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Thread: Hurt and heal : The Most Popular Pokemon

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    Default Hurt and heal : The Most Popular Pokemon

    Welcome to my first spin-off! This one is about finding the most popular pokemon on Serebii! Now it will go types in a reigon like this Normal in Kanto and such. Now you get ten imagi-chips a week. They can be used for both healing and hurting. Now each pokemon gets thirty Hp. Now if the pokemon that wins has different forms, we will decide that too. So if Arceus wins, I will put up thier types like pokemon. Now for rules:
    1. You should know what this is 'All Sppf Rules Apply'
    2. If a pokemon gets voted off you like, dont troll anyone for it. It is the voice of the people.
    3.People must sign up to play this, unlimited players.Here is how you sign up:

    Pokemon (To have a little fun):
        Spoiler:- People who have signed up:

    Now here are the type and reigon we will do atm: Normal in Kanto

    Pidgey 30-30
    Pidgeotto 30-30
    Pidgeot 30-30
    Rattata 30-30
    Raticate 30-30
    Clefairy 30-30
    Clefable 30-30
    Jigglypuff 30-30
    Wigglytuff 30-30
    Meowth 30-30
    Persian 30-30
    Farfetch'd 30-30
    Doduo 30-30
    Dodrio 30-30
    Lickitung 30-30
    Chansey 30-30
    Kangaskhan 30-30
    Tauros 30-30
    Ditto 30-30
    Eevee 30-30
    Porygon 30-30
    Snorlax 30-30
    5 people must sign up befor the competition.
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