blitz.” A short man was standing in the entrance.

    “Chairman,” Brycen said as he bowed. “What brings you here?”

    “I have a couple matters, actually. Purple and Grey, I need you. As for you,” he pointed to Cheren. “You need to get to your gym ASAP. Leave anymore and you’ll be taken out of office. I already talked to Marlon and Roxie.”

    “Sir!” Cheren got up, walked out of the gym, and headed back to the Aspertia Gym.

    “Before you leave, here are your badges commemorating your wins at the Icirrus Gym,” Brycen congratulated.

    Purple and Grey left with the Pokemon Association Chairman. He had a blimp prepared outside of the gym.

    “Humilau City is definitely different. I guess it’s beautiful… It definitely embraces water,” Brittany weirdly said.

    Humilau City had two parts: one part of the town was on land. The gym and Pokemon Center were almost all that was on land. The other part consisted of houses on walkways over the ocean. Swimmers were all over Humilau in the ocean.

    Brittany made her way to the gym. When she did, it was empty. She made her way through lily pads, and, upon reaching the back of the gym, all she saw was the vast expanse of the ocean. A shadow hopped out of the water and landed in front of her.

    “Hey, yo, I’m Marlon, gym leader of Humilau City! What can I do ya for?”

    “Hi, um- Marlon, was it? I’d like a gym battle.”

    “Sounds rad. Let’s go!”

    He took Brittany onto a lily pad. It took them to a secret room. It was elegantly decorated. Flowers were hung up on the walls, in the water, and on the battlefield. The battlefield was a normal one, but it also had a pool in the middle for his Water-type Pokemon. Water-type Pokemon such as Staryu, Wooper, and Frillish were all over the gym. When they saw Marlon, they went to the sidelines as they knew he had a challenger.

    “Brittany, thank you for coming. For some reason, I feel comfortable around you, yo. When I’m around my associates, I have to act all sophisticated.
    This battle will for real be unnerving. Let’s go. Mantine, you’re up first.”

    Mantine came flying out of the pool in the field. It was raring to go!

    “Let’s fight flyer with flyer. Mandibuzz, come on out!”

    “Mand,” Mandibuzz screeched.

    “Toxic attack!”

    Mandibuzz flew up and released purple fumes that covered the field.

    “Mantine, into the water to guard yourself!”

    Mantine dove deep into the pool. There was no telling if any of the attack actually reached Mantine or not.

    In Opelucid City, Cilan was just entering the city. He could see clear across the city. The other entrance was just across a long road.

    “Where could Purple be? He had Alder tell us to meet him just up ahead…”

    He walked Main Street until he reached the exit. The rendezvous spot was just up ahead.

    On Village Bridge, Cress and Chili had found each other. They weren’t talking as always. They were walking across Village Bridge, the actual meeting place.

    A short, stocky man came up to the brothers. He wore a greasy white shirt and black sweat pants. He had a white towel over his shoulder and a red bandana on. Black, greasy hair added to his fisherman look.

    “You, yeah, you two! How would you like a rare Water-type Pokemon called Magikarp? It’s only 100 Poke Dollars!”

    “We’re not interested,” Chili said.

    “Yes, we are! I want it, I want it, I want it. Here, take my money,” Cress ranted.

    “Keep your mouth shut and let’s go,” Chili demanded.

    “He wants it, so he can have it. Here you go,” the Magikarp Salesman said. He gave Cress a Poke Ball and left.

    “That was a waste of your money. Open it and see what it is.”

    “You’re wrong, Chili. Magikarp, come see your new trainer.”

    Being at the peak of Village Bridge and Magikarp needing water, Cress let it out over the river beneath the bridge. Magikarp came out and landed in the water. The little red Pokemon evolved as soon as it was released. The blue dragon-like Pokemon unleashed its stored up anger at the Fisherman with its Hyper Beam on the village. Cress and Chili were on a piece that fell from the attack.

    Cress screamed. Chili screamed.

    “Use Brave Bird into the pool, Mandibuzz!”

    Mandibuzz turned blue. She flew over the pool and zipped down. Before Mandibuzz made contact with pool, however, water spiraled out, knocking Mandibuzz back into the air.

    “Nice Water Pulse, Mantine! Now, come up and use Bullet Seed!”

    Mantine came to the surface and launched the tiny green seeds from its mouth. They repeatedly hit Mandibuzz, and Mandibuzz fell to the dirt.

    “It’s alright, Mandibuzz. Come back and I’ll use you later. How can I counter him? He isn’t a gym leader for nothing…”
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    Marlon seems different around, Brittany. Is he hitting on her? Lol.

    I see that Veronica did in fact take the Spirits, a total screw up for Purple and Grey.

    If I were them, I would high tail it to Victory Road, sneak in, and get at Terrakion. Unless they decide o do the right thing and wait. My question is, how the freak did N get in in Black/White? Maybe you should allude to that somehow.

    Overall, you're slowly building on the suspense, making you don't choke us with it. Keep it up!

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    Kind of wish I had the Spheal before I threw my Bagon into that fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    Marlon seems different around, Brittany. Is he hitting on her? Lol.

    I see that Veronica did in fact take the Spirits, a total screw up for Purple and Grey.

    If I were them, I would high tail it to Victory Road, sneak in, and get at Terrakion. Unless they decide o do the right thing and wait. My question is, how the freak did N get in in Black/White? Maybe you should allude to that somehow.

    Overall, you're slowly building on the suspense, making you don't choke us with it. Keep it up!
    Thanks! I thought it would add comedic relief to add the Magikarp Salesman. xD

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    Chapter Twenty-Five: Chili, Cress, and the Catastrophic Gyarados!

    “I’ve got it! Come on out, Lucario!”

    “Mantine, it’s finally your time! Get out of the pool and use Wing Attack!”

    Mantine flew up out of the water. Its wings glowed, and it flew across the field. Lucario braced itself for the hit.

    “Lucario, use Aura Sphere over and over!”

    Lucario put its hands in front of itself. Blue Aura Spheres launched back to back. Each one hit Mantine, but it was obvious that it wasn’t doing damage.

    “You’re silly, girl. Fighting moves won’t work on a Flying-type!”

    Mantine fumbled in the air. It fell directly to the ground.

    “You… You used the same technique that I used with Bullet Seed!”

    “That’s right,” Brittany said. “Lucario, Thunderpunch!”

    Mantine went up in sparks. It was clearly unable to battle. Marlon returned Mantine to its Poke Ball and said, “Carracosta, come out and win this!”

    “Let’s see,” Brittany said. “Carracosta… Carracosta,” she whispered.

    Carracosta, the Prototurtle Pokémon and the evolved form of Tirtouga. Living in the sea and on land, Carracosta has incredibly strong jaws and is capable of destroying a giant boulder with one powerful slap.

    “Lucario, go with Thunderpunch!”

    Marlon shouted, “Earthquake, Carracosta!”

    Lucario clenched its fist. Sparks flew, and Lucario sprinted towards Carracosta. Lucario was at the pool when Carracosta attacked. The Proturtle Pokemon stabbed its arm into the ground beneath it. Shock waves were sent, and the water from the pool came up and formed a wall just as Lucario went to jump over it. The wall launched Lucario back into the dirt. It had sustained a lot of damage from that attack.

    “Aura Sphere!”

    “Focus Blast!”

    Lucario summoned a powerful Aura Sphere that he launched at Carracosta. The Proturtle Pokemon summoned a Focus Blast that it launched at Lucario. The orange sphere and the blue sphere met above the pool in the middle of the field.

    The attacks collided for a while. Neither side was going to give up. Since the attacks were so strong, when they finally blew up, shock waves were sent to both sides. Lucario was knocked down onto his back. Carracosta used its Sturdy ability to stand still.

    “Oh, no… Lucario, return. You did just great! Serperior, lend me your power!”

    Serperior started to spin like a coil. Leaves appeared and spun with it. After a minute of both trainers being bewildered, Brittany realized that Serperior was using Leaf Tornado in a new way. The leaves, still in a circular motion, went after Carracosta. In an effort to counter it, Carracosta jumped up and started to spin. It used Whirlpool in the same motion.

    Serperior was hit with the attack. Carracosta was hit with the leaves and fainted.

    “Very well. Jellicent, please make your way to the field.”

    A male Jellicent arose from the water. It floated over to Marlon and hugged him. Marlon hugged back, and they were ready to begin.

    Small flames appeared, circling Jellicent. Jellicent moved and the flames flew at Serperior. Serperior jumped and dodged, and the Will-O-Wisp disappeared in the sand. In the air, Serperior hit Jellicent with a direct hit Leaf Blade on the head. Jellicent bounced back onto the dirt.

    “Jellicent, it’s time to use Recover.”

    Jellicent’s body glowed light yellow. Serperior wasn’t going to let it heal, though. Serperior landed next to Jellicent and started swinging its tail. Wind started swarming around the battlefield. Serperior moved and the Twister attack consumed Jellicent. Jellicent awakened in the Twister and wasn’t very happy.

    “Jel,” Jellicent squealed with an extremely angry face.

    Jellicent spun itself inside the Twister. Brittany and Serperior both got eerie feelings all of a sudden. Purple wind consumed the Twister. An Ominous Wind attack dispelled the Twister. Jellicent floated over to Serperior and hit it with a direct Ice Beam. Serperior fell to the ground.

    “Good job. Mandibuzz, I need you again!”

    An orange glow surrounded Jellicent for a couple seconds.

    “Yes! Ominous Wind boosted all of Jellicent’s stats,” Marlon bragged.

    “That stinks.”

    “Why is that?” Marlon looked perplexed.

    “Because… Mandibuzz, use Punishment!”

    Mandibuzz’s right wing turned purple. Mandibuzz flew across the field and hit Jellicent. The impact caused Jellicent to faint in midair!

    “Wow… I present you with the Wave Badge! Congratulations, Brittany!”

    Brittany thanked him and ran out of the gym. Opelucid City was her next challenge.

    The blimp carrying the Chairman, Purple, and Grey landed in Opelucid City.
    Purple and Grey thanked the Chairman for the ride and ran over to the Opelucid City Gym.

    “The gym leader isn’t here!?”

    “This stinks, Grey…”

    “Purple! Long-time-no-see!”

    “Cilan! It’s really you! I was just about to leave for the rendezvous spot.”

    Cilan, Purple, and Grey went to the Opelucid Pokemon Center. They caught up on everything from their adventures. Little did they know that Cilan’s brothers were in danger.

    “Save them,” a man said as he stroked his white beard.

    A Flygon zipped across the bridge. Cress and Chili were halfway between the top of the bridge and face of the river. They were falling fast. Flygon sped past them, picking them up in the process. Flygon flew back and landed at the exit of the bridge.

    “Wow, Drayden, thanks,” Cress said, appreciating his generosity.

    “Anything for a fellow gym leader,” Drayden stoically said.

    “Stop your Gyarados, Cress,” Chili demanded.

    “Cinccino, stop it with Thunder Wave,” Brittany yelled.

    Cinccino sent electricity booming. Gyarados was shocked for a while, but it didn’t seem fazed. Gyarados hit Cinccino with Dragon Tail and it was knocked out.

    “Aw. We gave our honest effort.”

    “Simisage, Rock Slide,” Cilan commanded.

    Simisage was in the air above Chili, Cress, and Drayden. Rocks came out of the air and hit Gyarados. Gyarados stumbled and fell into the knee-length river. Simisage created a Seed Bomb, a green oval of Grass-type prowess, and hurled it at Gyarados. The attack actually hurt it.

