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Thread: Echo of Time: Awakening [PG14]~

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    Stella Gold
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    Stella founding keeping these... whatever these things were, harder and harder to keep away. This looked so easy in Video Games. As she was begining to get tired of all this manual labor, she found Hunter at her back. "You've little to no coordination," he said, "at this rate you'll be killed."

    Stella just rolled her eyes. "Well, I appreciate the concern but..."

    Before she had a chance to finish her reply, Hunter back-flipped over her, shot her a quick glance and tapped on her shield before sprinting away. Stella looked at her weapon, and noticed that had returned to it's normal size, and was now cackling with electricity. She barely had time to think about it, before some humanoid creature reached out it's arms, and tried to grab Stella.

    "Ew, get away from you disgusting swine!" She bonked the monster on the head with her newly electrified shield. Shocking the monster, and killing it.

    Stella studied the corpse in front of her, and then her weapon. "Well, alright then..." There were still a horde of those humanoids coming at her. Stella threw her shield at them. Of course, it wasn't a strong throw by any means, because she wasn't strong enough to throw that heavy piece of metal with any skill. But that didn't matter. Manipulating the metal within the weapon, she was able to guide around smoothly. Striking several of those things with electrically charged strikes. Stella flipped her hair confidently as she watched the monsters go down. "Hmph, there we go, much better."

    Once she got a reprieve from the humanoids, Stella took the opportunity to get out of there as fast as she could. Let someone else deal with these ugly things now. The last thing she needed was to get battered, bloodied, and bruised like everyone else seemed to be getting. Ugh, how revolting.

    She stood back, and watched Caroline take on that giant clay monster all by herself. And proceed to fall right under the monster's foot. Stella rolled her eyes and the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Still, although they had their differences, she couldn't stand there and let her die at the hands of this clay monstrosity.

    She also saw Hunter staring the monster down. Stella sighed, and prepared to throw her shield. "Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to swoop in and save your... little friend?..." she then guided her weapon towards the monsters foot.
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    Trained to kill, Hunter made it his religion to strategize under the most adverse circumstances but when he saw the monster slam it's foot against the red-head, he faltered. Fortunately, there was Stella.

    "Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to swoop in and save your... little friend?..."

    The former assassin shook his head and turned his cold stare on the clay giant. This wasn't the moment to let emotion get int he way - people died that way and he wasn't about to let that happen. He collected his thoughts and regained composure. Bending his knees, Hunter sprung forward like a bolt of lightning and slammed fist-first into the enemy's chest. The impact was so tremendous, a wave of space rippled into the enemy's bare before slaughtering it into a thousand pieces.

    Without a second more worth sparing, Hunter paced toward Carly. He inclined his head and offered her his trembling right. "Caroline..." Hunter trailed off.

    He could feel the enemy's presence still alive and strong. Without much thought, he turned around to the sight of thousands of clay particles reforming back into the clay giant. "Impossible!" His voice thundered in disbelief, peering past his comprehension.

    I cannot risk using that, he thought, there must be some other way.

    His gaze sought desperately for a way out and then he spotted the giant rip on the ground. "Can you hover?" Hunter asked, his tone warm towards her, "I have a plan."

    An airtight, metal prison.

    They'd need to be a team but he wasn't used to it. He didn't have the people skills to bag and take your grocery out to your car for you so he'd do it the only way he knew how - direct, to the point.

    "Caroline, Stella, we need to regroup," he said before bolting off in Michel's and Zuri's direction. The duo were trapped bullseye in the middle of a humanoid swarm. Hunter smashed into the crowed of creatures, beheading the nearest one and flip-kicking the opposite. Just when it appeared his momentum was at its finest, he was caught by a headsmash to the chest. Hunter violently crashed against the hard ground. He could feel the coldness of it even through the thick of his attire. Before he could be sent off to oblivion by a claw to the face, Hunter jerked his neck and rammed his dark lance into his opponent's stomach. He struggled back on his two and waited for Caroline and Stella to dispatch the remaining humanoids.

    He laid his sight on Michel and then shot Zuri a quick glance. "I see Milly was here."

    "We cannot kill that monster because it isn't real," Hunter projected his voice, "our true option is to trap it back into the hellhole from whence it came."

    "I'll guide it back to the earth-gash but I'll need a sniper to do away with the humaoinds, I cannot deal with them all in my current state... Stella, you need to trap the clay beast in a prison but it needs to be air-locked. Caroline I trust your power. Soon as the beast is trapped and back in the hellhole, we'll need the Earth Guardian to seal it back. I don't know the extent of your injury Michel but this has to be done."

