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    Default Drakes Legacy, Finding the Mirage

    Drakes Legacy: Finding the Mirage


    The sea, it's a vast, huge place. It makes you feel like just another small fish. Drake often had thoughts like these, and he had them as he stared out into the great blue now from his modest seaside home on Floridge island. Drake wasn't a good person. He knew it and wasn't proud of it. Being a pirate wasn't all it was cracked up to be. For every treasure chest, Drake had stabbed somebody in the back, often times literally. For twenty years he had been the most feared buccaneer in Hoenn, only having to deal with those pests at Team Aqua. Despite that fool Archis's affairs, Drake had still managed to steal whatever he could get his hands on, and let his Salamence burn the evidence. He also spent a great deal of time avoiding the Hoenn authorities. The Hoenn government made a big deal about image, and have tried hard for many years to reduce the large Hoenn pirate population. After 20 years, Drake had a ship, a crew, and all the booty he could ask for.

    Just when he was at his best, a terrible even occurred. After having done a hard days work on the sea. Drake returned to the hall of his ship only to hear shouting and screaming soon after from the crew outside. He exited his cabin to see a horrifying sight. Giant orange tenticles were destroying the ship, slamming into the hull. Drake summoned his Salamence, and took off with no belongings. He saw many crew members taking off on winged pokemon as well. But any member who hadn't raised a strong enough flyer met their doom. Having lost all of his earnings, his ship, and a chunk of his crew. (the rest of which were too terrified to ever sail again.) Drake returned to the only place he could think of. Floridge Island. When he wasn't pirating. Drake enjoyed visiting his nephew Juan and his sister Rose. Little Juan always loved the gifts Drake would bring him whenever he visited, if only he knew how Drake had gotten them. Juan was 16 and a talented fisherman and Water pokemon Trainer by now. Him and Rose happily took Drake in, and helped him get back on his feat. Two years later, he still spends most of his nights drinking. But he was able to make a new ship, not one near as big as his old one, but it was enough for his new job, a fishing business he had created with his nephew Juan. Occasionally Drake considered re-living the glory days, but it never happened. He was almost 40, his body hurt, and he had to worry about Juan. Juan was a good kid, and Drake wanted it to stay that way. So Drake stared out into the ocean, watching the waves reflect the sunset.

    There were Pirates, and then there was Team Aqua. Team Aqua is a nasty group of guys. Only interested in their own personal gain, they are willing to take down anybody they have to to get what they want. Their leader, Archie, was young, ruthless, and at the top of his game. Without Drake on the water Archie and his team had anything they wanted for the taking. Terrorizing fishing ships across Hoenn. But Archie wants more, he wants something big. He wants to be Invincible.

    Finally there is the government of Hoenn. For years they have been trying to put a stop to the growing pirate population. For years they had no success. But the president of the Hoenn defense called for a new order of justice to be created. The most talented trainers and rangers were brought together to form the Seel Team 6. A group who travel the the sea of Hoenn, putting a stop to any Pirates trying to act tough. The group was good, and they knew it. But soon, they would face something they never anticipated.

    Drake spent nearly every night at the bar. Floridge was a popular place for sailors to visit and share their stories. Drake knew most of them had never done anything they told, and that most of their words were just that, words. There was a popular story about an island that many had said would appear and dissappear from one second to the next. It began to grow and was eventually referred to as "Mirage Island." Drake knew most of this was false, but he often listened to what they had to say anyway, just to see if the tails were alike. They all seemed to go like this.

    There was once an island created by the gods of land sea and sky. The island was said to be a place of wonders. Holding delicious berries and piles of gold. But at the center of the island was the real prize. The three fountain gifts, one for each legendary beast. The first was the fountain of Ruby, which was said to give strength, speed, and ability unmatched by any human who drank from it. The second was the Fountain of Sapphire, which guarenteed protection and a calm sea to whoever tasted its Blue water. Drake often payed more attention at this point in the story, as he had always wanted a way to be sure Juan could always be safe. Finally there was the fountain of Emerald, which guarenteed that whoever drank from it would never age, and would go without sickness for eternity, only capable of dying should someone else be the taker of their life. It was believed that each of these fountains could only serve one, and after it has been tasted, the fountain would dissappear, much like the island does itself.