    “Hurry and recall it, Cress!”

    “Right,” Cress said.

    Cress held out his Poke Ball and recalled Gyarados. The red energy consumed the Pokemon, and the day had been saved.

    In Castelia City, a Pokemon researcher was being disturbed.

    “Amanita, I just don’t understand. The Pokemon are going crazy,” the researcher said.

    “You’ll figure it out. You always do! Who was it that figured out the energy that came from Munna and Musharna? Yeah, it was you! Who was it that used the said energy to revive Tirtouga and Archen? Yeah, it was you! If anyone can figure it out, it’s you.”

    “Amanita, you have to say that. You’re my friend.”

    “Stop that, Fennel. The Pokemon are suffering, and it’s your job to fix it! I’ll help you, but I’m no good with machines. Isn’t that right, Espeon?”

    A small Espeon was lying at Amanita’s legs.


    “There’s only one thing I can think to do,” Fennel said. She picked up her Xtransciever and made a three-way call. “Hello? Skyla and Elesa? I need you two’s help. The legendary Pokemon Tornadus and Thundurus seem to be causing problems. Meloetta being taken recently seems to be affecting them.”

    The two gym leaders just stared blankly at her.

    “Elesa, you specialize in Electric-types. Skyla, you specialize in Flying-types. Those are the types of the legendary Pokemon! Please! I need you guys!”
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    I can see you plot developing smoothly, but the inclusion of the storm Pokemon threw me off of what I think is happening. I'm still waiting to see how important Giratina is, since I believe that it might play a big part in the story. <=== don't confirm.

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    Kind of wish I had the Spheal before I threw my Bagon into that fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    I can see you plot developing smoothly, but the inclusion of the storm Pokemon threw me off of what I think is happening. I'm still waiting to see how important Giratina is, since I believe that it might play a big part in the story. <=== don't confirm.
    Haha, I wouldn't confirm it and ruin it for you. The storm Pokemon are more-so included in the sequel than in this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanleysmith View Post
    Haha, I wouldn't confirm it and ruin it for you. The storm Pokemon are more-so included in the sequel than in this one.
    Wait wait wait... Sequel? Hmm... I'm skeptical as of right now. Maybe when this is over.

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    Kind of wish I had the Spheal before I threw my Bagon into that fire.

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    Chapter Twenty-Six: Capturing the Kami Trio!

    As Purple, Grey, and Brittany prepare for their next gym battles, three auspicious gym leaders set out for their mission: capture the Kami Trio.

    In Mistralton City, Skyla was doing her normal aerial rounds. She was in her beloved plane, her Pokemon flying along outside. Out of nowhere, Tornadus appeared directly in front of her. Skyla kicked the break, and the plane went spiraling toward the ground. To make it even worse, Tornadus sent razor-like Air Slashes at the plane. The plane blew up and Skyla was left descending to the ground with her parachute.

    Skyla was gently lying on the wind. She was a good five hundred feet in the air. Skyla’s Pokemon went into the battle to defend her. The already flying Pokemon zipped up to Tornadus. Swanna, Swoobat, Skarmory, Sigilyph, Drifblim, and Archeops approached the legendary Pokemon.

    In a V-formation, the Pokemon lined up. Swanna led at the tip; Archeops and Skarmory were the next row back; after that, Swoobat and Sigilyph; lastly, Drifblim was added on to the end of the left side. Each Pokemon sent attacks roaring at Tornadus. Skyla’s Pokemon, after missing all of their attacks, circled Tornadus.

    Tornadus roared a Hurricane attack. Her six Pokemon still held their ground, but they were taking damage nonetheless. With Swoobat’s Shadow Balls and Drifblim’s Thunderbolts missing, Sigilyph urged forward and sent a Smack Down at Tornadus. It hit! Tornadus fell to the ground, Hurricane stopping.

    Skyla reached the ground at the same time Tornadus did. She put her parachute up and recalled Drifblim and Swoobat since they were tired from attacking.

    Tornadus pushed the four remaining Pokemon back with Air Cutter. Ribbons of Flying-type energy hit all four Pokemon, and Tornadus slowly rose back into the air. Swanna pushed it back with its own Hurricane attack, but Tornadus was too strong. Skarmory and Archeops charged their attacks. If these didn’t work, they were all screwed.

    Skarmory went in with Brave Bird. It hit, and Tornadus flew back down to the ground. Archeops turned orange and slammed Tornadus into a new hole in the ground with Head Smash.

    “Drifblim and Swoobat, come back out!” Skyla ran up and grabbed Drifblim’s “ribbons”. “Swoobat, give us a gust of wind!” Swoobat flapped its wings hard and it gave Drifblim just enough air to propel Skyla into the air. Once high enough, Skyla jumped and threw a Poke Ball. The legendary Pokemon went inside and never came out.

    Skyla grabbed the Poke Ball and posed. “Alright! I caught a Tornadus!”

    In Nimbasa City, a blackout was in progress. Magnemite infiltrated the Nimbasa City Water and Power Company and stole all of the electricity.

    Consequently, Thundurus was terrorizing the town itself. Thundurus had already broken multiple cars on the Ferris Wheel and set fire to the Musical Hall.

    To solve the problem, Ingo and Emmet set out to stop the Magnemite and Thundurus. Ingo went to the power station while Emmet went to find Thundurus. At the station, Ingo yelled, “Gurdurr, use Dynamic Punch on the Magnemite!”

    Gurdurr’s fist glowed bright red and hit all of the Magnemite. They all dropped, unconscious. One problem was easily solved.

    Ingo left to go find Emmet. When he found him, Emmet was on the ground.

    Boldore was battling Thundurus in front of Big Stadium. Thundurus roared and flew off. Emmet got up and returned Boldore to its Poke Ball. Ingo returned Gurdurr, too. The two ran after Thundurus.

    Elesa walked out of her gym: the runway to her fashion show. Thundurus descended to the ground right in front of her. The power still being out, she couldn’t see. She shrieked. Ingo and Emmet came running. While still approaching, they threw their Poke Balls. Boldore and Gurdurr came back out for battle.

    Gurdurr motioned its cement bar towards Thundurus. Stones spewed out and hit it. It was Stone Edge that hit Thundurus! Thundurus flinched and sent a blue Shock Wave at Gurdurr. Gurdurr knocked it away with the cement bar. Boldore stepped up and used Rock Blast. The rocks hit Thundurus five times. Thundurus enveloped itself in blue electricity and hit Boldore and Gurdurr.

    They both fell down, unable to battle.

    “Thundurus,” Elesa stepped forward. “Why are you terrorizing my city? Would you like to stay with me? I will teach you all that I know about Electric-types.”

    Thundurus just levitated in front of Elesa.


    Thundurus tapped Elesa’s newly held out Poke Ball with its head. Thundurus went inside, and Elesa cheered.

    “Skyla got Tornadus, and I just caught Thundurus!”

    After a couple of hours, Skyla and Elesa approached the shrine at the Abundant Shrine. Poke Balls in hand, the girls stepped forward. The shrine glowed golden and a body descended.

    “The first of three gym battles will now begin! First up is Grey Vs. Drayden! Begin!”

    “Zweilous, you’re up first,” Drayden firmly said.

    “Lilligant, please come battle! Quiver Dance! Now, Petal Dance!”

    “Zweilous, counter with Hyper Voice.”

    Green and pink petals were scattered across the field when Zweilous’s piercing Hyper Voice cut through them. Lilligant cringed.

    “Fire Fang.”

    Zweilous emitted fire through its mouth. It charged and tackled Lilligant with the fiery mouth. Lilligant was burned! After a minute of being burned, Lilligant was unable to battle.”

    “Ah… Vanilluxe, I really need your strength now!”

    Vanilluxe came out and was breathing ice from its “straw”.

    “Ice Beam, Vanilluxe,” Grey commanded.

    Vanilluxe gathered a small orb of ice in its mouth. The beam of ice that came from it froze Zweilous completely and knocked it out.

    “Very well. Haxorus, knock this thing out. Rock Smash!”

    Haxorus’s tusk glowed orange and jabbed it into Vanilluxe. Vanilluxe flinched and floated backwards. Haxorus was clearly his strongest Pokemon. Haxorus came back but went in with Dragon Tail! Vanilluxe burst a Blizzard attack on Haxorus while Dragon Tail came at it. It knocked Haxorus back! Vanilluxe started to spin its cone. Icicle Spear hit Haxorus back-to-back. Haxorus was almost down.

    “Draco Meteor.”

    Haxorus, in its stomach, gathered all of its Dragon-type power and sent it into the sky. Meteors shot down in every direction. Vanilluxe was hit, and Grey had to run not to get hit. Vanilluxe barely survived the attack.

    “Flash Canon, buddy!”

    The Steel-type attack hit Haxorus in the stomach, the same place he had just charged Draco Meteor. With that, the damage did more and Haxorus fell.

    Grey won against Drayden!

    “Yes, Vanilluxe, we did it! We have all eight badges! Brittany, hurry up. It’s your turn!”

    “The second battle against Drayden, Brittany Vs. Drayden, will now begin! This time, however, it will be a double battle.”

    “Double!? Alright. Glaceon and Azumarill, battle strong!”

    Drayden didn’t say a thing. Instead, he just threw his Poke Balls. This time around, his Pokemon were Flygon and Altaria. He finally said, “Altaria, use Dragon Dance. Flygon, use Sandstorm to block off her Pokemon.”

    Altaria started dancing in a draconic way only known to Dragon-types and the occasional other. Flygon, however, rushed into the battle. Wings flapping fast, a hurricane of sand surrounded Azumarill and Glaceon.

    “Glaceon, Ice Beam it! Azumarill, Waterfall Flygon when you’re open!”

    Glaceon froze every bit of the Sandstorm she could. It kept regenerating, though. Azumarill pushed itself through the Sandstorm with Waterfall and hit Flygon, making it fall back into Altaria. Before it hit Altaria, however, Altaria flew up and hit Azumarill with Dragon Rush. Azumarill fell back inside the Sandstorm. Glaceon and Azumarill finally broke free with Ice Beam and Ice Punch!

    “Azumarill, run towards Altaria and then retreat.”

    Azumarill did. Once it retreated, Altaria was flying at them at Mach speed. Altaria used Steel Wing and was preparing to hit Glaceon. Azumarill intercepted with Ice Punch, knocking Altaria to the ground.

    “Finish it!”

    Glaceon and Azumarill ran across the field. Glaceon used Iron Tail on Flygon and then Ice Beam. Azumarill landed on last Ice Punch on Altaria. She won!

    “That’s the power of Ice-types, baby,” Brittany chanted. “We actually won! Eight badges, yay!”

    Grey told Purple, “It’s your turn. This will be your fifth badge.” He joked, “No pressure or anything.”

    “The third match against Drayden will now begin! This will be a two-on-two just like Grey’s. Begin!”

    “Alright. I’m getting awfully tired, but Fraxure, come on out!”

    “Samurott, come on out too!”
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    I read all your chapters. and i really liked next chapter as soon as possible...

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    Chapter Twenty-Seven: At the End of the Poke-Road!

    “Samurott, wet the field with Surf!”

    Waves spurred out across the field. The gritty dirt compacted into dark brown mud. Fraxure’s feet were sinking in the mud.

    “Fraxure, get free and don’t let Samurott win.”

