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Actually, some more recent examples of a pokemon changing personality when they evolve would be Dawn's Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine, and technically Iris's Drilbur/Excadril may count. Plus, the manga did use something from the anime before, the Mewtwo armor in the FRLG arc. Also, it dosen't make sense for there to be 2 sets of starters for Unova, no other region ever had that.
Like I said, not wise to use the mechanics of the anime as an example for the universal franchise. And yes, different areas of Pokemon borrow ideas from each other. Your point may be valid in some areas but there is evidence to prove that Pokemon retain their personalities upon evolution. Name one Pokemon that changed when they evolved in the manga. In fact, the manga DOWNPLAYS the theory of Pokemon changing upon evolution (Yellow's Ratty). In the anime, the main characters don't even know about levels nor does the anime utilize that concept. Red's Pika creamed a wild Rattata because its level was higher (if it was fresh off the boat, or from the wild then it would have been even). Ash's Pikachu is even when battling a Pokemon that never battled before despite having gone through five regions and the fact that it battled legendaries. My point being, don't use the mechanics of the anime to prove a point when it comes to the entire franchise or another area (especially one that the creator himself commented is most similar to what he pictured when he made the games).