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Thread: BWS2-17 Iris VS Drayden [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/19]

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    Quote Originally Posted by fer92 View Post
    Replying to a mod!? Yes, and I expalin why.

    Forget about Ash vs Drayden (won't happen unlike Senior Cup that I aren't going to discuss) and Cilan's leaving. But I'm going to look at Iris' leaving. I'm expalin why.

    Iris has recently having a lot of screentime before the league. Cilan isn't getting that screentime and appears more foten in BW1. We know that iris is challenging Drayden, Iris is going to the village of Dragons, and we will know about her backstory almost completely.

    We know that Iris has captured a very powerful pokemon in the main cast. It's very abnormal to capture a such powerful pokemon right of the bat. The game status is the only reason that anyone is allowed to capture such a powerful pokemon. I don't going to discuss if it's Dragonite and not Salamence, for example. We know that is disobedient (the past episode appears that it's starting to listen Iris' orders but could be temporary).

    We know if the following things happen:
    -The backstory is completetly tell to the viewer. (Check in those episodes)
    -Iris defeats Drayden (Could happen)
    -Iris fully controls Dragonite. (Has many numbers to happen now if isn't in the past episode)
    -Georgia appears in this episodes (Less probably but could happen).
    -Iris' Axew evolves into a Fraxure (I think that will happen in the departure, not in this).

    If four of this happen in the Iris episodes and Axew is apparently setting to evolve, Iris has a numbers to leave. Not in this episode but after the League, at least. Of course, if they didn't happen, Iris is going to the filler saga with Ash and Cilan.

    Exist a big image about one merchandise that appears to be released in 2013. The merchandise has many Kanto Pokemon but that I notice is that Ash, Cilan, Jessie, James, Meowth and some of the main cast's pokemon (but not Iris and some that screams Ash, Charizard!!!). Of course if a new girl could substitute Iris for that time, they aren't revealing anything now being an unreleased girl or that a past main character return (Dawn 25%*, May 3%**, Misty 0,01%, the % is only if Iris really leave, not overall). I don't think that iris will leave in the episodes (isn't going to happen) but I think that if the iris characters will receive a closure (and isn't Ash, or May/Dawn, Iris' storyline aren't easily revamped like Ash's story) and Iris story has technically ended after the episode. remembered that Ash ends the League like in 3 months, and the Gen VI could be released like in a year, at least.

    *Because of the crazy-popularity of Pochama (more than Piplup, y'know) Dawn has some numbers to return to the show in that case.
    **I put this because the RS-Remakes are happening. But isn't necessary to promote May in the main cast ( a cameo is enough).
    ***If Ash goes to Kanto, I see Misty reappearing, but I think that Brock will make a cameo.

    You're a very confused person. They aren't gonna drop a main character before the entire generation is over. These episodes conclude nothing but her Drayden story. Once this is over, Iris will continue to focus on her dragon master goal by likely catching another dragon and focusing on it, and on top of that her rivalry with Georgia which is still going on. She has plenty left to do.

    Considering BW has only been going on for a little over 2 years, it's obvious no one is being dropped during the filler saga. Misty, May, and Dawn were all on the show for a minimal of 4 years, so they aren't gonna drop Iris at the 2 year mark. That's not how this show works.
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