    Fraxure snatched its legs out of the ground and ran across the field. Fraxure jumped up into the air, and its tusks glowed blue. Samurott opened a blue portal, and a torrent of water hit Fraxure, sending it into the mud. Fraxure got up, but it had taken a bit of damage from the Hydro Pump attack.

    Drayden wasn’t worried, though.

    “Samurott, with the field now wet, use Ice Beam attack!”

    Ice shot from Samurott’s mouth. It was obvious that Drayden had done special training with Fraxure to withstand Ice-type attacks, attacks that are weak to his own. Fraxure didn’t slip on the ice. It didn’t falter at all!

    Fraxure ran across the ice like a pro. Once close enough, Fraxure jumped in the air again and, tail glowing blue, slammed Samurott back with Dragon Tail. Samurott crashed into the wall. Even though it could still battle, the red energy consumed it.

    “Too strong,” Purple muttered. Krookodile popped out of its Poke Ball and appeared on the battlefield.

    “Go, Krookodile and Purple! If anybody can do it, it’s you two,” Brittany cheered from the stands.
    “Don’t forget the mission, either, Purple,” Grey cheered in his own way.

    Krookodile stood there. Just stood there. Fraxure did the same. They were staring at each other. This battle would be battle of guts, willpower, and determination. Tension in the gym stirred. Drayden and Purple started to stare, too. Sweat started trickling down Purple’s neck and onto his black T-shirt, the same one with the Trio Badge on it. His legs buckled, and his feet, encased by red Converse, quivered.

    Brittany and Grey could barely watch. Brittany, at one point, even turned away. Grey sat staring at the battlefield. He was enjoying the battle more than anyone. The referee just awkwardly stood on the sidelines.

    Krookodile broke the awkwardness.

    Krookodile raised its hand into the air. As if it was a cue, a Rock Slide attack appeared over Fraxure. Drayden had prepared Fraxure for that, too. Fraxure bent over and let an Aqua Tail fountain from its tail. All of the rocks rode the cascading water and crumbled. Fraxure ran across the field as fast as ever and hit Krookodile twice with Dual Chop. Krookodile stumbled but still stood.

    Fraxure jumped again and landed an X-Scissor that knocked Krookodile out.

    “Krookodile, thank you. Samurott, come back out! X-Scissor!”

    X-Scissors collided. Both Fraxure and Samurott were glowing green and giving it their all. Sparks literally flew because of how long the attacks were colliding. Samurott gave way, and Fraxure led through with the attack.

    Samurott’s scalchops flew to either side of the gym, and Fraxure hit Samurott with X-Scissor on its underside. Samurott landed unable to battle in front of Purple.

    “The battle is over! Drayden’s Fraxure was able to knock out both of the challenger’s Pokemon. Thus, the gym leader is the winner,” the referee yelled.

    Purple returned Samurott and ran out of the gym. Brittany and Grey got out of the stands and made haste to catch up. Purple ran across town to the Pokemon Center. He gave Nurse Joy the two Poke Balls that he had just used against Drayden and ran away again. Grey and Brittany ran into the Pokemon Center to look for him, but Joy notified them that he just left.

    Cilan, Cress, and Chili were talking on Village Bridge. They all three wore there waiter outfits even though Cilan was the only one that still worked at the Striaton Gym and Café. Chili stood with his back to wall of the bridge. Cress, hands hanging over the edge, was looking into the river. Cilan was pacing back and forth.

    “Accelgor, Duosion, and Swanna, I need you three. Come out and battle,” Purple demanded as he choked back tears. The three came out and he said, “I failed Brittany and Grey. I must redeem myself.” He approached the triplets and snapped, “We battle. Now. A triple battle.”

    “Alright, I guess… Simisear, heat your way into Purple’s heart! We must win and prove our strength to Cilan,” Chili roared.

    “Ah… I was enjoying the peaceful, tranquil river. Simipour, cool Purple down,” Cress commanded.

    “If it’s a battle you want, it’s a battle you’ll get,” Cilan argued.

    Grey and Brittany caught up to him and heard him say that he had failed him. They stayed back at the gate to the route. Purple wouldn’t like it if they saw him in this state.

    “Into the river, Simipour!”

    Simipour ran over to the edge of the bridge and jumped. Simisear and Simisage ran to the edges and jumped onto the edges and stayed there, Simisear on the left and Simisage on the right. Swanna flew up into the air, and Accelgor stayed standing next to Purple. Simisear sent three red orbs into the sky.

    “It’s awfully hot,” Brittany moaned.

    “Simisear used Sunny Day,” Grey irked.

    “Stop Simipour, Duosion! Accelgor, use Double Team!”

    Duosion’s eyes glowed pink. The gym leaders knew as soon as it happened that it was using Psychic. Simipour, outlined with pink energy, soon reappeared, levitating over the bridge. A gray Flash Canon from Duosion smacked Simipour in the face. Simipour fell to the ground of the bridge.

    Copies of Accelgor appeared all over the bridge!

    “Simisear, with your boosted power from Sunny Day, use Flamethrower to burn the doppelgangers!”

    The copies slowly disappeared. The six remaining Accelgor jumped into the air and unleashed a Bug Buzz attack on all three of the opposing Pokemon.

    Simisear, Simipour, and Simisage all grabbed their ears in agonizing discomfort. To end it, Simisear hit five of the Accelgor with Flamethrower. They disappeared. Flamethrower hit the last one, and it was sent hurtling towards the ground. Accelgor was burned!

    “Swanna, jump into the action! It’s time for Bubblebeam!”

    “Not so fast. Simisage, use Bullet Seed to pop the bubbles!”

    Every last bubble was popped. Swanna hit the ground hard. Bullet Seed had nailed the dual type Pokemon. Simisage summoned a Seed Bomb and launched it at Swanna. If it hit, Swanna would be out. Duosion also summoned an orb. A Shadow Ball blew up the Seed Bomb just before it hit Swanna. With the recoil damage, Swanna flew back.

    “Accelgor, use Façade!”

    Accelgor glowed red, yellow, and blue at the same time. It hurtled toward Simipour, but Simipour countered it with Acrobatics. Acrobatics and Façade collided until they both fell to the ground. Neither one could battle anymore.

    With Simisear and Simisage still on the edges of the bridge, they wanted to end the battle quickly. Swanna and Duosion were both floating in the same vicinity, so Simisear and Simisage launched Solarbeams at them. Duosion and Swanna sent Flash Canon and Bubblebeam back. The attacks merged, and the explosion knocked Swanna out.

    Duosion, Simisage, and Simisear all three took drastic damage from the gigantic attack. Knowing that everything was riding on this battle, Duosion learned Thunder in perfect sync with the battle and sent it roaring at the opposing Pokemon after levitating them with Psychic. Simisage and Simisear’s furs frizzed as they fell to the ground. Purple actually won!

    Cilan, Chili, and Cress congratulated Purple. He congratulated himself. He didn’t feel like a failure anymore. He got the Trio Badge from Cilan. He also got the brand new Blaze and Torrent Badges from Chili and Cress, respectively.

    Purple, still feeling down, walked back to Opelucid City, accompanied by his Duosion. Right before he reached the city entrance, Brittany and Grey ran up to him.

    “Hey! That was a great battle you had back there,” Grey congratulated.

    “Yeah, it was! It was truly a sight to see,” Brittany awed.

    “Stop that. I screwed up at the Opelucid Gym and ruined everything. Unova will be taken over by Veronica soon because she’ll get to the portal and take the legendary Pokemon.” Tears started to well up in Purple’s eyes again.

    “No, she won’t. You just got three badges at once! You only need one more,” Grey said, trying to cheer him up.

    Brittany walked over and gave Purple a hug. He flipped his long black hair to the side and hugged her back.

    “Challenge Drayden again!”


    “You heard me,” Brittany said. “By now, I know you, Purple. You learned a lot from your battle and you know his battle style. You can win! Challenge him again tomorrow morning! We know you can do it… I know you can do it.” She let go and walked back over to Grey.

    “There’s no guarantee I’ll win tomorrow. Therefore, you two need to go ahead to Victory Road tonight. Go on ahead. I don’t care what you say. You two must go on without me. You guys are the ones with eight badges. Go!”

    Purple turned his head in disgust with himself and walked away.
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    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Fighting Flyers with Flyers!


    “Oh, great Landorus. Please lend us your power,” Elesa said as she bowed down.

    “We would be forever grateful,” Skyla added as she also bowed down.

    Landorus roared. It wasn’t about to let two girls tell it what to do.

    “Landorus, listen! Unova needs your help!”

    The girls looked up. It was Clay, the master of Ground-types!

    “Seismitoad, come battle Landorus,” Clay screamed.

    It was early afternoon when Purple had beaten the Striaton City triplets. After telling Grey and Brittany to go on without him, he trained for the rest of the day and all of that night. He trained with Samurott constantly and perfected their moves and combinations. It was time to re-challenge the Opelucid Gym.

    Not wanting to further upset their friend, Grey and Brittany did as Purple said. They found the entrance to Victory Road.

    “You ready?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Brittany unconfidently answered.

    Victory Road was practically a cave. Trainers, thinking they were good enough for the Pokemon League, were everywhere. Wild Heatmor and Durant filled the spaces that weren’t occupied by trainers. Heatmor and Durant would get into a fight every now and then, but other than that, they were fine. The two entered the cave and ran as quick as they could. It was a mission, after all.

    Brittany and Grey traveled through many caves. Some big, some small, but in the end, they were all caves. Some had vast cavernous lakes occupied by Basculin and Frillish. Some had giant boulders blocking certain entrances or exits.

    “AH!” Brittany screamed as she ducked.


    “That,” she pointed to a school of Woobat swarming overhead. The Woobat flew out of the cave and into the night.

    Since leaving Purple, it had gotten fairly dark. As they moved on, they noticed less and less people and Pokemon out- the Pokemon sleeping and the trainers went somewhere to rest.

    “We should probably find some place to rest for the night,” Brittany said.

    “It’s getting awfully dark. Who knows what awaits us ahead?”

    “You’re right,” Grey agreed. “Go ahead and set up camp. I’ll go find some firewood. I’ll be back in a half an hour. If I’m not, come look for me.”

    Brittany nodded. Grey walked off into the forest part of Victory Road. She set up her tent, the tent her father, Birch, gave her along with other supplies. He had gotten tons of supplies for her sister, Sapphire, but she didn’t need them as she was used to the wild. Brittany wasn’t. She liked having clean clothes, proper food and hygiene, and a bed to sleep in. The closest she would get now is her tent.

    Her tent was dark green; it faded into the darkness that surrounded her. She set up a sleeping bag outside of the tent for Grey, his idea, not hers. She gathered stones in a circle in front of the tent and sleeping bag for the fire so it wouldn’t spread. Everything was fine until she starting hearing it.

    “Grey? Is that you?”

    Grey couldn’t hear her. He had wandered deep into the woods. Emboar, Jellicent, and Lilligant were outside of their Poke Balls collecting wood with him. Arms full, he decided to walk back to their camp. It was a long walk back, but when he finally reached camp, Brittany was curled up in a ball, surrounded by her blanket, next to her tent.

    Grey and his Pokemon dropped the fire wood in the stone circle Brittany had made. Emboar lit it with Flamethrower. Grey went over and comforted her. She told him all about the strange noises. Once the fire had gotten strong enough, they looked up. They had made their camp at the edge of a mountain. No. It was a Pokemon nest!

