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"Busy busy busy" why does that remind me of Frosty the Snowman? Oh well. Haha.

Although this is a pretty short chapter, it does seem pretty good. The inclusion of Bugsy in Viridian forest was pretty cool, although you made him seem older than I think he really is. But what do I know, I never actually played the Gen. 2 games. The Novice Cup sounds interesting too. Side quest Get! Haha. And for a couple of seconds, I thought that Snubull would totally have evolved. I guess it's too early then. Oh well. I don't usually evolve until after the first gym. Even then it's my starter.

Oh, and This is for you Joe.
Y u no know Bugsy is a third Gym Leader? Lol
Thanks for the comment i know it was a little short but i wanted to keep adam and joe's respective battles with bugsy seperate,plus i was again short on time
I wasn't sure what age Bugsy is supposed to be but this is set a couple of years after Ash and stuff (guess i should've mentioned that) but i wouldn't have thought a kid could be a hym leader. Snubbull evolving? Well you might have to wait a while for that, the egg still hasn't hatched.
Thanks again