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Well he's got plenty of those, I wouldn't put Kotetsu above anyone because of one episode XP I do think he's an interesting character, but he's still just a kid Ash just met.
But they hit it off so well. Like when you look at other rivals he normally gets off to a rocky start. :/ I never considered Ash and Gary as true buddies, Ash and Paul respect each other, Ash and Barry had friendly competitions, and Ash and Morrison had friendly competitions too. With Ash and Kotetsu something just seems different. I'm sad that he debuts this late. :/

I just find that so interesting and funny, people always say they would have multiple misadventures without Ash and what do they do? Sit on a dock going uhhhhhh......XD They're bored without him XD
Oh shush. xP And they weren't going "uh" they talked to each other. I actually edited my post btw