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    3x Litwick (1 BWP, 2 NV)
    2x Lampent (NV)
    3x Chandelure (ND)
    4x Larvesta (2 DE20, 2 DE21)
    3x Volcarona (DE)
    2x Entei-EX
    3x Torchic (DE)
    1x Combusken (DE)
    2x Blaziken (DE)

    2x Switch
    2x Energy Retrieval
    3x Cheren
    3x N
    3x Level Ball
    3x Rare Candy
    3x Pokemon Catcher
    2x Prof Juniper

    9x Fire Energy
    3x Psychic Energy
    4x Blend Energy GRPD

    What do you all think? I put this deck together this morning, played a few games, and it seemed to work really well. I didn't have many people to play against though. There's a couple things I'm unsure of, most notably the energy retrievals. I didn't really have much use for them in the games that I played. And is Blaziken a good pokemon for a deck like this, or is there something better suited?

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    I'd probably say the Emboar evolation would work slightly better, especially if you throw in a few heavy balls. Im kind of new to the TCG but I do believe it will work well as some guy was using the strategy I just mentioned to set up Reshirems...
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