    * * * * *
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    Michel Lefčbvre
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    By the time Hunter got to Michel's location, the latter's trademark, carefree grin had returned in full. Sitting on the ground with his back hunched and his breathing only slightly irregular, he was back to his previous self; the self who could grin and joke his way through anything because he simply couldn't find it in himself to care. Sure, he still wasn't... exactly happy about the whole betrayal deal, but come on! He was alive, saved by a pretty girl. Couldn't do to mope around, yeah? And he had to admit that Milly had been pretty hot there. Well, before the whole stabby-stabby thing, but you win some, you lose some.

    In the first place, all that'd happened was that he'd slipped into caring a tad too much and it'd backfired. Just a slight err on his side, wouldn't happen again. That was that. Done. Over. 'Sides, staying dead and depressed on the ground would probably get him stabbed again, this time by the not-so-charming monsters, so it was about time to get back in gear. He wanted to get outta here and find a washing place for his jacket, it was covered in icky blood.

    Well, at least he didn't have a shirt to get dirty. He knew going topless would pay off one day.

    As Hunter beheaded the monster closest to him, Michel let his smile fall a tad, thankful as he was to not become a meal to the creature. Man, being rescued by a dude - especially one he wasn't too fond off - was no fun at all. Then again, being rescued by a chick'd be twice as embarrassing. Ack. Being this useless was truly annoying and not good at all for his pride. Did getting stabbed seriously cripple a person this much? He'd have to remember not to get stabbed again anytime soon. So, basically, no more getting involved with hot chicks that could potentially carry sharp things to impale you with, no matter how good their rack. Okay. He'd need to make a memo of that. He was sure to forget.

    "I see Milly was here."

    Those words stung, but only for a fleeting moment.

    "Oh, you could tell?" Michel commented with a laugh, brows slightly arched as he attempted in vain to scrub off some of the blood staining his clothing. "What, she do this often?" He asked, head tilted as he pointed at his chest. "I mean, I knew she looked like she could have some potentially dangerous fetishes but man, that was a bit much. Bit too kinky. Could've killed me, y'know? Not exactly an ideal first date. Next time, she's paying for dinner."

    Okay, so the blood wasn't leaving. Okay. Good. Great. Defeated, the boy sighed and threw away the now-tainted tissue. "But, well, sucky as being almost killed was and all..." He began to nobody in particular with a kiddy tone as he glanced at Zuri, almost purring as he continued: "I was lucky to have my own little angel here to save me ♥"

    He smirked again as he finally managed to get himself into a standing position. It felt weird being up like this, like he'd been down on the ground for ages now. Was he always this tall? Kinda neat. He was so preoccupied with his own thoughts (and so dizzy from the slight light-headedness he still felt), that he ended up barely listening to Hunter as he explained that they couldn't kill the monster threatening them with force alone. And even the parts Michel did hear, he disregarded. This wasn't really his battle now, right? He was injured, come on; surely he could call in sick on this one. He didn't want to end up monster bait.

    So, as Hunter started to list tasks for each member of the ragtag group to accomplish, Michel fixed his hair and tried to look for a piece of glass or mirror or something he could see his reflection with. He wanted to check whether the attack had left a mark and if so, was it an ugly scar or a cool scar, because those two had a huge difference.

    But then the bastard had to go and involve him in his crazy little plan too.

    "...Earth Guardian to seal it back. I don't know the extent of your injury Michel but this has to be done."

    "Hey, whoa, so wait..." Michel started, surprise clear in both his words and actions as he raised his hand in front of him and took a dramatic step backwards. He really didn't feel like going through another near death experience this soon. He might have cheated Lady Destiny once, but twice? He'd get manhandled. "You mean to say you want me to run in there? Man, you know there's reckless, and then there's plain suicidal, and I don't particularly feel like playing for the latter team, y'know?"

    Yeah, it'd be okay to sit this one out, surely. They were fairing pretty well, and-

    But then again, Zuri had saved him.

    It was that simple thought that prevented Michel from conjuring up any further excuses, and what shut his mouth before he could continue with his miniscule rant. A chick'd saved his life when he'd given up on everything. Didn't like a code of chivalry or something dictate you at the very least returned the favor? Carly and Stella were there too, and despite their occasional differences, the two were his 'friends', yeah? They were hot, too, and he kinda owed Stella one for the ride earlier. Besides, having watched Diego die had not been exactly pleasant; he couldn't even imagine how unfunny it would be to see the girls end their days here, just because he decided to be an ass.

    Aw, damn, it really started to sound like had no choice in the matter now, huh?

    He sighed, running his hand through his hair once and shrugging his shoulders slightly before he faced Hunter again.

    "Man..." He mumbled, scratching his scalp and shaking his head. "Alright, alright, count me in." He stretched his legs the best he could. Luckily, they seemed to be alright. No damage to his spine or anything, and Zuri's healing had done some real wonders. "Just do whatever you guys wanna do, I'll finish off the job."

    He grinned.

