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Thread: BWS2-14: Cinccino/Snivy [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/1]

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    Post BWS2-14: Cinccino/Snivy [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/1]

    BWS2-14: The World's Most Magnificent Pokémon?! Cinccino VS Snivy!!
    Airdate: 11th October.
    1) 121011_01.jpg
    3) http://i47.*******.com/2h3ss61.jpg (right page, bottom)
    Ash and Cilan dress up?!
    The group meets Maya and her colleagues of the Flower Garden Opera. There, an incident occurs which makes Iris angry!!

    EDIT SEPT. 25:
    Quote Originally Posted by G50 View Post

    summary, Emolga is in this episode.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    Quick and dirty:

    "Having learned that the Isshu League will be held in Higaki City, Satoshi and friends leave Shirona's villa behind. In a forest, they encounter a woman named Maya and the other members of the Flower Garden Operette Troupe. Hearing them throw the word "ugly" around as an insult, Iris gets enraged."
    Caption 1: Iris explodes with rage!
    Caption 2: Maya's Cinccino battles against Ash's Snivy! The loser will be covered in mud?!

    Finally another Snivy episode.
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