    It was a Rufflet, Vullaby, Braviary, and Mandibuzz nest to be exact!

    Their camp was directly under a huge cliff. Made of an obscene amount of twigs, the nest was at the very top of the cliff. One Mandibuzz and one Braviary were sitting in it. Tons of baby Rufflet and Vullaby were flying around overhead, screeching at Grey and Brittany for intruding on their property.

    “What can we do?”

    “Not much,” Grey answered. “Battle. Emboar, Lilligant, and Jellicent, attack! Use Flamethrower, Petal Dance, and Water Pulse, respectively!”

    “Cinccino, Azumarill, and Glaceon, join the fight! Use Rock Blast, Waterfall, and Ice Beam, respectively,” Brittany commanded.

    Emboar’s Flamethrower knocked multiple Rufflet and Vullaby out, but more came out of the nest. Petal Dance and Water Pulse hit many as well, but to no avail they were still attacking. The Vullaby hit Grey’s Pokemon with Air Slash. With the huge number of Vullaby, all three of Grey’s Pokemon were knocked out. Brittany’s Pokemon weren’t doing well, either. The Rufflet hit Cinccino and Glaceon with Superpower and Azumarill with Aerial Ace. All six of their Pokemon weren’t able to battle.

    Brittany and Grey cringed. Mandibuzz and Braviary flew out of the nest and gawked as loud as they possibly could, so Brittany and Grey thought. All of the Rufflet and Vullaby flew back into the nest. It was time to deal with the mama and papa birds.

    “Mandibuzz, this is your fight,” Brittany called.

    “Braviary and Golurk, this is your all’s fight,” Grey also called.

    Brittany’s Mandibuzz and Grey’s Braviary and Golurk came out. Mandibuzz was up first. Mandibuzz sent out a Toxic attack that rippled through the air and poisoned the wild Braviary and Mandibuzz. Standing on the ground, Golurk jumped up and pulled its legs into its body. Fire blasted out through the holes and propelled it into the air like a rocket. Once high enough, Golurk’s fists glowed red, and it slammed the DynamicPunch into both Braviary and Mandibuzz.

    The wild Mandibuzz sent a Dark Pulse into Golurk’s chest. Golurk slammed into the ground. Grey ran over to it and returned it. It was up to the kids’ Braviary and Mandibuzz. Purple static waves emitted from the wild Mandibuzz and Braviary. The Toxic attack was having an effect like Brittany had planned!

    The wild Braviary swooped down and grabbed the kids’ Pokemon both by the throat with Crush Claw. If they didn’t get free, they would be seriously injured.

    “My Mandibuzz,” Brittany cried out.

    “I have an idea. Command a Brave Bird attack,” Grey calmly said.

    The kids’ Pokemon did so. The fire that enveloped them burned Braviary’s claws, and it was forced to let go. Braviary retreated the Mandibuzz, and the kids’ Pokemon slammed Brave Bird into them. The wild Pokemon fell to the ground and were done for.

    “We did it!”

    “Right. We need to keep moving.”

    Grey was right. Brittany quickly packed up camp, and they left. They headed through Victory Road all through the night. They passed more huge boulders, lakes, and forests. The sun was starting to rise when they saw it. A sign read: Trial Chamber. Before they could enter, however, a Zoroark flashed in front of them. It looked distressed, like something terrible had just happened to it.

    The Pokemon was frantic. It was pointing inside the Trial Chamber. A shriek came from the cave. Grey figured it was from pain, but he wasn’t sure.

    Zoroark pointed to the cave again and motioned them inside. The two went inside. Zoroark followed. Inside, a guy with green hair laid on the floor. He wore a nice hat and looked to be an adult.

    “Ah, Zoroark, you found help,” the man said.

    “Um, yes. I’m Brittany and this is Grey. What exactly happened?”

    “You see, the legendary Pokemon Terrakion was in here like usual. I came here to visit it, but it didn’t like that. It started to rampage, and I, being known for talking to Pokemon, tried to stop it. I couldn’t stop the rampaging. In the midst of it all, I hurt my ankle. I can’t walk.”

    “Terrakion was here! Where’d it go?”

    “Calm down, Brittany. Be polite,” Grey scolded.

    “I don’t know. It probably went to find Cobalion and Virizion,” the guy said.

    “Awesome! We’ve achieved our goal,” Brittany excitedly said.

    “Oh, and I’m N. Nice to meet you all.”
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    Okay, way to include N into this. Somehow I knew you would, but not this way. I can only speculate what he will do now!

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    Chapter Twenty-Nine: Climbing the Spirals to Success!

    Grey, Brittany, and Zoroark were now walking past the Pokemon League. N was flying on Grey’s Braviary. Trainers were lined up outside of the Pokemon League ready to challenge their skills against the Elite Four and champion of the Unova region, Iris.

    “I’ve got some place I want to show you,” N shouted from the skies.

    They traveled back into Victory Road and came to a large staircase. It didn’t look very sturdy, but N seemed confident that it would be safe. Grey didn’t feel too confident, though, because N didn’t have to walk down them. Brittany trusted him and walked down the massive stairs. Once they reached the bottom, there was only one thing: an opening.

    N nodded to them approvingly. They went in. Inside, pillars rose through the ground. A hallway ran through the pillars. It was an elaborate castle! N told Braviary to fly into the first room. Braviary did. It was true! N could talk to Pokemon! Brittany and Grey ran after him. They were shocked by what they saw.

    A colorful room. That’s what they say. A skateboard ramp cut through the entire room, wall to wall. A small, round table sat in the left corner. Coloring books and stuffed animals hugged the table. In the right corner sat jacks and a matching skateboard to the ramp. It was definitely designed for a child. But what was it doing in Victory Road?

    A Zorua peeked its head out of from behind the skateboard ramp. Zoroark ran as fast as it could to the baby Zorua and picked it up. The two Pokemon cuddled on the skateboard ramp while N explained what exactly the room was.

    “This was my room. You see, a man named Ghetsis took me in as a child. I lived in the wild with Pokemon all of my life until Ghetsis took me in. I loved the wild. Ghetsis used me, and I will never forgive him.” N started to cry. “It doesn’t matter. I wanted to show you all this place because you’re young. You have so much ahead of you, and don’t let it get ruined like it did with me. Let’s go ahead.”

    They walked over the skateboard ramp and into the next room. Light was seeable through the roof of the castle, but just barely. It was one large room with one tiny walkway. One walkway went through the middle of the room. Spires rose around it. A throne awaited them at the other side. N flew down and got off of Braviary. Barely able to stand, he threw a Poke Ball into the air. A Zekrom came out!

    Zekrom roared and landed. N climbed onto Zekrom’s back, and Zekrom prepared to take flight.

    “I felt compelled to share this with you. I will now go. We will definitely meet in the future.”

    And, with that, N and Zekrom were gone.

    Purple was walking up to the Opelucid Gym for his rematch when a gigantic black dragon flew over the city.

    “That’s the legendary Zekrom, you know.”

    “Drayden! I’m ready for our battle,” Purple said, this time confidently. Purple’s losing the first time leading to his training was a real confidence booster!

    The gym leader and trainer went back to the gym, a gym that the entrance was the heads of Reshiram and Zekrom. Construction workers were on top of the gym of the gym adding a third head- Kyurem-, a decision that Drayden made after the Team Plasma incident.

    The two went inside the gym. The battlefield was brand new, like a fairy had come in and sprinkled “Fix-It Dust” on the battlefield from the previous three battles. The referee, one of Drayden’s best students from the Opelucid Trainer School, came out of the room and greeted them. Drayden pressed a red button on a nearby Deino statue, and the battlefield soared high into the air with Drayden and the referee on it.

    Another student appeared and explained the gym to Purple. Apparently you have to climb up to the battlefield, which didn’t make sense to Purple as there wasn’t anything to climb. Just as he pondered this, draconic spirals shot out of the ground, and Purple dashed onto the first one: a white dragon with faux “tails” hanging down, obviously Reshiram.

    When he climbed to the head of the Reshiram spiral, an Axew blocked his way to the next spiral. It was clear that he had to battle Axew to move on. He chose his Duosion for the battle, and he beat Axew with one Flash Canon. He cheered and moved on to the second spiral: a black spiral with a large, spiraled tail. Zekrom.

    Again, this spiral was easy. At the top was a lonely Deino. Still having Duosion out, he chose it. Deino imbued its lonely thoughts into a powerful Dark Pulse. Duosion used Thunderbolt to counter it, but Dark Pulse was strong! Duosion knocked Deino out with Flash Canon. The last spiral was different than the rest. It was literally icy. The last spiral was light blue and covered in ice. Kyurem was last.

    Purple fell numerous times. He kept getting back up and rolling with it. He didn’t know how much further he could go uphill on ice. Duosion floated in front and reached the last Dragon-type Pokemon they had to face before Drayden: Druddigon. Druddigon Dragon Clawed Duosion, knocking it into Purple. The boy fell off of the spiral. He was only hanging on by one hand. Duosion used Psychic and brought Purple back up.

    “Duosion, stop everything Druddigon does with Psychic! Then, use Flash Canon!”

    Pink aura surrounded Druddigon. It floated into the air, unable to move at all. Duosion dropped the Psychic, but before Druddigon fell to the ground, Duosion hit it with Flash Canon. Druddigon hit the ice, cracking it. It was unable to battle, though. The ice completely shattered, and Druddigon fell through. Purple had no way to reach the top.

    “Duosion, you know what to do!”

    Duosion used Psychic on Purple again, and he safely reached the top of the gym. It was finally time for his rematch with Drayden!

    The referee, now on the sidelines, said, “Both sides will use six-“

    “I can’t,” Purple interrupted. “My Duosion can’t, I mean.” Duosion floated over to Purple, huffing and puffing from the previous three battles and carrying Purple to the battlefield. “You see.”

    “Alright,” the referee continued. “Both sides will use five Pokemon. Let the battle begin!”

    “First up, my Zweilous!”

    Purple was shuddering with fear. He didn’t want to face his friends if he failed yet again. Without saying a single word, he threw his Poke Ball. Krookodile was up first again! Drayden just looked at him.

    “You know, boy, we’ve been training since our battle too. This should be fun to say the least.”

    Zweilous jumped across the battlefield with one leap. Without giving any orders, Zweilous used Ice Fang on Krookodile. In an attempt to block it, Krookodile stuck out its arm, and that’s what was being frozen over.

    Krookodile growled in pain and unleashed and Incinerate attack that not only unfroze his arm, but it also sent Zweilous across the field. While Zweilous was still in the air, Krookodile launched a Rock Slide that plummeted Zweilous to the ground.

    Drayden was a man of very few words. He silently returned Zweilous and sent out his next Pokemon: Flygon. Purple, upon seeing Flygon, returned Krookodile for later use. Samurott was up for Team Purple! Like a snowball, a sphere of water formed in Samurott’s mouth. With force, Samurott hurled it towards Flygon. Flygon spun, and a Sandstorm swirled around it, blocking the Hydro Canon. Samurott used Surf on the battlefield, sending water even off of the field and on to the Axew, Deino, Druddigon, and other student.

    Flygon flew up high and came down with Dragon Claw. Samurott jumped off of the wave, and Flygon crashed in the water. Samurott was high in the air now, and it launched an Ice Beam that froze the entire battlefield including Flygon. The battlefield, since covered in waves, was now five feet higher since frozen. Samurott grabbed its scalchops and hit the frozen Flygon with X-Scissor. Flygon hit the ice on Drayden’s side.

