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    Apparently, those hideous boots Michel had on served some kind of function after all. He kicked the thing down, and it crumbled into a pile of dust. That didn't make them any less hideous in Stella's eyes. They were still dirty and unattractive. Not to mention completely out of place. All the others had traditional fantasy type weapons. His was a pair of disgusting footwear. What kind of weapon is a pair of boots anyway? Clearly, someone got shafted. They might've been tolerable if the horse design on them was one of those cute MLP styled ponies, but it wasn't.

    "All right guys, we need destroy the next beacon. I am thinking the one in Aracadia should be the next one..." The guy with the staff points out.

    Are you kidding? There are more of these things?

    "It's funny. I thought this flame was going to lead us back to Seya at first. Yet it seems the fates have led us to take down the beacons beforehand. Clearly the beacons must be linked to Seya if this happened. Yet, what will happen if we destroy them all?" The white haired girl then produced a red flame, that seemed to be heading in the direction of the Arcadia district. "So, are we taking the same cars?"

    "Yeah. C'mon and hop in. We need to get there quickly and I think just flying would get us arrested. Michel, you could come in too, unless of course, you'd prefer to stay with Stella." Caroline said, before heading to her car.

    Stella wasn't about to just go along and pretend all of this normal. Awesome as it was, people do not have magical powers in real life. There was obviously more to this story she was missing. She put her hands on her hips. "Now wait just a minute. We is a lot of people. How can you all possibly expect me to follow you all along blindly? Why should I go along with any of this? I don't know anything about this Seya person or whatever it is you all have going on. Also, even if I did buy any of this, why would anyone want to travel around in that ricketty contraption?" She pointed to Caroline's car. "When I have my own fabulous limosine right there that's just so much more comfortable. I also have a driver who knows how to drive like a normal human being, I might add."
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