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Thread: My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms [RP Thread, Rated PG-13]

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    Default My Little Pony: A Tail of Two Realms [RP Thread, Rated PG-13]

        Spoiler:- Plot:

        Spoiler:- Races:

        Spoiler:- Magic:

        Spoiler:- The Index:

        Spoiler:- Rules:

    Accepted Players:

    Xavier Owens, Male Human - Billy Mays
    Dr. Dawn Starshine, Female Unicorn - Billy Mays
    Halt Drakeson, Male Human - deltakurumiru4
    Narga Cuga, Female Pegasus-Dragon Hybrid - deltakurumiru4
    Prince SkyFall, Male Alicorn - SoulMuse
    Soaring Melody, Female Pegasus - Thecatteam
    Shadowflare, Male Pegasus - Krazy95
    Prince Cometspark, Male Alicorn - Krazy95
    Apple Bon Bon, Male Earth Pony - Chili
    Cynder, Female Zebra - Nightfall_


    Beginning of Act 1: The Gathering of Heroes

    Xavier Owens
    Fort Darius, Portal Chamber

    "Good, you have arrived Xavier," my master Mohrieh said as I walked into the large room. The place was big, like a throne room, but instead of a throne for a king at the end of it, there was a large door like device with a glowing light eminating from the center. "Did you gather everything you require for your journey?" I nodded in responce. I didn't have too much with me, some food and water, a few changes of clothes, some other stuff.

    "Alright then. Xavier, come forward. I must give you something." I walked forward, and Mohrieh pulled out a necklace from a bag he held. It was golden colored, with a circle shaped piece on it that had two gems on it, one kind of a dark red, the other completely clear. "This, Xavier, is your Destiny Emblem. Take care of it, for it hold a great importance. Now take these as well." Mohrieh held up the bag carring several more of those Emblems. All of them looked the same except the ones other than mine had only one gem on it, and all of the gems were different colors. "These are the ones belonging to the heroes who reside beyond our realm. I shall keep the remaining ones for myself, as we have yet to locate the heroes of our realm whom these belong to." I nodded once more and started to make my way to the portal, when Mohrieh stopped me again. "Oh! I almost forgot. I have two more items to help you on your journey." I turned around, and saw Mohrieh take out two arm bracers and a ring with a ruby on it. "First, are these magic bracers. They work similarily to your wand, allowing you to use magic by shooting it from your hands while wearing these. These aren't as powerful as your wand however, so only use them in case of emergency. This other item," Mohrieh held up the ring. "is a Ring of Invisibility. It allows you to turn invisible for a short time. When you activate it, you and what you are wearing will disappear to others, but you will be able to see yourself just fine. When on, the ruby will glow. As you wear it's charge, the light will dim, until it fades completely and the cloak wears off. This item is very important, as there are many dangers ahead, including possible scouts from the Kingdom."

    Mohrieh gave me both items, and I put them on right away. They looked pretty cool actually. "Now go, my student! Go into the portal, and find the heroes! Warn them of the incoming invasion! Go...and save both our realm and theirs of certain doom!" I gave him one last nod and said, "Goodbye master. Thank you for teaching me all these years," before walking into the portal. As I stepped inside it, I felt a strange feeling of nausea, until everything went black...


    Xavier Owens
    Somewhere in Equestria

    I came out of the blackness to find myself several feet off the ground. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" I splashed into a river, which thankfully happened to be right under me. I climbed out, shivering intensely from the cold water, and checked my surroundings. I looked like I was on the outskirts of a forest, and it was in the middle of the night. Suddenly, I could hear a weird sound. I suddenly realized it was the necklace I was wearing, and held it up. I could feel the presence of others, but not here. They were somewhere far away, but in one direction in particular, the way the river was flowing, I could feel a bigger presence. Maybe Mohrieh was actually right about this thing having special power... I thought to myself, while staring at the necklace. I used a simple fire spell to warm myself and prevent me from catching hypothermea (which I don't know is possible here, after all, this IS a completely diffrent world, maybe hypothermea doesn't actually exist here), then make my way along the path of the river to whatever I'm feeling is over in that direction.

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