Kess Andrews
Wielder of the Twin White Lion Gauntlets
New Arc City Plaza – Outside the Clock Tower

"It does not matter to me that you regain your memories. The outcome will still be the same ... You cannot escape this world even if you manage to destroy my Beacons ... Along with Seya, you will all remain here for eternity ..."

The word Seya echoed in Kess’ mind, travelling into the gap of memories, unlocking the door.

As the memories flooded in, reminding her of her secret past that never really happened, she staggered and leant against the elevator wall, not really sure what to think anymore.

How she’d met the little cat Seya in a shadowy corner of the school grounds, and how she’d snuck out in the night to see her. How she’d kicked a guard in the stomach at the AIM Tech building – She’d done that? Wow – and how she’d finally retrieved her weapon, the gauntlets she now wore. How they’d faced down Jago, a massive minotaur, finally expelling his spirit from their headmaster and then defeating him. How Darwin and Florina had fallen in battle. How they’d warped to New Magostra. The things they did.

And, of course, that final fight against Evil Milly, in which they banded together to unleash the full brunt of their powers upon her. And how they’d gone through the light at the end of the Bridge, and how time had turned back as if nothing had happened.

She couldn’t believe that had really happened. It was as if she was reading a fictional story, with main characters just based on her and her fellows.

As the elevator stopped, Diego cried out about remembering everything. She closed her eyes for a moment, gathering her thoughts. She’d done some crazy things in that – what, two days? – back then. She’d made friends. She’d lost family. She’d gained a second family, one she lost when they returned.

She remembered it all. Including the pain. The pain of realizing that she’d never see her family again. The pain of using so much magic. The pain of being thrown into a hole that went all the way to the core of New Magostra. The pain of realizing they were desperate, desperate to not have their reality shattered.
She felt the same now. She was desperate not to have their world lost once more to the same dark forces. The world could only be reversed so many times. They had to save Ayes – Seya – and destroy the beacons in the three districts. All without letting Seya out of their sight.

It was hard to trust Milly’s word, considering she’d been against them the last times they’d met, but they had to. For the sake of the reality they knew.