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Thread: BWS2-14: Cinccino/Snivy [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/1]

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    Quote Originally Posted by dman_dustin View Post
    Yeah but "real life" doesn't drastically change just because gamefreak refuses to have a move tutor for every Pokémon move (especially moves that were TMs, part of their moveset, Move Tutors, that Pokémon no longer access to) and has to screw with the distribution of moves, simply because of the new moves.

    Torterra knew rock climb in 4th gen, I don't the logic of it conveniently forgetting just because 5th generation doesn't offer it the move in conventional format.
    I agree, I was just stating what I think is the reason why some people wouldn't want Pokes to have "illegal" movesets even if they once were possible. Can't think of any other reason than game consistency.
    Anyhow, something like Earth Power or Stone Edge would be nice for Torterra anyway, Rock Climb is cool and all, but it rarely went all that well.
    + It's a damn Normal move, stupid Game Freak, a Rock type HM would've been cool. We already had Cut and Strength.
    Although Grass + Normal is actually pretty good coverage and isn't rare in the competive scene so there's that.

    Which brings up an other point of Wring Out being a nice move possibility for Snivy here. It's unique, utilises her vines and combines well with Grass(it is Normal right?...).
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