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Thread: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (March 24th 2013)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkmbl View Post
    New DLC... And one of them includes a theme from RRT called "The Giant star approaches"... Where is this theme from in that game? And since we have all the DLC Japan has, will there be more? I want one that has the PMD 2 Ending themes...
    just in case someone here hasn't played it

        Spoiler:- just in case:

    either way looks like I'm gonna have to replay the game again soon. So much I've forgotten about Rescue Team

    well there is something they left out of ours like choosing your partner's gender. maybe that'll be a dlc later. If we're lucky maybe more starters....but I doubt it unless sales on all these dlc were good. They'd probably see it better just to make a new game than add dlc. Who knows though, they may surprise us with some surprising dlc like TT, ST, or Destiny Tower. Something along those line just updated. Maybe even some dlc to show us Yveltal or Xerneas as legendary battles.
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