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    Okay, so this is my first fan fiction and it is about a young trainer, his friends and rivals' journey through the kanto region. Hopefully, it won't be just another same old trainer story. Reviewers, and any sort of readers who want to post comments are more than welcome and I will be very greatful!! So here it is:

        Spoiler:- character details:

        Spoiler:- chapter list:

    Chapter 1: A Brilliant Beginning

    The stadium lights now shone even brighter than before, this was it! As the mighty battle came to an enthralling climax, Joe’s bright blue eyes twitched, his pale fists clenched and his harsh breathing rocked. Across the battlefield, however, his opponent remained completely cool, “Well, what are you waiting for?” he chuckled. The thousand of spectators laughed with him.

    “We’ll show him, pal,” Joe whispered as he looked down. His breathing steadied, eyes widened and hands opened. With a quick flick of his long brown hair, he regained focus and reached for his final Pokeball. Determination now oozed out of his body, “Go, Charizard!” he proclaimed. A Charizard soared out of the Pokeball with upmost confidence. Charizard stared straight past the opposing Dragonite, into the familiar eyes of Joe’s opponent.

    High up in the stands of the colossal stadium, sat Lance – the dragon champion – with his striking red hair and oversized cape. He was perched on the edge of his seat with a microphone in one hand, “What a great spectacle this is, two childhood rivals, Joe and Ben, fighting for the Indigo League title with only one Pokemon remaining each. I just can’t take this anymore!”

    Ben’s short and spiked blond hair sparkled in the lights and his red jacket flexed in the slight breeze. His face was perfectly still. Then, with no command or warning, Dragonite’s fist glowed yellow and began to eject sparks. It charged at Charizard through the air at great speed.

    “Charizard, use Fire Blast!” Joe yelled. Upon this command Charizard sent a huge ball of fire flying at Dragonite, but Dragonite flew straight through the inferno unharmed! Joe gritted his teeth and commanded Charizard to use slash. The two tyrants charged at each other and met with a mighty explosion that silenced the entire stadium…

    “Poli, Poli, Poliwhirl. Poli, Poli, Poliwhirl.”

    The stadium began to fade into a cramped room filled with toys and posters. An arm swung across and onto a Poliwhirl alarm clock, smashing it into two with a huge crack. “Honey, did you just break another alarm clock?” yelled a soft voice from outside the room.

    “Urgh, sorry Mum,” Joe rumbled, with his face planted in a Raticate pillow and the rest of his body covered by a Mew duvet.

    “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter I suppose. After all you begin your journey today!” Joe’s mum sniffed. With that Joe leaped out of his bed, eager to get a Charmander with which his journey will begin.

    Moments later, Joe threw himself out if the front door and into the heart of Pallet Town. Around him there were several flowers, plants and trees; which had benefited from a summer of beautiful weather. The streets were not lined with people as in many busy towns; instead it was rather tranquil place with only the odd gardener for conversation when walking down the street. In the very distance, on the top of the largest hill in town, Joe spotted Professor Oak’s lab. “I’m coming to get you Charmander,” Joe smiled and began to run towards the lab.

    However, little did Joe know that on the other side of the hill, Adam had the same idea. His blue hair waved in the wind, whilst his mind pictured himself and a young Charmander playing blissfully in the hills. Adam and Joe had gone to the same trainer school before Adam moved away and were very good friends. The two old friends met halfway up the hill. “Hey there, Joe” Adam said.

    “Adam? What are you doing here?”

    “My mum said I could come over to Kanto to go on my journey, after all I was born here.”

    The boys began to walk up the hill together. “So, how was Hoenn?”

    “It is great! There are so many Pokemon you don’t find in Kanto.”

    “So I take it all you did was study them, after all you’ve always been a bit of a nerd”

    “I’m not a nerd!” Adam’s face lit up red with fury.

    “Okay then, whatever you say.”

    “I do still want to be a breeder, though.”

    “So anyway, what starter are you going to choose?”

    “Charmander! What about you?”

    Joe stopped, suddenly. “No way. Charmander is mine!” He began to run up the hill once again, followed by Adam. However, when they got to the top they were both shocked.

    “Cheers, Professor. I promise to make Charmander the strongest in all of Kanto,” said a familiar figure in the shadow of the lab.

    “I’m sure you will Ben, bye,” said a surprisingly young figure with spiked brown hair in a white lab coat.

    “Huh? That’s not Professor Oak,” cried Adam.

    “No, it is his grandson Gary. He took over a while ago when Oak got too old. But that’s not the issue here, Ben has my Charmander!”

    “No, Ben has MY Charmander!” The boys sprinted to the lab.

    “Gary, please tell me you have an extra Charmander,” Joe begged, now panting for breath.

    “Or two,” Adam added.

    “Sorry boys, there’s only a Squirtle left,” Gary said leading the boys inside to a large, open room full of gadgets and scientists working.

    “Hmmmmm, I’ll take it!” Joe and Adam both replied looking at Gary with puppy dog eyes.

    “Well, I guess Squirtle should be the one to decide,” Gary held out a Pokeball and Squirtle popped out.

    “Squir – Squirtle?”

    “Come here, Squirtle. We can take part in loads of Gym battles all across Kanto!” Joe reached out his arm to the Squirtle who was mindlessly spinning on its shell.

    “Hey there, Squirtle.” Adam laughed, tickling Squirtle’s neck as it spun, “Do you want to travel with me?”

    “Squiiiiir,” Squirtle stopped spinning and looked and the two trainers who had now bent down. “Squiiiiir, Squirtle, Squirtle” Squirtle said joyously, as he danced over to Gary and took hold of its own Pokeball and rolled it towards Adam.

    “You want to come with me, Squirtle?” Squirtle jumped up and down happily and climbed up onto Adam’s shoulder. Adam picked up the Pokeball and attached it to his belt. He then looked over at Joe’s glum face.

    “Professor, the Pokemon sent from Johto has arrived,” said a young blonde girl as she approached Gary holding a Pokeball in one hand and a bunch of papers in the other, “Plus a lot of unorganised paperwork!”

    “Oh thank you Bianca, you’ve been a great help these past weeks, it is such a shame you’re going back to Unova tomorrow,” Gary replied, taking the Pokeball and turning towards Joe. “Well I suppose you could take this Pokemon, Joe. You could help us gather data.”

    “But it isn’t Charmander!”

    “Charmander isn’t the only Pokemon in Kanto, you know. If you’re going to take on the Gyms you’ll need all sorts of Pokemon and I’m sure that Larvitar will help!”

    “Larvitar?” Joe’s mouth hung open, “Larvitar are so rare… and powerful!”

    “Well then I’m sure you won’t mind battling your big sis on your birthday then!” said a proud voice from the doorway.

    To be continued…
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    Everything seems normal, with Joe and Adam venturing on their quest through Kanto, but what is the mysterious Team Storm planning?

    Pokemon: Kanto Legends

    Come on the Mighty Infernape!

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