talented pianist, good dentist too."

Haha, if you get that reference, you're awesome.

Hi, I am Jose. From that ol state of TEXAS.
Been Playing the Pokemon games since Crystal times. Since then I tried all of them and have been a player since then. Still excited to play the new ones. My favorite gen might be gen III. Like any opinion, probably based on personal taste.
Getting Black 2 and white 2 for my brother as soon as they come out.
It will be hard to find time to play them (I am a student and I work and I try to jam around with people and work on some music) but I have managed so far.

So yeah, 19, love music, pretty chill if you ask me, student.... I enjoy lots of things, ask me if you want to know.

Excited about the new Arrested Development episodes.
My copy of Shields by Grizzly Bear in golden edition is on its way .
I don't know.
Tell me about yourself.

Looking forward to getting acquainted to the serebii forum. For some reason I finally decided to join a pokemon-related forum and this one seemed more approachable and complete than the others.

Good vibes about this. Looking forward to meeting Y'ALL.