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    Quote Originally Posted by Dax View Post
    Yeah, but he's the lead of the show. He needs to struggle for us to cheer for him.
    True... but I never understood why rivals other then Paul always got these free pass battles. I mentioned Paul because he did struggle against Roark

    Quote Originally Posted by Shneak View Post
    I haven't gotten to see the episode yet, but I viewed the photos. It looks good. I like that the gym battle wasn't rushed and there was time for bonding between Ash and Kotetsu. As much as you all wanted a long gym battle, getting to know the rival is important too. The gym battle looks good, but I'll have to see it in motion. The animation looks good and the battle between Mantine and Samurott was the most interesting part of it.
    Have you not read a single post made in this thread? The battles were totally rushed... Ferrothorn OHKO Jellicent with a single Thunderbolt (which got affected by Curse Body)

    Also about Curse Body... told you guys in the preview thread that it's totally inconsistent on how it works
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