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Thread: next weeks tournament runner.

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    Default next weeks tournament runner.

    strategy; it does matter if I run into a mewtwo war if i start first, however it doesn't change the fact with b/w - on I miss you shaymin. Darkrai is switch and support attacker for everyone else. Groudon is for stage decks using night spear's 30 to OHKO everything hit by him.

    2 mewtwoEX
    2 DarkraiEX
    1 GroudonEX
    2 terrakion nv
    1 sableye de

    3 DCE
    5 fighting energy
    8 dark energy

    4 dark patch
    2 catcher
    2 ssu
    2 tool scrapper
    4 cheren
    4 N
    2 RR
    1 super rod
    2 dark claw
    2 eviolite
    2 exp. share
    2 ultra ball
    2 plus power
    3 energy switch
    1 pokemon center
    1 revive
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    All bw-on decks need 4 catcher
    and pokemon center sucks

    -1 pokecenter
    -1 energy switch
    +2 catcher

    Created by PPL Qwaa

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