Hello users of the net, on and all! I am THEIRONDONUT, and as i was filtering through our forums many topics, i was surprised to find there were no (correct me if i'm wrong) threads where you could put your decision making in pokemon into action. the aim of this thread, and the rules are simple.

Basically, i will post 3 pokemon every month, which you will be able to battle. these battles will take place via messaging. you must post your pokemon, their items, EV's and Move-sets. levels do not count, and you may wish to battle mine. accuracy will come into play, but it will not be an overriding rule (as in i won't be able to say every single time 'Pikachu's attack missed!' or, 'Skarmory dodged the Attack!' etc. there are some rules, and i may have to set up a secondary thread to contain this one if too many people start battling. here are the rules:

1) You must pick 1 pokemon that you either use currently on your game, or a pokemon that you like, not just a pokemon that would beat mine every time
(eg a ghost type against my normal type, that just HAPPENS to have learnt a fighting type move, even though i know that isn't physically possible)

2) No legendaries

3) battle cannot go over 30 moves, or challenger concedes defeat

4) No Rule bending (such as hacks, or smart-arse comments trying to make you gain an advantage, such as 'my pokemon's faster than yours, so it would dodge your attack and then its ability would-yada-yada-yada.......)

5) if either player has a dispute, such as either me or player makes a mistake or disagrees over a play, then the following messages won't count as battle moves, and spectators are free to enlighten us in an inoffensive way

6) No tips! you may add tips and tricks after the battle, but not in an aggressive way. after all, this is about quick reactions and decision making

i think that about covers it, so yeah! i'll post my first pokemon either today or tomorrow. oh yeah, and

7) have fun!!! don't take it too seriously, the whole point of this is to gain experience and help with your choice making, so in a real battle it might help you

also, you may request pokemon to battle, if you have a gym coming up and want some pre game experience, then post me the leaders strongest pokemon and your strongest pokemon, and ill try and walk it through to the best of my ability! you are allowed pokemon from all Gens, providing they are not legendary or know any moves they shouldn't.

so yeah, have fun!!!

ps. i'm not too familiar with 5th Gen, so i might need a little time to search up your pokemon and stuff like that