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Would be nice, but that would 8 Pokémon out all at once. I think 6 is the maximum limit of Pokémon out one field (since that's would be the maximum a trainer can have on him and I can see why it would be connected), but I could be wrong.

I guess there can be some random apprentice trainer that Iris's Axew/Emolga battles.

What's wrong with Dragonite? It has the most versatile moveset of anyone's Pokemon on the main cast. Hell it comes off more versatile than Gliscor ever was and it probably is the 2nd most versatile Pokémon of all the anime, after Dragonite of course.

I mean does Dragonite REALLY need a flying type move? I mean Emolga, yes, but Dragonite?
No, it doesn't really need a Flying move with dat coverage B-/