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Thread: BWS2-17 Iris VS Drayden [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/19]

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    Well one thing's for sure. Tomorrow is gonna be a huge day for the spoilers section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConUxie223 View Post
    I dont see how Drayden will make her look powerful when some Trainers probably battle him for their 7th badges at the very least.. Drayden has never been shown in the anime so far as an uber beast- just because he beat an 8 year old girl and her Excadrill doesnt make a him super strong it just means Iris and Excadrill needed to train which they did in the Club Battle and the Clubsplosion. And I wouldnt even call it the "Axew episode" because chances are its not gonna even gonna dwell in his stuff for that long :/
    Well, to me it just makes Iris a little too powerful at this point, if she ties she still prooves a point but well you get the idea of what I'm talking about.

    It wouldn't make sense to call it The League Continues for it to be about Iris/Axew episode so I'm hoping but so far I've been pretty spot on about these things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pokemonsquared View Post

    Most ofashs reserves has less battles and they can actually faint.
    Blame that on his popular pokemon. That's not Emonga's fault lol.

    And pls win Iris!! More so Excadrill!!
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    Just thinking that when i wake up i will finnaly be able to see this episode my most long awaited battle thats not the league ><

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