Diego Vendrix- Keeper of the Monkey Staff of Wisdom
New Arc City Plaza – The Lantern Festival
7:53 PM

Diego shivered slightly as he tightened the grip on his Monkey Staff. He had the curious feeling someone was watching them. He turned around. One face stood out per say. He had a strange inkling though Diego dismissed it as him being a possible thief. "Hey Zuri, we should check out what is going on with the group. We should also stick clsoe together. I have a feeling we are being watched, especially by a theif," Diego told her before he led her to the group.

He took a good look at them. They all looked familiar to him somehow. Hunter, the red-head with the scythe, the blond girl with the fiery eyes, the guy with violet hair... even the upper-class girl... they all looked familiar. He turned to see whether Zuri was with him and if that wierd guy was following them...

He turned his attention back to the group and saw a group of thuggish fellows coming. Diego cleared his throat.

"Okay, everyone needs to calm down and settle down. Look, I am not sure what kind of fight you guys are having, but don't you think its wrong? It's the Lantern Festival. We all need to get along so let's just all let bygones be bygones..." Diego said calmly and peacefully before he looked. "That's odd. You guys have items like my staff..." Diego said as he clutched his Monkey Staff and looked at the scythe.

He then gazed at the thuggish group. "Look, how are we the disturbing the peace? We are doing anything wrong. To be honest, you guys look more intimidating and suspicious than we do. You have no real right or reason to try and detain us so please leave us alone," Diego said to the man as he had his staff in hand like a walking stick.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Diego," Diego said. If he got in trouble, he didn't want Zuri to be taken with him.