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    Post Garchomp/Altaria Deck!

    This is a new dragon deck from dragons exalted and DragonSpeed theme deck. It is a very fast deck when used properly and I have had many wins with it... It is easy to use but I just wanted to know what you think and if it can be improved... please feel free to share your honest opinion!


    x4 Gible (Sand-Attack)
    x4 Gabite (Dragon Call ability)
    x4 Garchomp (Mach Cut)

    x3 Swablu (Sing)
    x3 Altaria (Fight Song ability)

    x2 Emolga (Call for family)
    x2 Bouffalant (Dragons Exalted)


    x2 N
    x3 Cheren
    x1 Professor Juniper
    x1 Cilan
    x1 Energy Switch
    x2 Energy Search
    x2 Switch
    x1 Super Scoop Up
    x4 Level Balls
    x2 Super Rods
    x1 Energy Retrieval
    x2 Potions
    x2 Giant Capes
    x1 Tool Scrapper
    x1 Pokemon Communication


    x4 Blend Energy E/W/M/F
    x4 Fighting Energy
    x4 Water Energy

    Registeel-EX can also be added replace of a Bouffalant as the blend energies will provide Metal Energy.

    Strategy: Set up basics (Gible's & Swablu's) as quick as possible (Emolga helps). Use level balls to get Gabite's and Altaria's out and then use Gabites dragon call ability to get more dragons out.
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