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    Realistically speaking assuming the PokeWorld Regions are the same size as they are in the Real World how long do you think it would take on average to cover them on foot? To keep it simple lets follow the routes in the games and use that as our walking path.

    This should help with locations and mapping the distance.

    Also Info from someone who walked across Japan.

    145 Days walking plus 27 days of rest = 172, that's just under six months.

    He's having trouble with the map on his site, but here it is on google (Note: The Route-in blue-is broken up into three pages).

    (May not be the best example for what I'm asking about, but it was stumbling across this that brought the question to mind)

    Several additional thoughts: There isn't anything stopping a Trainer from using alternate travel means like a bike or flying or riding on their Pokemon once they become big enough. Which would cut down on travel time...

    Also Training/Catching/Badge Collecting/etc. would need to be factored in, but for right now lets focus on just walking through the Region.
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    Many games actually Shrink the size of the world down as well as making the "avatar" "walk" faster than a Human can keep up indefinitely.

    In games which are heavily based on real world places, they often change few minor things for many reasons.

    Here's a good one for you: They've actually shrunk the size of Tamriel in TES: Skyrim, compared TES: Arena. (Officially, they're set 234 years apart). For example: Walking to Whiterun from Riverwood would take a few hours in Arena, not the 10 Minutes it does in Skyrim. The in game Day Travel times are also Less in Skyrim than Arena. FYI: Tamriel is the entire "world" of that all the The Elder Scrolls games are in. Skyrim is just a Province, or a "state," which the game is named after, and visited in two games, and seen in a third. (In Arena: The landscape of Tamriel was actually generated as you travelled over it, which was all of Tamriel, not just one province . In Morrowind, Oblivion's Cyrodil and Skyrim the world is actually fully modelled. Sorry Just got Dawnguard and Hearthome, so I kinda know this.

    If you made Kanto in the games to about the same size as Kanto, Japan, Most people would have never got to Viridian City..

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    After I posted this i managed to find a site that measured distances between cities, now if it was right the distance from Pallet (which is based on Shimoda) to Viridian (which is based on Yamanashi) is 70.9 miles. I'm thinking your probably right about no one being able to make it. I'm now going to assume the Anime/Manga Worlds are like the Games much smaller then their real world counterparts, but not as small as they are in the games.

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