    Drake thought for a long while none of this was true, until only recently, when a man added something to the common tail. He apparently had been studying this phenomenon for quite a while, and concluded that the fountains were not only protected by the islands illusions, but by a great, many armed beast. Drake looked up in shock. Could he be talking about the beast that terrorized him long ago? Surely not, this was all sailor talk coming from their rear ends. He felt like he would never again be able to get revenge on the monster that nearly ruined him. Or so he thought. The next day, Juan had decided to go out fishing by himself. It took him longer than expected for him to return. Finally, Drake heard his nephew calling out from the shore, he was sweating and panting. He began to explain that he had seen a huge island in a place that was almost always open water, then it dissappeared. Drake was about to question him when Juan pulled from his bag a large camera. Juan loved to take pictures of pokemon from the sea as a hobby. They immediately rushed to develop the film, and after the pictures were completed Drake couldn't believe what he saw. It was a castle like structure that seemed to fade as it moved left across the picture, and right in front of the picture. A large orange tenticle.

    "Juan, get the boat ready, I'm going to go find us a crew."

    "What? Why?"

    "We are going on a little adventure."

    There are more people who want the treasure as well however. The rumors of this Island have wide spread through Hoenn. Aqua was already preparing the search the minute Archie knew 0f the powers of the fountain of Ruby. The government was swamped. This new rumor had nearly doubled the pirate population, and the word that Drake was out and about again created more stir. But they trusted the new Seel Team 6, and were sure that if anyone could put a stop to this, it was them. And so the hunt or treasure begins just like any other pirate story. The question is, how will you effect this one?


    All serebiiforums and RPG rules apply.

    This RP is going to be PG-15 So keep it at that level at all times.

    Do not bunny unless you have gotten the approval of the person you are bunnying. Bunnying is taking control of another characters actions.

    Don't be a jerk, no flaming, or saying something someone does is bad or anything like that.

    Don't spam, and if you have to go out of character use OOC: Although this should only be used when necessary.

    Only have 1 character please.

    Posts should be fairly long, details are important!

    Make sure anything you introduce into the story is appropriate, a Pirate is not going to use a flail.

    Yes, if you join Drake, Pirate speak will be mandatory, if you join the other 2 groups, its optional.

    The story will begin with Drake trying to find his crew, so do your history up to that point.

    If I need to change something in the plot that directly affects you, I'll let you know ahead of time.

    Have fun!

    Sign Up

    Name: First and Last

    Gender: Easy

    Age: 16-29

    Group: Drakes crew, Team Aqua, or the Hoenn government

    Appearance: Details! Should be at least a paragraph. Obviously the government will be dressed a little fancy, and the pirate groups dressed like pirates.

    Personality: I'd like this to be a paragraph as well.

    History: How did you end up in the Hoenn Islands? How did you become interested in joining Drakes crew/Team Aqua/Seel team 6? This should be at least 2 paragraphs.

    Pokemon: (Up to two.) Preferably the water type. Include any moves known and any additional info you think you will need.

    Any other info you want to include?

    Other Stuff

    This RP will be PG-15

    If it seems like this RP is a cross between pokemon and The Pirates of the Carribbean, that's because it sort of is.

    This Rp will take place entirely in the Hoenn region. And for the most part in a place called The Hoenn Islands. Which includes places like Sootopolis and Pacifidlog as well as other islands I'll introduce.

    If you have any questions, VM/PM me!

    Have Fun!

    Current People Signed Up:

    * Seniorlaughsalot-Brent Mckenna
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