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Thread: Red flashes on the 3DS. Is that bad?

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    Default Red flashes on the 3DS. Is that bad?

    I was playing my 3DS a few hours ago and all of the sudden when I pressed the power button it just went off and gone without the Sleep mode reminder! When I turned it back on the Power light was flashing red and so was the Spotpass & Streetpass light, and my clock rested back to 1/1/2011 0:00 and my 600+ steps taken today rested back to 0 without the day ending. Is that a problem or a mistake I made?

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    The red flash means that the battery is pretty much drained. But I'm not sure about that other stuff.
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    It's not serious. It is a little bit of both a mistake on your part and an error. Most likely you were just low on power and didn't notice. You touching the power button when it turned off is probably a coincidence because for the time to reset, it needs to stay discharged, not just off but totally out of power, for several minutes. Having the time reset puts it at midnight which is like a new day starting hence the reset steps.

    My suggestion would be to just change the time back. But try to avoid turning it off in the middle of a game though.
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