    Still silent, Drayden returned Flygon. He had lost two Pokemon and only had three left. Purple still had all five! Things were looking good for Purple. Altaria was next for Drayden! Altaria flew high just like Flygon had, but Drayden wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice. Altaria sent a roaring Dragonbreath at Samurott. Samurott slid back and was out cold. Purple lost his first Pokemon that quickly! Escavalier was Purple’s next Pokemon.

    Altaria danced in midair. Escavalier gave Altaria a weird look which was good for it since Escavalier always looks mad. Escavalier jolted through the air, but Altaria was done with the dancing. A Dragonbreath made Escavalier hit the ice. Another Dragonbreath was headed at Escavalier. In a panic, Purple screamed of fear. Escavalier’s javelin-like arms came together and formed an Energy Ball. Energy Ball exploded with Dragonbreath.

    Dragon Dance had increased Altaria’s speed and attack stats. Drayden commanded Altaria to confuse Escavalier, so the bird flew around this battlefield extremely fast. Escavalier used Twineedle to break up some of the ice; just enough that it would bust if something hit it. Escavalier ascended above the battlefield, and Altaria took the opportunity to use an Aerial Ace attack. Escavalier’s head turned to Iron, and the Iron Head attack smashed the ice, hitting Altaria with all of the ice. Escavalier had successfully lured Altaria into the trap!

    Altaria slammed into the other side of the ice, but it wasn’t about to faint that easily. Drayden proclaimed that Altaria is one of his strongest Pokemon. Altaria was doused in white waves. The Sky Attack was charging, and Escavalier used it to its advantage this time. He summoned an Energy Ball and sent it at Altaria. Altaria charged at the Energy Ball. It exploded. The attack hit Escavalier, and a nice Escavalier imprint was made in the ice next to Purple.

    Escavalier rose. Barely able to move, Purple knew Escavalier was done for soon. Altaria surrounded itself again but with red this time. Redness took over Altaria’s eyes as if it was possessed. Altaria charged again.

    “Escavalier! Your last chance is now! Struggle Bug,” Purple cried out.

    Altaria’s Outrage attack slammed into the red force-field that Escavalier had summoned. Altaria slammed into it like a ton of bricks and bounced off to the other side of the field. Altaria fell unable to battle at last.

    The referee stepped forward, “Gym Leader Drayden has two Pokemon left while Purple has four. Let the battle resume.”
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    Chapter Thirty: Oppressing the Opelucid Gym!

    “You’ve definitely improved, boy, but you still won’t win. My last two are my strongest two. Have fun. Haxorus, it’s your turn,” Drayden said. He threw a Poke Ball that released the Axe Jaw Pokemon.

    “I’ll continue with Escavalier,” Purple said. Escavalier floated over the hole in the ice that it had caused with Iron Head. Escavalier was panting; it couldn’t take much more. “We’ll just have to finish this up quick.”

    Escavalier zipped over to the other side of the battlefield with an Iron Head. Haxorus’s tusks glowed orange. Rock Smash and Iron Head collided, causing an explosion that knocked Escavalier across the field but barely made Haxorus stumble. Haxorus ran across the field with another Rock Smash, but Escavalier put up a facade in the form of a Struggle Bug attack- a red force field came out of Escavalier. This time, however, Haxorus broke through with Rock Smash and hit Escavalier.

    Escavalier was unable to battle. Purple returned it, but he was still confident since he had three Pokemon still. Krookodile was back out to battle Haxorus! Krookodile roared in horror as it looked at Haxorus. Memories of its loss with Fraxure sped through its mind. Krookodile took one step forward and fell. Krookodile got up and saw the ice. Krookodile roared again, and the entire gym shook. Drayden and Haxorus even looked scared.

    Brittany and Grey reached Opelucid City and went straight to the gym to support Purple. The two walked in and saw the battlefield at the top of the building with no stairs and walked back outside.

    “What do we do?” Brittany asked.

    “I’ve got an idea,” Grey said.

    Grey ran around to the side of the building, Brittany following closely behind. Grey climbed the construction workers’ ladder and watched from the glass head of Kyurem on the roof. Brittany joined them. Krookodile was on a rampage inside!

    Krookodile was rampaging across the battlefield. Drayden and Haxorus just stood their ground. Purple sighed and yelled, “Krookodile, you’ve got to calm down! A Fraxure beat you. This is a Haxorus! Take all of your vengeance and put it towards beating this Haxorus! You have got to calm down!”

    Krookodile was in the middle of the battlefield now. Krookodile stopped and stood there, as if waiting for something. Then, out of nowhere, Krookodile’s eyes went red and red energy was absorbed into Krookodile’s body.

    Krookodile’s entire body was outlined in red aura, and Krookodile attacked. Punches and kicks from the new Outrage attack hit Haxorus all over. Haxorus flexed, and Krookodile stumbled backward. Krookodile started punching and kicking in weird directions.

    “Ha,” Drayden chuckled. “Side-effect of Outrage is that the user becomes confused. I’ll put Krookodile out of its misery. Rock Tomb.”

    Haxorus summoned a gigantic rock over its head. After hurling it at Krookodile, the boulder broke in midair, pieces hitting Krookodile and knocking it over. When the smoke from the attack cleared, Krookodile was pinned down, unable to battle. Purple returned Krookodile and started to sweat, as he only had two Pokemon left- the same number Drayden had.

    “I wonder how many Pokemon each side has left,” Brittany said.

    “If I read the referee’s lips right, both have two left,” Grey confirmed.

    Purple threw his next Poke Ball. He knew that Rock Tomb was super-effective against both of his last two Pokemon, so he chose the one that would be able to evade it quicker. Swanna. Swanna flew around Haxorus in circles, confusing it in the process. Haxorus jumped, tusks glowing, and missed its Rock Smash attack. Swanna ascended and used Icy Wind to freeze and knock Haxorus back down to the ground.

    Haxorus summoned a Rock Tomb and hurled it. Swanna flew away from it, and, after getting far enough away, turned around and sent a Bubblebeam attack at it. The Water-type attack exploded the boulder in the air. Swanna flapped its wings super hard with a Hurricane attack, and the boulder pieces hit Haxorus and knocked it to the ground, pinning it. Swanna flew over to Haxorus, ascended sharply, and very acutely hit Haxorus in the stomach with an Aerial Ace. Haxorus was beaten!


    Hydreigon came out of its Poke Ball and hissed at Purple and Swanna. It was a feisty Hydreigon for sure. Hydreigon flew up, and, just like that, smacked Swanna down with a Dragon Tail. Swanna was rushed into its Poke Ball, and, without Purple’s control, Accelgor came out. Purple returned Accelgor and sent Swanna back out. Swanna was beyond angry. It flew up to Hydreigon and flapped a Hurricane that consumed the pseudo-legendary Pokemon. Hydreigon used Fire Blast from within the Hurricane, but it only made the attack worse on it as the flames melded into the Hurricane.

    Hydreigon roared, and the Hurricane dissipated. Swanna flew back as it knew it was about to strike. Hydreigon also flew back, continuing to roar.

    Hydreigon, once back to Drayden’s side, flew up. A Fire Blast blazed the entire battlefield, resulting in every last piece of ice to melt. Even the dirt of the field was somehow melting. Swanna flew down and used an Icy Wind to attempt to re-freeze the field. Hydreigon zipped down, scaring Swanna, and used Dragon Tail again. This time, when Swanna fell down, it was unable to battle.

    “Purple only has one Pokemon left,” Brittany fretted.

    “Purple won’t lose again. Trust me,” Grey reassured her.

    “Accelgor, you’re my last hope,” Purple said, throwing the Poke Ball that would release his last Pokemon. “Battle hard… For Unova and my friends, for Professor Juniper and the gym leaders, for everyone, battle hard, Accelgor.”

    “Accel,” Accelgor said back.

    “Defeating my Hydreigon will not be an easy feat,” Drayden said. “To defeat it, you must absolutely be one with Accelgor and fight with everything you’ve got, something I don’t know if you and your Pokemon have yet. This Hydreigon has been with me since it was a small Deino years ago.”

    The flashback started with a young Drayden, probably around eight, running around in a place called the Village of Dragons. A Deino and Axew followed him, apparently the Deino he was talking about. Drayden left for his journey, leaving Axew behind. As he was leaving, Deino evolved into Zweilous. Drayden used to have such fun with his Pokemon.

    What happened? Purple wondered.

    “I came to the realization that I need to become stronger with my Pokemon, not play around with them. I beat seven gym leaders but then fell to Iris, the champion. She used to be the gym leader of the Opelucid Gym, this very same one. She became champion after I put in some good words for her, and I took over as gym leader.”

    With that, Hydreigon ascended and blazed a Fire Blast at Accelgor. Accelgor swiftly dodged the attack. Drayden noticed something was wrong with Accelgor, but he couldn’t place what it was. Accelgor landed directly under Hydreigon and used Bug Buzz. Hydreigon grabbed its ears, but the attack had already done damage. Confused, Hydreigon wandered around aimlessly above the battlefield. Accelgor jumped, but Hydreigon turned and used Tri Attack. Being confused was a trick!

    Hydreigon’s two arms summoned ice and lightning while its mouth summoned fire. In midair, Accelgor dodged the ice and lightning but got struck by the fire. Upside down, Accelgor plummeted towards the battlefield, still freshly frozen over. Hydreigon flew under Accelgor and sent a Fire Blast ascending towards Accelgor. Accelgor screamed out in agony but got serious. The Bug-type used Bug Buzz to cut back the Fire Blast.

    Accelgor and Hydreigon both launched themselves toward their own sides of the field.

    “And, you see, Purple… Hydreigon has been angry with me ever since it evolved from Zweilous. Maybe it wants to have fun, but we have to train hard to keep our gym leader positions. I don’t know what to do.”

    Accelgor launched itself towards Hydreigon. Hydreigon did the same towards Accelgor. Facade and Dragon Rush were going to collide! Accelgor and Hydreigon were nudging back and forth at the collision. Drayden and Purple encouraged their Pokemon, but Accelgor won out and slammed Hydreigon onto the field, ice chunks going everywhere.

    “Hydreigon can’t further battle, so Purple is the winner!”

    “Something was different about Accelgor,” Drayden confirmed. “That’s how it won,” he said, pointing to a tiny, purple orb on Accelgor.

    “You’re right! Back at the Pokemon World Tournament, I bought Accelgor a Toxic Orb for its Facade attack,” Purple said as he gave a faint smile.
    Purple and Drayden rode the battlefield as it and the spirals went back into the ground. Drayden congratulated him and gave him the Legend Badge. He hollered in excitement and left the gym. As he walked out, a Hydreigon, with an Axew on its back, approached him.

    “AH! BACK AWAY!”

    Hydreigon and Axew spun and were encompassed in a violet flash. Coming down from the flash were Zorua and Zoroark. Zorua walked over and rubbed on Purple’s leg, purring the entire time. Zoroark waved and smiled.

    Grey and Brittany ran up to him, waving and smiling like Zoroark. Drayden came out of them gym, shocked to see Zorua and Zoroark and Grey and Brittany. All of a sudden, Purple, Grey, and Brittany’s Xtranscievers all rang at the same time. They picked up.

    It was Veronica! Her appearance was different, though. She had dyed her hair blonde with purple, red, and blue streaks, advice she had gotten from Redhead.

