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According to Serebii, yes, this is a pretty long game.

From what I've seen, there's not as many Post-Game dungeons as explorers, but there's still quite a few. So yeah, the main story is at least as long as the other PMDs.

Is it as hard? Considering the difficulty of the previous PMDs was just because of the attacks being deadlier than the main series and 99-floor dungeons, yes.

And I really don't see why hunger not being as important is an issue. I personally hated it, it just forced you to waste most of your inventory space with apples so you don't die from hunger. Neither with DLC, since they don't force you to buy it or anything...
I couldn't find anything on the main site referring to the game's length, but I'm willing to trust a fellow fan on this. Post-game dungeons, for me, were all about collecting the Legendary Pokemon that were in them, so a smaller post-game makes sense. As for hunger, I can acknowledge that the people for and against it are split, but it was a pro for me.

Finally, about the DLC, while it's true that they don't force you to buy it, my concern is that there are dungeons that should have been in the game already that they'd want us to pay money for. I have the right to not buy them, true, but then I will have a game, that I paid full price for, that I don't even own completely. Again, I'm fine with DLC being created and added on later if it adds something important to the game that wasn't part of the original experience, but I cannot be more against cutting content out of the game to be sold as DLC.

All that aside, I can see that I'm in the minority here. Plenty of my fellow PMD fans seem to not share my concerns for the game, and while I don't understand why not, I still have to admit that I seem to stand alone here. Assuming you all loved Explorers of Sky as much as I did, and still have no quarrels with the apparent simplification that Gates to Infinity has, then it may well be worth trusting my fellow fans on this one. I've been wrong about games before.