View Poll Results: What is your favourite Fossil-pokémon?

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  • Omanyte--Omastar (Rock/Water)

    9 4.79%
  • Kabuto--Kabutops (Rock/Water)

    29 15.43%
  • Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)

    35 18.62%
  • Lileep--Cradily (Rock/Grass)

    22 11.70%
  • Anorith--Armaldo (Rock/Bug)

    20 10.64%
  • Cranidos--Rampardos (Rock)

    14 7.45%
  • Shieldon--Bastiodon (Rock/Steel)

    7 3.72%
  • Tirtouga--Carracosta (Water/Rock)

    24 12.77%
  • Archen--Archeops (Rock/Flying)

    28 14.89%
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Thread: Fossil Pokémon

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    Default Fossil Pokémon

    Thread for everything fossil-pokemon related!

    Ever wondered how comes fossil Pokémon are always Rock type?

    I found 3 theories:

    ---It was the most common type in ancient times.
    Perhaps most pokemon back then were Rock type, so most fossils happen to be too.

    ---Its a result of being fossilised & revived.
    Meaning that all these pokemon likely did not have the Rock typing when they were still alive, but gained it because their remains were enclosed by layers of rock since ancient times.

    ---They were well preserved because they are Rock
    Any other pokemon decays, but Rock pokemon, due to being mineral based organisms, or having rocky armor, don't.

    The first one seems absurd to me, as I doubt the world was dominated by Rock pokemon long ago, it was probably simialrly diverse as it is now.
    The second might be the case, especially if gamefreak did not give it much thought and just went "these are fossil pokemon, lets make them Rock lol".
    But the only one really making sense to me is the third one.
    Gamefreak should give us some fossils of living pokemon, so we could see if they would only pick ones like Larvitar and Shuckle, to confirm that the rock-part is what prevents their DNA from getting damaged.

    -Then there is an interesting pokemon, that was thought to be extinct too, but was recently discovered to still be alive, so it could be considered a pseudo-fossil. I'm talking about Relicanth of course. Should it count as a fossil pokemon? And is the Rock type there for the same reason as for fossil pokemon or is it merely coincidence that the living fossil happens to be part Rock too?

    -Also, how comes Omanyte and Kabuto (Rock/Water) are more Rock-specialized than Tirtouga (Water/Rock) who is foremost a Water pokemon?
    Perhaps Tirtouga is just a turtle with a rocky shell, while the other two are more mienral based and their shells not just external armor?

    -Which is your favourite fossil Pokemon and why?

    -What kind of fossils would you like to see next?
    What kind of creature, what would their type be?
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