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    Default Help with deck?

    So I want to improve this structured deck I got from a Black and White Dragons Exalted pack. It consists of mainly dark and psychic Pokemon but has dragon type Pokemon. I want to balance the dark and psychic part.

    Here is my deck
    18 Energy cards (8 Dark, 1 Blend, 9 Psychic)
    11 Trainer cards
    9 Dragon cards (Deino x3, Zweilous x3, and Hydreigon x2)
    9 Dark cards (Stunky x2, Skuntank x2, Murkrow x2, Houndoom x1, and Houndour x2)
    9 Psychic cards (Golett x2, Golurk x2, Gothita x3, Gothorita x2, and Gothitelle x1)
    4 Normal cards (Slakoth x2 and Vigoroth x2)

    Any recommended cards or how to improve the deck would be nice. I was thinking about getting rid of my normal cards and one Deino.
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    I think this post is in the wrong place, plus knowing what kind of trainer cards you have in you're deck help's us figure out how to edit you're deck.
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    This should go in the Rate My Deck section. And you would have to list all of the cards you're using, including the trainers.


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