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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
    Dude, the general plot was the same tired filler plot the writers have been recycling since Johto. Just because it has one 3 second scene of Giovanni at the end doesn't save it from being a terrible filler like the ones that plagued Johto 12 years ago.
    Hoenn, BF and Sinnoh had terrible filler episodes as well, I prefer by a long shot most of the Johto fillers than Sinnoh's ones and some of Hoenn's..

    Many Johto fillers were memorable. Bad ones like the Ledyba or Vileplume/Bellossom eps and few others CANNOT overshadow the majority of them. It's not fair to say they plagued all of Johto because that's not true at all..

    Quote Originally Posted by Rohanator View Post
    Oh lawd the filler complaints, that word should be banned. Just say you found the episode boring if you did, it's like filler automatically makes everything horrible. And I wouldn't exactly call this episode filler anyway, we have indication that Scraggy has been able to master Focus Blast, further showcasing of Cilan's Pokemon Sommelier skills, TR getting the last piece of Meloetta's song and an appearance from dat big Giovanni.
    Agreed, but the "oh it's a worthless filler!" rants will never go away, it's worse because most of them don't even watch the episode, only the pictures..
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