The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands issue is currently the largest politic affair in China and Japan.

Currently (Well, not really 'currently', because it was quite long ago), China claimed that island is their own land since ancient history. On the other hand, Japan claimed the island is their own land by international law. Both sides stand firmly to their own reasoning, and is now leading to a situation of almost ready to confront each other with military force.

I wanted to ask these questions to see different people's views about this issue:
1) Which country do you think Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands belongs to? and Why?
2) What do you think China and Japan government will do on their next move?

By historical view, Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands was actually an island without owner. China was the first one to discover the island, but never take actual action to claim dominion for that island. Therefore it actually has no right to claim that island is them after Japan had took physical action to claim dominion.
To my viewpoint, China (especially the current China ruled by the Communist Party) was always barefaced and shameless towards claimable affairs, despite whether the claimable item is really their own things or not. It may have the guts to flame this affair towards the direction of military confront, but I don't expect China to win. China was in fact always the loser according to historical wars in its country.

P.S. But however, just merely my personal view, I hope this affair will expand to become local war, where China lose towards Japan, then China will not be so arrogant in some later future.