    “It’s time, she hissed, “for my taking over to begin.”
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    Wow. I can only see things getting better from here. How will she take over? Does Veronica have a legendary? Is it some sort of dimensional machine? Is this going to turn out like the movie with Giratina?

    Only time will tell. Keep it up!

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    Kind of wish I had the Spheal before I threw my Bagon into that fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    Wow. I can only see things getting better from here. How will she take over? Does Veronica have a legendary? Is it some sort of dimensional machine? Is this going to turn out like the movie with Giratina?

    Only time will tell. Keep it up!
    One or two chapters is all this fic has left. D:

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    Chapter Thirty-One: Injured Pokemon in an Irreconcilable Situation!

    “You heard what she said, Purple,” Brittany grouched. “We have to go!”

    “I’m not disputing that! I’m not. At all. I’m just saying that I can’t go yet,” he said, defending himself.

    “I have to agree with Purple,” Drayden cut in. “All six of his Pokemon are injured from our battle. Five from the battle and one from climbing the tower.”

    “Purple, go heal your Pokemon. Brittany and I will come with you. Drayden, can you keep Zorua and Zoroark for now?”

    “Sure thing,” Drayden said.

    With that, the three aspiring teenagers left for the Opelucid City Pokemon Center. On their way there, Brittany and Grey explained about Victory Road: the Flying-type nest, Terrakion being already gone and about N and Zekrom. They went on to tell him about how they got Zorua and Zoroark.

    They arrived at the Pokemon Center and went inside. Trainers were everywhere, their Pokemon just standing or flying around. Grey and Purple went on ahead to the desk, and Brittany said, “I’ll catch up in a minute.” She went over the television. A reporter on the TV was saying that there was a blackout in Nimbasa City and that it was attacked by the legendary Pokemon Thundurus. Also, Tornadus appeared in Mistralton City. Apparently three gym leaders were seen climbing to the Abundant Shrine.

    “I’m sorry,” Nurse Joy pleaded, “but we can’t have your Pokemon healed that quickly. You see all of the people here. The only one that we can guarantee will be done quickly is your Duosion, as it didn’t actually take part in the gym battle, the cause of the mass exhaustion.”

    “Ah, come on! We’re fighting to save Unova, and I only have one Pokemon,” Purple groaned.

    “We’re so sorry, ma’am,” Grey interrupted. “He’s extremely tired from training and battling. We completely understand. Best wishes!”

    Brittany caught up and explained what she had heard on the television. Grey definitely thought something weird was going on. He waved it aside, and they left the Pokemon Center. With only one Pokemon, Purple felt doomed. How would he save the region with only one Pokemon? It felt impossible to him.

    When they walked out of the Pokemon Center, a quadruped Pokemon pounced onto Purple, clearly glad to see him. Meloetta floated over and collectively hugged Brittany and Grey. Purple, now on the ground, got up. It was Keldeo!

    “Well, hello there,” Cynthia greeted to the kids.

    “Cynthia!” All three kids shouted.

    “It’s nice to see you too, Keldeo,” Purple said. “Here,” he continued as he tapped a Poke Ball on Keldeo’s head. Keldeo went in and stayed in. “I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea of us having a legendary Pokemon. Meloetta, shouldn’t you be going home?”

    “I was actually just taking it back to the Abyssal Ruins. I just happened to catch you all here just in time to give you Keldeo,” Cynthia said. “Good luck. You’ll need it if you’re going to beat Veronica. Just remember: Everything happens for a reason. Do not forget that.”

    “What does she mean?” Brittany asked.

    “We never know with Cynthia,” Grey answered.

    “At least I have two Pokemon now,” Purple said sarcastically. “Keldeo will be a huge help.”


    The kids looked up above. It was Skyla in her plane! Her blue and gold airplane swooped down and landed in front of the Pokemon Center. She opened the bulk of the plane and let the three in. They gladly climbed in, and they were ready for lift off.

    “Long time no see! Where we headed?”

    “For the record, you’re awesome! Twist Mountain is the destination,” Purple greeted. He smiled, and Skyla felt wanted.

    “Skyla, is it true that you were fighting Tornadus?”

    “Yes, Brittany, it is. I actually caught the legendary Pokemon, the same with Elesa. Elesa and Clay are still at the Abundant Shrine as we speak. I came to pick you up. Drayden put in a good word for you guys,” Skyla said, winking.

    “I can see Twist Mountain,” Grey informed.

    Out of nowhere, a missile hit Skyla’s airplane. The plane blew up, sending everyone aboard flying in different directions. Duosion came out and used Psychic to keep Purple lifted into the air. He wasn’t about to fall over three hundred feet into the forest. Where are the others? He thought.

    Duosion flew him over to some Flying-type Pokemon. Everyone was alright! Brittany’s Mandibuzz caught her; Grey’s Braviary caught him; and Skyla’s Swanna caught her! They were all quick on their feet! They all landed at the entrance to Twist Mountain. Skyla returned Swanna to its Poke Ball, leading an example to the others.

    “I’ve got to be off. I can only bring you this far. I wish you all good luck, as I need in my own journey,” Skyla wished. She left directly after.

    “Come on,” Grey said. “We’ve got a mission to wrap up. It all ends here.”

    “And remember,” Brittany started. “Everything happens for a reason.”

    The three walked into Twist Mountain, activating the warp tiles. Brittany was sent to the left, Grey to the right, and Purple straight forward. This time, Espeon sat at all three. Still, though, they used Psychic and trapped the kids on the warp tiles. Everything went black, and they were suddenly in a huge room.




    “I hear the guardians of the lakes! They’re here,” Purple gathered.

    “But where is ‘here’?” Grey pondered.

    “It’s still Twist Mountain, but it looks so much different,” Brittany examined.

    She was right. Since Purple had been there- even since Roxie and Marlon had been there- Team Underworld had dug through and excavated the cave into one big room. Normally, the three directions from the warp tiles would take you to three different caverns, but now they all led to the same room.
    A light came on, spotlighting the three kids. Other than the spotlights, it was still completely dark. Three more came on- this time on Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. Rapidly, more spotlights came on. Soon, the entire cave was lit up with spotlights. The spotlights disappeared, and after a second, one overall light lit up the entire cave.

    Purple was in the middle of the cave, Brittany and Grey behind him. In front of him were Redhead, Purple-head, and Veronica. Behind them were Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. Behind them, a portal would be opening.

    “Glad you could join us,” Veronica hissed. “Commanders, take care of them. Let them watch me rule.”

    “Magmortar, come shine,” Purple-head said.

    “Electivire, you too,” Redhead said.

    Brittany cringed. “They ca-ca-can’t be!”

    “That’s right. We followed you long before you ever knew. These are the same ones that you fought at the beginning of your journey at the Virbank Industrial Complex,” Purple-head maniacally said.

    Purple noticed something wrong with the legendary Pokemon. Their eyes were glowing a horrific blood red. Purple ran up to get them, but Electivire scorched the ground in front of him. He fell back. His friends ran up to help him, but it was no use. Electivire had gotten him. Grey and Brittany stepped back and prepared to save their friend.

    “Emboar, come show them your power,” Grey screamed, furious at Team underworld.

    “Serperior, stand up to them! Purple may be hurt,” she roared, throwing Serperior’s Poke Ball.

    Magmortar’s Flamethrower and Electivire’s Thunder roared across the cavern. Serperior and Emboar used Leaf Storm and Scald, respectively. The four monstrous attacks sent an explosion of fire, electricity, water, and leaves all over. Purple’s limp body flew back and landed in-between Grey and Brittany.

    Behind the battle, Veronica unlocked the chains that held the legendary Pokemon. The three Pokemon ascended and moaned demonically. Veronica harnessed their power, and they followed her to the cave wall. She started speaking an ancient language that no one, not even the commanders, understood. Finally, she said, “Please lend me your power and open the portal.”

    A purple sphere formed behind them. To that sphere, the legendary Pokemon sent a green beam that widened it. The purple portal widened to a diameter of twelve feet and a height of twelve feet- a perfect circle.

    The legendary Pokemon flew inside the portal.

    “Wait! Where are you going? Get back here,” Veronica hissed.

    “I have to go…” Purple staggered to his feet and ran after her.
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    I take it no one read the last chapter? D:

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    Chapter Thirty-Two: Tutoring the Tutor!

    Emboar and Serperior were weak from battle. They couldn’t take much more from Electivire and Magmortar. Grey and Brittany were worn down, also. A young woman staggered into the cave. Shocked, she ran up to Grey and Brittany, told them to return their Pokemon, and took them out of the cave. Outside, she explained.

    “Hi,” the woman said. “I’m Tiffany the Tutor. I was told that three kids with three starter Pokemon were facing Team Underworld. You two must be two of them since I saw Serperior and Emboar. Anyway, if you’re going to beat them, you must have combination attacks. Send out your Pokemon again. Once you do, training will begin.”

    Emboar and Serperior got stickers of leaves and flames, respectively. According to Tiffany, they help master the attacks. Tiffany explained, “To help you guys, I’ll show you an example. Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil, come on out and use your attacks! I got these guys on a business trip to Johto last year.”

    Cyndaquil’s back lit up in flames. They extinguished, and Cyndaquil jumped. Right leg first, Cyndaquil slammed into the ground. A ring of fire-spouts roared out of the ground. Totodile turned dark blue and a spout of water poured down from the sky into the fire. An explosion crackled in the fire. Grass was next. Chikorita jumped and spun itself. A column of leaves came out of the ground. When the three attacks collided, a massive explosion knocked Brittany and Grey to their bottoms. “You get used to it,” Tiffany said, winking. “Good Fire, Water, and Grass Pledges, you three!”

    “Where did they go? They fled,” Purple-head said, disgusted.

    “They made it easy on us, at least. I want to go inside the portal, but we’re supposed to guard the entrance,” Redhead grunted.

    “I don’t care. We’re a vital part of this team. We’re going in. Now.”

    Magmortar and Electivire grunted and went back into their Poke Balls. The cavern shook from the explosion from Tiffany’s Pokemon. Redhead and Purple-head ran into the green and purple portal. It was beautiful! Everything was decorated in blues, pinks, and yellows. Purple-head thought it looked like a cupcake threw up everywhere, however.

    Veronica was up ahead! She was facing the portal, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie behind her. Purple was in midair, being held by Azelf’s Psychic attack. When the two commanders ran up to Veronica, she scolded them for not being at their post. They explained how Grey and Brittany fled.

    “They wouldn’t just flee! They’re coming back. I know it,” Purple blurted out.

    “Shut up, boy,” Veronica scolded once again as she slapped him. “Azelf, let him down. He can’t stop us without his friends.”

    “Thank you, Azelf,” Purple thanked. “Samurott, come fend off the two commanders. I’m taking Veronica down!” The Pokemon Center in Opelucid City has just finished healing his Samurott, so they sent it to him through his Xtransciever.

    Samurott approached the two commanders, and they backed away. Sweat started to trickle down their faces. None of their Pokemon would be able to handle Samurott. It was his starter. It was exceptionally strong. They ran back out of the portal and into the cavern. Samurott ran after them.

    Outside of Twist Mountain, Emboar and Serperior were vigorously training. Tiffany proposed a battle to see if they could master Fire and Water Pledges. Chikorita and Totodile would battle Emboar and Serperior.

