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Thread: Colonists of Anceaus

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    Default Colonists of Anceaus

    Recently a chain of island named the Anceaus Island were discovered. Due to budget restrictions no regions have explored them leaving them open to public exploration and colonzation. Now the first expedition is being prepared ready to find the wonders of Anceaus.

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    Welcome to Colonists of Anceaus a pokemon RPG with a original (at least I hope) idea. Below are the rules, a little more description and sign up examples.

    The Anceaus Islands are a group of 9 island 8 small ones surrounding one big one. The are 2 native tribes the Tengri which are freindly to the colonists and the Gruion which are hostile these 2 groups along with the colonists are the 3 groups that you can sign up for. You can also create a pokemon only found on those islands. On the islands there are ruins of an ancient civilization called the Lost Ones. In the ruin are ancient relics some of which contain unimagable powers.

    1. Standard rules for serebii
    2. Violence is allowed but not to bloody
    3. Transformations are allowed
    4. Be sensible and don't post something stupid
    5. Have fun (stereo typical but important )


    Age: 16 or older
    Faction Colonists, Tengri, or Gruion
    Skills/Tools Max:3
    Pokemon: Max:2

    Andrew is slightly above average height and has a lean frame. He has brown with naturally messy black hair. Prefers to wear hiking shorts and a t-shirt.
    Andrew is a very cheerful friendly person the enjoy the outdoors. He's a hard worker who once he sets his mind to something almost nothing can stop, this can cause him to make stupid mistakes. He is very loyal and will always stand by his freinds.
    Andrew childhood was very nice as his family is rich. As he grew older he began to explore the woods nearby his house cause him to develop a strong love for nature and everything in it. When he heard that the Anceaus Islands where open to public exploration he used part of the family fortune to fund an epxpidition which he would lead. Now as departure day draws near he is ready to set sail.
    Compass: A compass with Andrew's family crest on it.
    Pathfinder: After years of hiking though forests Andrew can find a way through the thickest of brush
    Tree-Climbing: Andrew can esaily climb trees giving him a good vantage point and traveling route.

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    Please read the RPG Rules. Each RPG must have a plot of at least 400 words long. Appearance, personality and History on your SU sheet must each be at least 100 words long. Also, sign-ups must happen in the Sign-Up forum - the main RPG forum is for once you have accepted enough RPers to begin the game.

    Due to all the rules this breaks, I am closing the thread. Please read the rules before posting here again.


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