    "Althooough, he girls owe me a triple date after this is all over and done with, you hear? I'm injured and in desperate need of some comforting, you know." With that, he crossed his arms and turned to look at the monster, legs only slightly trembling as he eyed its giant form. The feeling he'd felt when he thought he was going to die... it wasn't something he wanted to feel again anytime soon. Geez. For someone who didn't care, he sure was doing a lot of unnecessary things for others. At this rate, he'd just end up getting his ass kicked again. Did the feelings and well-being of other people he barely knew even after all these years truly weigh that much in his mind?

    Because it wasn't too late to change his mind.
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    Caroline McNamara
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    Carly felt the pressure lift off her back as pieces of clay rained down on her. She looked up and saw Hunter offer his hand to her, battered but still standing. She smirked and gave him a thumbs-up. Did he really just...shatter the monster?

    "Caroline..." He said. The redhead took his hand and got back up on her feet to show Hunter that she was still in one piece. She shook her long, red hair away from her face, not bothering to arrange it or fix it up.

    " time, I do the saving, Hunter." She joked, stepping to his side. Carly wasn't the most cautious person and was more daring than rational, which sometimes worked to her advantage, and other times got her into more trouble than she wanted. This time, it was the latter. Unfortunately, the reprieve they got was short-lived. She heard Hunter shout "impossible" in disbelief as the shattered pieces of clay started coming together once again and re-forming the giant. Carly shrugged, trying to release the tension in the air.

    "Hunter, we've seen worse than re-forming clay bastards. We can handle this!" She shook her head, countering Hunter as the memory of the battle in New Magostra three years back came back to her. In her mind, that probably took the prize for the most "what the fuck" encounter, from the trio of Black Lordes to the bridge they ended up on, though this encounter still ranked in the top half of her list. He probably was thinking of a plan, as he was looking around for a while before looking back at the rift on the grount.

    "Can you hover? I have a plan." He asked. Carly gave him a cocky smirk once again as she lifted herself up in the air and did a backflip.

    "'Course I could!" She replied as she showed off. Hunter then proceeded to smashed his way through the humanoids to retrieve Michel and Zuri. The effort knocked him to the ground, though he managed to get up and kill the nearest opponent. Carly pushed a few strong gusts of wind towards the humanoids, knocking them away from the group. She had no time to get up close, as Hunter was already explaining the next part of his strategy.

    "I'll guide it back to the earth-gash but I'll need a sniper to do away with the humanoids, I cannot deal with them all in my current state... Stella, you need to trap the clay beast in a prison but it needs to be air-locked. Caroline I trust your power. Soon as the beast is trapped and back in the hellhole, we'll need the Earth Guardian to seal it back. I don't know the extent of your injury Michel but this has to be done." He instructed. Michel started to protest, but eventually gave in...though not without his own conditions.

    "Althooough, he girls owe me a triple date after this is all over and done with, you hear? I'm injured and in desperate need of some comforting, you know." He cheekily finished.

    "Fine, when we get out of here alive, you get to sit between us girls wherever the hell we end up in for our next meal. Bonus points to you if we all somehow end up sharing one room." Carly wanted to encourage him and lighten up the tense atmosphere. She figured that something to look forward to was going to help Michel and everyone else out. Reassurance that they'd make it through, perhaps it wasn't certain, but it was something, and she wanted to do whatever she could to take care of her friends and look out for them, even Stella. Yes, she disliked the blonde, but it didn't mean that Carly would gain any satisfaction from the demise of a person on the same side, personal issues or not. She turned to face Hunter.

    "Heh, I'll handle them! I'm not the best sniper...I'm no sniper for that matter! Close-range is better than no range though...I need to keep them occupied at the very least. You guys need that room. Don't worry about me!" She assured, giving Hunter a light, playful punch on his shoulder before flying away towards the incoming humanoids. Screw sniping, she was going to have to handle things her own way, knowing from experience that her close-ranged, physically-inclined powers outmatched her longer-ranged spells. She wanted to make sure that she was going to cover their backs long enough for Hunter's plan to work, and deal with the monsters the best she could.

    She reached the wave of humanoids and swiftly swung her scythe at them, allowing the power of the wind to speed up her slashes as she darted from target to target, striking from above, as well as in front and behind, taking advantage of her flight and speed. The humanoids reached out to attack her, but some of them ended up hitting each other. Carly laughed, clearly entertained, as she struck her next group of targets from the side, slashing the creatures and catching them off-guard. A few more swift stabs and swings, and then each of the six humanoids dropped to the ground one-by-one as she finished them off. Riding on the gale, she threw herself on top of the heads of another group of humanoids. They separated, and Carly swung her scythe in a full arc slash as her foes drew closer and she touched the ground. Dark silver gusts surrounded her scythe as she swung it in another quick sweeping motion once again, then twice, before managing to eliminate them, pools of blood spreading around her. There were still more of them however, and Carly rose up in the air and darted between targets once again, striking them to keep them at bay. She didn't know exactly how long she could keep up, but if Hunter at least trusted her power, then she trusted it too.

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