    Totodile used Water gun, and Chikorita used Razor Leaf. The attacks, right before they hit Emboar and Serperior, were deflected with Emboar’s Arm Thrust. Serperior summoned a purple, draconic Twister attack that sent the two Pokemon flying into the air. Emboar jumped and knocked them back down with Flame Charge. Chikorita and Totodile hit the ground hard, barely able to still battle.

    “Now, you guys, use Solarbeam and Hydro Pump! Upgraded attacks are a lot stronger, you know,” Tiffany yelled, still winking at them.

    A torrent of water and a beam of light were hurtling towards Emboar and Serperior. Emboar lit itself up in blue flames and knocked the Solarbeam back with Flare Blitz. Serperior’s tail glowed bright green, and it diminished Hydro Pump to nothing. Serperior and Emboar landed in their spots, breathing hard.

    “Let’s finish it,” Brittany excitedly roared. “Serperior, Grass Pledge!”

    “And Emboar, Fire Pledge!”

    “Let’s see how they do,” Tiffany muttered.

    Emboar stabbed its right foot in the ground. Serperior slammed its tail in the ground. The fire-spout and leaf column came up out of the ground but dissipated as soon as they did. They don’t quite have it mastered yet. Totodile and Chikorita ran across the field. Chikorita slammed into Serperior with Headbutt. Totodile slammed its glowing Aqua Tail into Emboar. Emboar and Serperior fell down.

    Emboar and Serperior tried the attacks again. This time, it worked! Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge successfully shot out of the ground, knocking Totodile and Chikorita up into the air and slamming them into Tiffany, making her fall backwards. “You two work better than any team I’ve ever seen! Lesson learned. Looks like you’ve got it,” Tiffany congratulated. She got up and returned her Pokemon. Another woman was running up to them!

    “How did the training go?” It was Cynthia!

    “It was fine,” Tiffany reassured. “I think they just mastered the moves.

    “Uh-oh. I only see Emboar and Serperior. Where are Purple and his Samurott?”

    “He’s inside fighting Veronica,” Brittany explained. “He’s injured, too!”

    Grey noticed Cynthia was holding some sort of pink flower. No one else seemed to notice it, so, he asked, “What’s up with the flower, Cynthia?”

    “Oh, right! This is for you, actually! I need you to give this to Shaymin once you get inside the portal and join the fight. The others can fight on their own, but Shaymin only feels confident enough to fight when it has its Gracidea Flower. I just picked it up in Lacunosa Town. As for Purple, take this medicine. I have a feeling he’ll need it.”

    The two trainers nodded and ran back into the action. To avoid the Espeon using Psychic on them, Grey had his Emboar smash them with Flare Blitz. Once back into the cavern, Grey ran and did a triple front flip to land in front of Samurott. He stuck the sticker of water on its cheek, and Samurott roared, power rushing through it. Electivire and Magmortar were back out battling Samurott and Duosion now. All four Pokemon were weak.

    “Brittany and Grey to the rescue,” Brittany yelled. “Serperior, use Grass Pledge!”

    “Emboar, use Fire Pledge. And Samurott, please try Water Pledge,” Grey screamed.

    Fire and leaves consumed Electivire and Magmortar. They screamed as long as they could. Water exploded through the roof of the cavern and joined in. With all three attacks, another explosion knocked the entirety of Twist Mountain. Magmortar and Electivire fell over, unable to battle any further.

    “We did it! Now, we’ve got to go heal Purple!” Brittany ran into the portal, not watching anything other than the portal. Grey ran after her.

    Inside, they ran as far as they could until they came to Purple and Veronica. Purple and Veronica were verbally arguing over the legendary Pokemon.

    “…hurt them! You can’t just use them for your own selfish ways,” he was telling her.

    “But I can,” they overhead Veronica say.

    Out of nowhere, the legendary Pokemon came out to see who was invading their territory. By their looks, it was obvious that humans weren’t exactly welcome in the Legendary Dimension, the correct name for this place.

    “Oh, Pokemon of the Legendary Dimension, please come with me.”

    “Do NOT listen to her,” Purple roared. “She is evil!”

    All of the Pokemon were out now. Mew, Celebi, Victini, Shaymin, Jirachi, and Manaphy. All were floating, as they all had telekinesis. Grey and Brittany came out from hiding, and Shaymin saw the flower Grey was holding.
    Shaymin flew over to Grey, and he put the Gracidea Flower on Shaymin. Shaymin glowed and transformed into its Skye Forme.

    While all of the commotion was going on, the two commanders snuck into the portal as well.

    The Victory Pokemon, Victini, flew over to Purple and sat in his arms. Victini had pleasant memories of helping Purple on Liberty Island. Two of the legendary Pokemon were on the kids’ side. Three weren’t.

    The two commanders had snuck all of the way around the Legendary Dimension and were now sneaking up behind Veronica and Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. The two girls threw their Poke Balls in the air. Purugly and Skuntank came out! Purugly and Skuntank’s tails both glowed black and slammed into Veronica’s back. The Iron Tails made Veronica fall over, unconscious.
    The commanders stripped off their disguises and revealed themselves.

    “I’m Mars… and this is Purugly.”

    “I’m Jupiter… and this is Skuntank.”

    The Legendary Dimension shook. They all realized that it was coming from the cavern in Twist Mountain. Brittany and Grey ran towards the portal. If they didn’t leave now, the cavern would collapse and they would be caught in their forever!

    “We’ve got to go,” Brittany yelled. “I’m not losing you! Come on!”

    “I’m staying here to fight. You two go on ahead!”

    They did. Frantic, Duosion squeezed in to be with its trainer before it would lose the chance. The cave crumbled, and the portal was shut with boulders that fell from the roof of the cave. Brittany and Grey just stood in the cavern. They were divided again. Brittany broke out in tears.

    “This is the ultimate battle. Keldeo, come on out and help me win Unova back!”
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    Chapter Thirty-Three: The Ultimate Battle! Legends Unleashed!

    “Keldeo,” Purple panted. “Focus Blast those fiends!”

    The blue Musketeer sent the Focus Blast roaring. It was unlike anything Purple had ever seen! With Keldeo being a powerful legendary Pokemon, the Focus Blast excreted powerful aura. Purugly jumped and dodged the attack, leading it to hit Skuntank. Skuntank used an orange Hyper Beam to counter the Focus Blast. Focus Blast barely dissipated.

    “Keldeo knows Focus Blast, Hydro Pump, Double Kick, and Reflect,” Purple’s Pokedex said.

    “Alright. I can work with that,” Purple continued to pant. “Keldeo, Hydro Pump!”

    “Not gonna happen. Purugly, Iron Tail! Mars ran up and pointed at Purugly. The Pokemon jumped, and, with tons of pressure, slammed the black, curled tail into the Hydro Pump. The pressure split Hydro Pump down the middle, sliding Keldeo back a few feet.

    Keldeo started to pant.

    Sensing its weakness, Jupiter and Mars commanded their Pokemon to use Night Slash and Iron Tail, respectively. “Double Kick,” Purple roared at Keldeo. Keldeo turned around and missed its first hoof that it launched at Purugly. Purugly had severe agility. Keldeo made sure its second hoof hit. Purugly slammed back into the Mars. Mars quickly pushed Purugly off and got up.

    “Let Night Slash hit, Keldeo!”

    Skuntank’s leg was glowing a venomous purple. The ominous attack hit Keldeo in the chest and flung it back. When Keldeo’s nimble body made contact with the pink dirt of the Legendary Dimension, smoke flew up. Keldeo got up, unfazed.

    “What!?” Jupiter paced back and forth. She was furious.

    “Keldeo has the ability Justified,” Purple’s Pokedex went on.

    Keldeo spouted a Hydro Pump that completely knocked Skuntank off its feet. Skuntank and Purugly were barely able to stand up, but they did. Keldeo ran across the dimension and stabbed both Pokemon with its rear hooves with a Double Kick attack. Purugly and Skuntank slid back, but they were still able to battle!

    Cobalion was leading a training session with Terrakion and Virizion at the Moor of Icirrus since they lost to Keldeo last time. That was when Cobalion sensed it. Cobalion jumped over Terrakion and Virizion and ran off towards Icirrus City. Terrakion and Virizion followed. After reaching Icirrus City, they ran into Brycen. Brycen was sensing danger also.

    Grey was comforting Brittany in the cavern. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion stormed into the cavern and approached the portal. Covered in rocks, the portal was inaccessible. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion summoned their “swords”. Cobalion’s was blue, Virizion’s green, and Terrakion’s orange. They sprouted out from the top of their heads. Ten feet long, they broke every last boulder in one shot.

    “Cobalion… Virizion…” Grey muttered.

    “Terrakion, too…” Brittany added. She wept some more, and Grey embraced her.

    Inside the Legendary Dimension, Keldeo stammered, “Uh… Gotta go. Sorry,” and ran out of the portal. There, Keldeo collided with the other Muskedeers. Keldeo tried to summon its own sword but couldn’t.

    Cobalion scolded, “We’re leaving for training. Now. Let’s go.”

    “I have to help save Unova! Please stay. If you want, you can stay out here and let me fight,” Keldeo argued.

    “Absolutely no way,” Cobalion confirmed. “We’re leaving.”

    Keldeo ran back into the portal. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion followed. When they got back to the fight, Purple was fighting Jupiter and Mars with his Duosion.

    “Purugly, Hypnosis,” Mars commanded. “Stat!”

    Purugly ran up and sent pink aura waves that hit all four Muskedeers. They all fell over, sleeping. So it wouldn’t fall asleep also, Duosion used Psychic on Purugly and slammed it into Skuntank. Both Pokemon fell over. Duosion was weak from battle, too. Purple was running out of Pokemon to battle with. Actually, he was out. Samurott was with Grey and Brittany, Poke Ball and all. The rest of his Pokemon were in Opelucid City.

    Shaymin and Victini came to Purple’s rescue. The battle was short, however, as Shaymin was rearing to go since it got the Gracidea Flower. Shaymin, in Skye Forme, flew up to the yellow sky and used Seed Flare. Green matter, consisting of leaves and a green aura, filled the Legendary Dimension, and another portal opened. This time, it led into the Distortion World!

    The black vortex roared, and a face appeared in the portal. It was black around the eyes with golden claws surrounded its face. As though they were midnight itself, black wisps of pure darkness came out of its back and into the Legendary Dimension. Giratina retreated, and as if a vacuum had come in, things were getting sucked into the vortex!

    Purugly and Skuntank were first.

    When the sucking first started, Skuntank and Purugly were grabbed in. Smartly, Victini, Mew, Manaphy, Jirachi, and Celebi all flew to the far side of the dimension and weren’t affected. The Muskedeers, being as big as they are, also weren’t affected. Mars ran towards Midnight, but Jupiter grabbed her arm.

    “You are not going in there! We stick together.”

    Shaymin, next to Purple, summoned a light green Energy Ball. It hit the pillar that Jupiter was holding onto, and both commanders were sucked into the Distortion World. Giratina wasn’t pleased. The air in the dimension thinned, and the sucking’s power increased. Purple was lifted off of the ground and was hurtling towards the portal. He quickly returned Duosion and was taken inside. Shaymin flew in, too.

    The entire Legendary Dimension would be destroyed if the portal didn’t get closed. Keldeo woke up first. Keldeo dashed across the dimension, getting sucked closer and closer to the portal as it ran. As Keldeo was running, Cobalion woke up and noticed a passed out Veronica on the far side of the dimension. She must be controlling Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie! Keldeo’s trying to free them! Cobalion thought.

    Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were in chains. Keldeo ran over, and, sword activating, used Secret Sword on the chains. All of the chains broke, and the Pixies were set free! In the air, Keldeo started to glow again. Keldeo’s horn grew long and turned dark blue. Out of its red mane, blue, yellow, and green feathers grew. Resolute Forme had been activated!

    Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie floated up, still possessed. Their eyes were still blood red from being controlled. Even with Veronica passed out, they felt the need to attack. Keldeo was the enemy, the target. Azelf used Flamethrower, Mesprit used Ice Beam, and Uxie used Thunderbolt. Keldeo jumped, and the attacks soared back at the Muskedeers. Cobalion slammed into Terrakion and Virizion to wake them up, and they did. Each formed their swords, and the attacks hit them. Flamethrower was stopped by Terrakion, Ice Beam by Cobalion, and Thunderbolt by Virizion.

    All three Pixies summoned Shadow Balls and sent them at Keldeo. Keldeo flinched, preparing for the battle to end. Nothing happened. Keldeo opened its eyes was fine.

    “Vic,” Victini cried out in pain.

    “Victini sacrificed itself for you, Keldeo. Go stop them,” Cobalion ordered.
    Keldeo sent a Hydro Pump from its hooves. It slammed Uxie against the wall. The redness left its eyes. Uxie was turned back to normal! Mesprit and Azelf floated forward. Keldeo ran forward, but that’s exactly what Azelf wanted. Azelf’s eyes glowed green and grass came out of the pink ground. Keldeo fell to its knees and slid towards Mesprit. Mesprit zoomed at it and slammed a Thunderpunch against its face. Keldeo slammed into the ground five hundred feet back.

    Keldeo barely stood back up, but did. Keldeo launched another Hydro Pump that was destroyed by Thunderpunch. Keldeo ran across, jumped before a Grass Knot could trip it, and slammed Mesprit with a Double Kick to the face. Mesprit slammed back into the wall and landed next to Uxie, free from the control. Only one Pixie remained.

    Azelf lifted its head to the sky, and a Thunder attack burst down onto Keldeo. Before it hit, though, Keldeo used Secret Sword. Keldeo’s sword worked as a conductor, so Keldeo took less damage. Keldeo’s sword glowed and “waves” like Sonic Booms flew at Azelf. The barrage of Secret Swords hit Azelf, and some missed Azelf. The point was distraction. Keldeo jumped onto one wave, onto another, and then onto a third. At this point, Keldeo was close enough and hit Azelf in the face with Double Kick. Just to make sure, Keldeo sent a Focus Blast onto Azelf that finally blew up when they collided into the wall. Azelf was down and back to normal.

    Now nimble, the vortex served a threat to Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. They would be sucked in if they didn’t do anything. The three got off of the ground and levitated over to Keldeo.

    Keldeo begged, “Please, do something about that portal! If you don’t, we’ll all get sucked in eventually. Then the rest of Unova will too. I won’t let that happen.”

    The three Pixies nodded.

    They flew over to the vortex and circled it. Purple, yellow, and green waves of energy spread over the portal and the entire dimension. The portal turned from the dark Distortion World to the peaceful Legendary Dimension as it disappeared. Keldeo ran over and rubbed its head on the Pixies as though it was a dog. The other three Muskedeers walked over and congratulated Keldeo. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Manaphy flew over and knelt at Victini’s side. The Legendary Pokemon started to glow, and power crept back into Victini. It was healed!

    Grey and Brittany ran into the Legendary Dimension and caught up to Keldeo. Keldeo explained how it fought the Pixies and how Purple, Mars, and Jupiter, along with their Pokemon and Shaymin, were in the Distortion World now. Brittany burst into tears again, Grey comforting her still.

    “He’s paralyzed,” Brittany cried out.

    “He’s what!? That’s terrible,” Keldeo responded.

    “We have the medicine that Cynthia gave us to heal him. We ran in here as soon as we heard the battling stop. We thought for sure he was still here. Grey, it’s my entire fault. I should have run in here anyway. I’m such a coward!”

    “Brittany, calm down. We’ll find him.”

    “He’s not even here,” Mars said, storming off further into the Distortion World.

    The Distortion World was huge. Everything was black and blended in together. The master of this world, Giratina, roamed wherever it wanted to and occasionally blew things to smithereens with Aura Spheres. Gravity was different in this world, so Purple, who was already paralyzed, could walk easier do to bouncing. Waterfalls and rivers flowed up instead of down, also.

    “Who’s not here?” Purple asked. “We’re all stuck here, so you might as well tell me.”

    “You see, kid, our leader was sucked into a black hole once. His name is Cyrus. We don’t know where he is,” Jupiter explained. “He tried to summon Giratina one day at the Spear Pillar in the Sinnoh region. When the black hole opened, he was sucked in. We don’t know where he went.”

    Mars added, “Every evil organization knows about the others. We knew Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma had all failed before us. Hearing about Team Underworld, Jupiter and I came to Unova. We manipulated Veronica the entire time. She did what we wanted so we could find Cyrus, but he’s not here.”

    “I’m so sorry about your boss. I feel really bad.”

    “Let’s just find Purugly and Skuntank and get out of here,” Jupiter angrily said.

    “Uh-oh. You’re not gonna like this, Jupiter.” Mars pointed to Giratina. Skuntank and Purugly were on Giratina! Purugly was climbing onto Giratina’s head, and Skuntank was laying on Giratina’s back.

    “I know you’re hurt, but please help, Duosion! Use Psychic on Purugly to get it back here,” Purple ordered. He couldn’t throw the Poke Ball due to paralysis, so Duosion came out on its own. Through a well planned and executed Psychic, Purugly was brought to safety. Mars hugged her Pokemon and returned it to its Poke Ball.

    “What about Skuntank?” Jupiter asked.

    “Psychic-type attacks won’t work on Skuntank, a Dark-type. I can’t help you there.”

    Giratina sent a random Aura Sphere at a glass pillar. The pillar showed people playing Frisbee in a park. Aura Sphere hit, and the pillar went solid and fell into an abyss under Giratina. Giratina sensed Skuntank on it and slammed itself against an onyx bridge. Skuntank fell onto the bridge. Jupiter went running- well, leaping in this gravity- towards it. Giratina flew up and sent an Aura Sphere at Skuntank.

    Duosion used Thunderbolt to collide with Aura Sphere as it neared Skuntank. A massive explosion knocked Skuntank off of the bridge. Jupiter hurtled towards Skuntank and grabbed it. They were falling into the abyss.

    “Why’d we stop falling?” Jupiter asked.

    “That was Duosion’s Psychic attack,” Purple smirked.

    “You said it wouldn’t work!”

    “And it didn’t… on Skuntank. I used it on you, and you were holding Skuntank. Thus, you were both carried to safety. You both owe me and Duosion a thank you.”

    “Thank you…” Both girls smirked.

    Shaymin flew up and used Seed Flare as Giratina was about to attack. Another portal opened. Purple was so happy to be getting back to the Legendary Dimension and then back to Twist Mountain, where everything could be over. The portal sucked everyone up just as an Aura Sphere shattered the ground they had been standing on. When they came through, they were at the highest altitude Purple had ever seen.

    “This is not where I thought we’d be,” Purple said, dazed.

    “Spear Pillar…” The two commanders simultaneously said.

    “It’s about time you two showed back up,” a young man said. He had dark blue hair and wore a “G” shirt just like Mars and Jupiter.

    “Saturn!” Mars ran over and hugged him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him again. “I missed you!”

    Sinnoh’s Pokemon Association Chairman announced to all of Sinnoh, “We have been picking up strange signals coming from Spear Pillar, Lave Verity, Lake Acuity, and Lake Valor. Just to make sure nothing major is happening in the region, Sinnoh is being closed off. That’s right. All planes and ships that were meant to depart are not leaving. No one is entering or leaving the region.” This announcement interrupted every Radio and TV show in the region.

    “There’s no reason for us to stay here. Cobalion, can you grab Veronica?” Grey informed.

    Cobalion nodded.

    “Good. We’ll leave. When we do, I need you Pixies to close this portal. It should never be opened again. Brittany, we’ll have to find Purple. We’re so sorry to bother you Legendary Pokemon.” Grey was a good speaker.

    Grey, Brittany, the four Muskedeers, and the three Pixies went back into Twist Mountain. They closed the Legendary Dimension the same way they did the Distortion World. When they walked outside, Cynthia was there!

    “I just got a call from the Chairman back in my region. I have to go. Now. Sinnoh is on lock down for some reason, and they need their champion. We’ll be in touch,” Cynthia explained. She left in her jet. Surely she was going back to Undella Town to get her personal plane.

    Brittany rode Virizion and Grey rode Terrakion back to Opelucid City. Once there, multiple Officer Jennys arrested the still unconscious Veronica. She would be serving a long time in jail. They said their goodbyes, and the Muskedeers, save Keldeo, ran off to the east. Keldeo stayed for a little longer.

    Brittany and Grey were at the Pokemon Center in Opelucid City Brittany was on a light yellow cushioned bench against the eastern wall. She was a mess from crying. Her makeup had smudged all over her face, but she didn’t care. She hadn’t gotten to tell the one guy she really liked how she felt. She felt like a complete moron. Now he was gone, and she didn’t know when she would see him again, if ever.

    Grey was on the video-phone on the opposite side. He was telling Purple’s mom about everything that had happened. She started to cry too, but Grey reassured her that they would help. He also explained that they have the medicine he needs to be cured, so that gave them more motivation. When he was done, he joined Brittany and Keldeo at the bench. Keldeo left to join the Muskedeers in training, but it gave them its deepest concerns.

    “Brittany? Grey? I may know of a way to get your friend back.”

    “Wh-who are you?” Brittany was barely able to speak from crying so hard.

    “I’m Doctor Fennel. Nice to meet you both.”
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    I knew that the commanders were Jupiter and Mars! I knew it!

    I personally think that the scene with Giratina was too short. But that's just because I see Giratina as way to much of an awesome Pokemon. Somehow I sense that Cyrus is going to show up again, and there might be some power struggling between Jupiter and Mars against the new Team Galactic that Saturn made. I also think that Giratina will pop up again, but I'm not sure...

    I did see some similarities between some things here and stuff from the games, show, and movies. Allusions, I think they're called.

    I do see how you plan on making a sequel, and I really want to see how it goes!

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    Kind of wish I had the Spheal before I threw my Bagon into that fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klizcool View Post
    I knew that the commanders were Jupiter and Mars! I knew it!
    What can I say? I'm a HUGE Mars fan!

    personally think that the scene with Giratina was too short. But that's just because I see Giratina as way to much of an awesome Pokemon. Somehow I sense that Cyrus is going to show up again, and there might be some power struggling between Jupiter and Mars against the new Team Galactic that Saturn made. I also think that Giratina will pop up again, but I'm not sure...
    I know I could have made it longer, but the whole concept was supposed to be a short trip through dimensions and then ending up in Sinnoh.

    I did see some similarities between some things here and stuff from the games, show, and movies. Allusions, I think they're called.
    They're definitely called allusions. I love adding allusions. It makes it so much fun for me to write, while still keeping originality in context.

    I do see how you plan on making a sequel, and I really want to see how it goes!
    Awesome! Thanks! You'll be the first one to know when I plan on starting to write it and put it on here. I'm planning and getting my ideas and everything at the moment.

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