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    Post BWS2-15: Tag Battle [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/1]

    BWS2-15: A Tag Battle of Sky and Earth!
    Airdate: October 18th.
    2) http://i49.*******.com/2vwiwcp.jpg
    3) http://i50.*******.com/n536gh.jpg
    4) http://i47.*******.com/2h3ss61.jpg (left page, top)
    1) Mysterious brothers using combo moves!
    Ash and Cilan are challenged to a double battle by two brothers owning a Braviary and a Drilbur.

    2) Narration: On their way to Higaki City, two challengers appear before Ash and his friends!
    Brothers: We're the strongest brothers, Soran and Riiku! We challenge you to a tag battle!
    Ash: All right! Unfezant, I choose you!
    Cilan: Let's go, Pansage!
    Brothers: Our deadly move, Drill Wing!

    3) Ash: I've never heard of such a move before...
    Cilan: That's Braviary's Wing Attack!
    Iris: And that's Drilbur's Drill Run!
    Brothers: That's Braviary's and Drilbur's deadly combination move, Drill Wing!
    Ash: All right, let's use a combination move too! Unfezant, grab Pansage!
    Soran: Hey, don't imitate us!
    Riiku: In that case, we'll combine Aerial Ace and Metal Claw into Aerial Claw!

    Ash: Unfezant, Quick Attack!
    Cilan: Pansage, SolarBeam!
    Ash: All right!
    Soran: We might have lost this time, but the two of us will aim to become the strongest brothers in the world!
    Riiku: Yeah!
    Iris: They've made a speedy recovery, huh...?
    Ash: Let's battle again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    "Satoshi and friends continue their journey towards Higaki City. Suddenly the Trainer brothers Soran and Leek appear before them, challenging Satoshi and Dent to a battle! After the battle, the Pokémon Sommelier Dent does a tasting of the two, who still have far to go."
    Caption 1: To get Water type Pokémon for the two of them, everyone starts fishing!
    Caption 2: Braviary's and Drilbur's combination move explodes! Nobody has ever seen such a move before?!
    Caption 3: A Corphish and a Buizel have shown up! They look a little angry?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dephender View Post
    New summary:
    "Satoshi and Dent are challenged to a tag battle by the brothers Soran and Riiku. The two have their 'Valiant Pokémon' Warrgle and 'Mole Pokémon' Mogurew fire off combination moves. Despite being at the mercy of never-before-seen moves, Satoshi and Dent fight back."
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